Give me my cash!

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Dec 20, 2001
I figure Firafax owe me about 2000$ for playtesting their Beta product! Please tell me how I bill them.
Oh you have to send them a lengthy report of how the game played for you. Perhaps around 200 pages would be long enough, detailing all your feelings about the game. Also the report should be meaningful,then maybe they will pay you.
Well that was just a minimum limit, feel free to right as much as you want!
When a game like civ 3 is release and some basic thing like air supperiority and precision strike dont work, it tell you how this game was RUSH out. So

1.- i wouldnt like to work for firaxis, imagine the boss there, work, work, work in overtime during holliday, work in overtime in christmas time to try to patch it, i wouldnt like to be a programer in this buisness.
2.- they can to that because we are custumer, if there product have to be sold to another compagni, then this product will be send back to factory( to much defect).
3.- does anyone know about total quality, zero defect policy, this not applie to customer.
Closing thread.
I am tired of complaint threads....
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