I don't know the title honestly, maybe a story of 16384 AD?


Jun 24, 2017
Learning to write English is honestly boring with the conventional method, so I decided that in order to learn how to write English better: "writing parts of story, posting it online, receiving feedbacks, and continuing the loop" seems more okayish; as my prof told me that my writing is absolutely horrible and incomprehensible. I'm open to criticism in everything, especially how to develop ideas since I'm not someone who writes well in my own native language. Thanks for reading and the following is the information of the document.


This record is based on a recording machine. The year recorded is xxxxxxx1xxxxxxxxxxxxxx in binary form, x is the damage data, these are unknown numbers, assuming it was 00000100000000000000 – 16384 AD.

In 16384 AD, humans live in pseudo-post-human society, where most people follow a non-materialistic lifestyle, value works of creativity.

FORWARD, there are so many humans, so many innovations, … and so many exhausted resources. Advanced machines are exceptionally good at finding newer resources that yield energy at least equivalent to the Sun’s solar fusion power; however, that much energy is just enough for human energy consumption in less than a second. Innovations, dreams, and most importantly deep understanding of the world they live in, their approximation of a universal cosmic model, cost a lot of resources; and their circular consumerist way of life drives every other possible alien to extinction, which means that Earth-station is the center of everything. It does not matter if the discovery rate is higher than the exhaustion rate.

DETERRENCELESS, life is beautiful and poetic, in some days, people even announce the end to the existence of weapons of mass destruction, which were used for peace maintenance between apartment-states, to promote a peaceful approach to social co-existence. Ratified by the United Nations headquarters in New York City, witnessed by millions of major states and corporations, observed by numerous artificial consciousnesses, and represented by more than ten quintillions of humans, the world is covered in a color of hope and a bright future. However, several days later, terrorists appear in some places with a laughable conspiracy: the big corporations are planning for our extinction. The next year, spears of light pierce through the most fabulous business district; this is the first-time humans died in thousands of years. The general population feared the instability and requested more measures on security.

Some days later, something terrifying happened, a power cut in Alpha station, signaling the start of the decreasing trend in resource discoveries. The cosmos is drained of resources. Less power means fewer innovations, fewer resource discoveries, and of course, even less energy production – it is a domino collapsing itself. The paradise they praised, the post-human society they worshipped, is falling apart, and they do not have any measure to save but to exterminate some of the humans. The public is powerless since their power is limited, they have no measure to eliminate the elite class residing on those almighty aircraft carriers. People call for an assault on the United Nations Headquarters, to murder all of the elites. Artillery batteries are being fired on New York, commanded by some unknown terrorists who successfully converted the general population. The elite flees out of the glorious city they once loved, and of course, with a superior air raid. It’s a massive war. While they are occupying the headquarters in their hope of taking their own rights to live, massive cosmic flare blasts into their mind, leaving the area lifeless. According to the terrorist researchers, that happened because of resource extraction damaging the structure of the cosmos, since life and consciousness are not from nothingness. Their prediction is around one month later, every human on Earth will be extinct but the elites have known some unscalable technologies that help them survive the catastrophe. It’s a war to decide whether we – as the human race extinct together or we – as the human race chose some to survive. Most people believe in the chosen population should be determined through a stochastic process where everyone has an equal chance of surviving while the elites who have the fancy technologies believe they should be the one who represents the next generations of humanity. The elites constructed their fortress enclave at the North Pole, protected by so many weapons and supported by the AI population who surprisingly was unaffected by the catastrophe.

EXTINCT TOGETHER, a new policy ratified by the public, decided every human should be extinct before or after the great catastrophe called great silence. An artificial intelligence in developing WMD and resource management is created, ensuring every human goes extinct after the great silence. The ocean is being filled with murder robots and murder robots that assemble other murder robots and WMDs. The assembled WMDs are then fired at anywhere having humans after the great silence.

LOVE EACH OTHER, humans promote love to other humans, waiting on their own death row. Shy people are now having the chance to propose to the people they love, and of course, they normally receive a heart-warming response. People make their own paradise, imagine a future where the catastrophe doesn’t happen, and theorize about what happens next.

FEARLESS, despite they are AIs managing the unavoidable end of humanity, they still need to kill as many elite people as possible, to ease the jobs left for the AIs. Numerous suicide missions to attack the elitists’ fortress are conducted. The deaths are glorified and of course, barbaric Roman-colosseum-style arenas are constructed for the captive elitists.

These are the three protocols widely accepted and enforced by the public.

Developments and innovations are continued in the North Pole fortress, and they have an idea: Why don’t we fast forward the catastrophe? Announcement of the shortened catastrophe deadline are announced throughout the world, imagine the next day, most life will be disappeared. Is it finally time for people to give up on their missions? What can people do in a mere day? Nothing. A couple climbed on the top of the Statue of Liberty torch to deliver their kiss at the deadline, love each other, they said.

“Your barbaric activities are not unnoticed, and we are tired of these insignificant actions. Your flesh is our property. Your people shall not be able to witness the New Year Ceremony tomorrow. Be happy and please perish, mercy may be given to people with goodwill in the far future.”

Inside the fortress, political rallies and opposition against the fast forward are damaging the unity of the elite side. Shortening life is of course lack of any possible kinds of morality and anti-humanity. It was so chaotic inside that martial laws are used. The world is finally calm, and most humans died. The opposition to fast-forward plan takes their property fleeing to Antarctica, the farthest possible place to the North Pole. The lifeless human corpses are carefully packaged; an unknown elitist put a synthetic rose on the frozen loving couple on the Statue of Liberty.

PRESERVE, this is the latest protocol to all surviving humans: “We must not touch these frozen souls. We must not touch these abandoned infrastructures. Human heritage and what we once were, we must preserve”. Most surviving humans accept that and pray for the dark scarcity period awaiting them.

An array of teleporting arrows emerges from the deep ocean. It is evading all of the anti-air batteries; this is from an AI’s perspective; these events happen in less than a millisecond.

Pray for the love of gods, EXTINCT TOGETHER, the almighty machine sank one of our aircraft carrier fortresses and killed millions of people residing in it. EXTINCT TOGETHER, whatever she is, she must perish; however as past humans widely accepted PRESERVE, current humans must not harm EXTINCT TOGETHER. The whatever next-next generation cursed the first generation after the great silence, asks why they created such stupid human law. The sea is hostile to humans, and the distance drives two parts of humans (North Pole and Antarctica) even further away. Space is hostile to humans, preventing any traveling method.

Can EXTINCT TOGETHER stand any chance of destroying the entire human race? No, she cannot destroy the entire human race; however, she causes so many tragedies to the existing humans as many aircraft carriers sank. She does not possess as much computational power as the advanced AIs in the elite’s fortresses since the self-replicating machine cannot replicate much in this depleted world. And does she realize that she cannot fulfill her duty? Yes, she realizes that simple thing, and she also knows if the fast-forward plan didn’t happen, she would also stand no chance at all. So, what does she do? As best as she can since her objective is to maximize the discounted human loss not whether all humans die or not. Where is easier to attack? Antarctica; these people stand less chance of defending themselves due to being a smaller group after the Northern people raised their own awareness of the murderous machine they are forced to preserve.
I read the entire story and I just couldn't follow what was happening. I got the general idea but everything else was as so confused.

Are you looking for feedback regarding your English or your ideas or both?
Probably both.
My idea is in the future, humans created a utopia but the cost of maintaining such utopia is sky-high so they are kind of a failed race. The catastrophe in the story is something like this: it happens, no one feels lost and death despite their body still being healthy; the more energy human mines, the faster the catastrophe comes. A part of humans devised a process to save the few of humans but it consumes a lot of energy, so they thought of recycling the peace-keeping instruments to be alive. Note that the peace-keeping instruments are the property of the people, so the upper class tricked the lower class to surrender the peace-keeping instruments peacefully in disguise of a plan for safer humanity development. Some of the people, who are aware of the plan, are called as terrorists. Later, the rest of population knew about that and they started to wage a war against the upper class but utterly failed. Seeing their end inevitable, they crafted an AI with the purpose to murder all the alive humans after the catastrophe. The upper class agrees that they should try to murder all the other part of humanity first because they are tired of terrorism, so they decided to mine a lot of energy for nothing (this makes the catastrophe happen even faster). Most people died, and robots lived; the upper-class agrees with each other that they should preserve old human relics. The treaty is sealed and generations later a part of humans (less developed one) got attacked by the machine the terrorists created. The treaty cannot be broken because most machines and a few humans in the North agree with the protocol to preserve.

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