CTIV-9: The Academians


Happy Yule!
Oct 13, 2001
Piedmont Triad, North Carolina
Ok, like the not-dead-yet CTIV-8, this one might not actually get started. But I thought I'd throw it out here and see what the interest is. I'll accept sign-ups, but this will not be first come first serve--I've seen too many AWOL players of late. Those who have played with me probably have an advantage :D

Civ: To Be Determined (will be Philosophical, but not Saladin since he's the current GOTM)
Difficulty: Monarch
Geography: Fractal
Victory Conditions: All enabled
Variant Rule:
Every city we own at the end of the game must have an Academy in it


Start of Game Post is here.
This is not a sign-up (I'll be leaving in three weeks, for about a month), but I'd assume that this variant would make domination impossible? I understand perfectly if you haven't determined this yet.
Here are the leader choices:

Alexander (Aggressive)
Elizabeth (Financial)
Frederick (Creative)
Mao (Organized)
Peter (Expansive)

Mao's probably the best choice because he has Agriculture to start, which will get us to the Literature fastest of any of these leader choices (Saladin would be faster than Mao, but again, no Sally).
Zalson said:
This is not a sign-up (I'll be leaving in three weeks, for about a month), but I'd assume that this variant would make domination impossible? I understand perfectly if you haven't determined this yet.

Actually, as we learned in n0x-02, no victory condition is impossible in a world with Permanent Alliances (although I don't know if it will be turned on yet, up to the group to discuss/decide), however, I do think domination will be extremely unlikely.
Wonders that help with Great Scientists:
The Great Library
The Space Elevator :crazyeye:

Oxford University
Red Cross
Scotland Yard

:hmm: Pretty skimpy, huh? Guess we better get The Great Library. Also will want to head towards Physics for the Great Scientist. And we'll be needing Caste System for unlimited Scientists.
Rex Tyrannus said:
Aargh! Why do a bunch of good SGs spring up right after my promise to play fewer SGs?

I agree. I'm going back to college after many years of break and don't have much time, but this does sound interesting. Plus, as ChrTh has stated, experience with the players (and team leaders) helps decide on playing that game.

I'm interested, but wish to see how things go with my time. Just started back in school last week.

Will definitely lurk if I don't play.
Sounds interesting. I assume that we're going to want to naturally limit ourselves in number of cities.

Sounds like fun, and I'd be down to only one SG in the next couple days (once VQ05 finishes)

Consider me signed up!
I'd like to sign on, if you don't mind that I've not played at Monarch level before.
I'll tentatively sign up too (depending on when it actually starts), but I don't mind sacrificing my place to somebody more experienced / deserving.
GreyFox applying for Academic duties .... if any professor seats is still open for application ...


@RT: since when did you start keeping your promises???

@Maquis: down to one? which one? SGOTM-01? :mischief:


On the Variant: (To substantiate my aforementioned application :lol:)

I suspect we will have a very, very small number of cities. 1 or 2 GP-Farm is almost a must.

On leaders, I don't think we should choose based on starting tech, IMHO. Its the second trait that is important. Agressive is useless for us, I think. Financial is always useful. Expansive is a possible maybe (health on monarch is not taht big an issue). Creative might be useful to extends our culture for resources grab, since I don't think we will have lots of cities. Organized might be useless.
Lurking too:

ChrTh I like the variants will be watching.. About people going AWOL wow I am amazed how many do, even people that start an SG go disappearing. Hope nothing happened to any of them.

Novus Ordos Seclorum ??
As I see the most probably victory condition will be space race.
Posible - conquest.

You will have to learn to recognise cities with academies allredy build by AI (could be seens on map) AI love to build academies, useally civ has 2-3 cities minimum with academies.

As a philosofical civ you can easy produce 15 GS in a cource of the game.

So, you posible total number of cities would be 15+ what even you can capture with academies prebuild.

You can easy finish with civ of 20+ cities, making space race and conquest posible.
Just my two cents:

I agree on what GreyFox mentioned on the importance of the second trait. I'd summarize what he said above to either financial (Lizzy) or creative (Friedrich).

Something that hasn't been mentioned yet - in terms of victory - is a cultural victory. I think that it's well possible - not saying that you'd reach the earliest cultural victory you've ever reached ;).

As for wonders ... the Space Elevator is really good! :rolleyes:

I probably won't be able to join in ... so I'll lurk. And my guess is ... I'll enjoy this :).

Regards, .
Ill join i can take on 3 sgs at the same time but 1of them aint moven so yah i join
About people going AWOL wow I am amazed how many do, even people that start an SG go disappearing. Hope nothing happened to any of them.

@Cosmichail - Like who? :crazyeye: :D

@ChrTh - Stick me on the roster if you would! Sounds like a good 'un.

I agree with Mutineer that a Space Race seems the most obvious choice for a win, but Cultural might be fun also...

As for a leader, I'd be tempted to go with Lizzy for the cash>research boost.

Just a note that I'm away for a week from 26th June. :mischief:

I also don't plan on having another car crash. :rolleyes:
Lol nice variants. You will need a good GP farm. The positive thing is that caste system will help you alot.
Wow, more interest in this than I expected. I guess I will start it up early next week.

Here's how I'm seeing the roster (not necessarily the order) so far:
ChrTh -- Fearless leader
Rex_Tyranus Ruff_Hi -- Replacing a suspected communist
Methos -- Wants to Plays?
Maquis -- In like Flynn
Scowler -- In also like Flynn
GreyFox -- In very much like Flynn
JesusOnEez -- Promising to wear a helmet and body armor every time he goes driving

Kanga_DU and Xtream_Rockstar, thanks for your interest (and feel free to lurk), but I'm going to stock the roster with players I've played with before.

In terms of victory conditions, I was actually thinking Diplo or Cultural would be more likely the 'target' with Space available to fall back on. But it's really going to come down to starting position, etc. Cultural may be a good choice because we can simply switch our GP Farm from Scientist to Artist generation. While I'm sure it's possible to generate 15+ Great Scientists, I think that might cause a couple screws to get loose :twitch: ... so I'm thinking 6-7 cities for us total.

For leader choice, I'm still leaning towards Mao. I like the UU as a good defensive unit right about the time the AI starts expanding by force. Lizzy seems like it'd be too easy. Peter is the leader for the in-limbo CTIV-8 so I'll leave him out. We'll do this democratically:
Roster members each get a vote. Choose from Mao, Lizzy, Freddie, and Alex.
ChrTh in like Flynn??

Isn't it "in like Flint"???? Maybe it's different where you come from so if I am wrong just ignore me. Have fun guys will be lurking...

(James Coburn, "in like Flint", the secret agent, but that's old 60's)

ChrTh - I can also vouch for Xtream Rockstar he's a good player and is always right there ready to do his turn. Never had to wait for him. Plays well too.

Just thought I mention that, I understand chosing people you've with played with before since people do go AWOL.
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