[PTW] GOTM 187 Celts Emperor

if the file is the wrong one, that obviously won´t suffice.
The file from the Game Schedule thread is correct. If the games that Captain_Jack and templar_x created, are not using these rules, they must have done something wrong in the creation process so that bix ended up not being used after all...

Because it goes just like this: load the xotm.bix, nothing visible really changes, then save and create the world. correct?
Where did you load it? In the game or in the editor? That might be the "jumping comma" here. (English speakers please excuse this little German idiom... ;))

My created games were also cited as having the wrong rules. I used the provided file, but do not know how to load it into the editor so that is undoubtedly why my games had the error also.
I'm not the expert modder, but I think that could be the solution. When I created a GOTM, I always used the editor, like this:
  • Double-click on the GOTM.bix, it automatically opens in the PtW Editor. (At least on my CD-based installation, not sure about those fancy new Steam/GoG/whatever installations. As they do not install the PtW executable, it could well be that they also omit the PtW Editor, or, if they install the editor, forget to create the Windows association of the file extension ".bix" with the Editor executable... But that's a different can of worms...)
  • Then I adjust the description in the scenario properties to the current GOTM, e.g. this is an example from GOTM 163, the last one I created. (I was told many years ago that the automatic scan tools used on the submitted files check this description to make sure the submitted files were indeed played from the correct .sav...)
    Then I save the change into a new file, e.g GOTM163.bix to make sure that I don't accidentally overwrite the original GOTM.bix.

  • Then I click on "Map --> Generate Map" (this is of course optional, you can also create the entire map by hand, if you want to):

  • And then I make the manual modifications that I deem necessary, e.g. check that coast/sea crossings are possible/not possible between continents, assign the starting locations, make sure each civ has the resources, food, luxes that I want it to have, give extra units to the human civ, if it's a difficult game (and/or I'm feeling generous... :mischief:), change the map where I don't like it (e.g. create or remove choke-points, etc.)
  • When I'm done, I save the file again and move it into the directory ...\Civilization3\Civ3PTW\Scenarios
  • Now I can stop the editor and fire up the game, click on "Load Scenario", choose the GOTM163.bix, select the human's civ and the difficulty level and then hit "Enter".


  • A game starts and I just save it to create the 4000 BC.sav
exactly as you describe it... my best guess is that i had had an old XOTM.bix. i already dled it anew, or maybe really the new one for the first time.
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