Divine Intervention: Earth

Almighty Z

Sep 19, 2010
So, the basic idea I had was to play a divine intervention game on the Earth18Civs map. This is set to Marathon speed, so many Gods might want to make their mark on history.

There are only
1: Thou shalt not interfere with time, or destiny
(don't change difficulty levels, or gamespeed)
2:Thou shalt control thy powers
(Don't change everything, be subtle, or bold, but don't go overboard)
3:Thou shalt respect the balance of things
(Don't give a large amount of techs, or a nuke in the stone age, or something along those lines.
4:Thou shalt enjoy thyself
(Remember, we are doing this to have fun. Don't feel you have to join in:p)
5:Thou shalt respect the mortal
(No intentionally making the game unwinable)

Below, is the pictures of the first first fifty turns, along with a bit of a story.

Montezuma, lord of the Aztecs, had a sudden urge to settle down. He commanded his people to build a city, and gave the place a new name. It was given a name never before used by the Aztecs: Home.

Before too long, Montezum learned he was not alone. There were more people to the north-east.
"Greetings! I am Roosevelt, of the American Empire. I hope that our two great peoples can live together in peace," the man said.
"As do I," Montezuma replied.

"Send a runner!" The leader of the scout force yelled. "Tell Lord Montezuma we are under attack!" As a bear ripped at his arm. Luckily, the injuries were not too severe, and the scouts resumed exploring immediately.
Techs discovered:

The state of the world as it was known.


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The Number Pi

Irrational Number
Jan 29, 2010
Between 3 and 4
I'll edit it!

EDIT: Done.

Floating through space was a stream of energy, searching for a use. It had wandered for countless years, and it finally stumbled on Earth. Here it found a place to craft.

Looking around, it decided that the planet could change. Crops were added to the western and eastern portions of the largest landmass. Some were removed in the west as well. A city had been founded on them, and this was strange-city-dwellers walking among their crops.

New crops were introduced to the northern part of the smaller continent. And the elevation of the southern portion was lowered.

A new civilization was born too, in the middle of these two continents. it was on an island, more advanced than any other in the world. Many useful crops surrounded it. But it was heavily guarded by its inhabitants. Whoever controlls it will reap the benefits.

The nomadic people of the north have come together, looking to destroy the upstart "civilizations" to the south. Precautions must be taken. Armies raised. This is soon to be a time of war. A test for those who wish to prosper.

Spoiler Not for Mortal Eyes :

Spoiler Really :

Added corn to Europe and China.
Removed the wine under Athens.
Added wheat in North America.
Cuba now has a hill, with a barbarian city, Uzbek. Pig, and sugar were added in the city's BFC. The city also has a grainary and 3 archer defenders.
6 barbarian warriors spawned in Canada.
Removed some mountains by the Incans.



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Almighty Z

Sep 19, 2010
Continuing on:

Looking around them, at the massive, seemingly never-ending mountains, the scouts could not help but feel that they were the work of the gods. Now, the only question was, what were they for?

Now, they knew the gods did not take kindly to many things, but were these savage warriors their work? To punish exploration? Why?

The circle of stones was built to honor the many gods that had revealed their existance. Motezuma looked at the work, and was pleased. He just hoped the gods would be, as well...

Word had not been heard from the scouts for a long time. Montezuma had hoped he never would have to lead a military empire, but the world was a dangerous place. As he gave the men the chance to defend their home, he hoped that the gods would not have a nasty suprise in store.

There was a hut not too far from the city, but no one to go to meet them. Montezuma ordered scouts to be trained as soon as possible.
Techs discovered:

The world as it is known:
Montezuma paused, looking at the map. We know so much of the north, yet so little of the south. Once the scouts are trained, we shall change that, he told himself.


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Challenging Fate
Nov 1, 2008
Albany, New York
The god Gidor looked down onto Earth. It was an interesting sight, with thousands of various races living into tightly packed cities. However, the Franks interested him the most, giving him a gift of wine. In thanks, he decided to help them out in competetion.

Spoiler Not for Mortal Eyes :

*All wines in France all have Wineries
*A free French Settler now exists on present-day Brest
*Gave them a gift of 100 Gold

OOC: I don't think I can edit this myself, someone else will have to.


Discord Reigns
Jul 22, 2007
Workwork Workshop
Spoiler for editers, no mortals! :
Turn that mountain in Panama to a Jungle/Hill/Grassland with a barb city with a wall and a Archer with Drill II and III and Garrison III, try to get it to be Panama.

Change a 2 by 2 plot of the Great Plains to grassland, put a jungle on one of them with bananaas.

Change a few plains hills to Grassland.

Change a few Sahara tiles to Plains north of Mali.

The God of rain has arrived. He is responsible for the growth of wilderness and the not so wilderness, as well as fertility.

As he rose, rain sprouted with his footsteps and cascaded down a mountain. It became fertile and the local barbarians worshiped him and built a city in his honor. Rain fell in amazing events elseware. And all this is for him

Spoiler Quest :
Control Panama without killing a single Panaman barbarian, and you will have bountiful rain.

For everyone else: the first to get three river cities will the given my gifts.


Thought Bubble Thinker
Apr 4, 2010
If this isn’t dead, I would do everyone’s edits for them. But...

Not For Mortals
Spoiler :
Where is Panama? And where is Berest? That would be great to know. Thanks.
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