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Funniest Webcomics Part 5. It's not that funny.

The Abominable Charles Christopher updates in spurts and starts, but when it does...

Obviously You underestimate Russian Rezolve as Napoleon as Hitler. As Biden. As as Kim. We all underestimate unyill we have to face him in the dark..

engineers amirite

Spoiler Advert from end :
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Spoiler context :


Ridiculous (and funny) Greek adaptation of the Transformers...
In the first story, Bumblebee is accusing the Decepticons of being paid by George Soros because they hate the orthodox church - but quickly leaves the discussion since he is working as a cab :lol:
In the second story, there is a bot called "Garbagotron", whose sole purpose in life is to frustrate traffic by randomly transforming to a garbage truck.

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So 'kvinna' is from PIE, and Italian is from Latin, also a PIE language, so maybe they are related


And 'queen' also comes from the same origin as 'kvinna'
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