Gamespy substitute server project


Sep 29, 2013
Clone gamespy server for civ4 and civ4 bts. Makes possible for internet lobby to function like before gs shutdown for nonsteampatched version.

How to configure your game so that it joins the clone server.
1) Theory. To get your game to connect to the clone server, redirect all network traffic from/to official gs ip addresses to the address of the clone.
2) Practice. Most easy way I figured is to configure your "hosts" file.
"Hosts" file is situated in "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc". You can edit it with notepad and add the entries from sample "hosts" file. Or just replace your "hosts" for sample one.

Before you enter the server first time you need to make a "reshift" of the game, otherwise u might be not able to connect with some players because of "bad" cache. To make these reshift happen automatically, edit your _Civ4Config file, shortcut to which you can find in the folder with your game and make sure that DisableCaching = 1.
Also if u cant connect with someone "reshift" might help.

How to test if hosts file is applied correctly?
Ping And pay attention to which ip is being pinged. If hosts is applied correctly, ip from hosts file should be pinged.

Useful links
1. Main discussion about direct ip fix - from where it started.
2. - the source code of the server.
3. Website of Zulan's server Where u can find info about updates, some other useful links.

Current progress - 95% done.
5% that aren't done include: testing, figuring some rare bug with natneg
what isn't working:
-buddy functions.

Attaching hosts(01.04.15).rar - hosts for Zulan's server.
Alternative link to this same hosts file


  • hosts(01.04.15).rar
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  • hosts(07.07.16)(colonization).rar
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All civilizators are welcome to play civ4 or civ4bts on the updated server.
Also if someone knows a better way to redirect traffic, please let me know.
I did the hosts and cache, the IP is resolved correctly. Still I get connected to the steam server instead of this new server.

On civplayers forum I read they're working on alternative chat lobbies.

Does anyone off the bat know what needs to be done to steam version of the game?
It would be nice to see more people hanging out in the lobby on Zulan's server! It's been a long time since the glory days of Civ 4, but it would be fun to get some games going!
Greetings. I used to host Civ IV multiplayer direct IP games for 6 to 7 players a few years ago on a mac and it was a lot of fun. I tried to revive it tonight and learned that only one guest could enter at a time with the others experiencing a problem with "peer connection." If I am understanding the situation correctly, the problem is the end of the gamespy servers and that the Zulan server is a solution. I am still using a mac and the manipulation of the "hosts" file seems to be for PCs. How can I now host a Civ 4 multiplayer direct IP game on a mac for more than 2 players? Thanks in advance for any info.
There is a hosts file on mac also. I am not familiar with macs, but it seems like it should be located at etc/hosts. I don't know will this work, but keep in mind that all players should edit their files.

The server still works in 2020, try it
hey hi, its me sexisbadtothebone.
i hear penny works on continue the server since zulan had some problemt with hatespeech and aggro users.
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