Eternal Egypt - GLC Mod v1.0 (numerous pictures)

Chapter 1 - The founding

The story begin... It is 3000BC.
The peoples of a small community, called the Egyptians, who’re rulled by Pharao Ramses, have just finished building a Palace in their small city of Thebes.

Let’s take a closer look on Thebes the capital of Egypt and the sourounding area.
She lies near the great Nil river who often suffer majors flooding by the wrath of some dark divinities. This cause really hard destructions on the poor citizens habitations. But on the other hand, the land here is really fertile and that help to substain the ever growing population.
East of the city, scouts have discovered a large water zone, they called her the red sea.

Soon after the end of the palace building, Ramses ordered, his now job free workers to build a road (a newly discovered technic that Ramses wanted to try out) to the sea.
By this time, Ramses science advisor told him that their wise men need direction to research news technology. Ramses asked his advisor to make him a sumary of all the possible directions. The Egyptians already knowed ‘Rock painting’ and ‘Ceremonial burial’, and the possible research directions are vasts !
The advisor proposed Warrior code, Domestication, Tools, Potery, Saisonian calendar, or Lower reliefs.

Following his advisor advice, Ramses wisely selected Tools.

Coming next, the Thebes governor was waiting orders for next thing the city should build.
The governor proposed four options :

Balacing his previous choice, Ramses choosed an Egyptians Warriors compagny who will become his harm to maintain order through the Egyptian land.

Several years later, the East road has been finished and since it proved to be very useful, Ramses ordered the same road to be build in the South.
In the same time the first Egyptians Warriors compagny has been successfully trained and are now protecting Ramses interests. Thebes now switched to choose some Settlers volunteers in the city...
Chapter 2 - Dark skin

Two hundred years have passed.
Connected by a fairly large road network, a new city called Memphis has been founded in the south but on the other side of the great Nil river.
In the North, following the Nil river, Egyptians scouts have encountered some strange lands, where earth and water join together forming what th wise have called Marshs.

Tools have been researched boosting all workers jobs through the country !
Egypts wise men are now searching for Domestication.

Because following the Nil North throuh the Marshs seems to be insane (numerous scouts died in their journey there), Ramses ordered his scout to press South until they reach something useful for Egypt...

And time will prove Ramses was right ! After months of travelling, Egyptians scouts reach the borders of a foreign land.

At their return, scouts tell Ramses stranges tales of black skins men and their own culture.

Interested, Ramses decided to leave Thebes next week with hope ot see those black guys by himself...
His hopes where fulfilled ! He see those peoples and their uncommun weapons named bows, and presenting himself has the ruler of the Nil civilization, he was allowed to encounter the great Taharqa leader of the Nubians.
After days of negociations with him, the two rulers agreed to exchange some knowledges. Nubians will teach us the Warrior Code and we teach them how to make better tools (we gave them 5 gold too, to prove our goodwill)...

On his return to Thebes, Ramses ordered the formation of the first Egyptian Archer group. And a good news reach his ears, the wise men discovered Plough... That’s good, he order them to proceed further on this way...
Next year, Ramses ordered his scout to retry to find a passage on the North by the East of the Marshs.
In the same time, a new city (Heliopolis) is built at Marshs limit.

And finally, the scout expedition in the North has paid ! They found another great sea.

On a beach the Egyptian scout encountered a strange old white skinned man, who told them that the Etruscans have been destroyed...
But who are the Etruscan ? And who the hell has destroyed them ? Thoses questions needs answers !
But one thing is now certain, we are not alone...

Following this news, Ramses ordered many scout to be sent in all possible directions !
Does it include Ethiopia (Axum or Da'amot)?
Chapter 3 - North East Path

It is 2300BC...

Map of Egyptian land and dependencies.

All our scouts sent in the West tells us the same... sand, sand and only sand !
The same East in the Sanai peninsula...

Our firsts Egyptian Archer units are made !
Ramses ordered also to speed up the searchs on the North East... and soon our scout meet someone !
They call themselves the Hebrews...
Ramses sent a delegation to deal new advancements from them...
Unfortunately, the Hebrews leader proved to be a though negociator and our delegation has been swindled easily... we offered Tools, 82 golds and 2 golds per turn in exchange of Ruling Casts !!!
At their return Ramses was furious !!! He throw them in disgrace for that...

Ramses was wondering...
What should he do ? This agreement could bring Egypt on his knees. The coffers are empty and their will be no more money in the next 2 centuries...
He take no immediate decision but he has an idea. He called all his advisor in a secret grand concil in Alexandria...
The next decade saw a great break through by the Egyptians sages !

But economy doesn’t stop diying...
Coffer are empty and we're still loosing 1 gold per turn.

Ramses act quickly ! He disbanded a troop of Egyptians Warriors to balance the funds.

Nevertheless, in few years Egypt has become a major food provider... And wheat will become the backbone of her power !
Following Egyptian scouts in the North East, settlers founded the city of pi-ramesses in hope that this city will be a major Wheat trade center with the Hebrews civilization...

Next year, following his North East path, Egyptian scout group meet another peoples who call themselves Phoenicians.
This time, the delegation did not fail on his task, his tech trade was far better than the previous. We gave Plough in exchange of Potery and 20 gold. Good for our treasury !

Next decade, our sage finally found Lower reliefs to decorate our constructions.
But what should we research next ?
The science advisor think that it should be Hieroglyph... well not bad, go for it !
Another century passed, our scout where now really successful !
They met King Labarna, leader of the Hittites. A nice guy ! With him you can trade easily !

He gave us Saisonian Calendar. We can now predict Nil flooding ! This will save a lot of lives and increase our food production !!!

The same year, a new deal is made with the Nubians.

Prospection. That’s a good tech. I’m certain Egypt land has some more surprises to offer...

Anyway this has cost much to Egypt and the economy is not better.
But, barracks have been built in practicaly all town... soon the true might of Egypt will be unleashed...
Chapter 4 - Hieroglyphs

A new century is awakening, and so new discoveries.
A foreigner tribe named the Persians have reached our borders...

He offer us Mysticism in exchange of Lower relief... Ramses agreed to that.

A point on the Egyptian research with the Advisor.

He say that we’re technologically advanced ! Good !
A point on the knowed world.

Ever growing, Egypt now founded his first colony in a newly discovered region called Cyrenaica, located West of our homeland.

Egypt is always looking for news friends and customers, here, it’s an Nabatean negociator knocking at the gate of Pi-Ramesses.

Sorry for them... those are backward peoples, they have nothing to offer...
Bad news from the North, our scouts have encountered barbarians, who savagely killed them, only few have escaped !
While Ramses was retiring in his appartments, sages told him that they finally formalized a writing method.

And they think Egypt can at this time create the first true wonder of the world, the Great Sphinx !
Ramses happily called the best Egypt engineers in Thebes to begin the monument.

Time for a new deal with the Hebrews.

Fantastic deal. They teach us Sea fishing so we can build harbor, Royalty wich is a new form of government, Contact with the Assyrians an Eastern Tribe, and Contact with the Minoeans who are said to live into the great sea...
We will see that as soon as possible...
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