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Jun 26, 2003
Cape Cod
This thread is the CFC thread for the fallout mod. We are on google! Beta testing has began I will update this thread when I have more info. BTW I am not making this mod, Thorgrimm is. He is the one who made the WOTW mod. All Fallout Fans are welcome to add their input and suggestions


EDIT2: http://wotg.stgfc.com/phpBB2/index.php?f=18

EDIT3:Update 8/1/05: Still going. Waiting for the FTP to upload a beta.

EDIT4: Update 8/14/05 Beta testing has begun

EDIT5: update 9/19/05 Beta testing still ongoing

EDIT6: update 10/16/05 Beta testing is in full swing.

EDIT7: update 5/4/06 Work still on going.

EDIT8: update 12/29/06 Public Beta release soon

Here is the first of many units that are being converted for the Fallout mod.

It is a leader unit replacement called Sarge.

Cheers Thorgrimm


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is this mod going to be an after nuclear war mod?
Yes. The mod is based on the RPG and squad tactical games based in the world of Fallout. There was a nuclear war in 2077, and the mod begins in 2085.

Here is the next unit. It is the Empire of the Circuit's Scout Bot.

Cheers Thorgrimm


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Here is The Empire of the Circuit's Rifleman. The GIF has the Run, Attack, Death, Default, and Fortify.

Cheers Thorgrimm


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Here is a screenie of the font type and the military advisor.

Cheers Thorgrimm


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TheStoneFan:lol: Out of all of the talking heads he was the most scientificly associated. If you can think of a better one, by all means suggest.:D

Cheers Thorgrimm
this seems like a cool idea- I've never played this game before, so what exactley is all this?
Xen, good Question.:D Fallout was a RPG and squad tactical games set about 50 years after a nuclear war between the US and China. Your civilization is trying to rebuild in wartorn California and Nevada. There will be an entirely new tech tree, units, interface gfx, and a detailed civilopedia.

The civs are

The Brotherhood of Steel
The Unity, ( SuperMutants )
The Children of Set, ( Ghouls )
The New California Republic
The Vault Dwellers
The Enclave
The New Reno Mobs
The Empire of the Circuit ( Robots
Minor civs that are going to be the Fallout critters and raiders.

Cheers Thorgrimm
Oh yeah! Fallout and Fallout 2 are among my favorite games!
Does it the Fallout setting fit in civ3 though?
Looks good so far. The visuals are way above average!
cool setting,- is the entire planet is this sort of condition?- seems strange that there arnt nay other nations forign relife forces or anything...
@Xen this first mod of Fallout is just concentrated in the California area, as that was where the RPG's were located. Future mods will eventually cover the planet at different scales.:)

@ Dogmeat, thanks on behalf of my GFX team. As we want this to look as faithfull as possible to the world of Fallout.

Cheers Thorgrimm
Here is the daily unit.:)

It is a defensive turret available when you regain sufficient technology to build them.

Cheers Thorgrimm


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Ah, Fallout! My favourite computer RPG of all time, what a good idea! Can't wait to try it out! :goodjob:

Isn't someone making a Fallout III? I thought I heard something about that awhile back, didn't hear anything since then though... one can only hope.
will any of these units be availible to download all by themselves?
@Nightingale, I have bad news for you, Interplay laid off the entire Black Isle studio team, and cancelled development of Fallout 3. So the only way you are going to get anymore Fallout is what fans make.

@Xen , maybe after a couple of months after the mod is finished. If it is too big i may have to host it on CDG again, as WOTW was 185 mbs and did not want to cause problems dling, as i think if a mod is over 100 mbs it gets shuffled off to DL hell.

Cheers Thorgrimm
Time for the daily unit post. The GIF has the Run, Attack, Death, Default, Fortify, and Fidget.

It is the Mutant Melee unit.

Cheers Thorgrimm :)

Crap hit the wrong button!!:mad:

The Preview will bo on the next post.
The GIF has the Run, Attack, Death, Default, Fortify, and Fidget.

It is the Mutant Melee unit.

Cheers Thorgrimm

Sorry about that other post.


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