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GOTM 182 Greece

In this game, you will rule over the Greek, who are Commercial and Scientific and start the game with the knowledge of Alphabet and Bronze Working. This is a Monarch-level game. The Greek Unique Unit is the Hoplite, an early Pikeman.

The crack Greek defensive troop was the Hoplite and they would typically fight in an organized phalanx, with spear and shield. The Greek empire consisted of over 6,000 islands, over 200 of which are inhabited in the present day. Hoplites can be used to colonize and defend islands and peninsulas in a way that an inferior unit may fail to hold off from natives and competitors alike.

The map is designed in order to challenge your ability to:

  • Identify and prioritize areas for colonization
  • Subdue the native 'barbarian' populations
  • Make effective use of a navy to both expand and defend your empire
  • Repel any attempt from the naval Viking hordes to claim your lands
  • Meddle in the diplomatic affairs of far away empires to prevent one of them from becoming a dominant rival that may threaten your existence

This game was created by Fergei.

Starting Position

GOTM 182 Greece Screenprint.jpg

Scope of the Game

Normal Map
Archipelago, 60% water, 4 billion years old, temperate
Roaming Barbarians
AI Civs: Scandinavia, America, Russia, Rome, Egypt, Arabia, Mongols

Time Plan

The game is released on April 1, 2021.
Submissions are due by June 30, 2021.


Game Release Page

Game release page

Spoiler Limit

Industrial Times or Game Submitted

Spoilers are allowed covering the game up until reaching Industrial Time or having submitted the game. The results of getting and trading bonus technologies at this stage are a permissible topic as well.

No spoiler information from after fulfilling the spoiler requirement is allowed!

(This limit will be changed as the game progresses.)
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I wonder. Is there more land to the east or just another coastline?

I will start with a few Warriors and explore eastward and if there is land there build two fast Settlers jumping the Capital to that Lake. So first mine those Beegees. If we're on an narrow isthmus or small island, then the Capital can stay and it will need a Granary.
I will settle in place for sure and also head east when I have a settler ready. But what is the long term strategy? For me I am thinking a cultural victory. With Alphabet we have a headstart towards Philosophy and the slingshot. We are probably on an island that can be more easily defended when the neighbors get restless in later years. With a coastal location perhaps my first city can one day build the Colossus. I don't think 20k is good for the capital in that location -- too much water and not enough land? -- but the home island could be a nucleus of creative genius generating a 100k victory, or at least glory for my people.
Everything seems so possible when the map is first unveiled. Then troubles come.
There's no slingshot in Play the World.

But on an island, always go scientific, so Writing -- Map Making -- Literature -- The Republic makes sense. The rest can be acquired through trade once we have Galleys.
There's no slingshot in Play the World.
Thanks! Several times now I have worked towards that bonus in PTW and then, What? Where's Republic?, it's not available. Come game time I will have a sheet by the computer listing the many differences and special tactics for PTW vs. Conquests, but I really should know that by now.
It is a typo. He means RCP, or ring city placement.

In PTW, putting rings of cities around the capital at the same distance away minimizes corruption.
Here is a good thread about it:

(Note that they don't get around to discussing that distances of n and n+.5 are the same for ring purposes until several pages in.)
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Thanks, CKS! I find CivAssist II very useful for RCP.

What you do is build the FP in the first Core and then jump the Palace to a conquered AI Core using a Leader. The AI Cores are generally (but probably not on this map with small landmasses) RCP5, which makes all cities in the old Core within 5.5 tiles from the FP have minimum Corruption and Waste. I call that DCP5 for Disc City Placement 5. So if you are very clever, you consider this when placing cities in the first place. For this purpose, I like to use a tight RCP3 placement in the first Core, since most of these cities then fall within 5.5 tiles from each other and thus from the FP city. The new, expanded original Core after the Jump moves slightly in a direction of your choice expressed by selecting what RCP3 city builds the FP. This gives you some extra flexibility.

So when I place cities in the original Core, I consider RCP3 and RCP6 around the Capital and DCP5 (disc city placement, see above) around the Forbidden Palace city, all taken together.

But on small islands, this scheme generally falls apart.
Middle Ages

Spoilers are allowed covering the game up until reaching the Middle Ages. The results of getting and trading bonus technologies at this stage are a permissible topic as well.

No spoiler information from after fulfilling the spoiler requirement is allowed!
Industrial Times or Game Submitted

Spoilers are allowed covering the game up until reaching Industrial Time or having submitted the game. The results of getting and trading bonus technologies at this stage are a permissible topic as well.

No spoiler information from after fulfilling the spoiler requirement is allowed!
Ok, this turned out to be a difficult game. I founded Athens on the spot, then found a much nicer location with wheat and river to the north and decided to jump the capital there right away. So Athens was disbanded by building two early settlers. I never experimented with such an early palace jump before, and I'm not sure, whether it worked out ok. It took for ever to get the new capital up and running and to fill my island.

Also I missed the Great Lighthouse by a few turns (there were too many AI capitals on the coast... :( ). It went to Memphis, Egypt (not Tennessee...), which is as far away from Greece as possible on this map. :cry: I was able to capture it only towards the end of the game, when it no longer made a difference. This also delayed victory by a couple of centuries, I ended up reaching domination in 1120 AD.
Greece GOTM_182 AAR
I quickly expanded and eventually settled my home continent with no trouble from other civs and very manageable barbarian activity. By 490 B.C. I had colonized the western continent and didn't have too much difficulty with that either. I lost a settler and a hoplite there on a hill to barbarian horseman and we held a day of mourning for that.

I didn't contact enemy civs until 270 B.C. and pretty quickly got in contact with all of them except Scandinavia. The Vikings were timid this game; I was expecting more from them. It took me until 150 A.D. to research Republic and once I got there I stayed. Research was slow at first, but by the middle ages I was doing well.

I played a peaceful game and only fought when I needed a resource. Iron and coal were nearby and I only needed to actually attack for aluminum. I did declare war on Russia for kicks in 410 A.D., but I never fought any meaningful campaigns and my home island was never invaded.

I would like to thank Fergei for creating an enjoyable game and an interesting map. None of the vital resources were unattainable and I even got to build the Iron Works, which is always fun. I'm sure there will be some very early victories in this game. I was hoping to do win by some condition other than Space Race, but I took what was offered and will go home happy with my win.
I was shooting for 20k but ran out of time, so it was diplomatic for me. I didn't realize that I should bail to diplo until after I'd built the UN, so I didn't call for a vote the first time, but I counted turns, started a war, and emerged victorious on the second try. I wish I'd had time enough to play a better game on this one, but it was fun. Thanks, Fergei!
Sounds like it was a bit of a mixed bag. When testing the map from the saved game I got awful barb spawns in the continent to the west of the starting place allowing Vikings and others from the supercontinent to make some inroads there. So I kept barbs at default level rather than raising them. Sounds like they didn't always come to the party (I know from multiplayer barb spawns can be inconsistent, terrible in one continent and almost non-existent in another but assumed with the same saved game it would be consistent). In hindsight I could have made barbs raging, but I felt I was already making a map of above average difficulty due to the huge tundra to the east of the starting island.

The difficulty of the game was also dependent on someone in the supercontinent becoming dominant. If the AI stayed with a relatively even break then it will have been easier to turtle on a couple of islands and seek a non-aggressive victory.

I didn't want to be too adventurous but should also have made a custom ship for Vikings to replace galley with more capacity to make them a true nemesis. I should also have probably given one of the supercontinent AI an advantage over the others. Anyway, hope it felt a little different.
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