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[C3C] COTM153 Ottomans, Regent -- Spoilers

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by Più Freddo, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    Industrial Times or Game Submitted

    Spoilers are allowed covering the game up until reaching Industrial Time or having submitted the game. The results of getting and trading bonus technologies at this stage are a permissible topic as well.

    No spoiler information from after fulfilling the spoiler requirement is allowed!
  2. Green Bear

    Green Bear Chieftain

    Nov 5, 2020
    410 BC
    War with Austria

    310 BC
    Discover Theology
    Iznik builds the Great Lighthouse
    Peace with Austria

    270 BC
    War with Iroquois
    Meet Byzantines

    150 BC
    Meet Maya

    30 BC
    Meet Scandinavia

    10 BC
    Iroquois destroyed

    90 AD
    War with Austria

    150 AD
    Got a MGL. Want to build Forbidden Palace in Niagara Falls.
    Austria destroyed
    Discover Astronomy. Now are some rounds without reserach and then going for Military Tradition.

    230 AD
    Meet Japan

    270 AD
    Meet Carthage

    340 AD
    Declare war on Spain. Alliance with Byzantines for The Republic.

    420 AD
    The Byzantines are in my territory. Let them declare war on me.

    440 AD
    Military Tradition researched. Now research is down for a while.

    460 AD
    Let Persia declare war. Declare war on Rome. Alliance with Zulu.

    520 AD
    Peace with Spain

    530 AD
    Byzantines have destroyed the Spanish

    540 AD
    Persia and Zulu sign a peace treaty

    550 AD
    Let Zulu declare war on Persia
    Let Zulu declare war on the Ottomans
    Peace with Byzantines

    600 AD
    Peace with Rome. Let them declare war on Persia.

    680 AD
    Peace with Zulu

    750 AD
    The Romans have units in my territory. Let them declare war

    810 AD
    I have destroyed the Romans.

    830 AD
    War on Byzantines declared

    880 AD
    Peace with Byzantines

    900 AD
    War on Zulu declared
    Zulu destroyed
    War on Byzantines declared
    Byzantines destroyed
    Now the Ottomans control 65 % of the world
    Time to build a lot of settlers and libraries

    910 AD
    Persia destroyed

    930 AD
    Free Artistry is researched. Research is now down till the end of the game. The Ottomans never reached the industrial time.

    1330 AD
    Cultural 100k vicory
  3. ignas

    ignas kunigaikstis

    Jun 9, 2004
    That's a good date for this map. Can you give more details how did you build culture? Republic or Feudalism? I pretty much lost interest after seeing the map is not suitable for a quick 20 k culture win.
  4. Spoonwood

    Spoonwood Grand Philosopher

    Apr 30, 2008
    If you have no military units and settle next to a hut, you cannot get barbarians.
  5. Bob Frank

    Bob Frank Chieftain

    Jun 16, 2020
    I killed off the Austrians and Iriqious. I really should have done what @Lanzelot did but I built a ton of Siphaphis and had fun with them. I razed a bunch of the Irqious cities but this was also a mistake, I would have benefited from the free population, but who can say no to free workers with no diplomatic consequences. by industrial ages I've met all I can meet, and am seriously dominating this game. but I really should have started colonizing the rest of the world. Too lazy :(
  6. Captain_Jack

    Captain_Jack Warlord Supporter

    Dec 2, 2018
    Ignas, what do you look for in the map to let you know if 20k is viable. And do you prefer to strive for that in your capital, or your second city?
  7. ignas

    ignas kunigaikstis

    Jun 9, 2004
    I would look for a shield rich start with some extra food, a civilization with an early Golden Age and a map with fast technology pace. This being a large map meant techs are more expensive and other civs hard to find which resulted in a slow tech pace. I almost always prefer capital (because of no corruption and extra culture) over the second city but in this game dedicated the 2nd city by the coast so I could get the Colossus.

    Anyway, thanks for creating this map! It's an interesting one.

    Culture buildings, if anyone is interested:

    Temple 2630 BC
    Pyramids 1225 BC
    Library 1200 BC
    Mausoleum 975 BC
    Colossus 825 BC
    Colosseum 800 BC

    Attached Files:

  8. r16

    r16 not deity

    Nov 10, 2008
    will wait until the end of competition but then it also takes a lot of turns ...
  9. Green Bear

    Green Bear Chieftain

    Nov 5, 2020
    I never changed the type of state (Republic) after 1000 BC. After 150 AD (I got Astronomy then) I researched a little bit, but I got a lot of gpt, too. And after 930 AD there was no research. So I could take a lot of the gold for building settlers, cheap libraries and later universities. It was very easy to conquer the continent in the northwest and to build a lot of cities there with a gap of one or two tiles. So I had about 220 cities at the end of the game. I think if I had played a little bit more effective there would be a result before 1250 AD possible.
  10. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    In 610 BC, the Ottomans had just entered the Middle Ages. It was now time to
    switch imperial expansion from churning out cities to conquering the

    The Austrian war started in 210 BC and ended with the destruction of Austria in
    70 BC. The Iroquois War ensued in 30 BC ending in a cease-fire in 50 AD. The
    Ottomans would destroy the Iroquois nation in 270 AD while earning their first
    Military Great Leader. In the mean time, while attacking the Zulu on the Western
    Continent, they had also started the build-up against the Northern Continent.
    The Middle Ages were nearing their end and the Ottomans were two turns away from
    discovering Military Tradition.

    0470 BC Meet Rome
    0210 BC War Austria
    0210 BC PT/A Zululand v. Persia
    0070 BC Destroy Austria
    0030 BC War Iroquois
    0050 AD Peace Iroquois
    0090 AD Meet Carthage
    0130 AD Embassy Carthage
    0130 AD Meet Maya
    0130 AD Embassy Maya
    0130 AD War Maya
    0130 AD PT/A Carthage v. Maya
    0170 AD War Unhappiness
    0190 AD PT/A Zululand v. Persia
    0250 AD War Zululand War Happiness!
    0250 AD PT/A Persia v. Zululand
    0270 AD Destroy Iroquois
    0270 AD Emerge Military Great Leader Orhan​

    On the home front, Copernicus' Observatory was built in Edrine in 150 AD. In
    spite of having The Colossus in Uskudar by the coast, I decided to stack up the
    scientific Wonders in the Forbidden Palace city of Edrine. I did not know at
    this time that I would be able to build an Iron Works in Uskudar.

    At the dawn of Industrial Times, the Ottomans finally met the Scandinavians.
    With the aid of a Sipahi victory in Mayan land, the Golden Age was made to
    coincide with the Industrial Times in 370 AD. Steam Power could be learned at
    this time through trade, and luckily, no one had gotten dangerous
    ideas about Nationalism. Before the Golden Age came to a close, four more
    Military Great Leaders had emerged. In Chichén Itza, The Pyramids was captured,
    a boon for total score.

    The Ottomans were now connecting Luxuries from all over their occupied lands and
    after mopping up the Norhtern Continent sent their troops there over towards
    Rome, which was at the same time attacked from the other side by the forces
    leavning the Persian war.

    0340 AD Meet Scandinavia
    0370 AD Enter Golden Age
    0370 AD Enter Industrial Times
    0380 AD Emerge Military Great Leader Murad I
    0450 AD PT/A Persia v. Zululand
    0540 AD Emerge Military Great Leader Suleyman I
    0550 AD Emerge Military Great Leader Selim
    0570 AD Emerge Military Great Leader Mehmed II
    0570 AD Exit Golden Age
    0580 AD Destroy Japan
    0600 AD Embassy Rome
    0600 AD PT/A Zululand v. Rome
    0600 AD War Persia War Happiness!
    0600 AD War Rome​

    Conquering the rest of the world was now a cake walk. The domination limit was
    reached around 990 AD as the Byzantines were destroyed and only OCC Persia was
    left as competition. In the mean time, the following Wonders had been
    constructed on the home continent (I guess Newton's University came earlier):

    0930 AD Build Hoover Dam
    0940 AD Build The Internet
    0940 AD Build Theory of Evolution
    0980 AD Build SETI Program​

    The Ottomans had used Universal Suffrage as a pre-build for the SETI Program in
    order to be able to instead build Hoover Dam. Of course they had to make
    assumptions for the timed pre-builds at the entry to Modern Times. Thanks to We
    Love The King celebrations in all cities after the connection of the eighth
    Luxury, it would have been possible to discover Flight in just four turns. This
    extra research capability now had to be turned into cash instead. Bummer.

    These were the diversion from regular four-turn research:

    0 Computers
    0 Medicine
    0 Miniaturization
    0 Rocketry
    5 Atomic Theory
    5 Combustion
    5 Electronics
    5 Flight
    5 Refining
    5 Space Flight
    6 Astronomy
    6 Education
    7 Theology​

    Space was reached in 1260 AD.
  11. Memento

    Memento The World is mine

    Apr 2, 2003
    Nice game, but i missed the line.

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