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Feedback: Buildings and Wonders

Discussion in '[MAC+WIN] Civ4 - History Rewritten' started by Xyth, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Simon_Jester

    Simon_Jester Prince

    May 13, 2011
    Back to the good old days... Civilopedia entries!


    An abattoir is a large scale facility for slaughtering animals for meat products. Before refrigerated transportation, this was inevitably a relatively small-scale local business. Raw meat would not keep for more than a few days under any feasible conditions, so livestock had to be slaughtered and eaten more or less on the spot, or smoked or otherwise preserved. But refrigerated ships and railroad cars could transport much larger quantities of meat, and store it efficiently in warehouses for distribution over wider areas. This led to the rise of industrialized slaughterhouses.

    While early industrial slaughterhouses were extremely unsanitary due to lack of regulation, over time this became an efficient way of distributing meat to the masses on a scale seldom before possible.


    Natural gas, like other chemical fuels, can be burnt to power a rotating turbine, and thus used to generate electricity. Early in the age of electricity, the difficulty of transporting and storing natural gas made this uneconomical, but over time it has become a more common practice. Natural gas, being made up entirely of light, volatile hydrocarbons, burns "cleaner" than coal or oil; there are fewer heavy chemical byproducts with directly toxic effects on living things and the ecosystem. Furthermore, gas-burning power plants tend to be more flexible than coal-fired ones, in that they can be 'fired up' more quickly or turned off more quickly. This makes natural gas power an appealing alternative to coal, or a useful supplement for other energy sources that can be brought online on demand to make up for a deficiency in some other supply of power.

    Regrettably, natural gas power plants produce greenhouse gases the same as any other fossil fuel...
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