Enginseer's Wholesome Tweaks (VERSION 12!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Version 11 released for 3.10+
  • Celtic's UB now reduces the requirement to reform by 1%, scaling with map size.
  • Merchant of Venice now generates 100 Influence with the City-State if they conduct a Trade Mission.
  • Press Gang grants +5 XP after pillaging an improvement.
  • Mobility can be unlocked by taking Bombardment I instead of Bombardment II.
  • Sentry can be unlocked by taking Armor Plating I instead of Armor Plating II.
Version 12 released for 4.27+
  • Removed Galley's Brute Force Promotion (because it will be eventually integrated into main VP).
  • Removed Hand-Axe's replacement of Chariot Archer since it is now a slinger.
  • Removed Mobility's unlock from Bombardment I.
  • Removed Sentry's unlock from Armor Plating I.
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