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[MOD] Game of Thrones

Discussion in 'FfH2 Modmods, Scenarios, and Maps' started by ciruela, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    First of all, Thanks for King Bulrush's playtest feedback,always with details which will help me improve my work design.
    In V2.03 continue to tweek V2 new features such as the Other style Infernal and Season System. The Other conquered wildling and the Wall later mainly because I set White Walker Leader held for 200 turns(240 turns in Westeros scenario). Lack of White Walker Leader's strength and magic, AI will think the army of Frostling and Wight lead by Priests of Winter and Champions can't win the battle against Wilboman and Basium.
    Eastessosi is assemble of East Asian such as Chinese,Japanese,Korean and Mongolian from vanilla CIV4 game, true original feature is I make Eastessosi a Jungle-style civilization due to surround by jungle environment, and name their unit using phrases of the Art of War by Sun Tzu. In the SoIaF fiction world, Yi Ti is more like ancient China, Leng like Japan, Jogos Nhai like Hun or Turkic. At the time of GoT, Yi Ti is like Tang Dynasty suffered from An SHi Rebellion.
    In V2.03 mainly boost to Eastessosi is add Jungle feature 1 hammer to make them more productive. In V2.02 and before, poor but more productive Patrimony of Hyrkoon will always be Strong civ, rich and less productive Yi Ti will always sucks in East Essos.
    This point is taken, I will think of your advice in future version. In my design, K'Dath and Lich their is the late game Conquer Barbarian Challenge get Benefit, so give the Lich all sphere spell to make it powerful. due to Five Fort is to closed to K'Dath, garrison of Five Fort won't hold long against Lich's spells even in start turns. This need make some change.
    Yeah, this is what I want to design originally. In MNAI, I found it hard to create a promotion to make unit pass impassable plot just like what is in MagisterModmod. I will create new Recon unit line for Wildling/Illians civ in V2.03 complete version. Ygritte, Jon Snow(Watch Steward), Orell are all Recon unit. :)
    Kingsguard in my mod is less motivate Royal Guards which mainly focus on single city defend. Paladin graphic is perfect to Kingsguard. It will make graphic issue with Paladin unit. perhaps I need change Paladin unit art in future version.
    Mithril in my mod present as Dragonglass, Iron resourse art is more like Dragonglass, I use it as Mithril,and after I have removed gunpowder resourse, I use gunpowder art as Iron art. It will make graphic issue for general FFH2 player.
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  2. King Bulrush

    King Bulrush Chieftain

    Apr 18, 2020
    I'm glad I could be helpful.

    Is that the only thing you changed between v.2.02 and .03? In my last game the White Walker Leader got himself killed only a few turns after being released, and I don't think he made a very meaningfull contribution to the final victory over the Wildlings. He seems to have been much stronger in the previous version.

    If I have one issue with the Eastessosie, it's that they seem to have a preponderence of Japanese-themed units. Maybe a more balanced mix of influences would be ok, but on the other hand I don't know what custom unit graphics were available for you to work with.

    Hehe, I know that, I own a copy of The World of Ice and Fire. One of the great things about your scenario is discovering all the little details and references to the book lore which you put in.

    That sure helped. In this last version, Yi Ti should have no problem growind into a superpower in the hands of even a moderately competend player.

    The Lich in K'Dath isn't really much of a challenge for a late game army, even with all spells enabled. During my assault on the city, I fould out that by far the greatest threat was Buboes and his ability of enrage my units (and the units of the AI players, who are not smart enough to keep their armies at a safe distance). As for the early game, I think the only thing you need to do in order to buy more time for the garisson of the five forts is to remove Fire 3 and Wind 3 from the Lich. I think the other summons don't have the mobility needed to reach the forts. On the other hand, does the Lich have Ice 3? That might help with resitting late game attacks.
    Also, this is why I suggested to give the city to the Others, so they can open a second front in Essos. The Others have the barbarian trait, no? That means they don't need to worry about the four horsemen.

    I'm not sure I understand. 1) Isn't MagisterModmod based on MNAI, just like your own mod? and 2) Don't you allready have units in game which can cross impassable terrain (the Eastessosi medic)?

    Regarding paladins, I thin that new graphics would certainly help to make units more distinctive. As for Dragonglass, is it possible to make it so that it only grants an attack bonus against white walkers? Or are there any technical issues with that?

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