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Funny screenshots: part quatre

I know that Hannibal is my vassal, but it's still a bit weird to see him getting water from me:

The nearest river is two tiles away, which is the same distance as the width of Michigan's lower peninsula (~200 Miles/320 Kilometers) on the stock Earth map.
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I guess it's fairly common for people to see something like this, but it still made me smile: People who live in the middle of a desert taught me Fishing:
Well you know the old saying. Those who can't do, teach.
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It's probably never gonna happen in a real game. I wanted test if you could declare war by clicking on an AI on the scoreboard with both mouse buttons (I had heard that you can), so I world-buildered myself a warrior next to Justinian's starting units to make contact. In the screenshot, he hasn't settled yet, but he still has archers and scouts. Perhaps he wasn't aware of them or something. And I couldn't declare war that way despite many, many tries. Maybe you have to be really, really unlucky (or lucky in my case).
The lack of Justinian being aware of his own military units is because (I presume) AIs brag about the best unit they can build, and without a settled city they cannot build any unit. As for the war declaration IIRC it's Alt+left click the AI on the scoreboard? That might be a BUG feature, I'm not sure
Oh, let's see the other brag phrases too:
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A true philosopher king with that last question.
On a related note, my team mate Bismarck finds amusement in the lack of diplo options at game start:
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