[C3C] COTM 163 Japan Emperor

Had a lot of fun in this game. Very cool!
Sad to Egyptians and Iroquois who got a flood of Samurays right into their homelands, ripping the bellies of all their half-arsed military units.

Only got to the other continent after Magnetism, which slowed me down a little bit - I guess. Let's see the results!

What are people's thoughts on culture flips? I came back to civ 3 to try to experience playing a GOTM, but a 2.2% flip caused me to lose a samurai army and some additional samurai healing inside a city. It's just so demoralizing and I put the game down despite it being technically won.
Hell yeah, bro!
Reminds me why I ALWAYS turn this fudging option off, while setting up a new game on C3C. This is ridiculous you losing all your units out of the blue like that.
I developed a trick for that: Make the city starve until it reduces the population to 1, then all the new citizens will be yours (I guess it will make the city less likely to flip - weirdly it seems harder for a city to flip during starvation, even with resistance)
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