G&K: I bought what now?


Feb 26, 2011
Is there something shifty happening here?

I just fired up Civ and got the Steam updating box. After 6 or 7 minutes of downloading it updates and tells me "Thank you for purchasing Gods and Kings". EH? I've done nothing of the sort! :eek:

It then loads up Civ in the usual way, only after the usual opening cut scene it goes to a Gods and Kings loading screen- it was the picture you get when the Kremlin is built I believe. Obviously I don't actually have G&K, as isn't available for Mac yet. Just concerned Steam went and decided that I'm going to buy it without asking me.

Anyone know anything about this, or had the same thing happen?
As far as I can tell, the latest patch thinks it's Gods & Kings. I left Steam running overnight, and when I launched Civ this morning, got some king of Gods & Kings message that made me think it had updated (can't remember exactly now), but found myself looking at the same list of leaders. When I restarted Steam, then it started downloading the real expansion.

So looks like a harmless glitch from here.
It's just a bug with the registration screen.

That Kremlin picture you saw is one of the many screens the patched base game shows you when you load.

Also, G&K is out for Mac. :)
Yeah Same thing happened with me it just a bug that thinks you have G+K upon update and Aspyr wants you to register.

So bad news you haven't got G+K for free lol

Good news is its is available

Downloading now :D
Yeah, looks like that's all it was.

Have now cashed in the 50% off code I got from a GameAgent GOTM back in the day. Downloading now. :D
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