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Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Saw the trailer for this movie that's coming out and I just had to wonder ...

Did she have to burn a Great Artist to get the Golden Age?

Art imitates Civ.

As I recall, they burned several Catholics instead...
No Taj Mahal so yes she would've had to burn a Great Artist for that. My guess is Christopher Marlowe. :sad:

Sisutil, this reminds me of your Princes of the Universe....
Marlowe... that'll do it, plus Raleigh who was closest to a great spy and he DID disappear in a hurry - could have been the two of them triggering it.

...hmm she was doing ok, she also had another GA, some obscure guy called William S, I think she settled him in London. And a Great General called Drake who she attached to a privateer (is that even possible??)
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