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Jun 15, 2008
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In Conquest of the Month 165 you rule over Industrious and Seafaring Carthago.

This game was designed by me, templar_x.

Starting Position in the game as attached
Extended starting position for planning and discussion:
in the next post!
(as i do not like fog gazing skills to give an advantage in the game)

Scope of the Game
map size: standard
what else about the map: archipelago-ish
Barbarians: unknown
7 AI civs, the civs are pre-selected
I tweaked the map a little bit to offer some challenge on Regent but hopefully make it playable as well as interesting for everyone.

Hope you guys enjoy this game!

Time Plan
The game is released on Oct 1, 2023.
Submissions are due by December 31, 2023.

Game release page

Spoilers and discussions are free. Use your judgement!


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Settling in place looks like it would be the right way to go because you can make curraghs right off the bat to explore since the map started off as islands. And since it's an industrious civ it won't take as many turns to road to and irrigate the cow.
No changes from my side into that direction that I would know of…
I rarely have MGLs before founding my 2nd town, too... :D
If this is a spoiler lmk and I'll remove, but I've had
Spoiler has to do with armies :
~100 elite combats without an MGL. Update: I have had 2 MGLs. I thought templar's message meant that armies were possible but only thru the academy, but I was wrong.
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Submitted, 50 hrs of play time, and 2nd fastest to finish. I did win, but those will likely be my only superlatives, so don't get discouraged!
I was victorious as Hannibal, but it was a long slog. Everything was happy until I needed aluminum and uranium. That required the settlement of colonies on distant continents and the natives were not happy about my visit. I eventually settled things down, but everyone was perpetually furious with me and the only victory option was spaceship. That is my least favorite, but I was tired of this world and happy to take off by rocket to victory. Alcoa and Urania are depicted below.
Thanks to templar-x for creating the world. I enjoyed it.
Cultural 20K Victory for Carthage in 1798 AD

Regent tempted me again to go for a 20k victory.
Settled in place. The capital produced one warrior, two curraghs, one settler and then only wonders and cultural buildings.
I headed for Philosophy to get an early Republic (in 1450 BC). The curraghs met Greece, Celts, Rome and Russia, so I could do a lot of tech trade.
I tried to play peaceful, but in this game I was attacked twice by Greece in the early game, and then in the late game the Dutch were a real threat.
With the tech advance, I had always stronger units than the opponents.

Thanks templar_x for the nice game set up.
Can we have a few more hours please?!

Edit: I may not be online, when an answer comes (need some sleep today: got up at 7am today trying to finish the game...), so I'm attaching my save here. If it still can be submitted, great, otherwise you can at least take a look at what I did.


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