:hammer: :hammer: :hammer: Here's what you've been waiting for, Arab conquest of the world. Unfortunately, that might not happen, if someone's getting too close to SS I'll have to do diplo or SS or something. The AIs are balanced this game, which is great. Unfortunately, they're all very strong, and there won't be any mop pushing this game, each AI will be very nasty.

My alliance rep is broken, so I can't get help against the Aztecs. Nevermind, I can, MPPs! I chose the Iroquois, because they're strong, next to Aztecs, and not at war with anyone.

They become gracious afterwards.

This is military comparison. I'm usually not scared of huge infantry numbers, because it's usually from a civ with a lot of cities and they put 3 or 4 in each. Well, I counted their main cities, they have 15 of them. So that's about 60 infantry not being used for defense that will slowly wander in my territory pillaging. They won't be a threat really, just a distraction to my arty which is badly needed for attacking ToW's in metros. They also have 24 ToWs btw.

I declare war.

Now I wait for them to come at me, to trigger the MPP I have with the Iro.

Well those big infantry stacks on the far left and the far right are annoying. I wanted to strike Tzintzutun, but I have to handle them.

Same turn:

All units are cleared except that SoD. I'm confused, since they have 20k in cash, why they haven't upgraded their MDI to guerrillas, rifles, to inf and muskets (!) to inf. Oh well, save your money for me to take from your cities.

Bad News bears.

Sigh, oh well, I just sign MPPs with Inca and the Maya, I hope that they can handle America.

Great :) . 1000g and they lose a city.

That's great! All metros have a TOW or two, then some infantry. A vet tank vs. a redlined TOW in a metro is only 69% to win. So the army will take out the TOWs then the tanks come in to trample the infantry.

More great news. I pocket a quick 1000g and the Aztecs are losing.

Overview of the battlefield. I'd like it if the infantry would attack, but they're not, so I'll just have to halt my offensive for a turn or two to handle them.

Btw, it's worth mentioning that I stole flight, ecology, and rocketry. I have aluminum :rofl: . But the Aztecs do as well, I can't decide if I want them to research syn fibers so I can steal it or not. Oh wait, of course I do, the Inca were trading them oil but are now at war with them :) . I'm begging them to research it, but I won't know if they have or not until they're willing to talk.

Nothing from america except a random cav which I killed and a single bombing run. That triggered the three MPPs I had, so I bet the rest of their bombers decided to bomb something else.

A lot of progress has been made. The Aztecs are done for.

Current battlefield:
Those two mechs have combat settlers underneath them. Three more cities will be mine next turn.

Well, I'm up three techs on America, the second closest civ to me. I should probably prebuild UN, but there's been enough fighting this game to rule out the possibility of losing via diplo. I'll do it anyway.
You seem to have done a great job on the Aztecs. Who's next?:mwaha:
An excellent read. Some fine trading highlighted, especially in the early game.

The simple use of picture + small explanations, and the total lack of a story make it very visually appealing.

Good job, looking foward to the outcome.
I've played a few turns after the defeat of the Aztecs. I reorganized my forces, workers, and settlers. After that, I started researching synthetic fibers. I probably could have and should have let the Aztecs have their core until they could research it so I could steal it from them. Ah well. I also could let America research it, but they don't have ecology yet and they have all the required resources to build modern armor. It would take longer, and I want to have the scoop on these bad boys for a long time. Now I've picked my next target, the Iro, after lots of debating with myself. Here are my plans. Red arrows are attacks on cities with artillery support. Purple dots are where combat settlers aided by mech infantry will go. Green dots are near cities which I cannot reach by tanks in one turn even with settlers, so I will estimate the number of tanks I'll need, park them next to that city for a turn, then attack with artillery support. Yellow lines seperate Incan territory from Iroquois territory.

I'll need nine combat settlers, plus another eight to replace the metros. It could take a minimum of four turns, but my plans include attacking four cities in one turn, and it's doubtful I'll have the artillery to do that, plus I can suffer unexpected setbacks. But probably not, as I destroyed the Aztecs despite being weak according to my advisor, but I'm strong compared to iros, should be a slaughter. So my cities will build 17 settlers that I need, then focus on workers for the ton of railing I'll have to do. Iros have no wonders by the way.

When will I declare war? I don't know. I'm certainly not waiting until modern armor, they'll have mechs by then, and I'd take tanks and arty vs. ToWs than modern armor and arty vs. mechs any day. I may just attack now (meaning next turn or the turn after) to make sure I don't face mechs by disconnecting their resources. Rubber can be disconnected turn two. The purple dot that leads to the attack of Tonawanda is over rubber, their only source.
Turn by turn progress on the Iroquois war.

To start it, I demanded a tech until he was furious. I then, using the diplomat, did an imediate steal. It succeeds :rolleyes: . I get amphibious assault, woohoo. Try again, fails but fortunately we did not attract any unwanted attention. Third time, Hiawatha is fed up with my repetitive shouting of "take this deal or suffer" and then he sees I'm attempting to steal his intellectual property. That was the final straw. He sends thousands of young men to kill thousands of my young men as vengeance. Isn't war great :) ?

Well, here's turn zero of the war, right before hitting enter.

Turn two right before hitting enter.

Turn 3, right before hitting enter:

Hmm... uploads messed up. I made a mistake on a pic, uploaded it, then discovered the mistake when I posted it. I deleted the file both on my PC and in the upload folder, created a new picture, saved it, then the same old mistake pic appeared. I tried it again with renaming the file, still same mistake pic. In paint it looks fine :confused: . Anyway, it's attached.

I stupidly forgot to cancel the MPPs with the Incans and Mayans, so they're both beating up on the Iroquois, and taking cities from them. It's hard impossible to tell that the Iroquois are being conquered by the Incans by the minimap. It would be quite a surprise if early in the game I get the message "the rampaging Incan forces have destroyed the Iroquois" and I had no idea they were fighting eachother :lol: .

The Incans are quite powerful, which concerns me. They have 51 tanks to my 46, no mechs yet. Fortunately, of their two oils, one is next to my border and the other is on the other side of the world, I already have a transport with 2 mechs set to disconnect it when war starts.


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Game's in the barrel :hooray: :) .

I finished off the iroquois:

Then I started a war with the Inca, cost me 3000 gold. I demanded a tech till furious, then imediate steal with diplomat. Succeed, I get fascism :woohoo: . Try again, no techs to take, whoops. Then I demand they leave, and that was the ticket. I took a lot of casualties, it was a tough war. The second turn, they got mechs, so I decided to make peace ASAP so I can get modern armor before attacking again. I did manage to take one of their two oils and take some cities. Here's the situation after peace.

Can't wait for modern armor!!
Thanks Ansar :) I like it too.

I forgot about my MPP with Abe that I forgot about, so I was soon at war again with the Incans. No biggie, I had already disconnected their oil and they were almost out of tanks.

Then this, what I've been waiting for the whole game:


I upgrade all my tanks the same turn.

Next turn, I see no point in waiting any longer. I do these things:

Mecca is a beast. The reason I chose this start was because of those hills near Mecca, I thought it trumped the disadvantage of the marsh and jungle (even though I have 7 of 8 resources within the terrain I initially encompassed during the land grab phase).

I kinda feel bad about having an unfair amount of resources, but I shouldn't really because it's only a problem if nobody has any excess to trade, which is rare. I also have recently won a deity game on std. pangaea domination with tanks as Japan and the only resources I had at the beginning were iron and horses (which I never got to use) and I got my first local lux at 1500 AD :whoa: . I was very shocked to see the screen at 1500AD "We have connected silks to our capital. This will make our people happy. Good job!"

3 cities with one comabt settler!

Nevermind the "ROP with America."

Now that all my upgraded modern armor can move, I'm ready to go all out. I love the three movement, no more silly combat settlers, except that one to take out those three Incan monster cities.

The end of this turn:

Victory screen coming soon :D.
Modern armor are just sick killing machines.

This is the next turn just before hitting enter

The end of the next turn, just before hitting enter

The next turn before hitting enter

Isn't that pink so pretty?

And the final victory screen :D . Score is a little over 7k. I don't know if that's good.

Yay! 5th deity win for me :cooool:

Some post game analysis:

Things that made the game easier than average:
  • Having iron, horses, salt, coal, rubber, oil, and aluminum within the land I originally got during the expansion phase. I stole fission after I had about a third of the world under my control, so naturally I had uranium as well.
  • Lots of room to expand. I got a decent sized empire early on from a 6 turn settler factory and a few other cities chipping in to build a settler now and then.
  • The AIs remained balanced. There is minor skill in handling this, but it's mainly not doing something stupid (like initiating a "let's you and him fight" between the tech leader and a weakling). It's mostly luck, and some deity games are just impossible if one civ starts to run away.
Things that made the game harder than average:
  • Not enough workers. This was entirely my fault, I just wasn't counting workers and cities to make sure I had enough. I just scanned the land, said, "ok, that looks like enough" and moved on. I didn't realize the problem until I was a republic with all cities well developed working about 1 or 2 unimproved tiles per city, and I had to waste some precious pop for more workers. I just had a little over 1 per city at that time, which is unacceptable for me even if I'm industrious.
  • Nothing exiting from goody huts. The expansionist trait was a huge reason for that 6fer, 4fer, and 5fer at the beginning, as I contacted everyone very quick. I got 2 golds, a map, and BW, which I could have gotten in the early 6fer anyway. Shame, cause a 7fer sounds cooler.
  • All that fancy trading I did has a downside. It speeds up the tech pace enourmously. I was in the middle ages at 1275BC, but so was everyone else. There just wasn't enough time to build up a force adequate to even steal a few cities. I was feeling the game was very dicey when I got MT with that tiny empire, I just didn't think I had the productive capacity to dominate the world. I was wrong :D , but there wasn't any mop pushing, like their usually is when the human gets tanks, until the very end, each AI was tough to beat.

Anyway, that was great fun. I'd like to do another, but I only have 1 and a half more weeks of civ before I'm away for more than a month from it. I probably want to finish a few other solo games before leaving, as they will be all I'll be able to think about and it'll be tormenting. But if there's enough interest and people ask very nicely, I might just do it. This story only took, what, 2-3 days?
I really liked all the pictures in this story. Thanks for the entertaining couple of days. Congrats on the diety win.:hatsoff:
Congrats on the win, and I look forward to another one of those stories :thumbsup:
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