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Nov 22, 2003
I was playing this small map and conquered the indians twelve diagonal tiles to the south east from my capital now the cities e.g Delhi Bombay etc... are all size 15 with courthouses AND cop stations but still none of them has yet produced more than one gp / sh. per turn.:mad: I personally think itz too much. Anyone else experience this?(oh ya I was playing Democracy and I DID read the article on corruption
At some point in any game you will wind up with a corruption zone where the cities do very little if anything at all. Courthouses and police stations, unfortunately do nothing to help, contrary to their 'purpose'.

Have you built a Forbidden Palace, if so, where is it located in conjunction to the Palace? Those are about the only things that help I'm afraid. Of course it would help to know which game/patch you're running...
slug patch v: 1.29f Game : civ III :D, and to ask you something I've seen huge pangea games b4 namely on the HF and there was one (many actually) where the player had what 1/2 a million cities and they all seemed to be combining to bring him massive gpt
Are you referring to the CFC HOF? I'm one of the competitors in it, and you're right, we pack in a lot of cities across our pangaea's. Part of the reason is that if towns in corrupt zones are only going to generate a minimal amount of gold, then more towns means more gold.

Regarding your game, could you possibly generate a Great Leader and jump your Palace? If you have the FP built and you increase distance between the two, you'd have two noncorrupt zones instead of one...
Yes iam referring to the CFC HoF, but look at it this way, each city brings, what?, one gpt and you all seem to be making more than that in every city. as for thee suggestion, i generally dont like jumping my palace, i tend to start by building cities more logically than the AI ever could so by jumping my palace i ruinmy best production zone, also i dont do what alot of others do and build the fp on the neighbouring or 2nd neighbouring city to my cap. I consider it a waste of resources. What do you think?
Originally posted by saintly_saint
slug patch v: 1.29f Game : civ III :D, and to ask you something I've seen huge pangea games b4 namely on the HF and there was one (many actually) where the player had what 1/2 a million cities and they all seemed to be combining to bring him massive gpt

Most likely from ICS. When every tile is irrigated and railroaded, you get alot of excess food (especially if you have lots of grassland), which can be used to make taxmen, which are corruption immune. Also, every city would end up with a marketplace (maintenance paid for by Smith's Trading Co.), and if you build a bank, build wealth, that's a minimum of 3 gold every city is producing, regardless of how corrupt they are, 3 gold + 6 or 7 taxmen and every city is bringing in 10+ gold/turn with 0% science. 511 cities * a minimum of 10 gold=5000+ gold/turn.
Yeah, SirPleb and Moonsinger both have had games where they finished with over 50,000 points and 3 million gold based on these tactics, as well as the Palace Rank Exploit. Obviously, corruption can be played like a fiddle in ways on huge maps, but that doesn't really help your game.

Do you a save I could look at?
no, i was just asking for general education purposes it was what happened in my latest game so i wanted a way to avoid that problem in the future. is there any taxmen that make shields instead of gold? that would be neat. Also i wonder if you could give me a bit of civ advice as i am still new to the game and although i am able to beet regent (monarch too but wit more difficulty) i would appreciate it if you could give just a few ideas to work on a little
IIRC, there is a citizen specialist that produces noncorrupt shields directly in Conquests, but not Vanilla, I'm afraid.

As far as general advice goes, all I can usually emphasize is the overwhelming importance of early expansion. Bamspeedy's Babylon Deity Settlers is an excellent piece of work, although just about any article in the Academy may point things out that can help you.
IMHO, the most critical single element in the game is your number of cities. The more cities you have, the more people you have, gold, unit support, the faster you can research techs, etc, etc. All most everything hinges on how many cities you have.

The reason early expansion is critical is because that's when the terrain is wide open. Growth is an exponential curve. The earlier you get started on the curve, the higher it'll go...and that doesn't even take into account the importance of beating the AI to Iron, bonus food tiles and luxuries...
wow, i just tried your strat on a small map, results totally incredible, not only was i, as you said, leading to all strat. resources, but i also got a triple and almost quadriple lead in score so far(and thats saying alot for me!), thx slug you opened my eyes to a whole new gameplay tactic
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