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[Dev thread] RISEN: Another mod with some form of "rise" in the title

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Creation & Customization' started by TheBladeRoden, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. TheBladeRoden

    TheBladeRoden Deity

    Oct 16, 2005
    The Middle West
    After many years of sabbatical (actually just half a year distracted by TF2 mapping) I have decided to once again resume work on my old Civ IV: Vanilla version of Risen by converting it to BTS. I decided to trim a lot of features like the assloads of new techs, civics, and victory conditions for the time being, so right now it's more like a civ pack than an actual mod. Thus, I decided it should probably have a fresh new thread. But the old one can still be found at http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=3832865#post3832865

    So now for the categories!

    New Civs

    Long Name: United Governments
    Short Name: Unigov
    Adjective: Union
    Colors: Navy Blue and Goldenrod
    Flag: Stylized Globe
    Starting Techs: Fishing and Agriculture
    Short Description: North America-based supernational organization. Kind of a UN, EU, NATO mash up. Sees international conflict and internal anarchy as the primary threats to civilization. Big brother government with high tech surveillance, and has ambitions to bring all nations into the fold of its new world order.


    Percival T. August
    Title: Executive Director of the United Governments
    Traits: Philosophical, Industrious
    Favorite Civic: Representation
    Notes: No pic because he is currently a stick figure.

    Jane C. Lentulus
    Title: Director of Union Security
    Traits: Organized, Protective
    Favorite Civic: Police State

    Unique Unit: Military Police (replaces Marine)
    Alterations: Starts with City Garrison I
    Reduces chance of riots in stationed city.
    Notes: Obviously a city defense unit. His stats are pretty much final, though I am saddened that his free promotion becomes redundant with a Protective leader, if only there was a way to give him CGII in such a situation. I still may change his name since Military Police isn't really the technically correct term. Maybe Martial Law Officer.

    Unique Building: Global Security Agency (replaces Security Bureau)
    Alterations: +66% Defense against Espionage
    +2% :espionage: in all cities
    Notes: I was trying to think of ways to make the "global" more global as in have the +2% :espionage: affect allies too, but I think the only thing I managed to do was to make it a team project :/ My other idea was to have a building that helps wonder building time, and thus giving Unigov a jump on making the UN.


    Long Name: House of Hertfordshire
    Short Name: Hertfordshire
    Adjective: Hertish
    Colors: White and Red
    Flag: Seal of Hertford over St. George's Cross (may be simplified in the future to just a deer head for readability)
    Starting Techs: Fishing and The Wheel
    Short Description: New pretenders to a thousand year old throne. Seeks to bring back the glory days of the old empire. Sees war and conquest more as sport and a matter of prestige and glory than as a matter of death and subjugation.


    Edmund Langfordance
    Title: Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Lord High Constable, Lord Protector and Regent of the Throne
    Traits: Spiritual, Imperialistic
    Favorite Civic: Vassalage

    Algernon Cottingsworth
    Title: Duke of Cambridge, Earl Marshal of England, Admiral of the Fleet
    Traits: Financial, Imperialistic
    Favorite Civic: Caste System

    Becki of Hertfordshire
    Title: Heiress Presumptive to the White Crown
    Traits: Creative, Charismatic
    Favorite Civic: Hereditary Rule

    Unique Unit: Airbourne Aircraft Carrier (replaces Carrier)
    Alterations: Moves 6 :move:
    Requires Advanced Flight
    Requires Aluminum in addition to Oil or Uranium
    Can move through Impassable Terrain
    Cannot Capture Enemy Cities or Units
    Ignores Terrain movement Costs
    Maximum 0% damage to enemy on attack
    Notes: Current model is half-embedded into the ground, so I'm going to need to make a new one for that.

    Unique Building: Governor's Manor (replaces Courthouse)
    Alterations: Requires Feudalism
    Reduces Maintenance in Nearby Cities
    +1% Trade Route Yield
    Double production speed for Imperialistic leaders instead of Organized ones
    Requires at least 8 cities
    Notes: I hope that nearby city maintenance reducer doesn't make it overpowered


    Long Name: Sino-Russian Alliance
    Short Name: KPC
    Adjective: Communist
    Colors: Crimson and Gold
    Flag: Star with a hammer & Sickle inside
    Starting Techs: Agriculture and Hunting
    Short Description: Home to the largest standing army in the world armed with nuclear weapons, but also home to the government that controls them on the verge of collapse. A waking giant can cause great destruction, but how many villages will be crushed under a falling one? Mmm metaphors!


    Dmitrii Djivelegov
    Title: General of the Army
    Traits: Expansive, Industrious
    Favorite Civic: State Property

    Sai Jing Sheng
    Title: General of the Strategic Rocket Forces
    Traits: Aggressive, Organized
    Favorite Civic: Nationhood

    Unique Unit: Conscript (replaces Infantry)
    Alterations: Strength 10 :strength:
    Cost 15 :hammers:
    Requires Military Tradition, Assembly Line, & Rifling
    no upgrades

    Unique Building: War Factory (replaces Factory)
    Alterations: Requires Communism & Assembly Line
    +50% Military Unit Production
    New Armored Units Receive +4 Experience Points
    Double Production Speed for Aggressive Leaders
    Notes: Ideally I wanted a building that doubled military unit production during wartime, but it is what it is.


    Long Name: neoVisigothic Clan
    Short Name: neoVisigoths
    Adjective: Gothic
    Colors: Gray and Black
    Flag: Cross Crosslet
    Starting Techs: Mysticism and Mining
    Short Description: An old reich, cursed by its own success at withstanding the siege, ultimately turned into a land of darkness, famine, and disease. Nowadays it is ruled only by roving barbarians, and warbands, but one such clan will see the chance to rise again thanks to the rediscovery of an ancient magic, and a little naive international aid doesn't hurt either.


    Wilhelm Ravenhurst
    Title: Warlord of the neoVisigoths
    Traits: Aggressive, Industrious
    Favorite Civic: Slavery

    Lilith Victoria
    Title: Völva of the neoVisigoths
    Traits: Spiritual, Creative
    Favorite Civic: Paganism

    Unique Unit: Chemical Trooper (replaces Paratrooper)
    Alterations: Siege Weapon
    Strength 20 :strength:
    Cost 150 :hammers:
    Requires Military Science & Fascism
    Upgrades to Mobile Artillery
    Doesn't paradrop
    Causes up to 99% Collateral Damage
    +100% vs. Melee Units
    -50% vs. Siege Weapons
    -50% vs. Armored Units
    -50% vs. Helicopter Units
    Notes: This is one of the more drastic UU alterations, so it'll be interesting to see how he balances out. Since he has the SAM Infantry's animations, for his supposed gas attack he actually uses his Machine Pistol, so that's going to need work.

    Unique Building: Occult Research Lab (replaces Laboratory)
    Alterations: Food -2 :food:
    Great People +1 :gp:
    Requires Biology & Electricity
    +40% :science:
    -50% Anger Duration from Sacrificing Population
    City more likely to generate Great Scientist
    Notes: the -2 food is supposed to simulate the guys at the ORL using the local populace for involuntary test subjects, see? It all makes sense see?

    Edit: Edited because I don't think anyone was reading the inside the spoiler stuff
  2. TheBladeRoden

    TheBladeRoden Deity

    Oct 16, 2005
    The Middle West
    New post because I broke the image limit

    Long Name: Olive Green Action Front
    Short Name: Olive Green
    Adjective: Green
    Colors: Olive Green & Light Gray
    Flag: a tree with two swords bound to it by red sashes
    Starting Techs: The Wheel and Agriculture
    Short Description: Environmental awareness group, new age religion, anarchist cell, or doomsday cult? Charismatic leader J.P. Montegomery sees human "progress" as nothing more than a cleated march across Mother Nature's back. He knows the next global war between the industrial nations will make the planet itself its most tragic victim. But he and his ever growing group of followers will make sure that won't happen, that mankind will soon know Final Peace.


    Jean Patrick Montegomery
    Title: Leader of Olive Green
    Traits: Philosophical, Charistmatic
    Favorite Civic: Environmentalism

    Unique Unit: Monkeywrencher (replaces Spy)
    Alterations: Requires Ecology
    Can use money to destroy improvements and steal plans
    Notes: Kind of a gimped version of the Spy right now since you have to wait until the Modern era to use her. If my modding ability were to improve I'd like to give her some abilities such as assassinating a unit or stealing a unit for your own side. Might set back the tech back a little earlier to maybe Education or something.

    Unique Building: Initiation House (replaces Barracks)
    Alterations: Free Woodsman I Promotion
    Double Production Speed for Charismatic Leaders


    Long Name: Might of the Pariahs
    Short Name: Pariah Nation
    Adjective: Pariah
    Colors: Sienna and Tan
    Flag: Cow Skull
    Starting Techs: Mysticism and Hunting
    Short Description: A prison colony on San Jacinto island was Unigov's solution to urban prison overpopulation back East. A convenient place to forget about political prisoners and other troublemakers for decades, until the discovery of large quantities of Rodenium, a compound which dramatically increases the power to volume ratio of rocket fuel, within its borders. Now that they have the key to a lot of nations' plan B's (getting the government and other important people off the deathtrap called Earth and onto an abandoned space ring) the Pariah suddenly find themselves thrust onto the world stage both as negotiation partners and as an invasion target.

    They also have some sort of Native American motif that I haven't figured out a convincing backstory to yet.


    Sid Nightwolf
    Title: Prophet and War Chief of the Pariah Nation
    Traits: Spritual, Protective
    Favorite Civic: Free Speech

    Unique Unit: Blood Tracker (replaces Scout)
    Alterations: Helps Thwart Rival Spies
    Can Withdraw from Combat (33%) Chance
    Players get an extra one at game start

    Unique Building: Rodenium Well (replaces Nuclear Plant)
    Alterations: Requires Rocketry
    +50% Spaceship Production
    Provides Power with Oil
    Notes: I started running out of ideas by this point

    New Units

    Killer Rabbit
    Type: Animal
    Strength 4 :strength:
  3. TheBladeRoden

    TheBladeRoden Deity

    Oct 16, 2005
    The Middle West
  4. Corion

    Corion Chieftain

    Jun 25, 2008
    Wait, so this is an oblivion mod for Civ?
  5. Tee Kay

    Tee Kay Silly furry

    Aug 21, 2005
    Where's the webcomic? :)

    Had a look at the old thread. Looks interesting.
  6. TheBladeRoden

    TheBladeRoden Deity

    Oct 16, 2005
    The Middle West
    Here is the link to the web comic


    Notice how it goes off topic after two comics.

    Also, should I go for painted leaderheads for my first release, or should I wait until I make 3D leaderheads, which will probably take longer?
  7. Fierabras

    Fierabras Emperor

    Dec 26, 2006
    Definitely go for painted leaderheads. You can always add animated 3D leaderheads later. I think it's better to focus on the essentials of your mod first. Get it right first, beautify later.

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