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GOTM 16 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by noughmaster, May 9, 2002.

  1. noughmaster

    noughmaster nough-dist

    Jun 30, 2001
    Sydney, Australia
    When I started playing, I considered Great Library necessary on > King. It seems reasonable logic at first glance.
    However, it expires early and costs 300. Marco Polo's Embassy only costs 200 and expires at Communism. You can get more science through trading with the other civs than waiting for 2 to discover something, plus you can spy on them and choose your next discovery to be something they aren't working on, then swap with them. If they like you enough, you can periodically exchange maps to see all their cities.
    After becoming advanced, your military will be powerful, your civ will be prosperous due to building wonders first and you can launch a war of world domination. :tank: :shottie: :borg:
  2. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Its 1764 AD and I'm having fun with Railroad, although it's too late to really help with the war effort. I have 33 Engineers and another 8 in production. Although Smash and Lucky seem to be clobbering me, this forum has been quiet for days so I'll post.

    Lucky and Smash seem to build fewer guards than I do. Maybe next game I'll play naked. Reading this forum has reactivated my memories of how great Diplomats are, and I'm using them more.

    I'm loaded. My Caravels (soon to be Galleons, thank happiness!) and explorers have nearly mapped the world. There are targets everywhere. Women's Suffrage is on the horizon. Although this is not a Tiny map, I'm hoping to finish this game. Summary since last posted 1420AD:

    1460 AD, a Spanish Warrior broke the Cease Fire. Bribed the Greek Catapult for $218 and got a None. Crusaders stormed Madrid. Senate resolves to continue action against the Spanish. Buy Salamanca, Archer, Trireme and Harbor for 120 gold. Spanish destroyed.

    1480 AD*, discover University, choose Chemistry over Physics, Economics, Sanitation, Gravity. Located Knossos, city walls, and a line of Greek Catapults as far as I can see.

    1500 AD, Greeks and Sioux sign peace treaty. Greeks spare our explorer. We declare war, kill Catapult, French also declare war.
    6,090,000 pop in 39, $117 -40 =77, Sci 326/4, F11 Mfg=216 FS=5.0
    1 Aquaduct, 19 Temple, 9 Library, 4 Markets, 4 Harbor, Barracks. 27 Settlers + 6 in production, 37 Musket+2, 5 Crusaders, 9 Knights+1, 3 Catapult, 3 Caravel +1, 3 Diplomat +1, 3 Explorers, 7 Caravans +12 in production, also building Shakespeare, 3 Aqua, 5 Libr, 3 Market, 3 Temple, Harbor.

    1520 AD, disc Chemistry. Choose Metallurgy/Cannon over Democracy, Leadership, Sanitation, Gravity, to blast Knossos city walls.

    1550 AD, Native unrest Elephants approaching Darius Kabir. Discover Metallurgy. Choose Democracy over Explosives, Leadership, Physics, and Economics, but I want them all! Hence, now that I have Bach, Democracy is next. Greek Catapults have sallied from Knossos! Destroyed them, reduced Knossos. Bought Herakleia w Crusaders and see a French Phalanx! Destroyed Barb Seville.
    1560 AD, Senate supports action against Greeks. Kill a Greek Diplomat. Bribe 2 Barb Elephants for 162, capture leader for 150, net $6 per Elephant. Storm Knossos and capture Barracks and Harbor. Locate Corinth, Senate supports action against Greeks. Located French Rouen w Walls and another Greek Catapult. Marco Polo: my enemies are researching Feudalism, Navigation and Literacy. Landed another force and killed the first French catapult, now Sioux declare war on us!
    1570 AD*, 7,000,000 People in 42 cities. 1580 AD.
    1590 AD, disc Democracy, choose Explosives/Engineers over Physics, Economics, Conscription, Gravity, and Sanitation.
    1600 AD, built Statue of Liberty. Barb Caravel at Sidon. Stormed Corinth with Cannon fire. 20,00,80%
    7,700,000 people in 43, $90 -52 =42, Sci 416/3, Mfg=257 FS=4.8
    1610 AD, our Rouen Musketeer is a hero! Also, we held Corinth from a fierce Crusader counterattack. Xerxes proclaimed President of new Persian Democracy! Bought Barb Caravel. 20,10,70%
    8,010,000 people in 45, $124 -53 =71, Sci 492/3, Mfg=267 FS=4.9

    1620 AD, built Shakespeare in Pasarg SSC. Survived fierce Crusader attacks everywhere, lost Corinth's healing Musketeer, Sidon survived Barb. We need more Musketeers in the Greek Mtns, more Cannons to blast Rouen, and Railroad, Women's Suffrage.
    1630 AD, survived more Crusaders. disc Explosives. No Railroad choices, choose Leadership over Conscription, Sanitation, and Gravity Isaac Newton. 29 Engineers + 6 in production. 1640 AD.

    1650 AD, Dragoons! Choose Physics over Economics, Conscription. Dragoons stormed Rouen and Mycenae. Senate Cease fire Greeks!
    8,500,000 people in 45 cities, starting short WLTK b4 RR: 10,30,60%

    1660 AD, Senate signed Cease fire w Sioux Horseman, Barb Knights capture Greek Argos. French develop Feudalism Pikemen. 14 WLTK.
    1670 AD, Greeks liberate Argos. 3 more WLTK 10,40,50%
    9,770,000 people.
    1680 AD, Greeks break Cease Fire and kill our Musketeer. Senate signs with French. Disc Physics, choose Sanitation over Economics, Conscription, Gravity. Nine new WLTK and a few stopped. Drat - no huts at the North Pole. 10,750,000 people, 5 Aquaducts, 14 Libraries.
    1690 AD, 12,220,000 people. Advancing into Greek vacuum.
    1700 AD, 13,130,000 people. $91 -80 =11, Sci 468/3, Mfg=327
    1710 AD, French threaten us! Disc Sanitation. Choose Steam Engine over Magnetism, Conscription, Gravity. Dragoons stormed Delphi, and our Senate signed a Cease Fire... 20,40,40%
    13,560,000 people in 50. $183 -82 =101, Sci 390/4, Mfg=330
    1720 AD, the Sioux threaten us.
    14,370,000 people in 51. $192 -86= 106, Sci 412/4, Mfg=337
    Continue WLTK until 1720..., Pasarg SSC Sewer Etc.
    1730 AD, the Sioux broke the Cease Fire!
    15,230,000 people in 52. $197 -91 =106, Sci 421/4, Mfg=360
    1 Sewer 12 Aqua, 27 Temple 15 Libr 10 Markets 7 Harb, 3 Barracks.
    1740 AD, they all broke the Cease fire. Disc Steam Engine, choose Economics over Railroad and Magnetism. 15,800,000 people.

    1750 AD, Paris kills a Musketeer, Storm Sparta, CF. Hut $200.
    16,690,000 people in 54. $204 -98 =106, Sci 451/4, Mfg=369
    1752 AD, Greeks violate Cease Fire. 17,540,000 pop, 20,30,50%
    1754 AD, disc Economics, choose Railroad over Conscription and Gravity. Exploring and Sniping. 17,990,000 people.
    1756 AD, built adam Smith. Sioux Crusader killed an Explorer.
    1758 AD, Paris did not fire upon our Musketeer. Located Little Bighorn. Happily charging Engineers to lay track next turn, then on to Cure for Cancer. 24 Enemy cities to go. Reduced Cedar Creek.
    18,930,000 people in 55. $233 -38= 195, Sci 587/3, Mfg=403
    1760 AD, disc Railroad, choose Magnetism over Conscription and Gravity. Paris fired twice upon our Musketeer stack... they're doomed. Laying Rail on our 3 Coal mines. Cannon and Dragoons storm Paris. Senate continues action. Destroyed Cedar Creek.
    1762 AD, 19,540,000 people. Cannons stormed Thermopylae, Senate Cease Fire. Bought Orleans for $268, 4 structures & 2 troops. Senate signs Cease Fire. Amazingly, we are unable to pillage our captured Fortress!
    19,830,000 people in 59, Mfg=431, Score 793 = 488 + 280 + 25.
    1764 AD, Greek Catapult broke Cease Fire! French too, killed our Pikeman! They will pay!
    19,860,000 people in 59. $246 -44= 202, Sci 634/3, Mfg=447 FS=4.0
  3. willemvanoranje

    willemvanoranje Curitibano

    Jan 12, 2001
    my GotM this month sucked.
  4. LordValuna

    LordValuna High Lord

    Apr 14, 2002
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    Ive been done for a while, doubt my score is any good; sounds like I was a bit behind. Heck an AI was ahead of me a lot of the time! I did find it interesting though.
  5. el_kalkylus

    el_kalkylus Civ2 spearman

    Sep 21, 2001
    I won't finish the game in time :(
  6. Lucky

    Lucky Game- and Quizmaster

    Nov 6, 2001
    Remember, you still have got until June 5th!!

    I´m playing the Civ3 GOTM right now, hope to finish it this week, and then I have 3 more days for my Civ2 GOTM!
  7. Old n Slow

    Old n Slow Emperor

    Feb 4, 2002
    Vienna, VA, USA
    Its the beginning of the final push. I tried to work the POWER D, but still subcombed to the 'develop the land' & build infrastructure temptations. Too few cities. Soooo I just switched over to a Fundy state of mind -- The Spanish have decreased from 8 cities to 2, Sioux have 1 (I want to try the pet city trick), and the Greeks have 11 democratic targets for my Howies.

    Founded Bab City a while ago & bought up a number of Non elephants & archers (who are now cavalry & riflemen. After a long dearth of the lack of red, I decided to buy my city back. We approve of this use of funds....
  8. nol

    nol Chieftain

    Sep 4, 2001
    lisse,the netherlands
    Just finished .

    This was hard work, science was going slow ,like all other players.
    I think it had to do with the poor site of the purps.
    Nice score in the 1800 's with the SS landing at the max pop of 320.
    I only found out in the last turn that the score still went up when I founded a few extra city's with my obsolete setlers ,not 250 like lucky, just about 150,every extra square in the city was one extra point,
    so i spilled about 100 point with my k setlers,but better luck next time .
    It would be fun if we all went OCC next GOTM ,i am allready playing several occ games.
    It is something else for a change and not so time consuming.
    (sorry about the English)
  9. Chofritz

    Chofritz Former Mr. Reloader

    Jul 20, 2001
    Stockholm, n/a, Sweden
    I just started it, ;)

    I figured out I had to some kind of fast finish this month since I wont have time for any sim city-playing.

    I'm soon 1 ad, about 5 turns left.

    So far I've got:

    20+ techs
    30+ cities
    mikes, pyramids (conquerord) and the gardens.
    2 more wonders in production
    20+ settlers
    All civs xcept for purple (not found yet, haven't been searching, :lol:) and the french.

    Well that's about all. I'm off to finish it now, brb :p
  10. Chofritz

    Chofritz Former Mr. Reloader

    Jul 20, 2001
    Stockholm, n/a, Sweden
    Ok, I'm back, AND done, :)

    Somewhere around 1 ad I started a huge celebration and I also took all my settlers and had them join cities smaller than the size of 3. At the same time a huge war was fought with the french and later siux. After ceturies of these wars I finally got a chance to win, but before I did that I optimised my score by making as many as possible of my people happy. That way I gained about 40 points. When everyhing was done I finally attacked the last siux city, it fell easily.
    :beer: VICTORY!!! :beer:

    But now the time is 4 am here so I think I better get some sleep... I have school tomorrow, :(
  11. starlifter

    starlifter Deity

    Jun 17, 2001
    by noughmaster:

    I typically start a wonder... any wonder... very soon, and switch to Colossus with BW.

    MP is an underrated wonder, I think. It can contol the tempo of the entire game, and save tons of science, and often return over 1000 early game gold. In OCC, it is a massive money enabler.

    by GaryNemo

    You have good logs (posts) of your game that are interesting to read!

    I'm sure they are not leaving cities totally undefended, as the AI will have barbs walk in. Use Dips or Caravans to occupy an early Republic city, and a few "real" defenders/mobile attackers on roads to respond to the raging hordes. Caravans will defend the same as a warrior, BTW. When barbs come, eject expendable units (if necessary) to force the fight outside your city so you don't lose pop points, until help arrives. Always get the leader!

  12. starlifter

    starlifter Deity

    Jun 17, 2001
    by Chofritz:

    That sounds pretty darned good! I rarely, if ever, hit 30 cities by 1 AD at diety/emp. I have started GOTM 16 and will post my results thru 1 AD, which were 22 cities. Like you, I had to hunt down the Pyramids, when the pesky French beat me to them after I had Colossus and was working on Marco Polo. In hindsight, MP was not too helpful and I should have built the Pyramids, since the AI was fairly weak in the tech dept. I'm going to have to research almost every single tech myself...

    by nol:

    The science seems about average to me so far, but as to the Purple, a poor site is to the human's advantage, as long as you gift. By gifting other civs (or encouraging the one you select to build the Great Library), you can speed up the overall science. However, the civs in this game all seem weak, and as such I can tell that I won't gain anything new from any civ for the rest of the game. Which means all science must be generated by the human. So be it. :)

    by el_kalkylus:

    Hey Dude, I just started the game myself, and hope to finish by the 5th... hope you can too!

  13. starlifter

    starlifter Deity

    Jun 17, 2001
    Starlifter, GOTM 16 Log

    BC 3750 Alphabet; S-Code of Laws
    BC 3200 Code of Laws; S-Ceremonial Burial
    BC 2750 Start Colossus
    BC 3650 CB; S-Monarchy
    BC 2600 HUT-Chariot
    BC 2450 HUT-Arebela
    BC 2250*Not Much
    BC 2200 Zulus-WAR; Monarchy; S-Writing
    BC 2100 Zulus Attacked from Capital; Killed Zulus with Chariot (Masonry); REVOLUTION
    BC 2050*MONARCHY
    BC 1950 Barbs Attacking
    BC 1750 Writing; S-Mysticism
    BC 1550 HUT-50g
    BC 1300 Mysticsm; S-Literacy
    BC 1200 HUT-Archer
    BC 1150 COLOSSUS; Met Celts-WAR
    BC 1000 HUT-Barb(Bribed 41g); Bribed Celt Horse & Archer
    BC 0875 Bribed some incoming Barbs
    BC 0825*Revolt-Armagh 96g (rebate 24g)
    BC 0800 Killed Barb Ldr
    BC 0750 Currency; S-Philosophy; HUT-Archer(Persp); Celts-CeaseFire (150g tribute)
    BC 0650 HUT-Nomad
    BC 0600 HUT-Trade
    BC 0575 Philosophy; Construction; S-Engineering
    BC 0550 HUT-Tyre; Celts offer 100g for peace; bribed Celt Warrior(NONE) for 47g; Subverted Carmethen for 112x2=224g, sold barracks (Net Cost: 224-100-40=84g; Pottery).
    BC 0500 Changed to Hanging Gardens.
    BC 0450 Forced By Celts to Withdraw from blockade of Kells; PRB Library.
    BC 0425*Barbs assaulting. Killed my warrior.
    BC 0400 Barb Horse attacked, made Vet of Archer; Killed the Leader. Decided to disband Carmethen.
    BC 0375 Engineering; Start Medicine (Skip Invention... too early for Leonardo). Killed Ldr at Armagh (Phalanx=Vet).
    BC 0350 Bad News: Lyons Built Pyramids...
    BC 0325*Bribed Barb Horse(NONE); Killed Ldr near Cordoba
    BC 0275 Paid me 25g Tribute (Preparing to assault them).
    BC 0250 Finally goaded Celts into War. Ready to attack capital in 2 turns.
    BC 0200 Medicine_S-Math; Cardiff almost done with Lighthouse(Wait on assault); Walked In to Salmanaca(Warrior Code).
    BC 0175 MARCO POLO. Cardiff completed LIGHTHOUSE. Took Cardiff (HBR). Bribed French Warrior (50g; NONE) and found Orleans... revolted for 256g (Seafaring). Revolted Kells for 216g (was 528g before Cardiff fell) (rebate=21g and MM). KILLED CELTS. The Find function reports that Lyons is close to Orleans, and is Barbarian; will use dip to get it and the Pyramids ASAP.
    BC 0150 Took 100g offer from french for CF; I refused peace. Sioux met me; WAR.
    BC 0100 Revolted Lyons (Barb, 2 Chariots; PYRAMIDS). Est 2 Susa-Persepolis Trade routes (30g Bonus, 2g per turn)
    BC 0075 PRB'ing caravans.
    BC 0050 KING RICHARD; Bribed Sioux Legion approaching Orleans (142g); Killed Armagh Barb Lrd

    ----------------------- AD 0001 ---------------------------

    Pop: 1.25M (Monarchy)
    Tax: 30% (32g, cost=7g)
    Sci: 70% (73b, 9T) (21 Total Adv) (Advs cost about 650b)
    Lux: 0%
    Prod: 106MT (0T poll, 0 polluted tiles)
    Cities: 22
    Wonders: 6 (Ancient: Pyr**, HG, Col, LH**; Ren: KRC, MP) **=Captured

    French: 3 cities
    Spanish: 3 cities
    Greek: 5 cities
    Sioux: 4 cities

    FORCES (Many are NONEs):
    15 Settlers (10 in prod)
    10 Warriors
    13 Phalanx (2 in prod)
    4 Archers
    1 Legion
    4 Horse
    5 Chariot
    1 Trireme
    6 Dips
    3 Caravans (6 in prod)

    AD 0001 Demanded Tribute from French-WAR! Took Paris (17g, Math); Tours-Revolt 108g (rebate=7g, Poly); Cordoba-Revolt 218g (rebate=18); Mopped up Barb Ldr; Greeks- Peace; Gave Philosophy & Wheel to Swap Maps (they refused Alliance). Sioux - Tributed me 200g for CF; Peace; Gifted Sioux ALL techs except Engineering; Swapped maps.

    Capital City Screenshot:



    The Explored World:

  14. LordValuna

    LordValuna High Lord

    Apr 14, 2002
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    Hmm.Starlifter. You are so good at capturing Wonders, I wonder why you build them at all. Just capture them! lol
  15. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Way to go, Chofritz & Starlifter. I'm running out of time until June 5th, have a pet purple city (but I'm not going to gift them all of my tech!), rolling up the French, have a huge celebration of the Cure for Cancer going. Starlifter and others, I've enjoyed reading your logs.

    1766 AD, discovered Magnetism, choose Industrialization over Conscription. only one futile Greek Crusader attack. Two loaded Galleons sail.
    1768 AD, Barb Caravel +5! units dies attacking our Galleon in the islands, Pharsalos does not attack. Our Ironclad reduced Athens, then a walk in the park. Of course, Senate signs Cease Fire.
    1770 AD, Greeks broke CF and killed a Musketeer, and sadly a French Legion killed an Explorer. Disc Industrialization, choose Electricity to trash the Great Library, although I really want Corporation and Cure for Cancer, also Conscription, Gravity, but not Communism. Bought Lyons for $4xx w 4 improvements and 3 units, also bought Pharsalos for $4xx w Barracks and 4 units. Bought Thessalonica for $268 size 3, sold its Aquaduct! Senate supports action against the Greeks!
    1772 AD, many futile counterattacks, but the French killed another Explorer. Invasion at Little Bighorn, advancing into France.
    1774 AD, heavy losses at Little Bighorn. Captured it. Cease Fire!
    1776 AD, Sioux Crusader attacks LB. Disc Electricity. Choose Conscription, no Cancer nor Refrigeration. Secured Little Bighorn. Destroyer reduced Argos, Dragoons captured another Barracks.
    22,460,000 people in 66. $282-58= 224, Sci 733/3, Mfg=533 FS=3.9
    1778 AD, Pasarg grants Women's Suffrage. Bought a Greek None Settler, also Ephesos w Settler & Phalanx, all for about $200, Destroyed the Greeks.
    1780 AD, disc Conscription, choose Corporation. Built Darwin. Also discovered Steel (wanted Refrigeration). Choose Genetic over Tactics, Gravity, Electronics, Refining, and Communism. Barb Frigate near Herakleia!
    1782 AD, Barb Crusaders attack again and again, and capture Herakleia. Darn! Reduced Three Forks.
    1784 AD, killed Pikeman, again spared Three Forks. Herakleia.
    1786 AD, French firing futily, disc Genetic Engineering, choose Tactics/Artillery over Refrigeration, Electronics, Refining, Fundamentalism and Communism. Cannon stormed Chartres. Dragoons and Riflemen stormed Amiens.
    1788 AD ...
    1790 AD, French broke CF to kill our Explorer bait. Also, Sioux fired and died... Disc Tactics / Cavalry. Choose Refrigeration over Machine Tools, Gravity, etc. 20,30,50%
    24,560,000 people in 71. $344-70= 274, Sci 812/3, Mfg=567 FS=4.1
    5 Sewer, 5 Bank, 18 Aquaduct, 1 University, 3 Barracks.
    1792 AD, Pasargadae SSC built Cure for Cancer, a few WLTK. Barb Musketeers near Kandahar Kbr.
    1794 AD, 28 WLTK, disc Refrigeration. Choose Machine Tools over Electronics, Gravity, Refining, etc to finish Leonardo. French Legion sallies from Tours! We need Mass Transit. Cannon and Cavalry storm Tours. Buy Besancon for $400? w Walls and 2 units. Buy Stony Lake for $174 w 2 units. Detroyer locates Cherbourg and reduces the one Pikeman.
    1796 AD, many Barb Dragoons land near Altin TeKbr! Kandahar Kbr Barbs didn't advance? Avignon didn't kill our Explorer...
    27,420,000 pop in 76. $377-86= 291, Sci 853/3, Mfg=587 FS=4.0
    6 Sewer, 6 Bank, 21 Aquaduct, 1 Univ, 1 Supermarket, 4 Barracks

    Only 6 French cities to go, and 4 days...
  16. LordValuna

    LordValuna High Lord

    Apr 14, 2002
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    Since everyone emphasizes science (correctly) you end up with
    Dragoons and Rifleman trouncing , Pikeman and Muskets, or even more lopsided!

    Lose the tech battle (like me) and you have Muskets and Ironclads fighting Rifleman and Destroyers, with no Leo's to look forward to when you do get the tech.:cry:

    Thank goodness the AI doesn't gather his forces and have a real offensive.

    Next month, I'm going to stay away from huts, I got too much unwanted tech (among other blunders) :rolleyes:
    <edit insert>
    Hmm, looks like I'm going cold turkey on the huts, :smoke: no huts in GOM17.
    Just as well, no reason to suspect I had the willpower to avoid popping just 1 or 2 or ....

    :smoke: :beer: [party] </edit /insert>
  17. donsig

    donsig Low level intermediary

    Mar 6, 2001
    Rochester, NY
    I just finished the game. Cutting it close this month. I don't have much time for Civ II any more so my GOTMs have been attempts at quick conquests. I barely managed to finish the French off in 2013 AD. So much for quick finishes.:rolleyes:

    Anyway, I killed off the Zulus in 1650 BC and the Celts in 675 BC. Yes, I finally killed the Celts. They've done me in in more than one GOTM. The Spanish went in 740 AD and then I meet the Greeks and my knights (and later dragoons) were not enough to conquer them. I had to resort to a massive amount of cannons to kill them off. Ended up in fundamentalism fighting with artillery. It was a pain ferrying forces from the main continent to the the other one. Luckily the French and Sioux were on the same one as the Greeks!

    The Greeks were finished in 1948 AD and the Sioux in 2002 AD. the French had been beaten by this time bu not eliminated since they had colonized 2 islands.:mad: i tracked 'em down and did 'em in by 2013 AD.
  18. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Since DonSig let the cat out of the bag regarding the several islands, I have a question for Starlifter.
    I marvel at how you went over to grab the Pyramids of Lyons, I can't figure out how/when you got any boats?
  19. donsig

    donsig Low level intermediary

    Mar 6, 2001
    Rochester, NY
    Oops.:eek: I'm already used to the Civ III tournament spoiler rules. Can't read 'em till your done with the game. I forgot the GOTM spoiler has different rules. Sorry.
  20. LordValuna

    LordValuna High Lord

    Apr 14, 2002
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
    To get early boats, one way to do it is, get writing ASAP (even before Monarchy) and build a diplomat. then wait for a Barbarian to invade your home area, then bribe the boat after if offloads its hordes, or even wait for an AI to send one nearby and bribe it.
    On this map you would have a long wait for an AI to show up, but they will eventually, starting a Wonder early might help this.

    I had a diplomat ready . expecting an invasion by the Capital but it didnt happen. The tireme will not be a none as your to close to a city.

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