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Detailed Worlds 2.12

Detailed Worlds is NOT working with latest updates. I do not expect any updates as Victor said he is not going to update it unless he feels like playing again. He did not say he would be at all, mentioned that the last update would be it. I run a lot of mods and it fails every time at creating a map. Good luck but its best to use Fantastical Map script it works quite well once you understand the settings. :)
Hello Seven05 !

Is it possible to disable x-wrapping on all the maps? I've inspected the Lua files but I can't find the code...

"maputilities.lua" is the one I should be editing, I suppose?

Thanks a lot!
Love this map script and wasnt having any troubles with expansions or mods until Secret Socieities - Ley Lines appear to be breaking map scripts. Hopeful this might be fixed, but appears unlikely :(
Thank you so much The_J!
I'll test it to see if it still works.
Though If it does still work, I have to wonder why was it taken down?

Edit: I put the mod in the mods folder, and it's the only mod installed. Then I made certain it was enabled in game. Then I created a game. There are no errors or warnings of any kind; and since I almost couldn't find any desert region, and the polar ice that generated would have made circumnavigation very difficult (if not impossible), I'd have to say it's working!

Thank you again for the link The_J!
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