Do you use nuclear weapons in CivIII?

Do you use nuclear weapons in CivIII?

  • Yes, I do

    Votes: 35 44.3%
  • No, I don't

    Votes: 24 30.4%
  • Only when the enemy uses them against me first

    Votes: 20 25.3%

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Austin IronFist

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Feb 9, 2002
Lubbock, Tx., USA
I don't even have CivIII yet, but I posted a similar topic in the CivII Strategies and Tips forum, and I'd just like to compare the two.
I build up to about 20 or 30 or so, then start bombing my enemies. LOL, and if another civ doesnt like it, well then I bomb them too.Its a good method of controling an enemys population. LOL. Makes conquring them so much easier. I love it even more when I have designed the star wars defense system. UP WITH NUKES!!!
"and if another civ doesnt like it, well then I bomb them too" :lol:
Originally posted by Dillo
and if another civ doesnt like it, well then I bomb them too


Strange that you made a topic on that in Civ2.I remember the AI never using nuclear weapons,one would have to switch something in the cheat menu,thus taking the entire score, because one had cheated... :rolleyes:

Now Civ1 was an entirely different matter,there the AI would use the things,gawd that was cool,we had a nuclear war for several turns, nothing else was being built in cities than nuclear weapons, everyting turned to swamps,looked so ugly,was fun :)

As for Civ3,sure why not.Only problem maybe,terraforming doesn´t excist anymore as in Civ2,was practically no harm done by using them,one could make the toughest terrain into grasslands again.Well Civ1 didn´t have terraforming either,think it depends on what you want,if you don´t care about the game anymore,go ahead.
I find pollution too much of a problem as it is without dropping nukes and creating more. By the time I get to nuclear weapons I hope to be far enough advanced not to need to revert to nuclear war.
:nuke: :nuke: :nuke:
i dislike nukes. i dislike the willingness of the ai to use them. i do like the "pffft" sound when sdi intercepts an icbm. anyway, i'm in a late game with two other major combatants on seperate continents, the americans and the egyptians. there was a long peace. i'm not sure what the ai was doing but i was building up for two major invasions as the ams and egyptians had this continuing mpp going. i also built around 50 icbms. i don't like using them and hold them only for retaliation. when it was time to roll, i saved and tried a couple things. first, i did a limited invasion of america. i took three cities, sunk several battleships, and stealthed many improvements and then stopped and hit end turn. the americans counterattacked with conventional units and regained some lost territory. the egyptions whacked all my naval vessels it could reach. then i reloaded and hit america hard. i took over half their cities, noticing some icbm's going under as i captured the cities. i did nothing to the egyptions. after i ended the turn, egypt declared war on me and whacked some of my ships. america launched. 10 icbms landed and maybe half were aborted by my sdi. as i said, i don't like using nukes. there's no strategy involved. just whack whack whack. i can safely say at this point in the game i can knock both opponents into the stone age before they can fire a shot. big woo. i win. it's not what i want. i want a protracted land/sea war where strategy comes in. i love using masses of marines and battleships to take out enemy ports, thus limiting the chance of new battleships coming out. i love using paratroopers, flanking invasions, feints, working for a position of interior lines, and rampaging armor. but by the time you can get to that in a game, good old nukes show up.

ok, rant over
The coolest thing in the world (apart from Joan of Arc:love: )
Is to put your view on zoom out (Ctrl Z) and drop nukes on the enemy civ. They fall from a higher point in the atmosphere and it looks freakin cool babee:p
I did it a couple of times in one game and enjoyed it so much...I built 45 in the next game and treated England to a dark screening of Apocalypse Now. It was schweet...:egypt:
I only wish you could annhilate a civ with them...
As for worry about pollution...I will only use nukes if I have first strike and Military Suprematism, so that the game is over pretty much a few turns later:goodjob:

I've been playing since this game was released - many, many games and have NEVER had the AI nuke me. Very odd. I was searching for other posts concerning this and came across this poll. Will probably start a new tread to this effect...

The AI always beats me to the nuke tech. Then they use them on me. :mad:
But it feels so good to nuke them years later and raze their cities, then force the slaves to clean up the mess.:mwaha:
:nuke: :D :nuke: :D :nuke: :D :nuke:
I keep them purely as a power thing... They get too power ful - they get a nuke... simple as that.
I find them to be wonderful at resource denial on the the opening move of an offensive.
The only reason I build them in the first place is because they are almost Wonderlike in the shield cost. If I've got nothing left to build in a city, I build one to save shields for a switch to a Wonder. If I don't get the techs in time, I end up with some nukes sitting around.

I used to use them in Civ I all the time. If the AI launched a spaceship, I'd launch an invasion force and nuke his capital to make it return to earth:).

I reloaded a game I'd won once and tried a nuclear first strike late in the game. Apparently, they had been saving up nukes too. What a mess!
Once you have built them once and used them to screw up the world, then that experience gets old fast.

Building nukes on a regular basis is only a measure of how poorly you may be playing other aspects of the game. Just win it and get it over with.
Originally posted by Oddible
I've been playing since this game was released - many, many games and have NEVER had the AI nuke me. Very odd. I was searching for other posts concerning this and came across this poll. Will probably start a new tread to this effect...


I had the Aztecs nuke me in a game I was about to win by space race. We were at war but they did first strike. I hadn't built any nukes. When I got farther into their territory several Aztec cities had been nukedby other civs.

I researched the last tech and rushed my last spaceship part the next turn.

But AI's will nuke if they think:rolleyes: they can get away with it.:nuke:
I dont think so?
I use them. Usually, I intiate it if provoked (e.g. surprise attacked). I don't like that! On occasion, if I've got some nukes laying around as I'm about to win the s/r, I'll nuke my main rival the turn before I launch. ;)
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