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Compatible with gold editon?


Jan 11, 2004
Was wondering, if anyone knows for sure if Civ3 - Conquests, is compatible with Civ3 - Gold Edition?
Welcome to the forum, DraZtik. :)

Civ3 Conquests is compatible with all versions of Civ3, even the first version.
Thanks for the welcome Thunderfall, I didn't know, hate to go buy then it end up not working.....I bought the gold edition last week, tried some single player cheats that was intended for the older versions of Civ3 and none worked..

I found way to cheat though lol, I made a scenario map put all other countrys on the other side of map with just wheat. Now I'm way ahead of the 3 AI in everything, I plan on nukeing them all tonight . :D
that doesn't seem like much fun :/
lol it was fun.....till global warming got bad. And the AI did pretty well, somhow they found coal, and uranium where I know I didn't put those resources in the map....Rome tried to nuke me twice but I had that missle defense, zapped their nukes out of the sky.... :D

I just tried the Conquests trial demo, at first it couldn't find Civ 3 on my pc. So I pointed it to the directory Civ 3 gold was in.... it installed, but it's interface was garbled up so bad I couldn't see enough to attempt to play it...
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