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Funny Screenshots: Part Deux

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Jun 9, 2008
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Last one was closed, so I guess this is the new one.

Just post screenshots you find funny (Funny ha-ha or funny odd, your choice).

Edit: Almost forgot (Thanks Josh!) - Link to original thread.
Yeah yeah the thread title is lame. Now let's get back to funny pics of wacky aqueducts and workers sodomising livestock whilst hitting them with hammers.
Today, I have found out that the "Funny Screenshots" thread was closed.(pout:sad:) So... I made a sequel!!!!:))) Here are my funniest so far.:

I heard of ice breaker ships but not ice breaker submarines.
See if you can get a Mod to merge them together.
What's wrong with Part Deux? You'd prefer "The Screenshots Strike Back"? :D
I missed a good one about a week back. I launched a nuke, and my computer paused right before it exploded. So it would have been a screen shot of a Nuke landed in a city. Be very careful everyone!
^^ Those are teh funnay :lol:
LOL that actually makes alot of sense, numberless No Units ;)

EDIT: How did Elvis make it to the top of the mountain? I know he did alot of drugs ;)
When did he change his name to Ibn Muqlah though? I must have missed that chapter of the King's life.
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