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Jun 15, 2008
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GOTM CXC Babylon Monarch

Now that we have spring in the northern hemisphere, I decided to say a special goodbye to the winter season with this GOTM.

The planet had suffered an ice shock. The sites of civilization are mostly gone. The few remaining humans became wandering tribes that seek new habitable places.
They are just people that were lucky enough to survive, but they are not especially skilled. So they went back to only the basic knowledge which their far ancestors had. But they will learn, and they also can find quite a few bits of knowledge and other stuff on the various places where ruins of the now gone human civilization are found. However, for the human player it will not be that easy to reach these places where knowledge can be found, which they call "huts" and only have this picture to give them an idea of how to get there:


Remnants of the old world are still to be found (ruins don´t do anything though), but mostly the world looks like a snowball. However, there are smallish islands with flourishing lands to be found. And some other life forms benefit a lot from the massive decrease of human presence, as you will find out. Will you be able to make good use of this?

In GOTM 190 you rule over the Religious and Scientific Babylonians, who already know Bronze Working and Ceremonial Burial. The Babylonian Unique Unit is their Bowman.

This game was designed by me, templar_x.

Starting Position

Scope of the Game

  • map size: standard
  • everything else about the map: unknown. but that it is: very cool. ;)
  • Barbarians: raging
  • 7 AI civs
Edit: The civs are pre-selected, and I tweaked the map a lot, so this will sure not play out like a standard Monarch game. I hope I still made it playable as well as interesting for everyone. Hope you guys enjoy this game!

Time Plan
  • The game is released on Apr 1, 2023.
  • Submissions are due by June 30, 2023.

Disclaimer and apologies...
Unfortunately I forgot to initially load the GOTM.bix and only found out when I had already finished everything else. :(
So I apologize, but I did not redo everything, but I tried to make a few changes so this would not be too great a deal. Like, I adapted the Republic unit costs, the archer units def shot, and some more things, by hand.
Sorry again…

Spoilers and discussions are free. Use your judgement!


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The idea that springs to my mind is sending hosts of Bowmen into this world and see where it can lead us apart from elite training. A six-turner could be possible with those Cattle, but I can imagine going for an eight- or ten-turn combo factory for balance. If all is ice.
Oh, how exciting!
Looks like we'll need MM to get to those huts of knowledge?
I'm tempted to try fast research game if can get to those huts early.
I see three Tundra Forests on a River. These can be roaded. The Grassland Forests I would cut. The Tundra Game tile 2NW is just 2 fpt until Republic. But still.

So assuming we are alone, research WC? If not, research Pottery, Alphabet, Writing, MM, trade for WC?

OT: By the way, does anyone know why they put Alphabet and Writing in the wrong order? Peeves me everytime I see it. Obviously, Alphabet is (i) optional and (ii) superior to Writing.

This game was a long slog, and I never really got off the ground. I did eventually get to Barbarian Island and it yielded a few tech advances, but between fighting the raging barbarians home and abroad, and then the nasty Greeks, I was always on my heels.
Barbarian Island.jpg

"Mistakes were made", as always, but we Babylonians tried.
Thanks to templar-x for the effort in making the game.
I'm unable to download the file...
EDIT: Could download it successfully now!

BTW: Can I play this game using the current Civ 3 Complete, available on Steam? I'm not sure if I can find PTW somewhere nowadays...


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Diplomatic victory for Babylon in 1500 AD

Settled in place and played completely peaceful. Excpept for a 'drôle de guerre' with France in the ancient age, our continent remained without wars for the whole game.
The island with the goody huts was not of great use. I popped just one tech to reach the middle ages. All other huts popped tons of barbs, some gold and one horseman which was killed by the barbs. All cities placed there were just corrupt and could only be used for scientists.
I didn't build any ancient wonder and only built Sistine (which strangely didn't trigger the GA), Newton's (triggering the GA), ToE, Hoover Dam and finally the UN.
The map was challanging, but since the AI had the same conditions the game seemed well balanced. Greece was the strongest competitor, but I could keep up.

Thanks templar_x for the nice game set up.
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