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GOTM 179 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Jokemaster, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    1.33 cities,25 objectives with Rome and Paris doubled and Alexandriax3.
    2.Allied cruiser and battleship none are a problem,can't use airbases...'Resolved'=dead attacking city with coastal fortress...
    3.Bad luck because you don't use bombers Ali or veteran fighters from western battles,airbases are help to repair.In the second turn I have 15 bombers.
  2. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    August 1941 Turn 8 Part II

    Prague hides to London 86g/Konigsberg wine to Southampton 320 g,now demand oil,will use next turn freights/barb alpine moved to Cherbourg,support from this city/kill French alpine garrison in Beirut with bomber//tank from ship takes Beirut,50 g,library,bank/4 partisans/2 killed by tanks,one with bomber from Jerusalem,now veteran/engi killed by fighter,not veteran/cruiser disbanded in Taranto for AEGIS/ transport with diplomat goes to Spanish waters/airport hurried in Kiel,offshore in Rome,more engi/Helsinki engi is moved to (66,12),4 specials.

    End turn with 624 g,and one Einstein in Berlin.

    October 1941 Turn 9

    First turn without attacks/one Allied AEGIS is near Kiel/engi makes a fortress and railroad near Cherbourg near coast ,2 tanks guard/bomber from Jerusalem kills rifle in Damascus/wounded tank from Beirut takes city,22 g,library,bank,no partisans/ fighter from Algiers kills rifle in Casablanca,paradroop,27 g,library bank,French civ destroyed/exploring with fighter from Beirut see Mosul muske,killed,veteran fighter/Munich rifle airlift to Suez/begin to transform tile near Warsaw for coal/Warsaw oil to Newcastle 322g/Kiel cruiser disbanded for AEGIS/Konigsberg cruiser moved to Kiel for disband/Allied AEGIS killed by Kiel battleship/Courthouse hurried in Alexandria,aqueduct in St.Nazaire/vet fighter from Algiers kills Allied none rifle from Spain/ partisan disband in Cologne for a fighter vet,Bucharest now production 30/Taranto battleship vet moved to Spain.

    End turn with 686 gold,science 10 %/ luxuries 30 %.

    December 1941 Turn 10

    Espionage,begin Computers/Allied bomber attack in St.Nazaire,have fighter here,bomber killed/pheasant mined near Budapest and in Dresden tile,will irrigate in Dresden/bomber from Damascus kills partisan garrison in Mosul,tank moved to Mosul/engi makes road and fortress near Amsterdam,too guarded by 2 tanks/Bucharest salt to London 259g/Dresden cloth to London 159g.demand oil now/Milan oil to London 383g/Munich hides to Manchester 140 g/courthouse hurried in Suez/spy in Algiers/hydroplant in Vienna/temple in Tunis/courthouse in Taranto,sold port facility/barracks in Milan/courthouse in Marseilles/disband Konigsberg cruiser in Kiel for AEGIS/Courthouse in Frankfurt/temple in Cherbourg.

    End turn with 1103 g,taxes 50/20/30/

    February 1942 Turn 11

    No attacks/2 celebrations,one canceled/bomber from Damascus kills alpine in Mosul,veteran/tank takes city,37 g,market/one partisan killed by that tank/moving fighter saw tank near Baghdad,killed by a tank/kills muske in Baghdad with bomber/ first tank with 0,66 movement can't take,second take,129g,market,aqueduct/3 partisans,2 in swamps,killed by 3 bombers/diplomat from transport tries Tangiers,374 g,is more,load Algiers spy in transport/a wine freight from Munich and one diplomat near Zaragoza trying sneak attacks../engi hurried in Jerusalem/
    'axis spy arrives in London',7 rifle,4 fighters,one missile,AEGIS next turn,mouse jump,back in transport:)),bad thing.../Rome hides to London 162 g,have spices now/Konigsberg gems to London 142 g/one AEGIS moved to Amsterdam.
    City wall hurried in Bergen/temple in Beirut/temple in Vichy/freight hurried in Venice/market in Strasbourg,St.Nazaire and Paris/Rome artillery home city Prague now to have production 30.

    End turn with 687g,but more hurried,taxes too,50/20/30.

    April 1942 Turn 12

    No attacks,Casablanca disorder,Rome celebration.
    I decided to take Edinburgh,bombers moved to Bergen,have 4 here/silk appears near St.Nazaire/Munich dye undemanded to Berlin to have supply, 57g,now Berlin have hides and oil/investigate Tangiers with spy,2 fighters,one rifle,want 307 g/subvert,spy lost/31 g,temple,market/moving tank in river to Basra saw Allied tank,destroyed/investigate Seville with diplo from transport,810g/russian tanks are near Krakow and Bucharest/price is 752g/sabotage near Bucharest,good result,veteran spy/begin mine near Frankfurt for hidden special/Venice gold to London 103 g/investigate Allied cities/Southampton have a tank in transport,and a battleship,but where ?../sabotage artillery near London,veteran spy/saw AEGIS exploring with Kiel fighter/investigate Manchester,have too a marines in transport/investigate Newcastle,have too artillery loaded/sabotage marines near London,spy veteran/destroy AEGIS with Kiel battleship,have 2 engi who maked road and alpine in fortress near Kiel,is dangerous,move AEGIS to protect,next turn will be missiles attack..
    Artillery sabotaged near London destroyed with fighter from Cherbourg,but not veteran/
    disband Venice rifle in Munich for tank next turn/disband Taranto rifle in Kiel for transport.

    End turn with 345 g,taxes 50/20/30

    June 1942 Turn 13

    Predictable missiles atack near Kiel,no damage/2 celebrations/coal appears near Warsaw/a russian tank is over a forest near Vienna/Berlin hides to London 280g/ Frankfurt cloth to London 230g/Krakow cloth to London 83 g/begin mining near Konigsberg for hidden special.
    investigate London,AEGIS next turn/investigate Southampton,tank is now not in ship,battleship in production/investigate Edinburgh,just 3 rifle,sabotage artillery,spy veteran,but in Bergen retreat/investigate Manchester.
    Load 6 tanks and artillery for Edinburgh in Kiel transport/disband rifle in Bergen for transport next turn/disband Milan rifle in Kiel for transport.
    Moving tank to Basra saw a marines,destroyed with bomber from Baghdad/build Spice Town near Damascus with engi from Damascus,will disband Damascus maybe,bad placed.
    Hurried temple in Baghdad,engi in Beirut/market in Suez/aqueduct in Strasbourg/engi in Jerusalem.

    End turn with 453g,taxes 50/20/30

    August 1942 Turn 14

    Allies develop Combined Arms.begin Computers/6 celebrations/a new russian tank in Konigsberg irrigation,to sign peace treaty or not to sign,a good question....
    Sign peace treaty with Russians,they will steal a tech or will make a sneak attack,no problem/silks appears near Cologne/Seville want 625g/tank wounded kills muske from Basra,takes city with 0,66 movement,142 g,market/3 partisans/2 killed by bombers from Baghdad,one with other tank,red to black.../Munich hides to London 240 g/Milan hides to London 110g/investigate London,cruise msl,/investigate Southampton,engi/investigate Manchester,Helicopter,steal Combined Arms from Manchester,vet spy back in Cherbourg.
    Send a tank and dye freight from Kongsberg for Edinburgh in Bergen via Oslo/need Magellan,clear.....
    Spanish destroyer 2 tiles to my submarine near Cadiz/diplo and freight near Madrid,sneak attack next turn?:)
    Market hurried in Marseilles.

    End turn with 1080 g,science to 30 %,taxes 40/30/30.

    October 1942 Turn 15

    Beautiful,Spanish sneak attack !!! :)),a submarine lost near Valencia/ Computers,begin Robotics/Pheasant in river appears near Konigsberg/bombers keeped in Bordeaux for Spanish will attack Madrid/2 alpines and 1 rifle killed,one bomber veteran.
    Paradroop from Algiers,69 gold,wall,airport,very good/incite revolt in Seville with spy,350g,43 return,city wall,market,2 rifle and one engi near city.
    Tangiers fighter kills rifle in Cadiz/Seville rifle takes city,25 g,no buildings/transport takes tank from Casablanca,one diplo and spy from Tangiers/kill cruiser near Barcelona with bomber,veteran,artillery near Madrid with fighter,rifle from airbase with vet fighter from Algiers,dont want to pay extra gold next turn..
    Demand retreat of russian tanks,will retreat.
    Begin Edinburgh operations,Allied submarine killed by destroyer,saw by bomber trying to attack/more than 4 riflemen,2 tanks,one missile,a fighter lost/Konigsberg dye to Edinburgh 296 g,/take city with tank,300g,bad luck...,no wall,coastal fortress,harbor,etc,hunger 6...
    Axis Marginal Victory
    6 partisans/make a fortress near Edinburgh on the railroad to Newcastle with 2 engi,one partisan killed with a tank from fortress/sabotage artillery near Manchester,spy lost/sabotage battleship production in Newcastle with vet spy from Edinburgh,next turn can be ready../spy return in Edinburgh.
    Berlin hides to London 280g,now demand oil/Warsaw gold to London 92g/Munich hides to London 240g/Frankfurt gems to London 234g.
    Airport hurried in Rome,more engineers,freights/bank sold in Damascus/make market in Bordeaux/coastal fortress in Edinburgh/colosseum in Alexandria.
    Bribe spanish rifle in fortress near Zaragoza,112 g,is none.

    End turn with 667g,taxes 40/30/30.

    December 1942 Turn 16

    4 celebrations,few canceled/lost alpines in Bergen attacked by battleship/mine in coal of Taranto finished by Athens engi,production 10 now/silk appears near Alexandria.
    Incite revolt in Valencia with vet spy,268g,57g return,market,2 rifle/incite revolt in Zaragoza with vet spy,214 g,37g return,one alpine,one rifle,market,spy in Bordeaux.
    Incite revolt with vet spy in Barcelona,248 g, 37 g return,2 rifle ,market,spy in Marseilles.
    Have 3 submarines in Bergen,one kills the battleship wounded after previous attack/7 units in ship Bergen-Edinburgh,6 tanks,Rome artillery kills partisan in hills from fortress,veteran,a tank kills 2 partisans in river,irrigation in river was pillaged..
    Harbor in Edinburgh/kill spanish destroyer near Lisbon with AEGIS/investigate Newcastle with vet spy from Edinburgh,Allied fighters,4,are here...
    Cargo for Oslo via Kiel,3 paratroopers,2 engi to finish railroad Oslo-Bergen,Munich silk freight for Newcastle,road is blocked near Manchester,can't use Cherbourg transport/Oslo oil to London 210 g,Budapest oil to London 318 g,Taranto salt to London 127g.
    Temple hurried in Basra.

    End turn with 691 g,taxes 40/30/30.

    February 1943 Turn 17

    5 celebrations,Berlin+other 4,few canceled/disorder in Algiers/Taranto vet battleship attacked by spanish submarine near Lisbon,no problems,90% green.
    Allied airlift to London shotdown.
    Colosseum purchased in Edinburg,280 g.
    Incite revolt in Lisbon,240g,spy lost,return 73 g,one alpine,one engi,market/ kill last Allied rifle none from Spain near Cadiz with Tripoli tank.
    St.Nazaire salt to London 67 g/Frankfurt oil to London 840 g/Berlin oil to London 980g,oil demand finished....,research for Robotics is 99% now...
    Investigate London,tank next turn,all routes with Berlin,investigate Southampton,fighters are here,destroyer next turn,investigate Manchester,is one helicopter in the air...
    Sabotage marines near London,spy lost/moving Kiel fighter to Oslo saw helicopter,killed by Amsterdam fighter.
    Market in Belgrade/temple in Barcelona,one rifle disbanded/market in Amsterdam/harbor in Alexandria/engi in Zaragoza,one rifle disbanded/market in Vichy/temple in Valencia,rifle disbanded/aqueduct in Tripoli/aqueduct in Suez/temple in Seville/temple in Madrid/spy in Jerusalem for barb fanatics.

    End turn with 325 g/science 10 %,taxes 60/10/30

    47 engi,10 in production,1 partisans,26 alpine,40 rifle,1 marines,5 paratroopers,29 tanks,1 artillery,20 fighters,16 bombers,1 destroyer,3 AEGIS,3 battleships,13 submarines,10 transport,3 diplomats,4 spies,5 freights,14 in production.
    Casualties:2 alpine,1 marines,2 fighters,2 submarines
    Russians:peace,33 cities,2 new cities,researching Amphibious Warfare,2934 gold
    Turks:peace,5 cities,researching Electronics,185 g
    Spanish:War,just Vigo,researching Advanced Flight,74 gold
    Neutrals:peace,no Embassy
    Allies:War,9 cities,one near Bergen,Gloucester,researching Computers,4093 g

    April 1943 Turn 18

    No attacks/Robotics,begin Labor Union/4 celebrations,disorder in Casablanca.
  3. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    April 1943 Turn 18 Part II

    No attacks/Robotics,begin Labor Union/4 celebrations,disorder in Casablanca/Russians have a battleship and one destroyer near Helsinki.
    Bergen fighter kills artillery in Gloucester,city destroyed/manufacturing plant in Munchen,538g/Munich silk to Newcastle,444g/bribe barb fanatics near Jerusalem/build Nimes near Marseilles,river and coal/battleship production sabotaged in Newcastle,will be ready next turn,spy lost..,other spy veteran via Oslo in Edinburgh/investigate Manchester.
    Bergen silver to London 164 g/Marseilles silver to London 280 g/Tripoli cloth to London 163 g/Munich hides to London 240 g/Kiel beads to London 200 g/Warsaw dye demanded to Southampton 200 g,now demands oil.
    Investigate London,tank next turn,investigate Southampton missile next turn.
    Kill engi near Southampton with Cherbourg fighter,now veteran/move few bombers to east,for Russia/kill destroyer near Southampton with submarine.
    Move AEGIS and battleship from Amsterdam to Cherbourg for America/sabotage tank near Manchester,veteran spy to Cherbourg/move 2 submarines to Kiel from Bergen.
    Superhighways hurried in Rome/stock exchange in Dresden/temple in Cadiz/disband diplomat in Bucharest for howitzer next turn/disband 2 rifle for howiters in Kiel and Warsaw.
    Howiter in Bordeaux and Oslo/temple in Edinburgh 160 g/howitzer in Budapest/howitzer in St. Nazaire.

    End turn with 395 g/taxes 60/10/30/

    June 1943 Turn 19

    5 celebrations/Allies develop Computers,begin Robotics/pheasant appears near Krakow/mine near Konigsberg from grassland transformed finished/movement of 2 sumarines near turkish cities have result,sneak attack Turks,very good action:)),submarine lost near Antioch killed by a destroyer.
    Missiles attack near St.Nazaire,3 missiles,Taranto AEGIS a little damaged,moved to St.Nazaire to repair,port facility keeped,will move these to America in few turns.
    14 howitzers ready for action,will take Newcastle,using the line Kiel-Oslo-Bergen-Edinburgh.
    Engi makes road near Antioch,can use 2 tanks from Beirut,see turkish tank near Antioch/2 bombers from Beirut and veteran fighter from Damascus kills 3 rifle in Ankara,paradrop from Bucharest,44 g,city wall+airport,tank still near Antioch,is from Istanbul then.
    Roads near fanatic from Jerusalem to move that spy,tank wants 200 gold now/bomber from Bucharest kills rifle in Izmir,paradrop again from Bucharest,22 gold,no buildings,tank now 196 g,pay,Turks give 100 g for cease fire,reject,use turk tank none vs Antioch,veteran killing a rifle/tank from Beirut 2 attacks,rifle and fighter,none tank takes city,9 gold,no buildings.
    Engi makes a road Bucharest-Istanbul,investigate city,3 rifle,that destroyer,one engi,2 spaces,want 315 g,will take next turn,bribing that engi,veteran spy airlift Frankfurt-Ankara/spy hurried in Spice Town for Kars,spy hurried in Baghdad for Tehran.
    Investigate Newcastle,just 3 rifle/cargo for Oslo 4 howiters not veteran,one veteran,3 engi to make fortresses near Newcastle/cargo Bergen-Edinburgh 3 howitzers not veteran,5 engi.
    Budapest howitzer 2 attacks in Newcastle,no luck,not veteran/Taranto too,not veteran,ready to take Newcastle/one fighter,2 bombers over hill mines/ bad luck again,448 g,no city wall,coastal fortress,colosseum,harbor,hunger 5..,have market,aqueduct,sewer system,factory,offshore platform/5 partisans,one killed by Taranto howitzer,but not veteran/Warsaw howitzer kills other 2,now luck,veteran/2 killed with bombers.
    Investigate cities,London missile next turn,have helicopter in the air,Manchester too missile next turn,Southampton tank next turn.
    Kill engi near Manchester with fighter/kill artillery near Newcastle with Bucharest tank,veteran now/spy and bomber a tile near Newcastle in the Belfast direction,to avoid a diplomat action from Belfast/7 tanks in 4 fortresses near Newcastle,one fortress was maked by Allies.
    Southampton destroyer killed by submarine 4 tiles to London,second transport on the line Kiel-Oslo.
    I dont see the helicopter from London,a tank and a transport from Southampton,not comfortable...
    Move Kiel AEGIS,battleship and a transport to St.Nazaire for Operation 'America,next turn again missiles attack...
    Disband Rome rifle in St.Nazaire for the 3th 'american' transport.
    One engi makes a road in hill near Edinburgh for Scapa Flow protected by a tank/disband diplomat in Munchen for a tank,have production 65/disband Warsaw rifle in Kiel for a howitzer next turn/move a veteran fighter to Warshaw/Helsinki engi is in (66,12),4 specials,one rifle from Helsinki 2 tiles distance,but one russian rifle is 2 tiles distance for the next city.
    Disband diplomat in Bucharest for howitzer next turn,have 43 production/disband last partisan in Rome for howitzer next turn,have production 40/change home city of Frankfurt rifle to Cologne to have production 30.
    Incite revolt in Vigo with veteran spy,224 g,65 return,one rifle,market,Spanish civ destroyed.
    Transport hurried in Bergen/engi in Barcelona/temple in Zaragosa/engi in Valencia/aqueduct in Paris/temple in Mosul/engi in Marseilles/temple in Lisbon.

    End turn with 471 g/taxes 60/10/30

    August 1943 Turn 20

    Russians develop Amphibious Warfare,begin Advanced Flight and declare war to Neutrals,battleship kills alpine in Stockholm,will be a paradrop with Sverdlovsk unit maybe after few turns,need to prepare a spy...
    3 missiles attack near St.Nazaire,AEGIS damaged 20 %,one AEGIS from America maybe attacks a tank in fortress near Newcastle,dead ship/a bomber attack in Newcastle,have 2 veteran fighters here,bomber dead..
    Investigate Manchester,4 rifle,one alpine,one tank,4 fighters/have 17 howitzers now,so will take the city this turn,2 fortresses maked by Allies,need just 3.
    I decided to destroy Kars,no time for this city,bribe,etc.Bomber from Mosul kills alpine,is size 1 now,paradrop from Ankara,11 gold,destroyed.
    Bribe turksh engi 188 g with veteran spy from Ankara,is none/incite revolt in Istanbul for 310 g,3 rifle,city wall,82 g return,spy in Izmir,disband a rifle,maked temple,Turks civ destroyed
    Baghdad spy moved to Tehran/investigate fortress on the road Konigsberg-Riga,is empty,2 engi makes railroad in river.
    Cargo Kiel-Oslo-Bergen 6 howitzers,2 tanks,3 howitzers are in Bergen from previous turn.
    Begin Manchester attack,first Taranto howitzer,alpine killed,not veteran,no movement,bad..,St Nazaire howitzer,2 attacks,not veteran..,Oslo howitzer 2 attacks,in the second veteran,last non veteran,Bordeaux howitzer,veteran from first attack,kills the tank and a fighter,wounded veteran Warsaw howitzers 2 fighters killed,a veteran howitzer kills last fighter,fighters from Cherbourg over hills,Budapest howitzer 'red' from Newcastle attacks takes city.
    This time luck,colosseum,city wall,barracks,570 g,5 partisans,2 killed by that howitzer,but not veteran,strange..,last 2 killed by a veteran howitzer.
    A tank near London killed by veteran howitzer.
    Some roads near Jerusalem,fanatic airlifted to Munich to disband for howitzer next turn/engi moved to Munich forests to make road and railroads,need 70 production,one howitzer/turn.
    Tobruk silver to London 354g/marines sabotaged near Southampton,veteran spy now in Cherbourg/disband submarine in Kiel for howitzer next turn.
    Offshore platform in Konigsberg/market in Madrid/aqueduct in Taranto/barracks in Edinburgh/market in Cherbourg/temple in Casablanca/engi in Cadiz/engi in Bordeaux/sewer system in Warsaw/engi in Seville/freight with oil for Southampton hurried in Strasbourg/engi in Krakow.
    More howitzers hurried.

    End turn with 220 g,taxes too 60/10/30

    October 1943 Turn 21

    No attacks/4 celebrations,one in Manchester,more canceled.
    Neutrals offer for alliance against Russians,100 g,refuse/a Neutral cavalry kills a tank up to Tehran:)/a russian artillery is in Konigsberg tiles,can't demand retreat,risk for war,need America first,price for bribe is...762 gold:)).
    Have 24 howi now.
    Will take Southampton this turn,have garrison 4 rifle,one alpine,marines sabotaged.
    Strasbourg oil to Southampton 229 g.
    4 engi makes railroads to Southampton/Kiel veteran howitzer 2 troops killed/Krakow howitzer a rifle,veteran,another rifle/wounded St.Nazaire howitzer a rifle,not veteran/other howitzer last unit,marines/spy in forest,fighters over fortresses and a tile distance 2,bomber over river.
    Wounded Taranto howitzer non veteran takes city,496 gold,good buildings,city wall,coastal fortress,colosseum/5 partisans/that howitzer 2 partisans killed,in the second attack veteran/
    Sabotage a partisan with spy ,spy veteran now in Southampton/sabotaged partisan killed by a fighter,veteran now/other killed by howitzer.
    In London 8 rifle,one paratrooper,want to clean garrison.
    First attack not good,howitzer without movement,so 2 engi makes a fortress in (40,42)/garrison killed,but London still want to make AEGIS,not alpine,strange..
    2 fanatics bribed near Jerusalem and Baghdad,price is 41 g/last submarine near America sees a bomber 8 tiles to New York,moving to south saw other,8 tiles to Washington/engi makes a road to Belfast,investigate city,4 units,artillery somewhere.
    Cargo Kiel-Oslo-Bergen-Edinburgh 2 alpine,one howi,2 engi/2 engi makes a fortress for wounded howitzers near Southampton.
    Alpine in Beirut/alpine in Basra/freight with silver for London or Washington in Barcelona/engi in Baghdad/temple in Ankara/temple in Vigo/engi in Vichy/freight in Tripoli/freight in Suez/freight with dye for America in St.Nazaire/engi in Oslo/colosseum in Newcastle/engi in Mosul/sold library in Damascus/engi in Lisbon.
    Disband rifle in Kiel for howitzer next turn/engi in Izmir.

    End turn with 237g,taxes 60/10/30.

    December 1943 Turn 22

    No attacks/3 celebrations,more canceled,disorder in Damascus and Tunis/Airlift to London shotdown.
    Investigate London,AEGIS garrison,alpine ready,purchased/AEGIS killed by Budapest howi,but not veteran.
    Will take Belfast this turn.
    Railroad maked with 4 engi,investigate city,just one bomber from Washington here,still 3 rifle and one alpine,killed by wounded howitzers,bomber killed with fighter from Newcastle/'yellow St.Nazaire howiter non veteran takes Belfast, 416g,good buildings,city wall.coastal fortress,colosseum,harbor/5 partisans.
    2 partisans killed by that howitzer,but still not veteran,2 with other howitzer/sabotage one partisan with spy non veteran,spy lost,partisan killed with a tank.
    Rifle killed in Scapa Flow with bomber,paradrop from Newcastle,85 gold,city wall,coastal fortress,harbor,port facility sold,one partisan near Edinburgh killed with howitzer from city.
    Barb partisan bribed near Belfast,102g,garrison in city.
    Investigate Tehran,estabilish Embasy,subvert for 374 g x2,spy veteran now in Baghdad,80 g return,one engi near city,temple,library,courthouse,city wall,market,bank,one rifle,that cavalry lost/tank and fighter from Baghdad moved in city.
    Fanatic airlift Suez-Bucharest,will disband for howitzer next turn.
    Begin moves St.Nazaire-Washington,moving AEGIS I saw a helicopter yellow,killed by submarine,was from London..
    First transport:7 howitzers,1 tank/second 3 howitzers,2 tanks,2 freight,one veteran spy/3th 3 tanks,4 howitzer,one freight.
    Total:6 tanks,14 howitzers,3 freight,one spy.
    8 tanks from England back in Germany via Edinburgh-Bergen-Oslo-Kiel,mouse jump near Oslo:)),just 7..
    Kiel AEGIS and battleship moved to Konigsberg for the next war with Russians.
    3 russian tanks near Krakow,price is 888 g,one sabotaged,but spy lost.
    Exploring with a fighter from Bucharest,saw 4th tank.
    Munich hides to London 200g.
    Engi in Alexandria/barracks in Warsaw/howitzer in Prague/engi in Marseilles/temple in Manchester/alpine in Madrid/engi in Cherbourg/engi in Valencia.

    End turn with 333 g,taxes 60/10/30

    February 1944 Turn 23

    5 celebrations,disorder in Tangiers,airlift to London shotdown.
    Sneak attack Russians,before to start me the war this turn with:'insist that you withdraw your troops':)).
    2 destroyers dead attacking Helsinki/2 engi lost near Budapest and Krakow,this is a little bad,sabotaged tank dead attacking Krakow.
    So,23 turns to destroy the Russians,37 cities now,new cities:Naples,Cunaxa,other Krasnovodsk,Yaroslavl,Kalinin,Issus.New cities are 'dangerous',can make fighters.
    Position of new cities verified with 'C':Cunaxa (88,60),near Stalingrad and Maikop,Issus (72,30),near Moscow and Leningrad,Kalinin (138,40),near Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk,Krasnovodsk (115,45),near Omsk,Naples(81,69),on the coast,near Sevastopol and Maikop.
    The count of troops available this turn for war in Europe having 3 transports sent to Washington:
    Tanks:32 total,5 in Asia,6 in ships=21
    Howitzers:33 total,2 must keep in Southampton to kill London garrison every turn,14 in ships=17
    Bombers:16 total,8 available in cities,can attack this turn
    Fighters:21 total,5 available to attack
    Paratroopers:5 total,one in Scapa Flow,one near Mosul,after Kars paradrop=3.
    Spies:10 total,3 in Asia,one in ship=6.
    Battleships:3 total,one in Konigsberg can kill partisans of Riga.
    Engineers are 71 total,can use 20 maybe.
    Need a plan.In the previous games with number of turns modified,I took Odessa and Sevastopol in the first turn of war,sometimes peace signed after capture of Riga and Kiev,peace broken with sneak attacks of Russians or demanding retreat of troops.
    Now need to change,ships will be in America in 3 turns,money from police stations and plants not enough to bribe 3,4 cities/turn maybe.
    Need to see first engineers available.Just 17,not good.
    Fighter from Tehran kills a freight,not veteran,exploring saw a tank,killed with a tank from city.
    One Jerusalem engi airlift to Berlin,new home city,make other in Jerusalem,have a red citizen.
    Kill alpine garrison in London.
    Suez silk to Newcastle 200 g/Units from UK back in Cherbourg,Oslo fighter in Helsinki.
    Build Specials Town in (66,12) after irrigation in forest,7 tiles to Murmansk/last fanatic bribed near Jerusalem.
  4. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    February 1944 Turn 23 Part II

    Exploring with Budapest fighter near Odessa,saw other 2 tanks,5 total,4 can kill easy,one with bomber,but where are Russian fighters ?...
    Can be in Odessa,Sevastopol,Batum or KieV I think..
    Will take Riga first.Konigsberg fighter explores to Minsk and Smolensk,nothing.Warsaw fighter explores to Kiev,just a rifle up to city.Krakow fighter sees an artillery near Dnepropetrovsk.
    So,2 engi makes railroad near Riga,just a tile need.Investigate Riga,4 rifle,that battleship wounded after Stockholm attack is from here,not from Leningrad,this is a surprise,is 'red' near Leningrad,Riga fighter in other city.No wall,no coastal fortress,can attack with tanks.Garrison kiled with 4 tanks.
    Spy in river,bomber over river to Konigsberg
    Wounded Warshaw howitzer takes city,75 gold,bank,harbor,3 partisans,price is...992 gold:)).
    Russians give 200 gold for cease fire,reject.One partisan killed by bomber from Konigsberg,veteran..,other 2 by howitzers from city.
    Oslo alpine moved in Riga garrison,new home city.
    Are 5 tiles distance to railroad Leningrad-Moscow,2 engi make railroad in river near Riga,will take Moscow next turn,will make railroads 4 tiles next turn.2 engi make fortress near Riga,2 will make in river to Leningrad.
    Will take just Riga this turn,Kiev maybe next turn,Odessa bribe I think,have more howitzers to repair in cities with barracks,is more profitable to bribe cities,can disband units garrison for engi,etc and sometimes can 'catch' tanks and bombers near city.
    4 tanks protect engi in fortresses near Riga,a tank one engi near Konigsberg who maked railroad,can be attacked if the Minsk fighter is....in Minsk.
    4 tanks killed with a howitzer and 2 tanks,5th will wait to be close next turn.
    Airlift Baghdad veteran spy Ankara-Cologne.
    Moving 'American ' submarine saw one old cruiser,killed.
    Vienna is 'spies'city,one per turn,have production 36.Spy sabotage artillery,veteran to Krakow.
    3 bombers from Budapest moved to Krakow for Kiev swamps maybe...
    Kiel AEGIS and battleship moved from Konigsberg to Helsinki.
    5 submarines moved from St.Nazaire to Kiel for disband.
    Tank from Baghdad moved to Tehran/2 Munich units rehomed,have production 70,one howitzer per turn,anyway 6 engi make railroads in forests,will be over 70.
    Engi in Basra/engi in Barcelona/alpine in Antioch/engi in Vigo/engi in St.Nazaire/engi in Spice Town/temple Southampton/engi in Paris/engi in Mosul/market in Istanbul/engi in Casablanca/howitzer in Budapest

    End turn with 287 g,Taxes 50/20/30.

    April 1944 Turn 24

    No attacks/5 celebrations,disorder in Jerusalem and Vigo/Airlift to London shotdown.
    London marines garrison killed with howitzer.
    2 Russian marines near Riga,one killed to make railroad for Moscow,railroad maked,investigate Leningrad,2 alpine,2 rifle,port facility,battleship in production.
    Moving spy to Moscow,see Issus,one rifle garrison,road blocked with a freight,killed with Helsinki fighter.
    Investigate Moscow,'normally' 7 units,4 alpine,3 rifle,have airport,tank next turn.
    Issus destroyed with a tank,but tank yellow.
    Begin howitzers attack in Moscow,is very important to take with city wall and colosseum,but will see the luck..will attack just one more time with a howitzer,can't leave howi near city.
    Budapest howitzer veteran killing a rifle,good.
    Yellow tank takes city,bad luck,no city wall,granary sold,market,aqueduct,sewer system,superhighways,factory,new capital Kiev,one marines was from here,7 partisans,price is 427 g.Killed with wounded howitzers with movement 1 from city and other 2 howitzers for partisans 2 tiles distance.
    Russian emissary enraged,wants 1000 gold tribute,refuse.
    Price of Leningrad 2147 g.
    Begin Kiev operations,capital will be in Stalingrad maybe.
    6 engi make railroads 3 tiles Warsaw-Kiev,2 tiles have just roads,howitzers will attack with 1+1/3 movement,investigate Kiev,one alpine,4 rifle.
    Seville fighter non vet kills a freight near city,not veteran.
    Garrison killed with 5 howitzers,bombers and fighters over swamp tiles.
    Wounded howitzer from tank attack previous turn takes city,luck now,city wall,library,bank,colosseum,85 gold,5 partisans(297 gold price),new capital,predictable,Stalingrad.
    Russians again want 1000 g 'reparations'.
    Price of Leningrad 1372,have money.
    Partisans killed with howitzers and tanks.
    Tank kills sabotaged artillery,want to investigate Odessa,5th tank can be here.
    Moving spy to Odessa saw a tank on road,price is 416 g,can be 5th,was with 'lucky' movement after river.
    Sabotage unit,spy lost,bad...,kill unit with other tank,investigate Odessa,3 rifle,one alpine out of city,2 submarines too out,price 882 g,more,no city wall,no coastal fortress.
    Investigate Dnepropetrovsk,3 alpine,one engi somewhere,one artillery from other city near city,price is 980 gold.
    So,will take Odessa with bombers,will protect bombers with tanks in fortress.
    3 bombers kill garrison,wounded tank from tank attack previous turn takes city,15 gold,granary,sold,market,aqueduct,3 partisans(price 227 g),one near Sevastopol,too far,2 killed with tanks,one using a new road up to Budapest with bad results,tanks yellow and red.
    None alpi moved garrison in Kiev,fighter kills engi and artillery,tanks moved to protect bombers near Odessa,first try for bomber out of fortress fail,second tank protects the bomber.
    Investigate Minsk with veteran spy,fighter out of city,one alpine,3 rifle,price is 1168 g,cathedral destroyed,spy back in Konigsberg.
    Incite revolt in Leningrad for 1363 g,35 gold return,sold port facility/3 partisans,spy back in Helsinki,Russians now 'receptive',not 'enraged'.
    One partisan killed in fortress with battleship,2 with wounded howitzers from Moscow and Kiev attacks.
    Tripoli gems to Stockholm 108 g.
    Maybe need to sell some things,but not aqueducts and sewer systems,must 'respect' my nice cities:)).
    Sell 4 port facility,keep just one in Kiel.
    Investigate Kursk,3 alpine,one rifle,for revolt 1335 g,cathedral destroyed,spy back in Kiev.
    Investigate Kharkov,3 alpine,one rifle,revolt for 1690,is near Stalingrad..,cathedral destroyed,again luck,spy in Kiev.
    Veteran spy from Southampton back to Germany,cathedral destroyed in Dnepropetrovsk,spy lost..
    2 engi from Asia and Africa airlift to Germany from Alexandria and Suez.
    Explore with Tehran fighter,saw a freight,but can't attack,too far,no fuel after attack.
    Explore with Ankara fighter,a cruiser near Batum.
    Disband a Leningrad rifle in Moscow for colosseum,other in Leningrad for temple.
    2 tanks from Bucharest rehomed in Budapest,now prod 50,will make 17th bomber next turn here.
    Barcelona rifle rehomed in Marseilles to have prod 1,too Valencia rifle from Madrid,prod 1.
    Temple in Belfast,sold university/colossseum in Taranto,sold coastal fortress/alpine in Manchester/disband submarine in Kiel for a howitzer next turn.
    Sold coastal fortress in Athens,Venice,Suez,Scapa Flow,Oslo, Kiel.

    End turn with 637 g,taxes 50/20/30.

    June 1944 Turn 25

    No attacks,7 celebrations,few canceled,disorder in Scapa Flow and Casablanca/airlift to London shotdown.
    Labor Union,begin Nuclear Fission.
    Kill alpine garrison in London,St.Nazaire howitzer now veteran.
    Disorder in Kursk,this is good.
    Few engi from Spain rehomed in Kiev and Moscow,railroad Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk maked,investigate city,960 g,is more,will use howitzers.
    Garrison killed,3 alpine,airplanes over forest and fortresses,'yellow ' Bucharest howitzer who killed Leningrad partisan takes city,29 g,good buildings,barracks,city wall,library,bank,3 partisans killed with a wounded howitzer and Bucharest howitzer who taken the city.
    Marseilles engi rehomed in Dnepropetrovsk,railroad Dnepropetrovsk-Rostov,investigate Rostov,one alpine,2 rifle,a tank from Smolensk,a cruiser out of city,price is 1604 g,will use howitzers.
    Yellow Bordeaux howitzer from Dnepropetrovsk attack takes city,25 g ,library,bank,coastal fortress,3 partisans(price 492 g),killed with howitzers with movement 1.
    Is a tile with railroad near Rostov to Stalingrad,with railroad in 3 tiles can take Stalingrad,one tile is in river,can't make.
    Have a freight with spice from Rome,initially for Berlin,but Berlin don't want after trade with London.
    Stalingrad demands spice,is a big city,have maybe airport,so Rome spice to Stalingrad 315 gold,good.Railroad maked in 3 tiles,investigate Stalingrad,have airport,3 alpine,3 rifle,fighter from Minsk is here.
    Begin howitzers attack.Last unit,the fighter, killed by Budapest howitzer,now veteran.
    A howitzer takes the city,49 gold,but not city wall,colosseum,etc,granary sold,market,aqueduct,sewer system factory,5 partisans(price 210 gold),one alpine 2 tiles distance,no capital moved,good for bribe...
    One partisan killed with a tank,now railroad is free for howitzers.
    2 engi make a railroad near Stalingrad.2 tanks and 2 howitzers kill 4 partisans.Try alpine with spy,price is 210 g,will wait to take other cities to decrease.
    Destroy Cunaxa with tank.Investigate Kursk,price is 635 g,have 4 units in city,3 alpine,one rifle,one alpine out of city.Can be that alpine near Stalingrad,so bribe the unit.
    Incite revolt in Kursk,36 g ,granary sold,3 partisans,spy back in Kiev.
    Russians have incresead luxuries to 20 % now,from 10%,not good.
    Sold coastal fortress in Rostov,Barcelona engi rehomed here,2 engi make railroad in river near Stalingrad.
    A tile railroad Rostov-Maikop,investigate Maikop,price is 1251 g,but have engi and marines near city,factory,power plant.
    Need to take other cities,to decrease the price.Target Sevastopol.Bomber kills one alpine,a vet fighter other alpine.A fighter catch a transport in city,now veteran and still green,kills a rifle and Odessa partisan.
    Paradrop from Bucharest,24 g,market,aqueduct,3 partisans.Price for Maikop now 1232 g.Investigate Smolensk,price is 1120 g.Engi make a road Dnepr-Kharkov,investigate Kharkow,price is 1320 gold,temple destroyed,spy back in Dnepropetrovsk..Will take Smolensk with 3 howitzers and one tank,no city wall.Garrison killed,fighter and bomber over forests.
    Wounded howitzer from Leningrad takes city,21 gold,granary sold,market,aqueduct,sewer system,factory,3 partisans,killed with tank,howitzer from city,a bomber from Riga.
    Incite revolt in Maikop for 1214 g,32 g back,3 alpine,one rifle,a marines one engi near city,more buildings,factory,power plant,coastal fortress sold,3 partisans,one in fortress killed hard by marines,red to black,2 with howitzers with movement 1.
    Paradrop in Sevastopol from Budapest,2 paratroopers and one tank kill Sevastopol partisans.
    Kiel battleship support from Leningrad to have production 30,fortified in Helsinki for Stockholm operations,Maikop rifle disband in Stalingrad to make colosseum.
    Helsinki alpine fortified in Smolensk,new home city,Konigsberg rifle in Dnepropetrovsk,new home city.
    Engi finish the railroad Tripoli-Alexandria-Beirut-Ankara-Istanbul-Bucharest,and Beirut-Mosul or Baghdad,have now connection with Asia and Africa,a freight in a turn in London..
    Finish railroad Cadiz-Seville-Madrid-Barcelona-Marseilles-Munich.
    Bomber moved from Mosul to Spice Town,can bombard Batum.
    Kill freight near Tehran with fighter.Jerusalem engi support in Leningrad,have hunger 2 Jerusalem.
    Rairoad Smolensk-Moscow maked,investigate Minsk,1024 g,3 rifle,one alpine,so will destroy temple,spy back in Kursk.
    Disband rifle in Maikop,make temple.Saw a rifle 4 tiles to Stalingrad,sabotage with spy non veteran from Asia,spy lost,second spy back veteran in Stalingrad.
    Disband rifle in Kursk for colosseum,disband rifle in Istanbul for engi.
    Bucharest will make a freight with food(production 50) to put with a spy near Stockholm for a sneak attack..
    Disband Baghdad fanatic in Munchen for a tank,have enough howitzers,44 total,30 in Europe.Move Bucharest veteran alpine to Rostov,new home city.
    Sell coast fortress in Bergen/sell police station in Warsaw and Tripoli/university in St.Nazaire/ harbor hurried in Newcastle,freight hurried in Berlin for hides to London,need some money/granary in Leningrad and Kursk
    Production changed from howitzer and tanks in cities with production 30 to spies,is 'Spies Age'...
    Next turn will have more money from 3 freight to America,money from capture and sales,will bribe more cities,if my ships will not be attacked by 3 or 4 battleships:).

    End turn with 302 gold,science to 10 %,will be science from freights,taxes 60/10/30.

    August 1944 Turn 26

    No attacks/Allies develop Robotics,researching NONE/3 celebrations,one in Odessa,guerilla uprising near Omsk,partisans with leader.
    Disorder in Kharkov and Minsk,very good,this is from buildings destroyed by spies previous turn.
    That 'normally': 'Our fighters have shot down an enemy airlift to London'.
    So,America first,I'm very curious to see the garrisons in cities.
    Spy investigate Washington,one rifle,a bomber,a fighter,a tank near city,4 units somewhere in a ship.
    Barcelona silver to Washington 254 g.
    Howitzers kill rifle and fighter,a tank kills the bomber,tank takes Washington,beautiful,airport,colosseum,etc,984 g,7 partisans,Allied emisary wants Labor Union,strange,refuse.
    Tank kills a partisan with 66% movement,a howi other,to clear the road to New York.
    Investigate New York,3 rifle garrison,a marine,one engi,one helicopter near city.
    St Nazaire dye to New York 288 g,Munich wine to New York 464 g.
    Garrison killed with 2 howitzers,a tank takes the city,Uraaaaa,luck again,airport,colosseum,etc,840 g,9 partisans.
    So,10 howitzers and 5 tanks for 14 partisans,is enough,can airlift 2 units in Europe.
    Partisans killed with howitzers,one wounded sent to Berlin,one is yellow near Washington.
    Airport from NY was used for that airlift to London.
    8 units back in a transport with movement 2 to Belfast,in 2 turns is near Belfast.
    2 Battleships and one AEGIS back to Cherbourg,Taranto AEGIS to NY,will disband for factory,wounded 'american ' submarine moved to Washington too for a factory.
    So,begin to sell to see the money:
    2 port facility in America
    6 power plant,one hydro plant
    12 police station,will sell 6 next turn,where was plants.
    Total money:6461 gold,good.
    Have 51 objectives now,need just 3,this turn will have Axis Decisive Victory.
  5. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Following the great battle in Dec 1942 which lead to the capture of London and Southampton, the main focus of 1943 was capturing the rest of heavily fortified England. The second area of focus was Western North Africa, and the third was Middle East. By the end of 1943, Scapa Flow remains in England, and a new size 1 French city, Basra, and Tehran remain in Middle East. Russians are unexpectedly peaceful and on more than one occasion have removed troops when asked.

    1943/2 Allied partisans do some pillaging in England. -> Robotics.
    9 allied units killed and 3 units lost in the process. Copper to Smolensk for 148.
    Asked Russians to remove their troops near Minsk and they complied.
    Domestic deliveries for 28. Cyprus founded.

    1943/4 Allies lose 2 destroyers, before killing my cruiser. Americans are sending naval and air units to England.
    5 allied units killed and a fighter lost. With the aid of fresh vet tanks from mainland Manchester is attacked and its 6 defenders killed at the expense of one tank. The city is captured for 280g. Allied government moves north to New Castle. Despite careful placement of units around Manchester, 6 partisans appear. All are killed at the expense of 2 tanks.
    Single defenders of Beirut and Damascus are killed and the cities captured for 67g and 27g. 8 partisans appear and are all killed at the expense of a bomber.
    Domestic deliveries for 20, 80, 108. T5L3S2

    1943/6 Turks and Russians cancel peace treaty! Robotics -> Labor Union.
    Spanish engineer bribed for 348g to get it out of the way, it is now none. Spanish Tangiers subverted for 2x324g. Lost Spy. Got 41g, rifleman, 2 planes, and 2 structures.
    French marine killed.
    Killed 1 allied unit and lost a fighter plane in the process.
    Domestic deliveries for 42. Maghreb founded.

    1943/8 AEGIS survives allied cruiser.
    Russians develop Advanced Flight! Russians and neutrals cancel peace treaty.
    3 bombers kill 3 defenders of New Castle. The remaining 4 are killed with the loss of 1 vet tank. New Castle captured for 123g. 3 partisans appear. Allies are too poor to move their capital and are now without one. Allied sub killed. First Howitzer in action kills 2 riflemen defending Edinburgh. The next one costs 2 vet tanks before it is killed and the city taken for Adam Smith and 80g. 5 more partisans appear. 3 are killed with the loss of 2 vet tanks.
    Single defender of Casablanca killed and the city captured for 93g. 4 partisans appear, 1 is killed. French are down to 1 size 1 city.
    Domestic deliveries for 24, 122, 72. Espoo founded.

    1943/10 English partisans pillage. French partisans kill and Engineer and pillage.
    Vet tanks finish off French partisans.
    Bomber kills single defender of Baghdad and the city is captured for 81g. 3 Partisans appear and are all killed.
    Irish partisan bribed for 102g. 3 English partisans killed. Lost a vet tank while killing the 3 riflemen defending Belfast which is then captured for 149g. 4 new partisans appear and 3 are killed.
    Derry founded.

    1943/12 English partisans pillage and kill a spy. English battleship dies attacking Edinburgh.
    3 English partisans are killed. Allied empty boat sunk.
    2 defenders of Mosul killed and the city captured for 44g. 3 Partisans appear.
    Last barbarian partisan in Ireland killed. Domestic delivery for 94.

    Status at Dec 1943
    Axis objectives: 38/70
    Population: 43.4M; Cities: 64; Techs: 75; Government: Republic
    Gold: 816; Cost: 618; Trade routes: 85;
    Wonders: Marco, Michelangelo, Copernicus, Leo, Bach, Eiffel, Pyramids, Lighthouse, Great Library, King Richard, Shakespeare, Newton, Darwin, Adam Smith
    Units: 16 Engineers, 1 None partisan, 64 defenders, 1 Marines, 1 paratrooper, 20 tanks, 4 Howitzer, 4 fighter planes, 10 bombers, 16 warships, 4 transports, 4 Spies, 4 vans
    Goals: Finish up conquest of England. Conquest of the rest of middle east. America? Bribe the city hosting Magellan?
    Russian: 36 cities, 64 techs, Communist, 25 objectives;
    Turk: 5 cities, 61 techs, Monarchy, 2 objectives;
    Spanish: 8 cities, 61 techs, Monarchy, 2 objectives; Magellan;
    Neutral: 1 cities, 57 techs, Monarchy, 0 objectives; war with me, allied with allies
    Allies: 4 cities, 72 techs, Democracy, 3 objectives; Liberty, Suffrage, Hoover dam; Allied with Neutrals, war with me
    French: 1 cities, 64 techs, Democracy, 0 objectives; war with me
  6. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    August 1944 Turn 26 Part II

    Railroad Smolensk-Minsk maked,investigate Minsk in disorder,540g,have factory,4 troops.Incite revolt for 540 g,43 g return,3 partisans.
    Investigate Kharkow,660 g for revolt.I forgot to take Batum:).So,one bomber from Spice Town and fighter from Ankara kill garrison,fighter over mountain,paradrop from Sevastopol in forest near Batum to repair the unit,10 g,library,coast fortress sold,one partisan.
    Russian offer for cease fire 700g,refuse.Kill Naples garrison,one alpine with veteran fighter from Rostov,paradrop from Sevastopol to repair the unit,3 gold,city destroyed.
    Incite revolt in Kharkov for 655g,50 g return,have factory,4 units,granary sold,spy back in Dnepropetrovsk,3 partisans.
    Spy near Stalingrad sees a tank,offer for cease fire 650 g,refuse,price of tank is 312g.
    Kill one artillery near Maikop with alpine garrison.Need to use the line Grozny-Astrakhan-Uralsk to take dangerous russian cities,the plants,Sverdlovsk,Magnitogorsk,Orsk.
    Railroad Maikop-Grozny,investigate Grozny,have courthouse,price 1380 g,3 alpine garrison,more buildings,have 2 engi far.Bribe one engi making railroad 2 tiles to Grozny 312g,is none .
    Spy non veteran tries to destroy courthouse,spy lost.Second destroy,spy lost.Price decrease to 847g,but is more.
    Investigate Gorky,have courthouse,makes fighter next turn.
    So,will take Gorky with howitzers.2 alpine,2 rifle,city taken with wounded howitzer placed near Smolensk,43 g,market,aqueduct,factory,sewer system,5 partisans(price 187g).
    Price of Grozny 827g.
    Investigate Vologda,have airport,makes palace,2 units,want 724g.2 bombers kill one alpine and a rifle,wounded armor placed in Stalingrad takes city,14g,market,aqueduct,3 partisans(price 187 g),one sabotaged with a spy,back veteran in Vologda.
    Price of Grozny 820 g,incite revolt,spy lost,28 g return,more buildings,coastal fortress sold,2 partisans killed with a howitzer.
    Railroad Grozny -Astrakhan maked,Astrakhan have sure some useless ships in Caspian Sea.Have a...battleship:)) and courthouse,price 1568,one alpine, 3 rifle,no city wall.
    Kill garrison with 4 howitzers,fighters over swamps in river.Taken with one yellow howitzer,21 g,market aqueduct,factory,sewer system,3 partisans(price 180 g),killed with 2 howitzers and one tank.
    Is a road in swamp near Astrakhan to Uralsk,2 engi begin rail,other engineers make 2 tiles railroad to Uralsk.Investigate Uralsk,price 794g,have 2 alpine,one rifle,factory,one artillery from other city near.
    Bribe tank 3 tiles to Stalingrad for 288 g,is none and veteran,saw other tank 2 tiles to Uralsk,will bribe with other spy to be none,not from Uralsk after revolt.
    Incite revolt for 794 g,26 g ,spy back in Astrakhan,sold granary,artillery catched,veteran,2 partisans,artillery will kill a partisan with 0,66 movement,other on railroad killed with tank,but yellow.
    Need 4 engi to make a road in river and a railroad ready next turn to Orsk,move engineers from Asia,
    a 'nightmare' in Civ II :)),in Civ III or IV if have railroad just need to give destination:),in Civ III unit will arrive in other corner of the map in that turn,in Civ IV can walk 10 tiles.
    Jerusalem engi rehomed in Astrakhan,Jerusalem have surplus 0.Rehome 2 engi in Kharkov,have surplus 14.
    Kill partisans of Minsk and Kharkow with howitzers and one tank,protect engi making railroad in river near Uralsk with tank,a fighter from Orsk can kill engineers.
    Kill sabotaged rifle near Stalingrad with Algiers fighter,veteran now.
    Make railroad Kharkov -Kursk,have one veteran spy in Kursk.
    Investigate Voronezh,have one engi 2 tiles distance.Move a spy from Asia...:)),bribe engi with 288 g,none.
    Price of Voronezh is 780 g,one alpine,2 rifle,no factory,is more,have bombers and fighters in Kursk,will be used.
    Bombers attack,first kills alpine,veteran now,second too,veteran,nice,last rifle killed with veteran fighter.
    Paradrop from Kursk to repair the unit,25 gold,library,city wall,3 partisans,price 172g.
    Kill partisans with tanks,kill last partisan of Gorky with howitzer with 0,66 movement,kill 2 partisans of Vologda in forests with howitzers.
    Move more units in cities with barracks to repair.Move 2 tanks Tehran-Krasnovodsk.
    Move more airplanes to east.Protect none engi near Voronezh with tank,is vulnerable if Kuibyshev or Kazan have fighters.
    Kill marines garrison in London with howitzer.
    Berlin hides to London 257 g,they want copper,silver and coal.
    Have a veteran spy with movement 3,can incite revolt in Kazan using the river,but is a risk,industrial cities Sverdlovsk,etc. can have diplomats on roads,or Kuibyshev can make.
    Will use the line Uralsk-Orsk-Magnitogorsk-Sverdlovsk next turn,is better.
    Move Bucharest food freight using transports near Stockholm for a sneak attack,this turn not have spy available to be in the freight tile.
    Freight with copper for London in Bergen/with silver in Belgrade/market in Belfast/temple Antioch/market Ankara/oil freight Alexandria/silver freight Zaragosa/disband transport in Washington for market/factory Venice/disband rifle in Uralsk for colosseum/colosseum in Tripoli/engi in Tangiers/market South/temple Scapa Flow/colosseum Riga/colosseum Odessa/spy Nimes/disband yellow howitzer in New York for marketplace/coal freight Mosul/disband rifle in Minsk for colosseum/aqueduct in Marseilles/market in Manchester/engi Leningrad/temple Kiev/disband rifle in Kharkov for temple/disband none submarine in Istanbul for engi/disband rifle Kharkov in Grozny for temple,Minsk rifle in Gorky for colosseum/supermarket in Cologne,is hunger 1/aqueduct Bordeaux.
    Sold some useless buildings,coastal fortresses and universities.

    End turn with 927 g,taxes 60/10/30

    83 engi,51 alpine,38 rifle,1 fanatic,1 partisan,2 marines,5 paratroopers,35 tanks,44 howitzers,2 artillery,21 fighters,17 bombers,1 destroyer,3 AEGIS,3 battleships,9 none submarines,9 spies.
    Russians:Communism,503 gold,14 cities,new city Cremona 3 tiles to Sverdlovsk,4 to Magnitogorsk,war with me and Neutrals,no contact with Allies,researching Advanced Flight.
    Neutrals:Monarchy,180 g,just Stokholm,peace with me,war with Russians,no contact with Allies,researching Industrialization.
    Allies: Democracy,1472 g,just London,contact just with me,researching None.

    October 1944 Turn 27

    Partisan near Batum attacking paratooper garrison dead/12 celebrations,Berlin,few russian cities,few canceled,disorder in Tangiers after engi maked,Allies research Nuclear Fission like me,Russians still without capital,good.
    Barb partisans with leader near Krasnovodsk.
  7. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    October 1944 Turn 27 Part II

    Russians have a new city,Cannae,on the road Novosibirsk-Krasnoyarsk,IF they maked road..
    A tank near Uralsk,where engi make railroad in river to Orsk.
    Paradrop from Grozny near Krasnovodsk,kill rifle garrison,paradrop from Batum to repair the unit,12 gold,library,one partisan.
    Moving spy to tank,saw other tank.Price is 276 g.
    Railroad to Voronezh maked,want to investigate Kuibyshev.3 alpine,one rifle,a fighter,other fighter from Sverdlovsk,price is 1150 g.
    Investigate Kazan using river,have 3 units,airport,one engi out,price 690 g.
    Will take Kazan using bombers from Voronezh.Paradrop from Gorky,25 gold,library,airport,3 partisans.
    Price of Kuibyshev 1130,20 decreased.Price of tank 268 g.Pay 268 g.
    Railroad Berlin-Warsaw -Kiev-Rostov-Maikop-Grozny-Astrakhan-Uralsk-Orsk finished.Bribe second tank with 268 g.
    Investigate Orsk,university,factory,power plant,3 alpine,one rifle,one rifle from other city will be catched,2 engi,one near,one far,will be lost.Price 904 gold
    Bribe one engi with 268 g,is none.Incite revolt in Orsk for 904 g,47 g,one engi,other 5 units,sold power plant,3 partisans,spy lost.Kill partisans with 2 howitzers.
    Kill a tank near Orsk to make railroad to Magnitogorsk with a tank bribed before.
    Price of Kuibyshev 1090,30 decreased.
    Sell some useless buildings,police stations,coastal fortress,few universities.
    Railroad Orsk-Magnitogorsk 3 tiles,is a marines on a hill,can't make 4th.
    Investigate Magnitogorsk,factory,power plant,airport,university,3 units garrison,that marine(will be catched),one alpine out of city,but have courthouse,price is 1306 g.Saw Yaroslavl on the road to Omsk.
    Destroy courthouse with a spy non veteran,but spy lost.
    Incite revolt in Magnitogorsk for 800 g,spy back in Orsk,2 partisans,power plant sold.
    Price of Kuibyshev 1060 g,too 30 decreased.
    Move a new spy maked this turn from Rome to bribe Yaroslavl,size 2,don't want to waste 3 engi for railroad to Omsk.Saw Cremona.Incite revolt in Yaroslavl for 177 g,6 g ,one alpine,no buildings,spy lost.
    Kill a partisan on the mine with railroad near Magnitogorsk,make railroad to Sverdlovsk.Sverdlovsk have in 1940 a paratroopers unit non veteran,is in town I think.
    Investigate Sverdlovsk,predictable courthouse,price now 1606 g...Bribe one engi near Cremona for 248 g,is none,investigate Cremona,2 units,just 77 g price.
    Need to see spies,engineers and money available,want to take Omsk this turn.
    Just other spy veteran in Vologda but need 2 tiles railroad,and 3 spies non veteran.
    Have 792 gold now,but 9 freights.
    So:Belgrade silver to London 187g,Mosul coal to L 297g,Zaragosa silver to L 167 g,Bergen copper to L 110g,Bucharest gold to L 238 g,Munich hides to London 207 g,Dresden gems to L 146 g,Alexandria oil to Southampton 258 g,Edinburgh oil to Moscow 203 g.
    Total:2599 g now.
    One engi from England back in Cherbourg,will use in Russia.
    2 bombers over a mine and a river tile near Kuibyshev.Incite revolt in Kuibyshev to catch Sverdlovsk veteran fighter for 1060 g,spy lost,bad...
    48 g,2 fighters,3 alpine,one rifle,factory,university sold,3 partisans.Kill one with Kuibyshew fighter,red to black,but veteran,moved in airport of Magnitogorsk.
    Destroy courthouse in Sverdlovsk with Nimes new spy,spy lost,predictable.Incite revolt for 952g,39 g,one paratroopers,2 rifle,sold power plant,2 partisans.
    Kill partisans with howitzers,begin railroad to Omsk.Will send a spy and a tank guard to Murmansk,next turn will destroy the Russian civ,can finish the game.
    Railroad maked,is one artillery 2 tiles to Omsk.
    Kill alpine garrison in Krasnovodsk2,size 2,4 tiles to Yaroslavl and 4 tiles to Omsk with tank none,take city with a wounded tank to repair,2 gold,destroyed.Destroy Cremona with a tank,2 attacks,don't have spy available to bribe city....
    Investigate Omsk with last veteran spy from Vologda,factory,university,3 alpine,one rifle,that artillery and a marines out.Price is...1056 g,they have luxuries 30 %....
    Need to sell a thing.Library from Batum sold.Incite revolt in Omsk for 1056 g,39 g,university sold, 3 partisans,spy back in Yaroslavl.
    Partisans killed with howitzers.
    Kill partisans of Kuibyshev with bomber from Stalingrad and a howitzer,with 2 tiles railroad Voronezh-Kuibyshev.
    Have a problem with 3 partisans of Kazan,no roads,no bombers close.4 engi make railroad one tile and roads 2 tiles Sverdlovsk-Kazan.Killed with paratroopers from Kazan and 2 tanks.
    Krasnovodsk(objective) partisan killed with a veteran fighter from Grozny.Barb leader is far,but is in range of fighters if not move.
    Spy moved near Stockholm in tile with food freight.
    Airlift veteran spy Washington-Sverdlovsk.
    Airlift Suez engi to Magnitogorsk,howitzer New York-Kazan.
    Disband Taranto AEGIS in NY for courthouse,is corruption 33 :),disband yellow howitzer for courthouse in Washington,corruption 30..
    Move some airplanes back to home,damaged land units in cities with barracks.
    Russians have now 5 cities,just Murmansk objective.

    End turn with 209 g,taxes 50/20/30.

    December 1944 Turn 28

    No attacks,5 celebrations,few canceled,Russian capital Kalinin,on the road Novosibirsk-Krasnoyarsk.
    Barb leader near Kras disappears,is one 9 tiles to Omsk,will use paratroopers from Sverdlovsk to take 100 g.
    Engi make railroad Omsk-Novosibirsk,saw Cannae on this road,no garrison.
    Investigate,a rifle wounded near city,revolt for 40 g with non veteran spy,spy lost,6 gold,no buildings,one partisan killed with a howitzer.
    Railroad maked,investigate Novo,3 rifle,one tank,one engi out,factory,airport,price 1122g...
    Spy walk on road to Kalinin,3 engi,price over 900 g...
    Investigate Kalinin,just market,one rifle garrison,will take Kalinin with a tank.Engi make railroad a tile near Novosibirsk and a road near Kalinin.
    Tank kills rifle,but yellow,no movement,a wounded howitzer takes city,20 g,no buildings,one partisan.
    Sold 3 universities.
    Investigate Murmansk,2 alpine,2 destroyers and one rifle out,price is 384 g.Incite revolt,spy lost,30 g,market,harbor,coastal fortress sold,2 partisans.
    Bribe Novosibirsk engi for 204 g.
    Incite revolt in Novosibirsk for 660 g,57 back,2 partisans,granary sold,spy back in Cannae.
    Bribe 2 engi with 192 g/unit.Investigate Krasnoyarsk,have courthouse,one diplomat out,one engi out,2 alpine 2 rifle,price 1120 g.
    Bribe engi out making mine with 192 g,destroy courthouse with vet spy,spy back in Kalinin,price now 688 g.
    Have 3 freights for London:Maikop silver to L 254 g,Munich hides 207 g,Rome gems 374 g.
    Incite revolt in Krasnoyarsk for 688 g,42 g,spy back in Kalinin.
    Russian civ destroyed.
    Can finish the game now making reputation back to 'Atrocious',breaking peace treaty with Neutrals,they don't declare war after 'Insist that you withdraw your troops'..
  8. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    1944/2 Allies develop Nuclear Fission. Mosul partisans pillage.
    Allied destroyer killed. There is a single rifleman defending Scapa Flow which is killed by a bomber. The city is captured by paratrooper for 65g and no structures. Careful prior placement of units assured no partisans. Britain is fully conquered.
    The 3 Mosul partisans killed. Artillery outside Basra killed.
    Full transport heads towards America with many naval ships in escort.

    1944/4 Domestic deliveries for 31, 35. Oil to Smolensk for 82.
    Lost a vet fighter plane attacking Basra. Tank kills one of its defenders.

    1944/6 Sole remaining defender of Basra tries and fails to kill my tank at their gate. Allied navy catches my 2 naval convoys and sinks 2 destroyers, 1 cruiser and 1 submarine without any casualties. The 3 allied naval units are killed by the rest of my naval units. Fighter place lost attacking allied rifleman in Gibraltar. Allied Marine approaching Baghdad killed. Defenseless Basra captured for 131g. 3 partisans appear and 2 are killed.
    Domestic deliveries for 54. Dye to Russian Astrakkhan for a mere 43.
    Seville subverted for 2x1021g. Spy turned vet. Got 103g, Magellan, 2 soldiers and an engineer. Tank disembarks and kills one of two riflemen in Gibraltar.
    Russians finally declare war when I provoke them by asking them to remove non-existent troops. 3 tanks kill 3 defenders of Odessa and there is still more! Battleship kills 2 defenders of Leningrad despite coastal fortress. Howitzer and tank kill 4 defenders of Riga and the city is captured for 60g. 3 partisans appear, 2 are killed and a fighter plane lost on the third. Howitzer, bomber, and tanks kill 4 defenders of Smolensk and the city is captured for 91g. Despite good placement of units, 5 partisans appear. Russian units want over 2K to be bribed! 2 more partisans are killed by tanks and another fighter plane lost attacking partisans.

    1944/8 Allied partisan near Basra and allied rifleman in Gibraltar killed attacking my units. Russians bribe a tank on Odessa's border. They kill defenders of Riga and Minsk but do not attempt to take the cities over. They probably had no units for Minsk but there is a partisan right outside of Riga.
    Labor Union -> Fundamentalism.
    Domestic deliveries for 112, 95, 61. Haifa founded.
    Fighter sacrificed to kill allied bomber over Atlantic.
    7 Russian units killed and a tank lost.
    Battleship kills yet another unit in Leningrad and backs off. Alpine lost on Leningrad. Tank kills last defender of Leningrad. The city is captured for 91g. 5 partisans appear and are all killed. Last defender of Odessa killed and the city captured for 39g. 3 partisans appear and 2 are killed.

    1944/10 Russians lose a unit attacking me.
    Domestic deliveries for 58. Moldova founded.
    7 defenders of Moscow killed by bombers and howitzers. The city is then captured for 126g. Russian government escapes to Kiev. 7 partisans appear at and are all killed at the cost of a tank. 5 Russian units killed. Russian Vologda bribed for 864g. Spy turned vet. Got 19g and 2 defenders. 2 partisans appear on forest and are ignored.
    Transport reaches Washington. 2 howitzers kill its land defenders. Other units kill its 3 air defenders. The city is then captured for Suffrage and 536g. 7 partisans appear. One is killed to open the road towards NY. Last howitzer attacks NY and kills one defender. Vet tank lost on NY. Vet AEGIS moves in and also loses. Now I have one tank with 2 movement points left versus 3 defenders, 2 of them wounded. My other naval units cannot reach America this turn. I better go back in Washington which thankfully has its city walls. Next turn 3 bombers and another vet AEGIS reach NY.

    1944/12 Americans beef up the defenses of NY but kill only one of my 3 howitzers. None of their partisans attack Washington or the howitzers around it. They could have decimated my forces and maybe even take Washington back.
    Russians kill 2 bombers, a howitzer, and 2 engineers.
    2 American units killed by ships. Stupid Americans have only added a destroyer to NY defenses and have 3 units outside. 2 howitzers kill the 3 riflemen defenders. Vet tank easily kills the destroyer. NY captured for Liberty, Hoover, and 720g. Allied civilization destroyed.
    Domestic deliveries for 52.
    4 Russian units killed.
    3 bombers and a howitzer kill 5 defenders of Kiev. The city is captured for 28g. Russian government escapes to Stalingrad. 5 partisans appear. Russian Dnep bribed for 634g. Spy turned vet. Got 0g, 3 defenders, and 1 artillery. 2 more partisans appear. 2 Russian partisans killed and a tank lost in the process. Kharkov bribed for 1125g. Spy turned vet. Got 0g and 4 defenders. 3 more partisans appear. Kursk bribed for 608g. Vet spy lost. Got 0g, an engineer, and 4 defenders. 3 more partisans appear. 3 howitzers kill 3 defenders of Gorky. The next one costs me 2 tanks.
    Neutral engineer bribed for 200g. It is now None. Tehran bribed for 434g. Lost spy. Got 127g and 2 soldiers. Neutral civilization destroyed.
    Total objectives are two short of decisive victory. Had I taken Gorky, I would have sold structures and bribe Istanbul and be done.
    Police stations and power plants sold.

    1945/2 Russian partisans attack and kill 4 engineers while losing 2 partisans. Russian bombers attack newly captured cities and kill several defenders.
    Domestic deliveries for 36, 118.
    7 Russian partisans killed. 3 Russian bombers killed. 5 other Russian units killed.
    Single remaining defender of Gorky killed and the city captured for 12g. 5 partisans appear and 4 are killed. 3 howitzers and a tank kill the 4 defenders of Voronezh and the city is taken for 6g. 3 partisans appear and are killed. Decisive Victory achieved. Rostov bribed for 1018g. Spy escaped. 3 partisans appear and one is killed. Sevastopol is bribed for 607g. Spy escaped. 2 partisans appear and are killed. Russian partisan bribed for 260g. Russian engineer bribed for 468g.

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