Fine yesterday, near constant crashes today


Jan 29, 2009
I played 7 hours yesterday just fine. No crashes, worked well. This was on DX11 with an nvidia gtx 260.

Enter today. I can't get more than 10 turns into a game before it crashes to the desktop. I tried moving graphics settings down, no change. I tried DX9, no change.

The only difference between how I played yesterday and how I am playing today is today I am playing Germany and yesterday I played as Rome.

I rebooted my machine, got 150 turns into a new game, and now it's crashing again. Seems to happen most often when buying tiles or in the strategic map.
I had constant crashing happening for me on dx10 mode, I am running a Nvidia 8800GTX. When I switched to dx9 it was working fine.
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