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[Angry Spanish Intensifies]


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Three in a week?!?! I'm killing this cartooning thing! :cool:

This page was 14 megs before splicing. It crashed the upload on the first pass.

In CG's original layout, this was part two of a five-part sequence.

You've got guts, man.
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Well you did ditch us in the middle of a rebellion... :think:
14 megs? 14 Megans? You had to get 13 other ones?


You misunderstand. You're so great that Thorvald wants to have 13 exact clones of you.
Well you see it involves and well ummm it has that thing with ummm... and then that other thing and it... well... it's funny, ok?
It's not funny when one is making humor at your expense. Especially using said comics against you.
Thorvald please... if this keeps up, I'll asphyxiate from all the laughter. :lol:

Look, if Thorvald does the same thing to me and my comics, I'm sure I'd be laughing like Drax The Destroyer
Well that's all contingent on you and your bro rehosting from Photobucket... ;)
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Yeah, it's weird because the unit's a 23, but in the cutscenes it's a 29. :crazyeye:
Hey, I take offense to that insinuation of zombies as mindless meat-robots with no off switch.

We do have off-switches. They're located on the inside of our gallbladders.
Like, our guts are mostly already spilling out of our chests, you don't really have to cut us open that much more

The hard part is getting the zombie to hold still while you poke your finger in there.
You know what the original comic was missing?

That's right: a soundtrack!

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