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GOTM 187 Celts Emperor

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Spoilers and discussions are free. Use your judgement!
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In this game, you will rule over the Celts, who are Militaristic and Religious and start the game with the knowledge of WC and CB. This is an Emporer-level game. The Celtic Unique Unit is the Gallic Swordsman, a faster version of the normal swordsman.

Water is roughly 65%, everything else is on standard settings. 7 pre-selected opponents wait for you in this challenging continents game - good luck!

This game was created by templar_x.

Starting Position


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I need to upload the start file to get this game under way. Not yet received …
Hi Alan, I was 100% sure that I had sent the file to you Wednesday night (CET)... but I can only check tonight when I come home from work. Will do! Sorry for any inconvenience!
ok, I re-sent it, but maybe something does not work. I upload the save now. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT, unless your name is AlanH. ;)
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Thanks, still not received it. Are you still using my old email address? That ceased to work over two years ago and I have been using my @icloud.com address since then.

I’ll download the one you have attached. Not a very secure way to get it to me - you could have opened a “conversation” on this site, equivalent to a private message, and sent it that way.
Obviously I used your old email addresse. Sorry, I was not aware that it had changed. Nor that it is possible to send files in a conversation, but thanks for that hint!
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SPOILER ALERT> this A.A.R. contains information about the map and enemies of GOTM_187. Read no further if that info should not yet be yours.

AAR GOTM-187: I founded my capital in place and Graignamanagh would one day grow to be a wondrous city. Although Babylon and Persia hogged most of the wonders I was able to eventually build:
  • The Pyramids
  • The Great Library
  • Sun Tzu's Art of War
  • Hoover Dam
  • Theory of Evolution
  • The United Nations
  • SETI Program
I tried to play peacefully as I always do, but Carthage and Babylon are nasty neighbors. Both declared on me multiple times, and even violated agreements to gain advantage. I set up my perimeter cities haphazardly based on geography rather than corruption and perhaps that hurt me. I was woefully behind in technology until I built the Great Library with use on a Great Leader. There was no way I could have built it otherwise and I was able to get a slew of techs for free. Without the G.L. I would have been slaughtered and left for dead. Instead, by 70 B.C. I was a Republic and at scientific equity.

10 A.D..jpg

Things progressed nicely. I kept expecting the vital resources to be far away forcing me into war, but everything except horse was close at hand. Templar_x was kind! Still war was inevitable, and in the Middle Ages, as always seems to happen, all the nations turned on each other. It was a race to Nationalism, and I was behind. Especially troublesome was the need for horses. I took them from an island to the SW, but that required war with Egypt. Much blood was shed for those horses over the years.
Equus Beckons.jpg

I felt confident and happy. I had the U.N. and I had control. I was secure, but then Babylon sucker-punched me and took a few of my border towns. I was bogged down in war for many, many years afterwards. Then when I finally got peace I tried to plant a spy in Babylon and was caught. Back at war for years again. Finally I bought peace at humiliating terms.

I did some astute trading and even sold off one of my miserable cities for either peace or money. Regardless, I was able to get enough cash to get to Laser and then I built the Party Lounge with the help of another Great Leader. I won the Space Race, but I don't think I won by much. I couldn't find out how close Babylon was, but he should have gotten there before me. I'm glad he didn't.

Thanks to Templar_x for building an enjoyable world. I especially appreciate that I didn't need to go to war for every last resource. Building the Iron Works is always exciting too. Thanks also, of course, to Piu Freddo for keeping this virtual world alive; I'm glad he's here to keep the ship afloat. And also to AlanH for coordinating the game uploads.


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I noticed that once again, Republic has 0/0/0 unit support like in PtW, not 1/3/4 like it should be in the GOTM.
I think we should check the GOTM.bix file, probably a wrong setting there?!
And I was struck by disease. I think the fault lies with templar_x. He somehow forgets to load the gotm.bix or uses the wrong one.
We had the same problem (unit support for Republic) also in a recent game, which was (I think) created by Captain Jack?!

Anyway, I just checked the GOTM.bix that you have attached to the "Game Schedule" thread (https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/game-schedule-2019-2022.639365/page-2#post-15818507) and here the setting is 1/3/4 as it should be?! So perhaps they indeed forgot to use it? But that would mean that all the other changes for the GOTM competition are also missing?!

Some rule changes are used in 'Classic' GOTMs. Here is a list of all non-standard rules in use:
  • The Great Wall Wonder: gives free walls in all your towns/cities on the continent
  • Explorers and equivalent unique units have been moved from Navigation to Astronomy.
  • Space Race - SS Stasis Chamber Has been moved from Synthetic Fibers to Robotics.
  • Republic Government Unit maintenance cost is 2 gpt/unit with free unit support of 1/3/4 for town/city/metropolis.
  • Archer/Bowmen added defensive freeshot at 1/0/1.
  • Longbowmen added defensive freeshot at 2/0/1.
  • Marines Increased attack strength from 8 to 12 and cost increased to 120 shields.
  • Radar Artillery Movement increased to 2 and rate of fire increased to 3.
  • Air Unit Operating Ranges most have been increased up to the maximum hardcoded limit in Civ3v1.29.
  • Lethal Sea Bombardment for all air units that can bomb targets.
  • Lethal Land Bombardment for all bombers and steath bombers.
  • F-15 stats increase to 8/4/1 (range of 8) with bombard at 6/0/2 lethal land & sea
  • Helicopter transport capacity has been increased to 3.
  • Stealth Fighter stats increased to 8/6/1 with bombard at 6/0/2.
  • Stealth Bomber stats increased to 0/5/1 with bombard at 18/0/3.

Most of this is probably irrelevant for most games, except for maybe the Stasis Chamber, which will have an influence on the fastest possible date for the space race. Though I think that some other changes have not been mentioned in that list, like the flood plain disease you already mentioned or the possibility to pop settlers and towns from goody huts?! Well, I guess for now we just live with it, and keep it in the back of our head to double-check it for next time... ;)
I am very sorry if it indeed is my fault. I am using the bix-file I imagined was the one that is supposed to be used... i will replace it with that one in the link for future use, in case it might be the wrong one.
Well, you have to load gotm.bix into the editor before you start to design the game. If you forget and just start editing from scratch, the rule changes are not included. While creating the game, you don't really see whether you have pre-loaded gotm.bix or not. There is also no way known to me to apply the rule changes automatically on a designed game. It is a matter of discipline.
Well, you have to load gotm.bix into the editor before you start to design the game. If you forget and just start editing from scratch, the rule changes are not included. While creating the game, you don't really see whether you have pre-loaded gotm.bix or not. There is also no way known to me to apply the rule changes automatically on a designed game. It is a matter of discipline.
I know, and I did start by loading the bix-file into the editor in the first step.
I don´t understand the discipline bit.
I dl the bix-file from the link anew. Maybe I had an old one? Dunno.

Because it goes just like this: load the xotm.bix, nothing visible really changes, then save and create the world. correct?

And I still don´t understand the discipline bit.

My created games were also cited as having the wrong rules. I used the provided file, but do not know how to load it into the editor so that is undoubtedly why my games had the error also.
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