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Dec 28, 2005
Where No One Has Gone Before
Its been awhile since I last hosted an SG. Time to get the Fox series running again.


One look at my avatar people should know that I am a trekkie (unless you are Kikinit who thinks the icon is a "skull-less brain singing karaoke" :crazyeye:). This SG is a tribute to all trekkies and star trek fans.

Since a star-trek mod is not going to happen, I'll have to make do with the Civ4 mechanics. Been pondering a while, and I think the single most important principle in star trek is the Prime Directive -- Non-Interference. This will be the underlying prinicple of this variant as well.

By the Prime Directive, that means we would not interfere with other "races" not within the United Federation of Planets (or StarFleet, if you will). Therefore, we need a mechanism to implement the Federation.

Within Civ4 mechanics, United Federation of Planets is implemented by religion. Any Civ that share our state religion is considered a member of the Federation. The Federation is considered to be founded once we found a religion, and convert to that state religion.


With the above background in mind, here are the variant:

  • We can only trade with Civ that share the same state religion
  • We cannot declare war on Civ with same state religion
  • We must help defend Civ with the same state religion

The Game
  • Map Type: To be decided. I am thinking Archipelago.
  • Civ Leader: To be decided. I am thinking one with higher probability of founding a religion.
  • Difficulty: Monarch.
  • Victory Condition: All enabled, we preferably win by Space.
  • Others: Default.

The Players

Looking for 5 or 6 players. No game skill requirement, newbie (both SG or the game) are equally welcomed.

One requirement I do have is on reporting style. Players must report their turnset using a narrative approach as a star trek character :) Thus, its expected for players to be a bit of a trekkie ...

Normal SG etiquette applies. 24 hrs got-it, 48 hrs to play and post.

Impressive, Fox, you've managed to make an exponential leap in the nerd quotient around here. Civ nerd points: 100. Star Trek nerd points: 80. Fox-04 nerd points: 8000.
Hey watch it that's our General Greyfox. Leader of the 10th fleet. He coming to your neighborhood soon.

Sounds like a religious SG I have seen on the forum. Too bad there isn't a mod for Star Trek but there is for Star Wars.

I have too much on the go right now and will lurk on this one.
lurker's comment:
Is Free Religion not allowed for the player?

Also, in the true spirit of Star Trek, the Prime Directive should be violated frequently between 1966 and 1969 in the game.

EDIT: BTW, the term is 'Trekker'. Only wannabes call themselves Trekkies. :p
I'm assuming that the borg naming convention should be turned off?
Also, in the true spirit of Star Trek, the Prime Directive should be violated frequently between 1966 and 1969 in the game.

That's funny Chris didn't Jean Luc though break it too once or twice. Remember the episode with Wesley being put up for death because of crazy law on the planet they were visiting. He violated the Prime Directive there.

The people in that episode sure were sexing it up a lot.

Greyfox no takers yet. Mmmmmmm I am more and more tempted so sign me good General if you'll have me. I am a trekkie as I don't like the word trekker (because in Dutch it sounds like wanker).

Stardate 062207 we encounter a snag in the time continnium barbs raze our city DOH...... Fire torpedos and reload.
Cosmichail said:
I am a trekkie as I don't like the word trekker (because in Dutch it sounds like wanker).

Hmmm. For some reason you reminded me of this - I wonder if you remember it...
That clip is hilarious Scowler. That's the first time I've seen that to be honest. I like that "Trippin the Riff" parody of Star Wars which is pretty funny too.
I know the clip and simply must sign up for this one as a trekkie Lets see... Live long and prosper ...

Is advocating our Federation (i.e. actively spreading our religion) a violation of the prime directive? It would seem logical that, as we are co-founders, we are allways looking for new members to our charter?
The problem is we can't negotiate a open borders with those not in the federation. No, its not within the spirit of the prime directive to spread it actively ... the other side but first willingly join the federation.

Okay, one sign up. You interested in doing a two-man tag team? :lol: Seems we are the only two trekkies around ;)
:woohoo: Yet another trekkie!!!

Okay, let's get started.

Any thoughts on Civ leader and map type? I am thinking to gobble up the early religions, and found the Federation as soon as possible. So a Mysticism start would be necessary. AN archipelago map type would fit nicely to the star trek theme, each island being a planet :)

Hmmm. Sounds interesting. I enjoyed watching ST in all it's manifestations. I may not be quite up to the standard for reporting initially but hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon if I'm allowed to join the good ship Fox-04. :)
:dance: great, we are starting to build up a crew.

Welcome on board, Sam! Don't worry too much abt reporting, I am sure you can do a good job so long as you enjoy star trek ;) ... and being English, I think you would do marvelously better than myself :lol:

Enterprise Crew
- GreyFox
- namliaM
- pindicator
- Sam Yeager

Not a sign up, but I really like the theme :) .

Perhaps you should enable Permanent Alliances because the AI will eventually go to Free Religion.
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