GM needed notification thread

With things like infrastructure. What kind of roads and power plants do we have, etc. Things that at least the DoI can't formulate a budget without. (And I should know, I was in charge of that until recently.)

The Ninja :ninja:
You were voted out IIRC...
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Let's not argue here. This thread will be useful no matter who is GM or whether we have two or four. It'll be a good supplement to PMs to call attention to matters at hand.
Yes, voting closed but that doesn't matter in this thread. We might agree to a new situation, which will make the voting obsolete.
I think we need this thread for citizen requests. Not that it matters, as I read most threads. But for those that are more casual and has limited time to see, this could be it.

I and Head Serf will now constitute the basic game rules for how the time progresses and other game mechanisms.
All good, we seem to build up a good GM base here. Abgar is now in handling laws and elections, as well as Supreme Court.
So basically your expecting GMs to keep up with absolutely everything that goes on ever because their whole life is Model Parliament?
Needed things.

%s of people in certain income brackets.

Unemployment rates


Economic Growth rates

These figures in each province.
I will put these numbers in the factbook this weekend, per province, and national average.
I have added some basic economic and socio demographic numbers in the factbook (work in progress), I still need to extrapolate New Fanatica and New Alexandria, but the northern provinces are complete.
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