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Custom Map Scenario won't load?

Flying Bread

Oct 4, 2010
So I modified a huge pangaea map I got from the random generator, I placed the starting points for twelve civs and six city states and setup the scenario settings (save promotions/policies, raging barbarians, etc), everything should work but when I go in game and load up the map everyone is in random positions and the civs I chose aren't present.

Help please, this only started happening after I installed G&K, also none of my custom maps appear in the map list, I have to go into advanced setup to select them now.

P.S. Yes, I checked load scenario, I tried loading it five times in a row and every time it didn't load the scenario, just the map.

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You should start the game through the Mods menu (if you don't use any mods, leave them unchecked), then Load Scenario should work properly.
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