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Funny screenshots: part quatre

Multiple Gods, from the looks of it. Smart, hedging his bets that at least one of them will come to his rescue.
aparently a worker can be a genie
You've discovered Flight in the medieval era.
how did you get 2 hammers for sea tile?
moi statues give you 1, don't know of any that would give you another
Since all of the commerce is doubled also, I would say Golden Age?
It's an old game, but I believe Moai + GA, yes. Pretty nice little island, if I may say so myself!
Not funny "ha ha," but weird-funny.
Spoiler :

City just came out of revolt and had these cursed boarders.

Funny (ha ha): Sury declares on JC the very turn after signing a Defensive Pact with him.
Funny (weird): Sury declares on Charlie 3 turns later, while already at war with JC.

Spoiler :

Explanation: Sury also had an ongoing Defensive Pact with Boudica. DoW'ing through a triggered DP does not cancel an active plotting (Sury had started plotting against Charlie before JC attacked Boudica).
I'm also pretty amused by Oliver Cromwell being born to, of all Civilizations, the Celts

No... Don't tell me that he's...


He has. :wallbash:

Blake? Blake, you're still around? You're seeing this? :gripe:
Great Fishhouse?
I'll try my best to keep this thread alive :) I think this is the tightest start I've seen so far (it's Pacal and Mehmed, if it's not obvious from the colours). And then there's Monty and Toku somewhere close by as well... (And yes, as you've probably noticed from my screenshots, I like playing as the Persians! And no barbs, hate those suckers...)

Tight squeeze.PNG

Well, didn't take long, down there are Toku and Monty...
Tighter squeeze.PNG
This is kinda funny. It was one of those very rare occasions when everything came together perfectly on the diplomatic front. I was playing as Carthage. I axe/sword rushed Gandhi and Justinian, which gave me the Buddhist and Hindu holy cities. I Oracled Code of Laws, which gave me Confucianism, and then I beelined all the other religions to ensure none of the other civs got their own. In the meantime, I converted to Hinduism, and spread Hinduism to Pericles, Zara and Izzy. (The only one I didn't get was Ragnar - he picked up Christianity by chance.) So Pericles was pleased with me, and Zara & Izzy were friendly with me. And then, as if that weren't enough, I completed the Castle Quest and selected a +3 boost in diplomatic relations with all other civs. And then, out of curiosity, I bribed Zara and Izzy to declare war on Pericles. Which they did. And, despite the -4 diplomatic hit I took for 'You brought in a war ally against us!', Pericles is still pleased with me. 😇


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