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Game Related Pictures Thread


the green Napoleon
Mar 13, 2005
British Columbia, Canada
All non-screenshot game related pictures, such as fan art or the broken status of your GH:WT drums.

Stuff from Screenythread;

Spoiler :

Neither of these were created by me.

It seems like we have a loose definition of screenshots lately.

So, the current state of my GH:WT drums.

My old set had a bad red pad, but that works now. Of course, the Orange cymbal double hits, so I took it off until I can be bothered messing with the sensitivity, and the yellow one has a nice big crack in it that requires the masking tape to keep it together, but at least it works...

So I'm stuck playing Rock Band 1 until I want to spend a considerable amount of time fixing it.

New comic!

Spoiler :

Kind of lamer than the first one but eh!

Edit: another one!

Spoiler :


Not a screenshot precisely, but this is the best place to put this.

Need a hint?

Spoiler :
How many people are there? What are their characteristics?

BIG HINT if you still can't see it.
Spoiler :
What's in the book?

Well, if you don't get it, this picture will make it clear. But I think you should keep guessing! It feels satisfying to have everything click.

It's a big image, so it's being spoilered.

Spoiler :

Sad comic. :(
So this thread is also a place where I can put my Garry's Mod screenshots of me posing ragdolls? :D
Very wise choice, Mr. Scamp. Wise indeed.
So this thread is also a place where I can put my Garry's Mod screenshots of me posing ragdolls? :D

You can put them in either thread, they are still screenshots.
Someone must have their hands full to pose all thoes ragdolls in Garry's Mod :lol:
Something I ran across in Deviantart

I've beaten it back in the old SNES days :mischief:.

My brother had it on the SNES, but i was like 10 or some thing then. All tough i managed to beat Gannondorf on one of his saves. But everytime i get close to finishing the game on my own, something happens! Last time i had all the 7 diamond thingies and was almost done with that castle when the computer crashed.
That gave a serious hit on my motivation. One of this days I'm gonna start over again tough, might even document my story on CFC :lol:

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