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GOTM 200 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Major Advantage, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Republic to Demo
    Disband many warriors. Lux at 40.

    160 four cities celebrate.
    180 Kaifeng (14)

    Status 200AD
    14C, 2 Sett gov: Republic LH, HG, Colossus
    1 Warr, 1 Phalanx, 2 Horse, 1 Chariot, 1 Legion, 1 Dip, 0 Explorer.
    4 Trireme, 8 Van.
    17 tech res Mono
    3 Domestic trade routes.

    Cities: +1
    Tech: +2
    Wonders: +0

    Probably need MPE faster than anything. I have 4 vans in place if the Zulus get close.
    But Mono/MC is crucial too. Since I won the Philosophy race, I don’t need to fear MC, but I need 4 more vans ASAP.
    Definitely need Jungle city. Use hills settler
    Plan for Big Continent:
    Many Cities. Very many cities.
    Ship Chain to South
    Long term tech goal is Demo.
    SSC goals: Harbor, Aqueduct, Library.

    Proximate Goals for 400AD
    Forest City MP, Harbor, get to size 8.
    After Construction; Forest City size 12
    Another trade route.
    Swamp City, 2 more in North
    Maybe 2 more on Forest.
    Meet an AI.

    240 Forest City builds Harbor, now size 8
    260 Mono=> Wheel. Zulu: give Republic, Phil, Seaf for peace, Maps.
    Turn Science down. Deliver vans for MPE.
    280 MPE. Zulus switch to Oracle. English start GL.
    MC: have 5 of 8. Keep tax up.
    MPE: We are Supreme.
    Romans: Desp, 223g3C Const, IW, Mas, Math, WC res CoL
    Zulu: Mon, 419g, 5C WC, Wheel res Pots
    French Desp, 193g, 3C Mas res Mon
    Spanish Desp, 520g 3C WC res IW
    English Desp, 562g8C BB, Const, IW, Mas, Math res Republic
    Mongol Desp, 398g, 4C IW, Mas, WC res Math

    Sadly, Zulus won’t trade for Wheel.
    French and Spanish are not off their islands yet, so no need to help them.
    Romans have lots of things we want, but civs usually don’t like trading IW.
    English dittto
    Mongols have IW.
    There is a lot of money in the AI coffers.

    Contact Romans: trade for Const, IW, Math.
    So now I don’t ever need Mas
    I don’t need WC until Feudalism.
    I do need Wheel for Eng.

    Maybe I can capture a Zulu city or steal tech. Yes.
    Wait for BB until near Demo.

    300* move past Zulu Legion.
    320 Zulus and Mongols declare War. my horse is close to Isandhlwala
    340. Zulus in anarchy. Ask for them to withdraw. Zulu: WAR. Clear defender in Isandhlwana. Bribe Isandhlwana for 37g. Wheel.
    Buy MP in Mountain, Forest City. Still need AQ in Forest City.
    360 Zulu in Republc. We are researching Engineering.
    380* Spanish and English declare war. Mountain Wine to Forest City. (d, 370)
    Tax to 10. Buy many white goods.
    400 Forest City builds AQ.

    Status 400AD
    15C, 2 Sett gov: Republic HG, Colossus, MPE
    1 Warr, 2 Phalanx, 1 Horse, 1 Chariot, 1 Legion, 2 Crook, 0 Dip, 0 Explorer.
    4 Trireme, 8 Van.
    22 tech res Eng
    4 Domestic trade routes.
    SSC size 9

    Cities: +1
    Tech: +5
    Wonders: +1

    Goal Meeting
    MPE √
    MC in 2 turns
    Forest City MP, Harbor, get to size 8. √
    Library in progress
    After Construction; Forest City size 12 - size 9
    Another trade route. √
    Swamp City, 2 more in North - Swamp in place. North waiting for MC
    Maybe 2 more on Forest. One getting close.
    Meet an AI. √

    Very good turnset.
    MC vans are in place for delivery next turn.
    SSC can grow after MC.
    Needs Library
    Lux to 20 after MC?
    North needs to double cities.
    Find Orleans and capture Pyramids.
    Swamp and 2nd Forest settlers are in place.
    Tech: Eng, Bank, (Astro) (Medicine), Inv, Demo.

    Trade possibilities: Dye van from somewhere.
    Hides, Silk, or Salt vans to Forest City
    So after Library, spam vans in Forest City.

    Specific Goals for 600 AD:
    8 more cities in north.
    +6 from Settlers
    +2 from conquest.
    English are 2 West of Zulus.
    Send 4 crooks and 2 dips.
    Keep spamming vans for Copes, Magellan. Maybe Shakes.
    Find the Pyramids and plan to capture them.
    French are East of Zulus. Send a settler on the river.
    Deliver 3 SSC vans for Science.

    440 Bapedi builds Oracle. Mid Hills buils Mike’s. Zulus: offer peace; Senate accepts. East Forest founded.
    460* Canterbury builds GL. Hut: 50g.
    480 Forest City builds Library. Eng=> Astro (Banking not offered) Yangchow.
    500 Mongols: declare WAR.
    520 Swamp tile irrigated. Swamp founded.
    Going to be hard to get +8 cities. Currently +2
    6 Sett in prod.
    Need 1 turn of taxes.
    540* Romans in Republic. Crook kills Zulu Warrior => vet.
    560 Hut: Crook (Swamp). Disband into Swamp.
    580 Hut: Issus. Cunaxa.
    600 Forest City hides to Nunavut (d, 308)

    Status 600AD
    21C, 3 Sett gov: Republic HG, Colossus, MPE, MC
    1 Warr, 3 Phalanx, 1 Horse, 2 Legion, 2 Crook, 1 Dip, 0 Explorer.
    4 Trireme, 6 Van.
    23 tech res Astro (next)
    9 Domestic trade routes.
    SSC size 12

    Cities: +6
    Tech: +1
    Wonders: +1

    A little slow turnset.
    I could use 2 more triremes for a Forest – Nunavut Shipchain.
    Astro next, 4 vans toward Cope’s.
    North: Sending a task force to Mongols (crook, legion, dip.) It will be a while.
    Next goal double cities in North (+ 10)
    Forest City just stopped Hides production.
    Tech: Astro (next), Bank, Inv, Demo.

    620* Astro => Banking. Hut: 9 barbs. Hut: Nomads. Cremona.
    English: WAR. We will be able to bribe Liverpool
    640 Cannae. Barbs take Issus. Sadly, I had rehomed a crook to that city. Wah.
    660 Turin.
    680 Bank => Inv.
    700* Forest City Hides to Nunavut (d, 336). Newcastle emptied and Conquered (Bridges. ) Hut: Nomads on Swamp.
    720 Hut: Nav.Time to spam for Magellans. English: Peace.
    780* Forest City builds Cope’s.
    800 Hut: Inv. Magellan will be in Hills, but Leos should be somewhere else.

    Status 800AD
    26C, 6 Sett gov: Republic HG, Colossus, MPE, MC, Cope’s
    0 Warr, 4 Phalanx, 4 Horse, 2 Legion, 1 Crook, 3 Dip, 2 Explorer.
    4 Trireme, 8 Van.
    28 tech res ?
    10 Domestic trade routes.
    SSC size 12

    Cities: +5
    Tech: +5
    Wonders: +1

    Moderate turnset, luck with Tech. I need to make sure Demo is next on the slate. It is.
    Demo will come in 1 or 2 turns. Revolt in 8
    The big growth doesn’t come until about 35 cities. I should really push for that.
    That would mean +7. And I have 4 coming in the north already.
    There are also 2 English cities ripe for plucking. Needs more Dips.
    Also need more money for defence in the North.

    Goals for 1000:
    Demo, gov: Demo
    Phys, Mag
    Then Univ, Medicine, (San) Guns, Expl.
    Then Steam, RR
    Work towards Leo
    25-40 Cities
    Roll up more English Cities. We have a task force but need dips.
    Cannae Dip will take out Liverpool.

    820 Res Demo.
    840 Legion survives Horse attack. Crete, at elbow. Hut: 50g. Hut: Crook (Cremona)
    860* Demo=> Physics. Revolt. Gov: Monarchy
    Zulus: peace. Get 600g tribute!!
    Everybody else: WAR.
    French: give Trade, Literacy for Peace, Maps.
    Gov: Demo
    Trireme unhappiness in Nunavut, Clacier2, East Hills, and Mountain.
    Tax set to 30 for Forest City

    Hut: Salamis. Hut: Legion (Salamis)
    Bribe Issus from Barbs for 42g. get a horse.
  2. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Demo => Fundy

    880 English crook razes Crete. English: peace. Give Philosophy and Republic for peace, maps. Forest City Salt to Mid Hills (d, 164)
    900 Romans develop University for us to steal. Hut: 9 Barbs. Hut: Hamburg.
    920 Barbs toast our horse. We have 3 choices for our Hill vans: Magellan, SoL, and Leo. Eventually I want SoL and Fundy or Communism. But I think I need a few more turns in Demo for growth and science. Magellan after Galleons. So it's Leo first.
    Forest City builds Bank.
    940* Barbs take Salamis, with two supported legions, and the city is razed. These barbs seem to be extra strong. Mid hills completes Leo’s. Salzburg. Bergen. Hut: Crook (Anyang)
    980 Magnets=> Univ. Romans: give Nav and Inv and MM for peace, University,, Maps.
    Find Intombe. Needs more loot to bribe.
    Raise taxes.
    Then: Hut: 50g.
    1000 res Medicine.

    Status 1000AD
    33C, 14 Sett gov: Demo HG, Colossus, MPE, MC, Cope’s, Leo
    5 Warr, 6 Phalanx, 5 Horse, 2 Legion, 3 Crook, 5 Dip, 2 Explorer.
    4 Galleon, 8 Van.
    32 tech res Medicine
    10 Domestic trade routes.
    SSC size 12

    Cities: +7
    Tech: +4
    Wonders: +1

    Pretty good set. I want Magellan and SoL. A switch to Communism could be great. The AI has tons of cash.
    Medicine, chem, Guns, Expl first.
    Time to fill in the middle islands.

    Specific Goals for 1200:
    Bribe Aleppo, and Intombe
    SoL. Revolt to Fundy or Communism
    Settle islands north for northern trade. If I can make a shipchain, money problems are gone.
    2 more cities on Forest isle
    Need 50 more cities in North. I have 14 settlers, so I should have plopped more of them down. Spam one round of settlers in north (11 more)
    Goal: + 20 cities
    +3 tech
    +1 Wonder (SoL)

    Set northern cities to Settlers.

    1020* Hut: Legion (Cremona). Aleppo bribed for 85g. Masonry, get 41g.
    1040 Mongols: Senate forces Peace. Romans start Magellan. Mpondo found Hut: Venice.(size 3, MP and Temple!) Milan. Ghent. Pisa
    1060 Medicine=> Chem Dublin. Hut: 50g.Mountain Gold to Forest City (u, 138) Mountain Salt to Forest City (u, 138

    1100* Toronto. Hut: 100g. Buy white goods.
    1120 Mongols offer 300g to attack English. We accept. Forest City builds Magellan. Melbourne.
    1140 Chem=> Guns. Bribe some units. Liverpool emptied. Capture Nishapur. English: senate forces peace. East Fish. Forest City Salt to Mid Hills – recently undemanded (84).
    1160 2Beijing. 2Shanghai. 2Canton
    1180* hut: NONE Crook. Hut: Legion (disband). Hut: 9 barbs. There goes an explorer. Plains founded. Glacier2 Silver to Forest City (u, 86)
    1200 Gunpowder=> Explosives. 2 Xinjian

    Status 1200AD
    47C, 11 Sett gov: Demo HG, Colossus, MPE, MC, Cope’s, Leo, Magellan
    25 Musk, 6 Horse, 2 Elephant, 4 Crook, 6 Dip, 1 Explorer.
    8 Galleon, 11 Van.
    37 tech res Explosives
    10 Domestic trade routes.
    SSC size 12

    Cities: +14
    Tech: +5
    Wonders: +1

    Pretty energetic. We need another such, and with SoL
    Engineers soon. can start Road network
    Trade from north to South will be coming soon. Need a bunch more Galleons.
    After Communism or Fundy, make army of 10 crooks and wipe out English.
    Build Galleon to conquer Orleans and Pyramids.

    1220 English break cease-fire. Kill a musket. Grass Canal founded. Hut: 100g. Canterbury captured (GL) .
    1240 English: peace.
    1260* 2Hangchow. East Desert. Hut: 2Tatung.
    1280 Expl=> Econ
    1300 West Plains. West Fish. Forest City builds SoL
    1320 Econ=> San. 2Shantung. Revolution
  3. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Fundy to Power Demo

    Using the loot from MC and Fundy, build MP and Temple in every city.
    That will be better than Communism
    1340* Gov: Fundy. Lux 20. Hut: Musket (Bergen)
    1360 Celebrations in some crucial cities. 2Chinan. Square Island. Spanish: get 750g for Peace.
    1380 Univ in Mountain and Forest City.2 Kaifeng. 2 Ningpo. Mpondo emptied and subverted. 2Paoting. English: WAR. Coventry captured. English: 150g for peace.
    1400 English: WAR. Hastings subverted. Oxford subverted.
    South Port Spice to Forest City (u, 266) Tundra Silk to Forest City (u, 70) Chinan Gold to Forest City (u, 265) Macao Silk to Forest City (u, 260)

    Status 1400AD
    68C, 2 Sett, 18 Eng gov: Fundy
    HG, Colossus, MPE, MC, Cope’s, Leo, Magellan,, SoL
    10 Warr, 1 Phalanx, 1 Archer, 36 Musk, 6 Horse,, 9 Crook, 3 Dip, 1 Explorer.
    1 Trireme, 13 Galleon, 14 Van.
    39 tech res Sanitation (next)
    22 Domestic trade routes.
    SSC size 12

    Cities: +21 - that's more like it
    Tech: +2 - this needs addressing.
    Wonders: +2

    Science development is hurting. When to revolt back to Demo? Maybe at Freight?
    INC will help. Certainly need 3 routes in all southern cities.
    Almost have a shipchain to the North. ( 6 of 8). Build two more.
    Building vans and engineers in south.
    War in North.
    Bribe Bapedi and Oracle.
    Make port for conquering Orleans.
    Need 2 ships, and either 3 dips for walls or 6 crooks

    1420 San=> Steam Eng. Cordoba bribed. French Port founded. 2Issus.
    1440 2Cunaxa. 2Cremona. North Forest. Hut: 100g
    1460 Mongol Port. 2Turin. 2Genoa. 2Crete. Cunaxa Spice to Nunavut (d, 714)
    1480 Steam Eng=> ToG. Salzburg Gems to Forest City (u, 249) Kaifeng Coal to Forest City (d, 772)

    Plan for my newfound cash:
    Could buy white goods, engineers, or vans.
    Eng: we have 19, currently 8 in prod
    We want like 50
    Vans: we have 30, producing 39
    Build 20, turn some of the others into Eng.
    Build items demanded in South.
    Buy MP in Tundra, N. Tundra. Stock Exch in Forest City.

    1500 Hut: 100g.
    1510 ToG=> Metallurgy. Forest City Gems to East Fish (d, 699)
    Roman Port. 2Kaifeng Dte to Forest City (d, 458). Hut: 100g. hut: 2Salamis. East Port Silver to Forest City (u, 259). Spanish: 75g
    1520 French start Shake’s. Metallurgy=> RR. 2Lisbon. Spanish: 50g
    1530 Forest City builds INC. Square Lake Coal to Forest City (d, 640). Macao Spice to Nunavut (d, 810). 2Hamburg. Spanish: WAR. Plunder Salamanca.
    RR next. Darwin will be in the Hills.
    French expedition ready next.
    1540 RR=> Ind. Hut: 7 Barb Knights. 2Salzburg. East port Oil to Forest City (u, 186) Wah.
    1550 Deliver vans for Darwin. Set Tax to Max. 2Bergen. Capture Valladolid. Spanish: 50g for Peace.
    Attack Orleans. It is defended only by a Caravan. Capture Orleans (Pyramids)

    Status 1550AD
    87C, 37 Eng gov: Fundy
    LH, HG, Colossus, MPE, GL, MC, Cope’s, Leo, Magellan,, SoL, INC
    5 Warr, 64 Musk, 6 Horse,, 17 Crook, 3 Dip, 1 Explorer.
    24 Galleon, 48 Van.
    44 tech res Ind (coming next with Darwin)
    32 Domestic trade routes.
    SSC size 12

    Cities: +21
    Tech: +5 - this still needs addressing.
    Wonders: +2

    Good Turnset.

    Next set:
    RR all the way to the north?
    Certainly consolidate the southern rim
    Expand into the rest of the interior
    Wipe out Spanish on main continent.
    Keep the shipchain going. Easier after Transports – it might be a double.
    Build Shakes, Adam Smith. Maybe Eiffel in North?
    Prepare for revolt back to Demo after all the wars.
    RR the south. Need 2 more eng.

    1560 Barb kills my exploring horse. Darwin. Industrialization, Conscription. Rifles should make me safe from Barbs. East Forest Silk to East Fish (d, 156). Turin Coal to Foresst City (d, 392) Ghent Copper to Forest City (d, 351) Kaifeng Silk to Forest City (u, 206) Salzburg Gold to Tundra (d, 266). East Fish Hides to Tundra (d, 178)

    1570 I built 50 temples. Bapedi conquered (Oracle) all Tithes are an additional +2 with temples. Grass Canal Silk to Glacier2 (d, 168). Lyons subverted. Nunavut Salt to Yangchow (u, 187)
    1580 Corporation=> Electricity. Everybody upgrades to Fr4ight. Nunavut Wine to Issus (d, 675). North Tundra Wine to Milan (d, 285) Venice Gems to Forest City (d, 906)
    1590 Electricity=> Electronics. West Grass. Hamburg Coal to Forest City (d, 680) Dublin Gems to Forest City (d, 810)
    1600 Electronics=> Steel. Forest City builds Shakespeare. West Port Spice to North Tundra (d, 464) Yangchow Spice to Nunavut (d, 840) Anyang Wine to Mountain (d, 660)

    Status 1600
    93C, 43 Eng
    Pyr, HG, Col, LH, GL, Oracle, MPE, MC, Copes, Mag, Shakes, Leo, INC, Darwin, SoL
    3 Musk, 70 Rifle, 5 Horse, 16 Crook, 2 Cannon, 3 Destroyer, 3 Dip, 1 Exp
    25 Transport, 49 Freight
    Trade Routes: 55 Domestic, 1 Foreign
    49 tech, res Steel

    Seems to be 1 Tech/turn after the deliveries.
    After CfC, Demo should be powerful. But for now, Oracle is helping.
    Demo would eventually be 2 tech/turn until Flight.
    I should conquer Rome (GW) first.
    Initial goal to launch by 1750.
    If I can get 200 cities soon, that will help the launch.
    Another 5 turns should get temples and MP in most cities.
    Side goal of delivering Forest City Salt van to Rome.

    1610 French: get all their gold for peace. Steel =<>Atom Theo. Cannae Gems to Forest City (d, 852) 2Hangchow Dye to Forest City (d, 574) 2Hangchow Coal to Forest City (d, 717). Lisbon Wine to Mountain (d, 602) East Fish Wine to Mountain (d, 520) 2Paiting Dye to Forest City (d, 620Spanish: WAR. Barcelona captured.
    Buy Adam Smith.

    1620 Atom Theo=> Refining. East Fish builds Adam Smith. 2Tatung Coal to Forest City (d, 792) 2Ningpo Dye to Forest City (d, 554) 2Issus Copper to Forest City (d, 498) Square Island Coal to Forest City (d, 767)

    1630 Refining=> Gen Eng. South Port builds Eiffel. Forest City Gems to Square Lake (d, 926) 2Yangchow Copper to Forest City (d, 498) 2Cremona Copper to Forest City (d, 564) Ghent Coal to Forest City (d, 642).

    1640 Gen Eng=> Comb. 2Genoa Dye to Forest City (d, 618) Nishapur Coal to Forest City (d, 1015). Rome captured (Great Wall)

    1650 Comb=> Feud. Macao builds Womes Suffrage. Swamp Spice to Isandhlwana (d, 458) Milan Coal to Forest City (d, 734) Intombe Copper to Forest City (d, 584) Hlobane subverted.
    118 Cities. 57 Eng.

    1660 Feud => Refrig. Forest City Salt to Saragossa (d, 1200) North Forest Spice to Antium (d, 576) Kaifeng Hides to Tundra (d, 384)
    Buy white goods. Only 8 more Temple/MP to buy.
    Time for switch to Demo? 2 techs/turn is possible.
    Build CfC first, finish wars.
    Revolt end of next turn.

    1670 Refrig => Chiv. Yangchow Wine to Mountain (d, 750) Capture Samarkand. Roman Port Copper to Forest City (d, 640) 2 Lisbon Gold to Tundra (d, 420) Venice Gold to Tundra (d, 438). Buy all second rows as Horses expire.
    Revolution. Fix happiness.
    Add some scientists.
    1680 South port builds CfC.

    Gov: Monarchy
    Tribute: Zulus: 150g

    Gov. Demo.
  4. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Wow. You managed to get both Hanging Gardens and Colossus after Lighthouse! while reaching the continent in -350.

    What do you mean by "Buy While goods"?
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2018
  5. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    He probably meant "generic trade commodities" to make a generic profit off of. With so many cities, it doesn`t really matter what you build, someone`s gonna have it demanded most of the time anyway.

    Also, holy moly those turnsets. We all just got smoked. Can`t believe you had 1tech per turn in Fundy of all govt`s. It was the shipchain, right? That made the whole difference?
  6. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Yes, the ship chain meant that deliveries filled the food box every turn even in Fundy.

    White Goods is a term from the early days - I think Scouse Gits invented it, along with Crooks. It refers to the cities building improvements in the City Advisor Window being listed in white.

    I actually thought I played sloppily once I got to the main continent. Only 15 total cities in 400AD is not staying on plan. I guess I was overly worried about defense, and didn't build settlers as fast as I might have. All of my lead comes from the early Monarchy and the early arrival on the main continent. HG and Colossus was not hard with Monarchy in 2050. I did elect to delay MPE until later, because the AI never seems to want it.

    I launched in 1762.

    I should finish this weekend.
  7. haleewud

    haleewud Prince

    Feb 16, 2010
    +1800 to +1840

    This was a period of improving my cities and trade.
    On the first turn (1802), I eliminated the Romans, Zulus, French and Spanish. The English still had a number of disconnected cities (Liverpool, the capital was in the middle of nowhere at 62,54,1.
    At the end of 1808, I went to getting all needed beakers from trading (1 or 2 Einstein to make discovery).
    I also began spending a lot on city improvements.
    In +1800 I had 24 MP (mostly captured), 25 Aqueducts and 18 harbors with only a few other improvements.
    By +1840, I had built 50 additional Aqueducts and 28 Harbors. I also built 57 Mass Transit, 69 Factories, 50 Supermarkets, 25 Superhighways, 39 Off-Shore Platforms and 80 Airports.

    +1802 English govt overthrown, Senate signs Zulu CF, Mass P -> Nuclear Fission (3024), Bribe English Cannon 152, REVOLUTION, Break French CF, Zulus, Spanish and English declare war, Kill Musket in Orleans (84), French govt overthrown, Kill French Part, Kill 2 Muskets in Paris (Pyramids+56+MP+GL), French destroyed, Kill 3 Musket+Caravel in Rome (64+Gran+MP+HG), Bribe Veii 610 (92+Gran+MP+CW+Aque+Colo+3 Musket), Romans destroyed, Kill 2 Musket in Zimbabwe (2 Cavalry Die, Copes+390+Gran+MP+Aque+3 Part), Bribe Zulu Part 135, Bribe Intombe 214 (spy captured, 48+MP+Musket), Bribe Ngome 83 (spy captured, 19+Musket) Zulus destroyed, Kill 3 Muskets in Madrid (1 Cavalry dies, 135+MP), Spanish destroyed, bribe English explorer 129, Sell 21 Granary, Deliveries (1 Domestic 235, 2 Foreign 2356), 1234 spent on RBs

    +1804 English change to Republic, steal Mini, Democracy reestablished, CF and Peace with Mongols, Bribe Pamplona 280 (spy captured, 95+Barr(sold)+CW+Musket+Phal), Bribe Carlisle 211 (64+Barr+Gran(Sold)), 428 spent on RBs
    +1806 Nuclear Fission -> Computers (3066), Deliveries (3 Domestic 1792), 998 spent on RBs, sell 1 Barr, 2 CW, 1 Cath
    +1808 Computers -> Rocketry (3108), 12 trucks to Shanghai, Deliveries (4 Domestic 2509, 1 Foreign 222), 3178 spent on RBs, T/L/S = 5/5/0
    +1810 Rocketry -> Nuclear Power (), Shanghai builds Hoover, Bribe English Musket 97, Deliveries (4 Domestic 3558), 4650 spent on RBs
    +1812 Nuclear Power -> Laser (3192), Improvements (6 Aque, 4 Sewer, 6 Fact, 1 OSP), Deliveries (6 Domestic 4273), 6910 spent on RBs
    +1814 Mongols get Magnetism and Writing from English, Laser -> Space Flight (3234), Improvements (10 Aque, 3 Sewer, 5 Fact, 7 OSP, 3 Harb, 1 SM), Hut -> Musket (NON), Deliveries (4 Domestic 3205, 2 Foreign 168), 3615 spent on RBs
    +1816 Space Flight -> Plastics (3276), Improvements (3 Aque, 2 Sewer, 1 Fact, 4 OSP, 4 Harb, 1 SM, 1 MT), bribe English Cannon 144, Deliveries (6 Domestic 5110), Shantung Uranium to Zimbabwe 1309, 6936 spent on RBs
    +1818 Plastics -> Superconductor (3476), Improvements (2 Temple, 3 MP, 9 Aque, 9 Sewer, 2 Fact, 11 Harb, 1 SM, 3 MT), Hut -> 8 Barb Knight, Bribe 4 Barb Knights (82 each), kill 4 barb knights, Deliveries (8 Domestic 6103), 7087 spent on RBs
    +1820 English change to Communism, SuperC -> Fusion Power (3520), Improvements (4 Sewer, 4 Fact, 4 OSP, 7 MT), Deliveries (8 Domestic 6753), 7094 spent on RBs bribe English Settler 312
    +1822 Fusion Power -> Recycling (3564), Improvements (2 Temp, 1 Colo, 3 Aque, 5 Sewer, 3 OSP, 7 Harb, 4 SM, 6 MT), Hut -> 100, Deliveries (5 Domestic 5478), 6604 spent on RBs
    +1824 English start UN, Recycling -> Environmentalism (3690), Improvements (3 Temp, 1 Aque, 6 Sewer, 1 Colo, 1 Fact, 5 MT, 3 OSP, 2 Harb, 3 SH) , Sell 3 Barr + 2 CW, Deliveries (8 Domestic 5248, 1 Foreign 2328), 7875 spent on RBs, T/L/S = 4/6/0
    +1826 Environ -> Guerrilla War (3735), Improvements (1 CH, 2 Aque, 2 Sewer, 2 Fact, 5 MT, 3 OSP, 1 Harb, 3 Colo, 1 SM, 6 Air), Deliveries (4 Domestic 5333), 6254 spent on RBs, Hut -> 7 Barb Knights, Bribe 2 barb Knights 82 each, kill 2 barb Knights
    +1828 Spy foils English Espionage, Barbs kill 1 Knight, GW -> Labor Union (3780), Improvements (5 Sewer, 2 MT, 1 OSP, 1 SM, 14 Air), Bribe English Dip 115, Deliveries (5 Domestic 9878), 9746 spent on RBs, Bribe Barb Knight 82
    +1830 Mongols get ToG and University from English, Labor Union -> FT#1 (3825), Improvements (1 MP, 2 Aque, 2 Sewer, 1 Fact, 3 MT, 2 RC, 1 OSP, 4 SH, 1 Colo, 4 SM, 13 Air), Hut -> 50, Bribe English Musket 117, subvert Leicester 2x339 (105+Barr(sold)+Temp+MP+Musket), Bribe English Musket 108, Bribe Reading 318 (88+CW+Musket), CF with English, Deliveries (5 Domestic 12750), 13509 spent on RBs
    +1832 FT#1 -> Mobile Warfare, Improvements (1 Aque, 2 Sewer, 3 Fact, 1 RC, 2 OSP, 3 SH, 4 Colo, 1 SM, 15 Air), Genoa founded at 38,66,1, Deliveries (7 Domestic 11759), 12849 spent on RBs
    +1834 Mob War -> FT#2, Improvements (3 Lib, 1 Sewer, 1 MT, 1 RC, 1 OSP, 6 SH, 6 SM, 20 Air), Hut -> 50, Hut -> Rifle, Bribe English Crusader 138, Deliveries (6 Domestic 11906), 12799 spent on RBs
    +1836 English Economics, FT#2 -> Robotics, Improvements (1 Aque, 6 Fact, 9 MT, 2 RC, 3 OSP, 5 SH, 6 Air), Bribe English Settler 280, subvert Bristol 2x390 (144+Barr(sold)+Temp+2Musket), Deliveries (5 Domestic 13231), 14001 spent on RBs
    +1838 Robotics -> Combined Arms, Improvements (1 Aque, 2 Sewer, 18 Fact, 4 MT, 1 OSP, 2 SH, 3 Colo, 12 SM, 2 Air), bribe English Dip 94, Dip 106, Hut -> 100, Deliveries (8 Domestic 19599), 20656 spent on RBs
    +1840 Combined Arms -> FT#3, Shanghai builds Apollo, Improvements (2 Temp, 1 CH, 1 Aque, 2 Sewer, 20 Fact, 11 MT, 2 OSP, 1 SH, 2 Colo, 11 SM, 2 Air), Crete founded at 52,36,1, Bribe English Settler 256, Deliveries (3 Domestic 7326), 8237 spent on RBs

    stats at +1840
    Pop.: 126.3M; Cities: 82 Techs: 87+; Gov: Democracy; Gold: 488; Trade Routes: 28Dom/151Conquered/3Foreign; Cost/Turn: 1621;
    Units: 6 settlers, 72 Engineers, 1 Warrior, 8 Musketeers, 2 Partisans, 22 Rifle, 2 Marine, 2 Crusaders, 5 Knights, 1 Dragoons, 8 Cavalry, 3 Cannon, 5 Artillery, 1 Destroyer, 41 Transport, 2 Diplomat, 5 Spy, 61 caravan, 1 Explorer
    Wonders: Pyramids, HG, Colossus, LH, GL, Oracle, GW, SunTzu, KRC, MPE, Mike's, Copernicus, Magellan's, Shake's, Leo's, Bach's, Newton's, Darwin's, SoL, ET, WS, Hoover, Apollo

    Romans - Destroyed
    Zulus - Destroyed
    French - Destroyed
    Spanish - Destroyed
    English - 411 gold, 3 cities, 46 tech (none), Communism
    Mongols - 241 gold, 1 cities, 40 tech (none), Republic

    Goals: Build Spaceship, Launch, Increase population (and number of cities)
  8. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    1851 AD: Mass Production > Computers. ND for 122g. OH YOU Fk. English have built Gloucester on Mongol island, preventing me from doing the farm there. Well, that`s not how things will go. Subvert Gloucester for 240*2g, get 104gback. Pise III coal (d) to naples: 660g. Naples now demands Oil instead of Coal! ND for 264, foreign ND for 240g, ND for 264, 250, 153, 267, 267, 226. D for 128g. Foreign ND for 140g. Chengdu V built. Will need some engi support to get up to size3 timely, it was first city on south pole. Kinda feel like I didn`t build a whole lot this turn…

    Interturn: Zulus develop Explosives.

    1852 AD: Computers > Recycling. Pop exceeds 101 million citizens. Kaifeng spice (d) to Londres: 1656g. Capped. ND to Londres for 252g, does not unblock. Dump other spice vans for 184, 322g. WAIT. Hastings has unrest despite Shakes?? That’s weird! Kaifeng III wine (d) to Zimbabwe: 720g. Salzbourg dye (d) to Ulundi: 528g. 134g. I need to send engineers to Rome to develop around, no roads. 116. Tienstin V built, dye van immediately sent there for 22g. If I skip city names from now on, it`s because the cities being built are future NONE engies. 285g.

    Interturn: French do… something? I refuse to declare war.

    1853 AD: Hangzhou V disbands into an engineer. Recycling > Mobile Warfare. Pop exceeds 107 million citizens. Tatung V built. ND for 375, 358, 280, 226, Xinjian III silk (d) to Kaifeng: 696g. Foreign ND for 106, 146, 146. Venise II silver (d) to Bapedi: 285g. Start building UN in Canton, 298/600. Foreign ND for 294g, ND for 271g, Foreign ND for 210, 104g. Now up to 193 vans. A lot of vans are on transit as I can`t be arsed to move them manually. Foreign ND for 200g. Anyang V built. ND for 258g. Spice won`t unblock in Londres, Kaifeng route too strong. Oh yeah, I was supposed to road up Rome, not disband for a NONE… whoops.

    1854 AD: 2 NONE settlers created. Mobile Warfare > Robotics. Pop exceeds 115 million citizens. NDs for 294, 126, 170, 132. Isandhlwhana hides (d) to Seville: 252g. Well, that lasted long… replaced by Silk. NDs for 162, 156, 108, 160, 208, and 156. 210g. 146g. 424g. ND for 236, 314. Looks like I`ll have to abandon plans of spamming plans for Spice vans to London, things just ain`t resetting like they should even with Kaifeng`s trade minimized. Actually... what am I doing I can just send a spy! I`ll be able to figure out the other routes and minimize that as well. Naples II ND to Paris for 316g. Does unblock spice there! That was far easier. 265g. 280g.

    1855 AD; Robotics > Nuclear Fission. Would have been unavailable next turn otherwise, forcing me into useless offpath or Flight. (Won`t mind getting Labour Union if it comes to it.) Pop exceeds 122 million citizens. 200, 158. Kill Zulu Frigate. 243g, Tatung III wine (d) to Lyons: 490g. ND for 254g. Capoue II silk (d) to Kaifeng: 674g, ND for 160, 234g. 168g. 260g. 188g. 212g. Need to send a roading engineer to Spain to improve there as well. 240g. 211 vans available… next turn I have UN. This number should go down by a lot. GOTM score seems to be increasing at a faster clip. I am attempting to get irrigation to the Plains cities, but it will take a while. An increasing amount of mainland cities are size12+ as well.

    1856 AD: 2 NONE engies created. Nuclear Fission > Nuclear Energy. CANTON UN. Starts SETI bc why not. (Even if it`s not part of my strategy.) Pop exceeds 130 million citizens. Peace with everyone. Canton IV coal (d) to Kaifeng: 752g. Gets rid of Silk demand, replaces it with Oil and Uranium. 130g. 144g. Lots of foreign ND vans from the mainland will become unviable when Flight is researched. 234g. 379g. The GOTO function is very funky when crossing the dateline. Prague III coal (d) to Zimbabwe: 800g. ND for 477g. Ravenne coal (d) to Kaifeng: 955g. ND for 236g. Tsingtao II coal (d) To Orléans: 820g. 180g. 106g. 378g. Cannae III wine (d) to Lyons: 500g. Crète III coal (d) to Kaifeng: 692g. ND for 460g. ND for 403. The global-warming sun is getting bigger and bigger, I only have 2 Pollution squares however. I don`t know whether they get worse over time. Back when science was seen as uncontroversial… sigh.

    Interturn;l French develop Feudalism.

    1857 AD: 1 NONE engi built. Roughly 7 cities pump out an uranium van, one turn after discovering Fission. Nuclear Energy > Labour Union. Pop exceeds 139 million citizens. ND for 286g. 182g. Cremona III coal (d) to Veies: 375g. Can no longer see amount of vans active: must be because it’s over 255… 243g. 146g. 261g. 252g. 156g. 342, 277. 363, 252, 492. 261g. 390g. 471g.

    1858 AD: 1 NONE engi built. Labour Union > Laser. Pop exceeds 148 million citizens. ND for 120g. 477g. 242g. 138g. 252g, 238g. 360g. 295, 313, 499. 228g. Oxford copper (d) to Kaifeng: 678g, ND for 252. 345. A LOT of ND vans to my two STCs. 333, 228. 268. 326, 226. 254, 168. 326g. 270g. Demanded for 588g. 7767/2925 beakers… 244 vans.

    Interturn: English develop Metallurgy.

    1859 AD: 1 NONE engi built. Will discontinue, changed my mind. Laser > Flight. Pop exceeds 157 million citizens. Need to deliver a LOT of vans this turn, in order to have enough cash to rush the Airports needed for post-Flight trade. Pop exceeds 157 million citizens. Need to get some food vans from Marsh island to Hill isnald to ensure all squares worked. ND for 117g. ND for 240, 186, 274. Cremona II spice (d) to Paris: 1092g. ND for 236g. 290g. Top 3 trade routes for London are… Macao II, PiseRomain and Chengdu III? No Kaifeng? Weird. ND to Londres for 272g, still does not work! Oh. IT`s CHENGDU III that has the spice route block. ND to Londres for 284g. SUCCESS!! Spice finally unblocked. Hut: Fanatics. Issos V built. Cunaxa V built. Cremona V built. Peace score climbing slowly. Won`t be very high by the end of the game. Cannae V built. Turin beads ND to Paris for 480g, unblocks Spice. ND for 264g. Getting a lot of Dye/Uranium supply vans for w/e reason. Melbourne ND to Orléans for 286g, unblocks Coal. Salzbourg ND to Véies for 236g, unblocks Coal. 214, Tatung IV copper (d) to KaifengEMain: 756g. 1307g, after austerity. Tsingtao IV silver (d) to Bapedi: 300g. NaplesWMain silver (d) to bapedi: 1976g. Lyons size14 and celebrating. Venise II nd to Bapedi 136g, unblocks Silver. Canton IV silver (d) to Bapedi: 300g. ND to Bapedi for 314g, unblocks Silver. ND to KaifengEMain for 384g. T3L3S4 to guarantee Radio researched next turn. 54, Yangchow III silk (d) to Séville: 468g. Naples IV silk (d) to Séville: 402g. 154g. 224g. 292g. 280g. 297g. 504g. 264g. Ningpo III dye (d) to Orléans: 512g. Actually kinda running low on vans (so many Oil/Dye/Uranium vans waiting to be activated!) so will stop now. Have 7944g in reserve. Hopefully I don`t run out very soon. Spoiler alert: I will.

    Interturn: Spanish develop Seafaring.

    1860 AD: Flight > Radio > Advanced Flight.. Probably should have rushed SETI 2 turns ago, forgot I`d have to use science to research Radio! Pop exceeds 167 million citizens. 212g, feeling the Flight paycheque cut. Milan ND to Karakorum for 179g. Cunaxa II wine (d) to Antium: 460g. ND to Nottingham for 124g. Cambridge coal (d) to KaifengEMain: 627g. CannaeIV ND for 198g, unblock coal. PiseRomain coal (d) to KaifengEMain: 580g. Cordoue ND to KaifengEMain for 279g. Unblocks coal. 335g. 182g. T7L3S0. Still managed to fill the box. Lots of Airports rushed, not very many superhighways. Will most likely not start seeing BIG van cash-ins until 1862. When I will be researching… Space Flight.

    Interturn: Zulu develop Leadership. English develop Democracy.

    1861 AD: Advanced Flight > Amphibious Warfare. CANTON SETI. Pop exceeds 178 million citizens. ND for 126g. 204g. 136g. 167, 231g. 191g. 171g. 202g. 288g. 160g. First evacuations being made, but need to build Superhighways in the relevant cities first. Venise III wine (d) to Lyons: 330g. Melbourne II dye (d) to Orléans: 406g. Canton II dye (d) to Orléans: 446g. 143g. Barely fill box. All my money is going on SHs/Airports right now: but soon I will have plenty excess cash to spend on engineers for scorepadding. Will soon start building for spaceship, but that ain`t a big rush. I am drifting towards blue star, especially if Grigor goes for green.

    Interturn: Romans develop Democracy.

    1862 AD: Amphibious Warfare > Rocketry. Pop exceeds 186 million citizens. Size2 Jerusalem copper (d) to Paoting17: 955g in first cross-map trade. Chengdu II gold (d) to Shanghai: 711g. NOTE TO SELF: Shanghai is a gold wildcard, so try to get a repeater going there. Lots of trash vans there. Kinda sad tundra isn`t a trade square when roaded. Turin II spice (d) to Londres: 624g. ND to Londres for 154g, spice unblocked. ND to Orléans for 318g, Milan III dye (d) to Orléans: 358g. ND for 203g. Box Full.

    Interturn: Romans get Explosives, Leadership from Zulus. Zulus get Demo from Romans. Spanish get SteamEngine from English. Spanish steal Automobile from us, we pass. Would rather wait until I have my favourite toys… stealth fighters.

    1863 AD: Rocketry > Space Flight. Pop exceeds 195 million citizens. 2 vans in Marsh island, FOOD VANS, to build the hills cities`pop further.

    (…) LOST SOME PROGRESS TO THE -NIL- BUG. Not sure what caused it. Restarting turn.

    ShantungIV wine (d) to Lyons: 220g. Melbourne II hides (d) to Orléans: 406g. KAifengIV wine (d) to Lyons: 400g. Sydney II copper (d) to Lyons: 376g. Capoue V built. Xinjian21 wine (d) to MongolCoventry: 1632g. Shantung17 oil (d) to MongolCoventry: 2268g. Yep, it did get rid of my Coal supply. Well, I know better but to do that next time. ND for 119g. 258g. 266g. Oxford coal (d) to KaifengEMain: 608g. ND for 235g, unblocks Coal. Paoting II uranium (d) to Ningpo13: 1371g. Xinjian IV coal (d) to Toronto15: 962g. 254g. Hambourg III spice (d) to Hlobane: 276g. ND to Zimbabwe for 192g, unblocks Wine. Shantung II spice (d) to Londres: 1512g. Only 26 Factories, I am not industrialized in the slightest. Also need to invest more engineers into mountain cities. And cities straight-up. I am mostly doing irrigation work right now…

    Interturn: English acquire Automobile from Spanish. Ty-pi-cal. Spanish get Banking from English.

    1864 AD: Space Flight > Plastics. Food van in Chinan18. OH, it didn`t give me a +1 -1 in food, because… it didn`t replace anything for trade routes?? Weird. (Also, why did I not go for Environmentalism if I was going to max the hill islands`s shield output?) ND for 131, 265g. Dublin III coal (d) to York: 354g. 175g, 146g. Spamming NDs now on STCs. 299, Ningpo IV copper (d) to NaplesWMainL: 408g. ND for 215g, unblock. ZUluGênesIV copper (d) to NaplesWMAin: 574g. ND to NaplesWMain for 263g. BergenIV copper (d) to KaifengEMain: 510g. 177g. 190, 219, 267g. GOTM score slowing down again. Now up to 63 Airports and 36 Superhighways.

    Interturn: Mongols develop Metallurgy. French develop Conscription. (Dammit…)

    1865 AD: Plastics > Combined Arms (Environmentalism not available) Typical. Pop increases to 210 million citizens. ND to Shanghai21 for 415g, GOLD DEMAND GONE. Damn. I need to start clearing out jungles and swamps full-time now. MongolLiverpool spice (d) to Xinjian21: 1052g. EnglishHastings gems (d) to Hangzhou17: 2324g (capped). Box already full with these 2 deliveries alone. ND for 247g. Xinjian19 V copper (d) to Warwick: 984g. Turin V built. Rush Apollo in Anyang21 for 2300g, since I have way too much of it right now. (I mean, 11k to spend and I only delivered 3 times…) Artaxata uranium (d) to Paoting17: 1624g. EnglishValence dye (d) to Tatung17: 1352g. Chinan II uranium (d) to Shantung17: 2324g. Cannae coal (d) to Shantung17: 2014g, unblocks Uranium. Cremona II uranium (d) to Melbourne16: 1360g. Cumes oil (d) to Canton18: 2324g. Issos IV wine (d) to Lyons: 220g. Sydney II dye (d) to Lyons: 404g. Venise dye (d) to Orléans: 1036g. Artaxta dye (d) to Lyons: 334g. ND to Lyons for 164g, unblocks Dye. Venise III dye (d) to Lyons, 323g, blocked. NDs for 194, 201, Gênes V built. ND for 445g. 19345 beakers delivered this turn… need to be careful to not overflow!

    1866 AD: Combined Arms > Environmentalism. ANYANG21 APOLLO. Chinan95 up to 95 shields per turn. Pop exceeds 219 million citizens. Chinan IV coal (d) to NaplesWMain: 497g. Unblocked for 186g. 188, 177, 210. ZuluGênesIV silk (d) to KaifengEMain: 818g. CunaxaIV coal (d) to KaifengEMain: 482g. ND for 174g, unblocks Coal. 264, 162, 194. 209, 177, 235g, 167g. Sydney II uranium (d) to Cremona12: 1080g. ND for 730, 192, 186. Amount of engineers is now above counting capacity on F2, but still too low for my tastes. Paoting II copper (d) to Cumes: 2352g. Bribe threatening Zulu engi for 600g. Bribe Mongol catapult for 1200g to force Karakorum to celebrate due to unit unhappiness. I have more cash than I know what to do with… I`ll start dry-rushing engies. Crète V built. Vérone V built as city near Beijing. Kaifeng II uranium (d) to Toronto16 III: 2352g. 299g. 229g. TatungIV silver (d) to Capoue12: 910g. MacaoIV coal (d) to Capoue12: 637g. Gems to Douvres for 2353g. Engineer amount was slowing down because my newer cities were in need of entertainers to celebrate, and building some would cut it off. Trade routes/banks were not being built fast enough with PRB instead of dry rush. (But seriously, this much uranium? It`s uncommon. Oil I`m used to, but this…) FrenchSalamisIV gems (d) to Anyang21: 878g. KaifengIV dye (d) to Shanghai21: 1018g. Tsingtao19 V oil (d) to Cumes: 1668g. Salamis V built. Véies costs 825*2g to subvert, still inexpensive as f. Doesn`t the spaceship cost in total around 30-40000 gold? I could rush that in a few turns if I cared to…

    1867 AD: NOTE TO SELF: Send a spy to France and bribe a few engies for NONEs. NOTE TO SELF; Build once into Hispalis. Environmentalism > Superconductor. 1-0-0-0-0-0. 249, Ningpo IV oil (d) to Shantung17: 1519g. LisbonneIV uranium (d) to Cremona12: 1592g. Lisbonne II spice (d) to Paris: 1512g. French tell me to be glad I have the UN. Usually they would declare war straight-up, but since I have the UN… I might have to bribe/subvert a few cities to force a peace treaty expiral. NDs for 159, 203, 214, 210, 178, 162 and 189. Another batch for 206, 151, 570, 165, 214 and 176. Lisbonne V built. Byzance uranium (d) to Anyang15 II: 2256g. Jungle island almost fully cleared by now. Working on terraforming desert and tundra islands, although the latter probably won`t be done before the end of the game. Canton II uranium (d) to Tsingtao18: 1528g. YangchowII oil (d) to Xinjian21: 2380g. Xinjian21 wine (d) to MongolCoventry: 2380g. 2 Airports, 1 SH, one tundra city, cross-map. Chinan III uranium (d) to Melbourne16 III: 2380g. Rush a bunch of parachutists to garrison the size1 mountain cities. Shantung III uranium (d) to Nankin16 III: 1595g. Need to repeat the Cumes oil demand more often. KaifengEMain gold (d) to Shanghai21: 2380g. Nvm, this takes priority. Shanghai21 oil (d) to Cumes: 2380g. Bribe 2 French Engineers for 812 and 948g, get 2 NONES. ND to Lyons for 223g, changes around the DEMAND list. Now it`s Gems who are blocked, but I don`t see a match in my log? Another ND for 132g. WEIRD. Anyways, it will probably be solved once I get a Coal/Wine van over there soon. ND to Orléans for 296g, creates a Hides demand, will be gone after 1 supply. ND to Londres for 494g, unblocks Spice.

    Interturn: Zulus develop Metallurgy. Romans acquire Metallurgy from Zulus. French develop Chivalry.

    1868 AD: Forgot to add workers in Venise, 1 engi disbanded. Superconductor > Fundamentalism (only choice) 2-0-0-0-0-0. Bribe English engineer for 1084g. HAmbourg V built. Ningpo13 oil (d) to Cumes: 2408g. Oil demand replaced by Spice and Silk. Do I have any… Chinan IV silver (d) to Prague13: 852g. Swazi silk (d) to KaifengEMain: 674g. ND for 171, 231, 258, 132, 206, 212, 252g. Chengdu18 silk (d) to Cumes: 2408g, Seems like my Oil demand on the mainland really is gone. Wait nvm, Chinan III demands as well. Prague V built. Canton IV gems (d) to Chinan18: 1224g. Cannae III hides (d) to Orléans: 448g. ND for 478, 168, 234, 205, 292, 191. Norwich coal (d) to KaifengEMain: 547g. 286g. 221g. 292g. 510g. Richmond coal (d) to KaifengEMain: 640g. ND for 178g. Kaifeng II spice (d) to Londres: 1098g. Starting to get a higher treasury reserve for the next few turns (stealth fighters!), but I will start rushing some SS Modules every now and then. ND to London for 198g, unblocks Spice. I still have more space for deliveries without overflowing. Salamis II uranium (d) to Chengdu18: 2408g. ND to MongolCoventry for 798g, does not unblock Oil. ND again for 474g, does unblock Oil this time. Chengdu22 V oil (d) to MongolCoventry: 2018g. Issos II dye (d) to Samarkand: 772g. Yangchow II uranium (d) to Ningpo13: 2408g. ND to Canton18 for 523g, unblocks Oil. T5L3S2, for 2 techs a turn. Hopefully not premature. Planning on building a ton of Stealth Fighters next turn, get wars going, and invade remaining AI islands in 2 turns.

    Interturn: Spanish develop Literacy. French swap to Democracy, can no longer bribe their engineers.

    1869 AD: Fundamentalism > Stealth > Fusion Power. 3-1-1-1-0-0. It is getting increasingly difficult to maintain my GOTM score. Chengdu IV wine (d) to Lyons: 307g. Ghent III gems (d) to Lyons: 552g. I can`t get the dye demand back… ND for 788g. Nope, not happening. ND for 292g. 512g to Orléans. Nope, entirely devoid of dye demand. Well that sucks. NDs for 244, 215, 280, 518, 304. Issos IV copper (d) to Tatung17: 718g. Canton II silver (d) to Bapedi: 414g. NaplesWMain silver (d) to Bapedi: 1460g. Tienstin17 coal (d) to Douvres: 2581g. TienstinV15 uranium (d) to Canterbury: 1776g. VéroneII14 oil (d) to MongolCoventry: 1620g. Tientsin V15 dye (d) to Warwick: 998g. NDs for 244, 189g, 309g. Tatung II oil (d) to Canton18: 2581g. ND for 715g to Canton18, oil unblocked. Canterbury uranium (d) to Tatung17: 2581g. Dublin II coal (d) to Tientsin17: 1608g. Tienstin IV uranium (d) to Beijing20: 2027g. Weird, spice has really rare supply/high demand even tho I discovered Refrigeration… T7L3S0. ND for 174g, 211g.

    Interturn: Romans develop The Corporation. French develop ToG.

    1870 AD: Fusion Power > FT1. Forgot to put Hangzhou`s workers back on, lose 4 engineers and 1 Transport to lack of support shields. 6-1-1-1-1-0. Ok, let`s do this now. Subvert Nottingham for 632g*2, get 336 back+6c+1improv. English: WAR. Kill unit in York: Spanish declare war on me. Kill 2 more units. In York: York conquered for 195g. Oh wait, partisans? Not what I expected. Do dispatch one and drop paras in for the defence. London will only be conquered next turn, hopefully they don`t force peace on me. I did kill another unit, oh wait, Emissary`s Ploy. How does it work again? It does. Bribe Seville for 1627g, get 311 back. Kill Spanish cannon, lands in Seville. ND for 111, 203g. Turin II gems (d) to Lyons: 756g. NDs for 252g, 246, 430, 270, 162, 534, 486, 398, 230, 230, 248, 211, 255g. Yangchow III dye (d) to Véies: 331g. Subvert Véies for 871g*2 get Cope`s. Game does not recognize my peace treaty, they offer again. Not working as intended. Same deal with Mongols, cannot get war with them. Same deal with literally every other civ as well. Next turn, if the same scenario happens, I will have to rely on the Senate hawks and take the rep hit. Salzbourg V built. ND for 244g, Chinan II dye (d) to Antium: 688g. ND for 390g. ND for 274g. Naples ND to Shanghai21 for 1480g, gold demand no more. Nd to Ningpo13 for 448g, unblocks Uranium. MongolCoventry oil (d) to Ningpo13: 2610g. Leeds gems (d) to Chinan18: 1404g. EnglishValence silver (d) to Toronto15: 1745g. Tsingtao19 V copper (d) to ZulusPompei: 1202g. EnglishHastings uranium (d) to Tientsin16 II: 2610g. Nankin16 II to Warwick: 2610g. Beijing9 III silver (d) to Prague13: 1806g. Sydney uranium (d) to Prague13: 2610g. Kaifeng II dye (d) to Tsingtao18: 2096g. Jerusalem wine (d) to Lyons: 277g. Tatung III dye (d) to Ulundi: 339g. ND to Zimbabwe for 339g.

    Interturn: Romans acquire Automobile from English. English acquire Leadership from Romans. Romans get ToG, Mongols get Automobile. Spanish get Leadership from English.

    1871 AD: FT1 > FT2. 9-1-1-3-3-2. Gained a grand total of 12 GOTM points off this turn… Kill 2 defenders of Londres. Wait a bit., Romans: WAR. Zulus declare war through alliance. All enemy civs declare war. Antium conquered for 114g+6c after clearing out defenders, Rome for 74g+7c. ROMAN CIV DESTROYED BY CHINESE. Drop in Londres, city conquered for Suffrage+Newton+674g. ENGLISH CIV DESTROYED BY CHINESE. Strongest two enemy civs downed. Kill defenders of Madrid, conquer city for 7c+750g. SPANISH CIV DESTROYED BY CHINESE. Kill defenders of Zimbabwe, paradrop in for 667g+10c+KRC. Gov`t escapes to Ulundi, suboptimal (except nobody cares for gold at this point) Bergen V built near Lyons. Empty Ulundi of defenders. Ulundi conquered for 56c+4c. Hlobane emptied of defenders, conquered for 4c+46g. Bapedi emptied, conquered for 48g+5c. ZULU CIV DESTROYED BY CHINESE.

    Continue tomorrow. Leave 1 Mongol city alive (Aleppo) Kill 4 defenders of Lyons at the cost of 1 Stealth Fighter. Conquer Lyons for 931g+18c. Empty Orléans of troops, conquer city for 11c+336g+Oracle+HG. Empty Paris, conquer it for 11c+248g. FRENCH CIV DESTROYED BY CHINESE. Venise V built. Empty Aleppo of defenders, will leave it as pet city. Bribe Bokahra for 1767g, get 700ish back+7c. Empty Samarkand, same thing (7c). Kill 3 defenders of Karakorum, stealth fighter runs out of fuel. Conquer Karakorum for 2c+72g. Coal for 202g. Milan V built. Now, the pop-inflating part of the game truly begins. Prague II uranium (d) to Canton18: 2640g. Swazi copper (d) to Anyang21: 600g. Pise III dye (d) to Macao21: 868g. Nankin21 oil (d) to Chinan III: 2640g. 5 SS Modules rushed. Yangchow II dye (d) to Tatung17: 2176g. Jerusalem silk (d) to NaplesWMain: 687g. TOO MANY CITIES?!?!? But I though that FoxAhead`s patcher would have gotten rid of that!! It doesn`t. Well, that was poorly planned… some cities will need to be disbanded for efficiency`s sake. I can only see one obvious disbandable city… 2 if you disband Swazi. Capoue12 dye (d) to MongolLiverpool: 2128g. 3 cities will be disbanded.

    Need 13 more SS Components. Various NDs to KaifengEMain and NaplesWMain, treasury up to 5500g. 2/13. Anyang21 oil (d) to MongolCoventry: 2640g. Issos II silver (d) to Prague13: 1824g. Vérone III uranium (d) to Prague13: 1227g. Ow, that`s bad. Cannae IV silver (d) to prague13: 967g. Macao II uranium (d) to Yangchow17: 2640g. ND for 312g. Should have all required SS Components as well now. Swazi coal (d) to KaifengEMain: 562g. Issos V oil (d) to KaifengEMain: 826g.

    1872 AD: Two cities disbanded. 6 SS Structural rushed. Rearrange Issos III`s workers. Pop exceeds 268 million citizens. 11-8-8-4-4-4. Mongols: Peace. Give 2 techs to bump up to Worshipful. Crète gems (d) to Chinan18: 2669g. ND to Chinan18 for 818g, unblocks OIL supply. Holding off on the 2nd Gems van for obvious reasons.

    25/28. Various NDs to my two STCs. 29/28 just to be safe. Ghent V13 built. Canterbury oil (d) to Prague13: 2669g. Melbourne II uranium (d) to Nankin21: 2669g. Tatung17 wine (d) to MongolCoventry: 2669g. Shanghai21 silk (d) to Brighton: 2669g. Macao21 copper (d) to Brighton: 2656g, unblocks silk demand and Gems/Dye supply. Tsingtao18 coal (d) to Lugdunum: 2669g. 190g. Beijing II oil (d) to Shantung17: 2669g.

    1873 AD: Future Tech 3 > Future Tech 4. Funny thing, the riot factor is so big I have all happy citizens even without Courthouses. Don’t see that every day. 39-8-8-4-4-4 ship. LAUNCH. 1884 AD landing. 10 turns left to process.

    Should now make a spreadsheet list of which cities have how many engineers, so I can figure out where I need to disband/building. Also which cities need irrigation to grow extra working citizens (a.k.a. not Elvises) Caopue V uranium (d) to KaifengEMain: 514g. Swazi oil (d) to KaifengEMain: 744g. Cannae V oil (d) to KaifengEMain: 840g. Cremona V coal (d) to KaifengEMain: 620g. NDs for 247, 246, 245g. Cumes uranium (d) to Tientsin17: 2698g. VéroneII 14 coal (d) to MongolLiverpool: 2580g. Xinjian19 V gems (d) to Douvres: 1898g. Chinan III dye (d) to Tatung17: 2075g. NP for 295g. Anyang IV oil (d) to NaplesWMain: 714g. ND for 264g. Canton18 silk (d) to ZulusPompei: 2698g. Gênes V copper (d) to Tsingtao18: 496g. Pise V built. Cunaxa II wine (d) to Dublin12: 1350g. NaplesWMain silver (d) To Prague13; 1844G.

    1874 AD: FT4 > FT5. NIL DIFFICULTY. Thankfully I had made a save right before the end of the previous turn, so I don`t lose anything. Paoting17 gems (d) to Sydney III: 2728g. Bergen dye (d) to Shanghai21: 1755g. Can no longer terraform tundra into plains in time, will have to use plain tundra for those squares that haven`t been started on yet. Venise III oil (d) to Nankin21: 2728g. PiseRomain oil (d) to Shanghai21: 2728g. Hambourg III spice (d) to Beijing20: 2728g. Macao III gems (d) to Chinan18: 2010g. Milan gems (d) to Chinan18: 2676g. MongolLiverpool wine (d) to Nankin16 II: 2728g. NDs for 450, 268g, 367g. Shantung17 oil (d) to Canterbury: 2728g. Xinjian II oil (d) to Shanghai21: 2728g. ND to Shanghai21 for 509g, unblocks Oil. EngilshHastings oil (d) to Dublin12: 2728g. T5L3S2.

    1875 AD: FT5 > FT6 > FT7. Capoue V disbands. 1884 landing. Pop exceeds 308 million citizens. Canterbury dye (d) to Anyang15 II: 2850g. Douvres copper (d) to Tatung17: 2850g. Tatung17 wine (d) to Mongol Coventry: 2850g. EnglishValence gems (d) to Anyang21: 2850g. Chinan III uranium (d) to Anyang21: 2850g. Salamis II dye (d) to Macao21: 1707g. Ghent III spice (d) to Xinjian21: 2524g. Tatung II dye (d) to Chengdu III: 1763g. ZulusPompei oil (d) to Canton18: 2850g. Viroconium uranium (d) to Chinan18: 2850g, unblocks Gems. Naples gems (d) to Chinan18: 2850g, gems blocked again. Brighton wine (d) to Tsingtao19 V: 2850g. 32763 beakers… holy moly I was careless. That was way too close! (For reference: if you go over 32766 beakers it overflows and goes into negative territory, at -32765 beakers. Yeah.) Dublin V built.

    STATUS AT 1875AD: (End of 276th turn). Landing on 1884 AD.

    Population: 308.470.000 Cities: MAX (254) Government: Democracy Total advances: ALL+FT6

    Gold: 92 T5L3S2 Income/Cost per turn: 15609 income, 4479 cost. Production: 5054 MT Trade: 34323 arrows

    Units: 378 Engineers, 1 Musketeers, 6 Riflemen, 2 Paratroopers, 22 Transports, 4 Spies, 291 Freight.

    Wonders: Everything short of Manhattan.

    GOALS: Finish game. Don`t need courthouses, riot factor is high enough to get full happiness without them. Focus on irrigation+supermarkets to get new working citizens, and disband engineers as necessary to get new Elvises in time for landing. (One turn before!)

    Have enough vans to last me until the end of the game, I think. Need to be careful to not overflow the beakers.
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  9. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    So, back home earlier than expected. It was a great journey through Russia, I think I got to see most of the interesting cities, the matches were kind of disappointing. On the bright side, FIFA will have to transfer a lot of money back to me for missed tickets.

    @grigor: Wow, really impressive that you have managed to reach the continent in 350 BC! However, after that I would have gone for heavy expansion (how I did in my game, centuries later). Forget about SSC, do not care about republic, build cities, then expand, then build more cities while you keep on expanding. Pyramids would have been a great help, but when the AI builds it in 525 BC there is not much you can do about it. This is also a nice idea that had not occured to me: Being Fundy, build or capture Oracle and then rush temples. I usually aim for Theo+Bach instead (so that Michelangelo gives 4 instead of 3 gold per city, + 2 for Bach). Not sure wether it is worth to rush temples, there should be more than enough gold in fundy anyway.

    Log until 1850, nothing spectacular, we were running 40% Lux for celebrations and 60% science, money came in from trades, expansion was mainly vertical:

    1832 Refr.->Adv. Flight->Rockets; 834, 720, 1116, 782, 414, 1030, 1796, 1796, 1376, 1796, 1197, 967, 540, 1096, 680, 692, 640; Can get 1 tech with 30% Science, so set to 60
    1834 Rockets->Space->Environment->Amph.; 1567, 1728, 336, 1920, 1920, 536, 515, 1920, 546, 564, 344, 1920, 1100, 410, 624
    1836 Amph->Plastics->Supercond.->Fundy; Apollo built; 1675, 2047, 1715, 2047, 800, 422, 870; Want to bribe a roman cannon for 164, but oviously can't, is it because there are 39k gold in the vault? Waste some on rbs, now below 30k, and we can!; 496, 803, 1160, 749, 1420
    (French steal Plastics, we don't care)
    1838 Fund->Fusion->FT1->Mob. Warf.; 2139, 1490, 464, 1298, 1179, 968, 1338, 2236, 1083, 1315, 660, 816, 1168
    1840 Mob.->FT2->FT3->Comb. Weapons; 1547, 910, 1264, 664, 1680, 2373, 978, 722, 402, 252, 535, 378, 335, 370, 1368, 564, 1043, 859, 1226, 2373
    (French dip destroys sanitation in building...but still now, they are more useful as trading partner...)
    1842 Combined->FT4->FT5->Robotics; Bribe english phalanx that is blocking our railroad; 1484, 264, 1017, 1043, 840, 456, 1176, 523, 1152, 1328, 1030, 360, 480, 1083, 1555
    (Spanish sneak attack with chariot against alpine...;))
    1844 Rob.->FT6->FT7->Stealth; 1416, 1036, 1068, 1095, 1732, 586, 1139, 1622, 1396, 1520, 1606, 1296, 1818, 1520, 1230, 1048, 1050, 2072, 1102
    (AIs steal some techs, spanish sink our transport in their ocean)
    1846 Stealth->FT8->FT9->FT10; 1611, 1234, 894, 1512, 1686, 1357, 925, 2176, 1254, 320, 474, 554, 2124, 588, 1232, 1456
    (French dip destroy temple in Paris, we choose not to care)
    1848 FT10->FT11->FT12->FT13(about 80% done, so we need even more libs+unis); Subvert Zulu Tugela; 1958, 754, 756, 1480, 647, 795, 1811, 1016, 1139, 810, 778, 1247, 2468, 1102
    1850 FT13->FT14->FT15->FT16(Missed by inches...); 1920, 356, 1779, 996, 456, 962, 1755, 1344, 1499, 1394, 720, 2176, 818, 546, 2490; Capture Sevilla+Toledo on Spanish homeland, sign peace

    Stats at 1850AD:
    pop.: 213.46M; Cities: 185; techs: All+FT15; gold: 29694; Gov.: Demo; Cost per turn: 1338; wonders: Pyr, LH, GW, Marco's, Michelangelo, Magellan, Leo, Bach, Adam Smith, Darwin, SoL, WS, Hoover, UN, Apollo, SETI, Cure; TR: ?D/?F
    units: 227 eng, 69 def., 25 off., 3 paras, 1 stealth, 7 dip, 5 spy, 81 van, 30 boat
    Goals: Develop terrain, grow, expand, spaceship, take over rivals' homelands
  10. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Major - Yes, you are right that I was absolutely too slow in early expansion. I was so excited to get there BC that I slowed down.
    I did, however, prioritize getting to the AI end of the continent to conquer Pyramids. I just need way fewer settlers to do that.
    An appropriate strategy would have been doubling on the north continent every 13 turns,
  11. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Jokemaster - 378 Engineers !!! That sounds like fun!
  12. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    I did not have that many of them, but still, moving and assigning the engineers was indeed the fun part, the annoying part was to move the vans around and organize the ship-chain...:crazyeye::crazyeye::crazyeye:
  13. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1830 to end

    This was not just a period of space ship building but one of conquest. Left Mongols alone because they were my key civ. Also left French alone because they were isolationist, never left their island, and had been in peace with me for a very long period.

    +1832 Zulu ship kills a settler. Future Tech 18 -> 19 -> 20. 14s6c3m. 3 Zulu ships sunk by freshly produced stealth fighter. Spanish dragoon killed. Spanish Salamanca bribed for 560g. Spy lost. Got 99g, 3 riflemen, 2 settlers, and 2 structures. Senate hands peace to Spanish. Bam, Halab, Beirut founded. Dye from city on mountain island to size 3 English Brighton for 1524! Spice from forest island to size 8 Spanish city for 1240. Domestic deliveries for 42, 58, 1270, 1694.

    +1834 Future Tech 20 -> 21 -> 22. 21s8c3m. English diplomat and Zulu Frigate killed. Spice and Silk to Spanish Cordoba for 34, 16. Domestic deliveries for 25, 40, 370, 1267, 1624, 1992.

    +1836 Future Tech 22 -> 23 -> 24. 22s10c5m. Spanish Cordoba subverted for 2x427g. Vet Spy escaped. Got 107g, 2 riflemen, and 4 structures. Spanish are now off the continent. Single defender of English Brighton killed and the city captured for 19g. English Warwick bribed for 710g. Spy turned vet. Got 110g, 4 riflemen, a settler, and 5 structures. English are now off the continent as well. No more rival cities left on the continent but there are several settlers. Last remaining hut yields 100g. Mosul founded. Copper from continent to Roman homeland for 123. Domestic deliveries for 1137, 1550, 526.

    +1838 Future Tech 24 -> 25 -> 26. 30s10c7m. Zulu Swazi razed for 15g. Zulu destroyer sunk. Beka founded. Qeshm founded on the inland 9-tile island. Domestic deliveries for 48, 58, 775, 686, 934, 942, 1680. Silver to Romans for 174.

    +1840 English destroyer kills a rifleman in a port city. Future Tech 26 -> 27 -> 28. 32s12c8m. Urumiyeh, Paveh, and Lisbon founded. Domestic deliveries for 68, 1194, 1372, 450, 1323, 684.

    +1842 Zulu lost a destroyer attacking rifleman in fort and killed knight in fort with another. Future Tech 28 -> 29 -> 30. Full space ship launched. Zulu destroyer sunk. Domestic deliveries for 786, 1718, 1008, 1192, 35

    +1843 Future Tech 30 -> 31 -> 32. Stealth fighter kills rifleman defending Hlobane. Paratrooper captures the city for 92g and 2 structures. This is the first captured city in a rival homeland. Venice founded. Domestic deliveries for 942, 907, 74, 86, 495, 1894, 905, 150

    +1844 English destroyer kills musketeer in coastal city. Roman Frigate sinks mine with van on board. Future Tech 32 -> 33 -> 34. Single defender of Zulu Bapedi killed and the city taken by paratrooper for 154g and 3 structures. 2 Zulu cannons killed. Domestic deliveries for 27, 34, 48, 740, 688, 1094, 595, 1358.

    +1845 Future Tech 34 -> 35 -> 36. Lost a musketeer attacking English cannon on mountain. Stealth fighter kills rifleman defending Nottingham. The city is captured by troops shipped in for 112g, bank, and Colossus. Another English cannon killed. Stealth fighter kills 2 units defending Zimbabwe. The city is captured by paratrooper for 157g, 2 structures, Great Wall, and Sun Tzu. Zulu Ulundi bribed for 320g. Spy escaped. Got 59g, rifleman, transport, and 3 structures. Zulu civilization destroyed. Eravan founded. Domestic deliveries for 22, 36, 92, 2583, 1008, 520, 394, 632, 510.

    +1846 Future Tech 36 -> 37 -> 38. Approaching Roman cannon killed. Tank kills single defender of York and the city is taken for 123g. 3 defenders of Rome killed by stealth fighter and the city taken by paratrooper for 70g, city walls, and Hanging Gardens. Roman Veii bribed for 560g. Got 58g, Eiffel, 3 soldiers, 1 engineer, and 2 structures. Roman explorer and Frigate killed. Norwich and Vaan founded. Domestic deliveries for 90, 176, 812, 2228, 2100.

    +1847 English lose a dragoon on rifleman in fort. Future Tech 38 -> 39 -> 40. Oracle built. 2 defenders of London killed and the city captured for Newton, 156g, and marketplace. English civilization destroyed. Stealth fighter kills 3 defenders of Roman Antium. The city is captured for 138g, Great Library, and 4 structures. Stealth fighter kills 3 defenders of Roman Cumae. The city is captured by paratrooper for 43g and 3 structures. Roman civilization destroyed. Poole founded in England. Leeds founded. Domestic deliveries for 604, 1917, 2645. T3L2S5 to allow more deliveries.

    +1848 Future Tech 40 -> 41 -> 42. Spanish declare war rather than move their settler. Fighter plane sinks 3 Spanish ships. Spanish settler bribed for 280g. Lutetia founded in Roman homeland. Tabriz founded. Domestic deliveries for 854, 65, 752, 92, 104, 54, 138, 283, 564, 450, 14, 1192, 1288, 1290. T4L2S4

    +1849 Spanish kill my explorer. Future Tech 42 -> 43 -> 44. 8 techs to Mongols to reduce research cost. Stopped at combination of Rocketry and Combined Arms. Vienna and Haifa founded. Swazi founded on Zululand. Byzantium founded on in Roman homeland. Domestic deliveries for 908, 240, 541, 44, 2222, 266, 95, 880, 1140, 422, 702. T0L2S8

    +1850 Future Tech 44 -> 45 -> 46 -> 47. Manhattan built. Tugela founded on the Zulu island. Alisadr founded. Domestic deliveries for 34, 40, 85, 92, 97, 215, 265, 286, 873, 880, 1260, 1458, 1790.

    +1851 Spanish join the space race. Future Tech 47 -> 48 -> 49 -> 50. Spanish transport with 3 units on board sunk. Khoy, Ahar, Ahmaid, Soltaniyeh, Shanjan, Ziayr, and Endgame1 founded. Rozaneh founded on the plains island. Domestic deliveries for 4, 10, 12, 20x2, 22, 24, 62, 78, 80, 108, 122, 126, 920, 1207, 1242, 1500, 1600, 1864.

    +1852 Future Tech 50 -> 51 -> 52 -> 53. Lost a crusader before killing 3 defenders of Toledo and capturing the city for 144g and 3 structures. 2 defenders of Seville killed and the city taken for 116g and 2 structures. 3 defenders of Madrid killed and the city captured for 65g and 2 structures. Spanish civilization destroyed. Sina, Rafsanjan, and Birmingham founded. Tashtak founded on plains island. Reading founded in England. Domestic deliveries for 14, 44, 1318, 140, 146, 154, 1496, 2010, 2496, 1455, 2640, 1568, 2832. T0L10S0
  14. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    Brilliant idea for a specialized map and thank you to Ali for this : ). Given various rare factors including a starting island which offered zero food surplus and zero initial capacity to build settlers, had to really put a lot of extra thought into how best to play this, how soon to build which wonders, how soon to reach various islands and when best to invest in journeying 20 or more turns to the far north mainland with 2 settlers.

    To 1000 bc:

    4000: Built Cap @ 4 special starting spot.
    3950: > Alphabet.
    3900: Built 02 on Ivory and this city provides 3 science which is a huge key.
    3850: Alphabet > Map Making
    3650: Warrior.
    3600: Map Making > Writing.
    3550: Hut: Best of 5 attempts = 100 gold (no nomads offered). As a curiosity, attempted this hut about 60 times and surprisingly a nomad was never offered.
    3550. 1st trireme. Both zero-food-surplus cities are now building wonders.

    3500 bc Summary:
    Despotism, 2 cities, 1 Trireme, 1 warrior.

    3200: Tundra hut: None Nomad.
    3100: Built 03, Tundra/river 4 special.
    3050: Settler production rushed 2>10.

    3000 bc summary: Despotism, 3 cities, 1 trireme, 1 warrior.

    2900: Hill Hut: None Nomad. Planning to keep this one as a miner of Coal and other hills since i don't want to build any hill cities without an internal mine.
    2800: Code of Laws > Literacy. 03 settler production rushed 20 > 30 and settler will self-complete the turn food spills over.
    2550: Settler.

    2500 bc Summary: Despotism, 3 cities (4 next turn), 2 Settlers (one of which is a none coal miner), 1 trireme, 1 warrior. Literacy in progress @ 41/60. Treasury 131 (much of which came from the first hut of 100 gold).

    2450: Built 04, Tundra with its own whale and a shared fur. Trade is corrupted to produce only one science here.
    2400: Completion of 1st mine on Coal/river.
    2000: Settler.

    2000 bc Summary: Despotism, 4 cities, 2 settlers, 1 trireme, 1 warrior.

    1900: Settler.
    1650: :banana: Republic :banana: > Masonry. T80 / S20. Chose Masonry here instead of the Bronze/Currency/Trade/Masonry/Pottery path since there are already 2 wonders in progress. And after Lighthouse which is essential to thriving in this situation, if i had to choose between Pyramids and Hanging Gardens in this situation, i would choose Pyramids. Hopefully i will be able to get all three.
    1550: Built 05, hill/river with internal mine in progress, a mined coal and 2 fish. Once internal mine is completed, this city will be capable at size one of producing 8 shields. Disbanded warrior into city. Valuable strategic note: this premium 5-shield mined coal/ river square is directly adjacent to the 0 longitude demarcation and is thus able to be utilized simultaneously by a city west of it and a city east of it. 05 is just east of this mined coal and 06 will be built just west of it and will have access to a fish and to this mined coal.

    1500 bc Summary: Republic, 5 cities, 2 settlers, 1 Trireme.

    1200 (approx): Built 06, Hill with internal mine in progress and access to mined coal and fish.

    1000 bc Summary: Republic , 6 cities, 2 settlers, 1 trireme. No wonders.
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  15. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    1000 bc to 1 ad:

    975: Built 07, Tundra with its own whale and access to shared ox and fur. Built 08, On Coal with internal mine in progress. Low food city with only one food surplus, which will produce 8 shields at size one, and which will be immensely impactful in the race towards various wonders.
    950: :banana: Lighthouse :banana: . 2nd trireme, warrior. Trireme and warrior head north to the forest island huts.
    900: Zulu undertake Colossus (a wonder for which i will not compete). Hut on forest island: None Nomad.
    875: Settler.
    850: Hut on forest island: Pottery. Completion of 4th mine, this one is inside low food city 08 built atop coal, which is building a wonder and which now produces 8 shields.
    775: Completion of 1st irrigation project by a none settler, preparing a forest/river city site for a near future plain/river 4 special city on forest island. Also have 5 mines including 3 inside cities. 0 roads.
    750: Hut on jungle island: 50 gold. Hut on forest isle: Bronze Working. Spent 312 of 319 saved gold to complete the next wonder.

    750 bc Summary: Lighthouse (and Pyramids next turn). 57/200 towards HG with 8 shields added per turn. Republic with 8 cities (all size 1's), 5 settlers, 2 triremes, 1 warrior. 9 techs. Treasury: 7 gold. 2 of the 5 settlers are "none" and both which will likely be kept throughout the full duration of the game. One is on Hill island and the other on Forest island, each dedicated to completing many much needed projects.

    725: :banana: Pyramids :banana:. > Currency. Completion of a Settler.
    700: Completion of Settler. Hut on jungle island: Ceremonial Burial (unwanted tech at this point).
    650: Completion of 6th mine (all upon hills) and 2nd irrigation (forest to plain on a near-future city site). Built 09, Swamp/river with 3 specials and 3/15 towards irrigation. Triggers the need for Lux first time all game and as well first city will reach size 2 next turn. L30 / T70. One of my cities would require 80% lux to be content and i will thus fill 40 shields to a trireme this turn and the city will then become unhappy until it reaches a fish aided size 2.
    650: Completion of civ's 3rd trireme.
    625: Invested in future by launching 2 Tundra settlers towards FAR NORTH PROMISED LAND to arrive in approximately 20 turns (approximately 125 bc. edit, this turned out to be 50 bc).
    600: Completion of swampland warrior to board trireme towards jungle island.
    550: Built 10, Grape 3/10 of the way towards internal mine. Has a mined hill as its chosen square, currently produces 4 shields and will be producing 6 shields in 7 turns as a 2nd low food, high powered size one shield producing city. 10th city triggers the need to increase Lux from 30 > 40. Jungle Hut: 50 gold.
    500: Jungle Hut: Currency. This close to Trade and with various low food cities needing something more ideal to build than non-vital extra triremes, Sci to 60% hoping tech choices allow for Trade. Would like to complete Trade and Marco's before arriving upon the Far North mainland (aprox 125 bc) so any techs gained from huts will not be wasted on techs that other civs already have.

    500 bc Summary: Lighthouse, Pyramids. Republic with 10 cities, 5 settlers, 3 triremes, 1 warrior. 11 techs with hopefully Trade as next research project. Hanging gardens production is @ 137/200. With a treasury of 272 gold, able to rush HG immediately to be safe and also planning to disband a trireme into project since it is not in high demand at present and since saving 80 gold towards new settlers is more valuable at this time. As well the trireme will soon be replaced by those produced in other low food cities for which triremes are the most useful current units they can currently build. No production as yet on a 4th wonder.

    475: > Mysticism (112/180, Trade not offered). Will keep sci @ 60% hoping to be offered Trade next. Not wanting to count upon future huts (starting around 100 bc - edit around 1ad) for getting trade since it would be a sizable gamble and i don't want to risk losing Marco's in this situation.
    450: :banana: Hanging Gardens :banana: > HG placeholder for Marco's. If able to research Trade as our next tech, will likely aid Marco's production in this city with 2 Caravans. 2 low food cities complete triremes. HG city just became size 2 and is able to now produce 10 net shields per turn (one shield is corrupted). HG allows me to adjust to S80 / T20 with just one elvis.
    425: France completes Colossus (a wonder in which i did not want to invest) . Rome changes to Great Wall, Zulu changes to Oracle.
    400: Mysticism > Trade (32/208). Could have chosen Philosophy, but did not want to risk not being offered Trade as the free tech. Completion of 3rd irrigated forest in preparation for near future multiple special city sites. With focus on wonder races and with island expansion so cumbersome, growth in city numbers has been much slower than usual : ).
    375: Completion of 7th mine including 4th built internally on the city square.
    325: Completion of 7th current settler and have 5 triremes and 1 dip.
    300: Completion of 8th current settler. Built 11, plain/river with 4 specials on Forest island. Completion of 4th irrigation, this one inside what had been a swamp city square.
    275: Trade > Seafaring (0 / 252). Again didn't want to risk choosing Philosophy and then getting shut out from being able to select Seafaring. One of the civs began work on Marco's, but too late. Tax shifted to 80%, Sci 20. Will likely bring in as much gold as possible for settler rushing and count on getting Seafaring (or Philosophy/Seafaring) in a promised land hut or if lucky (if someone has it) trading for it after completing Marco's.
    250: Built 12, 5th Hill island city, Hill with internal mine in progress and with access to a shared mined Coal and a shared fish to be alternated.

    250 bc Summary: Lighthouse, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens. Republic with 12 cities, 6 settlers, 5 triremes, 1 Diplomat. 13 techs with seafaring in progress @ 0/252. Marco's production @ 76/200 . With 8 shields added per turn and with 2 caravans to be contributing over the next two turns, Marco's will emerge in 175 bc. Income: 52 shields, 39 gold, 11 science. Treasury: 155 gold.

    225: Completion of 2 wonder caravans one of which contributes to the wonder production this turn. Lux to 60% to celebrate 1 city out of 12 and this also eliminates the need for a couple of elvis' from other cities.
    200: Celebration. 5th irrigation by a none settler, all on near future city squares on forest island.
    175: :banana: Marco's :banana:. The one celebrating city increases in size from 3 > 4 and lux is shifted to 70% to keep it going.

    Assessment of foreign civs: There are 7 techs out there including Seafaring. Plan is to trade for every tech i don't have, to gift each civ any of their techs in progress where able, as well as Map Making and Republic, and to get as many maps as possible. Also the attempt at alliances which seem unlikely. No foreign civs have as yet met one another.


    Roman: Uncoop: Iron, Warrior, in progress (ip) Pott
    Zulu: Neutral: horse, monarchy, poly, wheel, ip Pott
    French: Icy: ip: math
    Spanish: Neural: iron, Warrior code ip: Code of Laws
    English: Neutral: Horse, seafaring, Warrior code ip: Writing
    Mongol: Uncoop: Horse, Warrior ip: Math.

    Will approach England last since they have Seafaring and i would prefer to keep it out of as many hands as possible to maximize the number of huts i can open.

    1. Approached neutral Spain first, traded for Iron and Warrior, gifted them their tech in progress, they refused alliance @ worshipful, traded maps.
    2. Approached uncooperative Rome, gifted them Republic, Map and their tech in progress, they refused alliance, traded maps.
    3. Uncooperative Mongol: traded for Horse, gifted to cordial, no alliance, but they traded maps.
    4. Icy French, as anticipated with my 149 treasury and with nothing great to spend it on at this moment, they demanded gold and i refused. War for now.
    5. Zulu: traded for monarchy, poly, wheel, no alliance but map trade.
    6. English: traded for Seafaring, gifted, no alliance but got map trade.


    2 Roman: in progress (ip) ___
    5. Zulu: , ip _____
    4, French: Ip: Math. WAR AND NO MAP AS YET.
    1 Spanish: ip: ____
    6 English: ip: _____
    3 Mongol: ip: Math.

    Overall results in first turn of Diplomacy: Picked up all available 7 techs and 5 of 6 maps. Peace with 5 of 6 nations and war with the French. Once i am able to spend gold on rushing settlers or other vitally needed units and get my treasury below 50, will get France's map.

    All of my cities are relatively low trade and/or high corruption. Beaker cost is now 624, but even still local and domestic trades would provide very poor bonuses which to me are not even worth pursuing. Several cities have nothing better to build at this point besides caravans and i will likely send the trades far north to greatly increase the bonuses.

    150: > Mathematics. 1st trade caravan. Where able and within reason, gifted any civs with their new tech in progress. Will gift anything except Seafaring at this point to keep more huts for myself.
    125: Settler. Far north small island hut: tribe for city 13. 4 foreign civs are researching Math (along with me) and the other 2 are researching Banking.
    75: Settler. Completion of 8th mine including 5th internally within hill cities.
    50: 2nd trade caravan. 9th mine (all of which are in use) on shield island. Reached the massive and bountiful land in the far north and dropped one of 2 settlers on a grassland which accesses 4 specials.
    25: 3rd trade caravan. Built 14, Far North grassland with 4 specials.
    1ad: 1st harbor. Built 15, Jungle/river 4 special with city square completing its irrigation to grassland this very turn. After one turn of shields getting this unit underway, rushed first explorer to 30 shields in this new northern city (to emerge next turn).

    1 ad Summary: Lighthouse, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Marco's. Republic with 15 cities. Units: 6 settlers, 6 triremes, 3 trade caravans, 1 Diplomat. Buildings: 1 harbor. 20 techs with Mathematics in progress @ 23/630. Income: 68 shields, 37 gold, 0 science. Treasury: 149 gold.
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    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    1ad > 740 ad:

    20ad: Completed 1 trade caravan, 3 triremes and 1st explorer.
    40 ad: Rome builds Great Library.
    60: Mongols and French develop Math. Traded Mongols for it and gifted it to the 2 other civs that were researching it. 2nd explorer. Built 17, jungle with 4 specials (2 of which are shared) and with 4/15 towards irrigation on city square.
    80: 3rd explorer. Built 18, 4 special deforested plain on forest island. Hut: supported elephant (Disbanded towards next explorer. Edit: with the many forthcoming horde huts and the resulting roaming barb horses to threaten various cities, this disbanding seemed like a great idea at the time but may have been a bit hasty). Hut: 50 gold. Hut: Astronomy. Hut: Tribe for city 19. Treasury: 70.
    100: Completed 2 settlers (7 current) and 2 explorers (5 current). Finally with a treasury under 50 gold thanks to the rushing of 6 explorers, cease fire and map trade with the French.
    120: 6th explorer. English develop Banking and i traded them for it and and updated map. I also gifted banking to any researching it. Hut: Construction and i gifted it to 2 civs researching it. Hut: Tribe for city 20. Hut: Horde of barb horses that will eliminate my surrounded explorer. Hut: Tribe for city 21. Built 22, Swamp city site with 2 specials and progress on irrigation @ 5/15.
    140: Dip to deal with menacing horde. Bribed one barb horse which eliminated the other barb horse which was an immediate threat. Hut: Bridge Building. Built 23, mountain/river 4 special site. Completion of 10th mine (5 internally on city sites, 5 outside).
    160: Built 24, deforested plain on Forest island with whale and with shared pheasant and silk. With 24th city causing pirates everywhere, cities are more responsive to Lux and as a result we are able to reduce Lux to 20%, Tax 80. Hut: Supported Elephant. Hut: Engineering.
    180: Hut: swarm of barb horses
    surrounding my explorer. Hut: Tribe for city 25. Hut: Feudalism.
    200: Hut: Navigation.
    With the advent of Navigation, the plan is to prioritize the development of 8 wonder caravans as soon as reasonably possible. 4 of 6 trade caravans are well on their way to the North, but i have enlisted the other two which have barely begun the long journey to aid in building the wonder. 6 other cities including 4 of the hill cities have been designated to build the remaining wonder caravans and i would anticipate completing Magellan's in about 8 turns.

    200 ad Summary: Lighthouse, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Marco's.
    Republic with 25 cities. Units: 4 trade caravans (all en route to the far north) and 2 newly converted wonder caravans. 5 settlers, 9 triremes, 7 explorers, 1 Diplomat. No wonders in progress. Buildings: 2 harbors. 28 techs. Income: 99 shields, 65 gold, 0 science. Treasury: 3 gold.

    220: 8th current explorer. Hut: Horde of barbarian horses surrounding my explorer. Including this one, we have lost 4 of 10 explorers so far : ). Hut: Tribe for city 26. 5 cities are either celebrating or will begin to celebrate next turn and 80% Lux was necessary in accomplishing this.
    240: Hut: Supported Legion. Hut: 50 Gold. Hut: 50 Gold.
    260: Lost city 26 to barbs, but a dip is in place that will possibly be able to bribe it back in 3 turns. Bribed another barb horse that was ready to capture a 2nd city.
    280: Eliminated 2 barb horses. Hut: Chivalry. Hut: 25 gold.
    300: Hut: None Knight. Hut: Invention. Hut: 25 gold. Leo's would be nice primarily for the 9 Triremes > Caravels for the +1 movement and +1 passenger space. In comparing Leo's against Magellan's in this situation, i lean towards going for Magellan's first and before getting Leos i plan to focus my limited resources on other priorities first including particularly valuable trade caravans such as demanded Gems, Silk and Spice in the far North from higher trade cities as well as additional Explorers and Settlers. Initially focusing on some of these other priorities in terms of rushes, i will designate the building of 8 Leo's caravans in lower food cities at a fairly relaxed pace until getting closer.

    300 ad Summary: Lighthouse, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Marco's. Republic with 25 cities. Units: 4 trade caravans (all en route to the far north) 4 wonder caravans. 7 settlers, 9 triremes, 7 explorers, 3 Diplomats, 1 knight, 1 elephant, 3 horse, 1 Legion. No wonders in progress. Buildings: 2 harbors. 29 techs. Zero Trade Routes. Income: 113 shields, 51 gold @ 20%, 0 science. Population: 1.6 Million. Treasury: 43 gold.

    320: Completion of 2 trade caravans and 2 wonder caravans. Built 27, deforested plain on Forest island with Whale and fish. Hut: Horde of barbarian horses surround my explorer and he will not survive to see 340. Hut: none legion.
    340: Completion of final 2 wonder caravans and 8 caras fill 400 shields. Hut: None Nomad. Built 28, grass island 3 special.
    360: :banana: Magellan's :banana:. English undertake Copernicus and i am not concerned. i would rarely establish an SSC except in a one city game, but i do tend to establish several super trade cities. 2 steps from barb city 26 my dip was eliminated. Hut: 50 gold. Hut: Supported Legion. Hut: 50 gold.
    380: Zulu discover Philo and University and i traded them for both to eliminate the possibility of getting either from a hut. Hut: None Knight. 1st boat that reached the North shore picked up and dropped off 2 explorers from the northern island city 13 and is now ready to head back to our southern islands. In keeping the very long journey as efficient as possible, this boat and others will be taking two demanded high level trades from Northern cities back with them.
    400: Hut: Horde of barbarian horses surround my knight. Hut: 25 gold. Hut: Tribe for city 30.

    400 ad Summary: Lighthouse, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Marco's, Magellan's. Republic with 29 cities (30 minus one that is currently in the hands of the barbarians). Units: 8 trade caravans (all en route to the far north or soon will be), 0 wonder caravans. 9 settlers, 9 triremes, 9 explorers, 2 Diplomats, 3 knight, 1 elephant, 3 horse, 2 Legion. No wonders in progress. Buildings: 3 harbors. 32 techs. Zero Trade Routes. Income: 129 shields, 60 gold @ 20%, 0 science. Population: 2.3 Million. Treasury: 62 gold.

    420: 1st trade of game, Copper from Hill island to far north city 16: 148. Hut: Tribe for city 31. Hut: 25 gold. Built 32, jungle city square is 9/15ths of the way irrigated, has its own whale and a shared banana and fish. Built 33 Far north grassland with Pheasant and Wheat.
    440: 2nd trade of game, Demanded Silk to Far North 16: 297. Feeling wealthy for the very first time all game. Finally bribed back city 26 this turn. Hut: Horde which surrounds my legion. Hut: 25 gold. Hut: Supported Knight. Hut: 25 gold. Hut: Supported Legion.
    > Democracy (477/1023). Chose Democracy primarily due to the massive corruption that will be eliminated and the way in which this will significantly heighten every future trade bonus (likely by about 50% on average) as well as greatly increase the ability to celebrate cities to higher levels, most especially the many cities in the far north. The downside of Democracy at this point is having to be highly diligent in strategically docking and/or rehoming boats and other supported military units to allow for celebrations therein.

    After going for Monotheism and Mike's, Physics/Magnetism will make a huge difference in thriving, but Theology/Bachs is likely the more efficient priority, especially when considering that Caravels with +1 from Lighthouse move 6 and Galleons would not improve upon this. Another huge priority is Explosives (but i would first need Medicine, Chemistry and Gunpowder which is a ways off). The other priority is Medicine/Sanitation especially for certain major trade cities which in this map will be numerous. With everything considered and with some choices that were not simple, my most preferred tech path in this specific situation would be: Democracy, Monotheism, Theology, Medicine, Chemistry, Gunpowder, Explosives, Sanitation, Physics, Magnetism, Choosing Sanitation over Explosives because the path is 2 techs instead of 4, but it's possible as i get closer that i would choose to go for Explosives first. As well if by the time i complete Monotheism i have several trades soon to land, it's possible i would complete Physics/Magnetism instead of Theology and hold back on having to invest in 8 additional caravans for Bachs and in which case i would likely choose Theology after Explosives. It will really depend upon whether or not i am positioned to complete two techs quickly or if i am only positioned to complete one.

    Built 34
    , Hill on hill island with internal mine @ 3/10 and access to a shared fish and other shared mined hills. Hut: None Legion. Hut: None Knight.

    Rome completes Copernicus. In this game with the priorities i have chosen, i didn't plan to devote finite resources to this wonder, nor to Colossus or Isaac's. Zulu peoples complete Oracle. With Theology and Bach's as a much better alternative, i certainly didn't want to devote any resources to this one. Hut: Barb Horde surrounding my explorer. Hut: 50 gold. Hut: supported Knight. Hut: 50 gold.
    500: Hut: Horde of Horse surrounding my knight. Hut: Horde of Horse surrounding my explorer. Hut: Horde of Horse surrounding another knight. Hut: Phew, 50 gold.

    500 ad Summary: Lighthouse, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Marco's, Magellan's. Republic with 34 cities. Units: 13 trade caravans (all en route to or from the far north or soon will be), 4 wonder caravans (towards Leo's unless i get Monotheism first). 9 settlers, 9 triremes, 9 explorers, 1 Diplomat, 5 knights, 1 elephant, 4 horse, 3 Legion. No wonders in progress. Buildings: 7 harbors. 32 techs with Democracy in progress @ 477/1023. Two Trade Routes, both domestic. 12 mines including 6 built internally within hill cities, 9 irrigation including 8 on deforested, de-swamped or de-jungled city squares. 2 roads, 1 bridge (on forest island for motility connecting a dry city to the river while settler was awaiting transportation with nothing better to do. 2 trade routes, both very distant and domestic. Income: 161 gross shields, 49 gold @ 20% Tax, 0 science. Population: 3 Million. Land area: 1,511,000 sq. mi. Treasury: 98 gold.

    520: Hut: 25 gold.
    540: Completion of 2 Northern pikemen to defend a couple of cities from nearby menacing hordes of horses. Defending other minimally threatened city regions with Knights, Elephants and horses ready to attack if necessary. Hut: 25 gold. Built 35 , plain/river on Plain island with 3 specials including irrigated wheat to rush growth.
    560: Heroic pikeman saves city and other misc barb horses are cleaned up by my knight and elephant. Alliance with Spain and they did not give me a gift. Built 36, tiny northern island, plain with whale and shared silk. Hut: 50 gold. Hut: 50 gold. Hut: 25 gold.
    580: Hut: Horse horde surrounding my explorer. This will be my 11th explorer lost of the 16 built, but the benefits of the many huts far outweigh the costs. Lux for the time being reduced from 80 > 60.
    600: 6th, 7th and 8th Leos caravans complete on Hill island and Leos will emerge in 640 unless i end up with Monotheism in a hut first. Hut: 50 gold. Hut: None Nomad.

    600 ad Summary: Lighthouse, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Marco's, Magellan's. Republic with 36 cities. Units: 17 trade caravans (all en route to or from the far north or soon will be), 8 wonder caravans (towards Leo's unless i get Monotheism first). 15 settlers, 3 flagships (caravels), 9 triremes, 5 explorers, 1 Diplomat, 3 knights, 1 elephant, 4 horse, 3 Legion, 2 pikemen, No wonders in progress. Buildings: 7 harbors. 32 techs with Democracy in progress @ 477/1023. Two Trade Routes, both domestic and very distant. 12 mines including 6 built internally within hill cities, 13 irrigation including 10 on deforested, de-swamped or de-jungled city squares. 4 roads, 1 bridge. Income: 189 gross shields, 74 gross gold @ 20% Tax, 0 science. Population: 3.4 Million. Land area: 1,891,000 sq. mi. Treasury: 53 gold.

    620: Built 37, Plain on Plain island with fish and buffalo. Built 38: Plain on plain island with access to shared irrigated wheat and shared fish. Built 39, deforested plain on forest island with access to shared Pheasant and shared Fish.
    640: :banana: Leo's :banana:. Initial upgrades include: 9 Triremes > Caravels. 4 Horses > Knights. Rome completes Medicine and i trade them for it. Built 40, grassland canal city near the center of grass island. 3rd trade of game, demanded Silk from Tundra 04 to Far North Mainland 14: 347. 4th trade of game, demanded Silk from Tundra 03 to Northern tiny island 13: 312. Fills the beakers for Democracy which will be completed with a scientist heading into the 700 Oedo year. Reinvested 700 gold, mostly in several new demanded trades.
    660: Low food Capitol and Low food Mountain city both now with harbors reach size 2. Reached 4 million. Built 41, Grass island with whale and shared whale/fish. Hut: Tribe in high North for city 41.
    680: Built 42, Northia plain with 4 specials.

    700: :banana: Democracy :banana: > Monotheism. Zero corruption is truly great. Many cities will celebrate as never before and as mentioned earlier the trades will have an average increase of about 50%. Hut: Supported Legion. Hut: None Knight. 5th trade, demanded Spice from afar and domestic: 462. 6th trade, demanded Spice from afar and domestic: 531. Built 43, Northia coastal grassland with a banana and a shared whale.

    700 ad Summary: Lighthouse, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Marco's, Magellan's, Leo's. Democracy with 43 cities. Units: 24 trade caravans (all en route to or from the far north), 1 wonder caravan towards Mike's. 16 settlers, 14 flagships (Caravels), 5 explorers, 1 Diplomat, 8 knights, 1 elephant, 2 Legion, 2 pikemen, No wonders in progress. Buildings: 10 harbors. 34 techs + Monotheism will complete this turn. 6 Trade Routes, all domestic and very distant. 12 mines including 6 built internally within hill cities, 15 irrigation including 10 on deforested, de-swamped or de-jungled city squares. 17 roads, 2 bridges. Income: 192 gross shields, 182 gross gold @ 30% Tax, 96 science (@ 20% this turn only to complete Mono). Population: 4.64 Million. Land area: 2,159,000 sq. mi. Treasury: 497 gold (would normally reinvest this right away, but i will need 600 gold for a special rush next turn).

    720: Monotheism > Theology. Completion of 4 additional wonder caravans on Hill island. 5 caravans + 600 gold fill 400 shields. Hut: Supported Legion. 7th trade: Demanded Gem from North to South: 585. 8th trade: Demanded Spice from North to South: 660.
    740: :banana: Michelangelo's :banana:. Theology > Chemistry (towards Explosives). Completion of 4 caravans on Forest island and recruited a locally produced trade caravan as a 5th. 5 caravans + 600 gold fill 400 shields. 9th trade: Demanded Gold from North to South: 606. Exploration note: Built 16 explorers and have lost 11 of them so far, predominately to the horse hordes that utilized the surround and conquor tactic. Also gained 14 units through the huts ( 5 knights, 1 elephant, 4 horses and 4 legion) which became a part of the exploration team and lost 2 of these knights, one horse and one legion as well as a dip. The map is very nearly fully explored, perhaps 98% and explorers are currently opening the few huts in the mountain columns that separate each foreign civ. With Mikes and Bachs over the past two turns, Celebration is about to take off like never before and lots of long distance demanded trades will finance rapid expansion and rapid growth.

    Particularly interesting and fun gotm. Decided to stop here with the following ending summary and plan to play it again.

    740 ad summary: Lighthouse, Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Marco's, Magellan's, Leo's, Michelangelo's,
    Emerging next turn: :banana: Bach's :banana:
    Democracy with 46 cities. Units: 26 trade caravans (all en route to or from the far north), 0 wonder caravans, 16 settlers, 14 flagships (Caravels), 5 explorers, 1 Diplomat, 8 knights, 1 crusader , 2 Legion, 2 pikemen, No wonders in progress. Buildings: 12 harbors. 36 techs + Chemistry @ 50%. 8 Trade Routes, all domestic and very distant. 12 mines including 6 built internally within hill cities, aprox 16 irrigation including 10 on deforested, de-swamped or de-jungled city squares. aprox 22 roads, 2 bridges. Income: 192 gross shields, 206 gross gold @ 30% Tax, 96 science (@ 20% this turn only to complete Mono). Population: 5.2 Million. Land area: 2,3 million sq. mi. Treasury: 947 gold (if i was continuing this game, would have spent this down substantially).
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    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    Wanted to play this game a 2nd time utilizing Grigor's very interesting and clever idea of joining the 2nd settler into the capitol to see how that worked out : ).

    4000: Built cap on starting square and 2nd settler joined city.
    3800: Alphabet > Map Making. Warrior.
    3700: Ice hut: Best of 5 tries yielded a None Nomad (a privilege not afforded last game with the 2nd city built on ivory before opening the hut).
    3550: Map Making > Writing. Built 02 on Ivory which provides a much welcome 3 added science bringing the civ's total to 7.
    3300. Writing > Code of Laws. 2nd warrior.
    3200 Trireme (approx year)
    2850: Tundra hut yields a Nomad.
    2750: Built T03, Tundra 4 special.
    2600: Hill Hut: Nomad. Nomad will do a lot of mining before the nearby overseas huts are opened. Boat and warrior heading back towards tundra.
    2900: Code of Laws > Literacy (approx year).
    2500: Literacy > Republic.
    2200: Settler.
    2150: Built T04, Tundra with whale and shared fur.
    2050: :banana: Republic :banana: > Masonry. T 80 / L 20. Disbanded the 2 warriors inside cities. Completion of 1st mine (Coal/river). Food surplus in capitol provided by fish will allow me to alternate between surplus and starvation (fish and oil) with every other turn yielding a huge +4 shields towards the wonder. Will only invest in reaching size 3+ once city has a harbor.

    2000 bc summary: Republic, 4 cities, 1 settler, 1 trireme. 2 wonders in progress with 73/200 and 51/200.

    1900: French undertake Pyramids and due to the competition for it, this is likely the first wonder i will build.
    1650: Settler from T03.
    1600: Settler from T04. Both board ship towards Hill island.
    1500: 2nd mine completes. Switched here from 80% tax to 80% science to complete Masonry.

    1500 bc summary: Republic, 4 cities, 3 settlers, 1 trireme. 2 wonders in progress with 121/200 and 71/200. 2 mines, no irrigation, no roads. Gold/science income per turn is 22-23. Treasury: 279 gold.

    1250: Built H05, Hill/river with 7 turns progress towards an internal mine and with mined coal/river and 2 fish within reach. 05 Begins production of 3rd wonder, hopefully to be Hanging Gardens and will have the capacity to produce 8 shields per turn at size 1 and 10 shields @ size 2.
    1050: Masonry > Bronze Working (Pottery not offered). Keeping Science @ 80% until completing Pottery.

    1000 bc Summary: Republic, 5 cities, 1 settler, 1 Trireme. Progress on 3 wonders: 171, 91, 32. 3 mines (including 1 within city), 0 irrigation, 0 roads. Income: 14-23 Shields, 24-25 gold or science. Treasury: 414.

    As compared to my previously logged gotm 200 here, but didn't have much detail:
    Was seeking to understand why i have only 5 cities instead of 6 this game at 1000 bc and the difference for me is that i added the 2nd starting nomad into the cap. But in this case (in my opinion) 5 cities with the cap at size 2 is better than 6 cities since the 2nd citizen in the cap is phenomenally impactful. The size 2 capitol which produced 4 science in despotism (instead of what would have been 2 science in a size one) aided significantly in reaching Republic 8 turns earlier, a development which provided the civ with 8 turns of substantially increased productivity. As well and also very significantly the size 2 city has been able to add 40 extra shields into the wonder over the past 20 turns (100 shields instead of 60) which will allow this wonder to self-complete without rushing, allowing the saved gold to largely be devoted to rushing the 02 wonder which only adds 2 shields per turn. Finally, adding the 2nd nomad into the cap allowed for one of 5 attempts at the hut to be a none Nomad whereas every other alternative including building 02 on the ivory before opening the hut seems to make that impossible (and this is something i very heavily tested). So all things considered, i strongly believe Grigor's excellent idea of adding the 2nd nomad into the cap before opening the hut is the best way to play this even though it was initially counter-intuitive to me.

    925: Built 06, Hill with internal mine production @ 90% and access to mined Coal/river and fish and which will be a fast Settler builder.
    900: Bronze Working > Pottery (23/126).

    850: :banana: Pyramids :banana:. French change from Pyramids to Colossus.
    800: Pottery > Currency. Science to Zero for now. T 60 / L 40.
    750 : :banana: Hanging Gardens :banana:.

    With progress @ 96 shields and with 10 shields being added per turn, decided i would self-build Lighthouse in 525 in Hill city 05 aided by a single disbanded diplomat (yet to be built), coordinating this to coincide with one boat leaving to the far north with 2 yet to be built tundra settlers... and a second yet to be built trireme and 2 yet to be built diplomats (the 2nd as protection against single barbs and also as a backup in case one gets killed), all three to be built in the Low food cap, sailing to the forest, swamp and jungle islands to open the huts. 9 turns are needed for all of this to come together all at once. As an added minor benefit in rushing HG, it allows for zero Lux which yields an extra 7 gold and 7 science per turn at this point.

    Also regarding the opening of huts,
    In reading through this thread, i learned that i need to build a city with my none settler before opening the huts to either allow for the possibility of a nomad or to greatly increase the chances of this (not sure about the details and i would much appreciate it if someone was willing to clarify this and/or to link the source which i invested a bit of time in unsuccessfully attempting to locate). In any case, will also coordinate building a city with my highly productive none hill settler before opening the first hut who has nearly single handedly built 4 key mines and 70% of a 5th.

    725: Built 07, Hill with internal mine production @ 7/10 and access to mined coal /river and fish and which will be a fast and fantastic settler builder, all the more so as combined with Pyramids. Built first Dip in cap > 2nd.
    650: Orleans completes Colossus! Quite early and thankfully it wasn't Lighthouse. Rome changes to Great Wall. Completion in 2nd dip in cap > trireme. Completion of 3rd internal mine and 5th mine overall.
    600: Completion of Hill diplomat.
    575: Built 08, Hill with forthcoming internal mine @ 5/10, fish and shared mined coal/river. Hill diplomat disbands into Hanging Gardens production and progress is increased from 166 > 181 allowing for completion in 2 turns instead of 4.
    550: Cap completes trireme and sets sail with 2 dips to tip of ice island towards forest island. Trireme > Wonder (hopefully to become Marco's).
    525: :banana: Lighthouse :banana:. Completion of 2 settlers. Two tundra settlers board ship towards the Great North. Other ship heads towards forest island with 2 dips. Decided to turn science up to complete Currency in 3 turns and to hopefully choose Trade before opening any huts.
    500: Re-homed 2 settlers to allow their previous cities to reach size 2. Where possible and within reason, seeking to build settlers in size 2 cities that will have 20 food the turn the settler is built. This allows city's food to spill over the very next turn and with Pyramids this allows the size two city to have about 15 food towards the next 20.

    500 bc Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse. Republic, 8 cities, 4 settlers, 2 triremes, 2 diplomats. Income: 35 shields (22 of which are from Hill island), 7 gold, 31 science. Treasury: 220 gold. Cities per island: Hill 4, Tundra 2, ice 2.

    450: Currency > Trade. Adjusted Rates for now to T 80 / S 20. Two dips landed on forest island but will need to wait 3 turns to open first hut which is when the none settler on Hill island will build a city.
    425: 2 Settlers heading North are able to save a turn by ship chaining into the dips boat.
    400: 1 settler. French undertake Marco's which turns up the pressure a couple of notches.
    375: Ready to build a city with none settler, but before doing so and before opening the hut for real, i conducted a test. A mitigating factor is that i have 8 nomads at present 7 supported and one none and i believe i read somewhere that there is a ratio involved that allows for or disallows for new nomads from huts based upon this ration. Maybe somebody who knows the details can clarify it with an answer here : ). The hut yielded about 50% none nomads in 10 tries and also interestingly barb hordes was also a high percentage, maybe about 40%. Then i tested the hut results with first building the none nomad into a city which was my original plan. Now the result was still about a 50% chance for a nomad and in 10 tries there were no barbarians which seems to be related to whether i had my previously existing none nomad or not. Thus it seems that not having a none nomad when opening a hut greatly decreases the chances for invoking a barb horde. Phase three of the test, i kept the orig none nomad, kept the 2nd none nomad from a hut, then created a dip to open another hut. this time, now with 2 none nomads, 10 tries did not yield a nomad, so clearly the 2 of 9 ration of none settlers to supported settlers disallows new nomads from huts.

    My operating but unconfirmed hypothesis is that a 7:1 ratio allows for a nomad from a hut, but also having a nomad seem to invoke a high chance for barb hordes. In my previous gotm 200 logged above, i opened many huts with what was likely too high of a ratio of none settlers to supported settlers and as a result i unleashed lots of barbarian hordes. This game i will play with no none nomads while opening huts and anticipate seeing far fewer barbarian hordes. I also thought i read somewhere that there is an 80% chance of getting a tribe on an uninhabited island if the square is grass or plain and if it's not a grass or plain does what would have been a tribe become a nomad or is that completely separate? If anybody has more information and/or links about factors which influence hut results please feel free to post them here or to send me a private message.

    So now we proceed. Built 09 with None settler, Hill being internally mined and with a different coal for which a mine is underway. No fish, so food surplus is only +1 and this city will likely build one or more triremes and/or wonder caravans upon completion of trade. Now to the western forest island hut: None Nomad : ). Because having a city already built on an island seems to diminish the chances for a nomad, will open the other forest huts before building the city on the finest rivered 4 special spot this island has to offer before opening next hut. This will also give the settler a chance to mine the city square to a plain first.

    325: Built 10, Tundra with whale and shared ox and fur. Next forest hut: 50 gold.
    Tundra settler. Now have 9. Uninhabited Forest hut: None Nomad. Since there is competition for Marco's, Science back to 80% to complete Trade. This will also allow 02 to rush 2 caravans to feed into the capitol's wonder project.
    250: 4th Trireme, 7th mine.

    250bc summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse. Republic, 10 cities, 10 settlers, 4 triremes, 2 diplomats. Income: 53 gross shields (34 of which are from Hill island), 42 gold/science. Treasury: 316 gold. Cities per island: Hill 5, Tundra 3, ice 2. Population: 200,000, Land area: 204,000. Wonder Production: 48/200.

    225: 11th settler. (Hill island is powering them out).
    200: Trade > Mathematics. Tax to 80%, sci 20%, 1 elvis performing in a size 2.
    225: 1st irrigation on Forest 4 special site.
    200: Built 11, deforested plain/river 4 special.
    175: 1st wonder caravan (and 2nd one is rushed from zero to arrive next turn). Built 12, Grape on hill island being mined inside. Built 13, 4th Tundra city, Fish and shared whale.
    150: 3rd road (all on hill island to connect the cities). Swamp hut: 50 gold. 2 caravans added to 70 shields and the remaining 30 shields are rushed for 120 gold. Remaining treasury: 132.
    100: :banana: Marco's :banana:.

    Assessment of foreign civs:


    Attitude Gold: Rep/Map/MapTrade Techs Tech in progress:

    Romans: Uncoop 92 No/Yes/No Cer, Iron, Myst, Warrior Currency:
    Zulu: Neutral 174 No/No/No Cer, Horse, Poly, Wheel Map Making
    French: Icy 220 No/No/No Cer, Warrior Map Making
    Spanish: Neutral 220 No/Yes/No Cer, Myst, Warrior, Code of Laws
    English: Neutral 303 No/Yes/No Cer, constr, horse, iron warrior, wheel Writing
    Mongol: Uncoop 303 No/Yes/No Cer, Horse, Iron, Myst, Warrior, Wheel, Pottery.

    Summary and plan. Unfortunately nobody has Seafaring, nor even Math which is my tech in progress. Since i don't want to research both Math and Seafaring on my own, will trade for them with distant caravans unless the ai end up getting them first. Will trade with Mongols last and give them as little as possible to keep tech costs and corresponding Trade values as high as possible. Will seek to trade or gift everybody Map Making and Republic and trade for all maps. Spent gold to below 50 especially for the benefit of the Icy French. My starting tech count is 11.


    Attitude Gold: Rep/Map/MapTrade Techs Tech in progress:

    Romans: Enthus 92 Yes/Yes/Yes None
    Zulu: Cordial 174 Yes/Yes/Yes None
    French: Receptive 220 Yes/Yes/Yes None.
    Spanish: Enthus 220 Yes/Yes/Yes None.
    English: Enthus 303 Yes/Yes/Yes None
    Mongol: Cordial 303 Yes/Yes/Yes None

    Summary: Gain of 8 techs from 11 > 19. Beaker cost is now 600 which is great for future trade bonuses : ). Have all 6 maps and all 6 civs now have Republic. Will continue to gift the foreign civs their new techs in progress if i have them with the possible exception of the Mongols unless they it's one of the two they are able to receive.

    End of Diplomacy Summation.

    4 boats working together in a patchy way that could not quite be referred to as a ship chain in hastening the transport of 4 current Hill settlers to Plain and grass islands. But a small ship chain is beginning to come together.

    75: 2 new hill settlers.
    50: Uninhabited Swamp Hut: Another Nomad.
    25: Built 15, Swamp/river 3 special square. Still needs irrigation, but had to use the none Settler so i could open the next hut in about 3 turns and didn't want to wait 15 turns for him to irrigate the square first. Built 16, Swamp 2 special site. Had to rush-build with this settler to prevent Hill city starvation and again, this city square requires an irrigation specialist.
    1ad: 2 new triremes. Zulu aquire Banking and i trade them for it and gift it to the French who had begun to research it. The other civs are researching new techs which i do not have. Arrived upon far North little island anticipating a most likely tribe: Hut: 50 gold. Tempting to build a 4 special city there, but it's more ideal that i utilize both settlers in building cities on the mainland.

    1 ad Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse, Marco's. Republic, 16 cities, 9 settlers, 8 triremes, 2 diplomats. No buildings. 20 techs with Math in progress @ 23/567. Income: 60 shields (only 22 of which are from Hill island which is recuperating from the recent completion of several settlers), 38 gold @ T 60 / L40. Treasury: 205 gold. Cities per island: Hill 6, Tundra 4, ice 2, Forest 2, Swamp 2. City sizes: 5 size 2's, 11 size 1's. Population 260,000. Land area: 328,000. No wonders in production.

    Marginally favorable as compared to my previously logged gotm 200 here:
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  18. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    20 AD > 400 AD

    20: 1st trade caravan produced.
    40: 2nd trade caravan and these Forrest trades will board a trireme next turn and head to the Far North. Built 17 plain (on Plain Island) with wheat and fish. Jungle isle Hut: Horde of Barb horses. Can't save the dip, nor safely bribe any of the horses, but upon thought i actually wouldn't have any need for supported horses in the south and this jungle island is the final local island with huts. Spare dip comes in handy for the next hut : ).
    60: Arrival upon the Northern Mainland and 1 settler disembarks onto a premium 4 special site, the best of the game thus far. Bribed barb horse to be able to reach my final local hut. Built 18, Plain on Plain isle 2 specials. Built 19, Grassland on Grass isle with 3 specials. Built 20, First mainland city, grass with 4 specials. Horse opens jungle hut: Another Horde of barbarian horses.
    80: 4th road.
    100: 1st size 3 city. 2nd and 3rd size 3's will arrive in 3 turns at which point i will likely begin to celebrate all 3.

    100 ad Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse, Marco's. Republic, 20 cities, 4 Trade Caravans, 5 settlers, 8 triremes, 1 diplomat. No buildings. 20 techs with Math in progress @ 23/630. Income: 72 shields, 31 of which are from Hill island, 48 gold @ T 60 / L40. 9 mines, 2 irrigation, 4 roads. Treasury: 205 gold. Cities per island: Hill 6, Tundra 4, ice 2, Forest 2, Swamp 2, Plain 2, Grass 1, Northlands 1. City sizes: 1 size 3, 5 size 2's, 14 size 1's. Population 370,000. Land area: 433,000. No wonders in production.

    120: 1 settler and 1 dip in the North. Built 21, Plain on Plain Island with Whale and shared wheat and fish. Built 22, Grass on Grass Island with 2 whales and a fish. 3rd irrigation. Zulu develop Engineering and i trade them for it. Next 2 trade caravans step into trireme to journey to the far north.
    140: Built 23, Mainland grassland with 4 specials.
    160: 2nd Diplomat in the Far north. Celebration initiated for 3 cities. English develop Seafaring and i trade them for it. Major game changer : ). Rome builds Great Wall.
    180: French build Great Library. First Explorer. Rome develops Monarchy and i will await next turn to trade for it so i can see what they are researching. Gifted Zulu their tech in progress: Banking. Hut: Invention. (Preferred not to have this as yet due to the halving of trade bonuses, but i'll make due). But after Math, the path is cleared for Democracy which i want even before Philosophy/Monotheism and which will add about 50% back into the trade bonuses as well as opening the door to many additional celebrations.
    200: 2nd Explorer, 5th and 6th Trade Caravan. Hut: Supported Legion. Hut: Tribe for city 24. French acquire Math and i will wait til next turn to trade them for it so i can first see what tech they have chosen to research next.
    220: Trade the french for Mathematics. Sci to 10% to choose next tech which will hopefully be Democracy.
    240: 5th explorer and 4th settler. Spanish develop Philosophy and i traded them for it since they already chose their next research project which i was able to gift them. > Democracy (27th tech @ 31/837) , Disbanded supported legion inside city and added 25 gold towards an Explorer. Hut: Supported Chariot. Hut: Tribe for city 25. Hut: Tribe for city 26. Hut: 100 gold.
    260: 6th Explorer, 7th trade caravan, 10th trireme. Hut: 25 gold. Hut: Supported Horse.
    280: 7th and 8th explorer, 11th trireme. Hut: Horde of Horses surround explorer. Hut: City 28. Hut: Horde of Horses.
    Nobody is building a wonder so i am taking my time with Leo's (have zero wonder caravans) and primarily investing in a burst of Exploration with 8 current Explorers. Secondarily for the moment in Trade and Expansion. Fast and comprehensive Exploration with the potential for many tribes more than replaces rushed settler building for the time being. Currently Leo's would do almost nothing for me (1 chariot would become an elephant), so i will hold off on this powerful future wonder for as long as possible until i have to compete for it which is quite a ways off. Chances are fairly good that i will end up getting Mikes, maybe Bach's and maybe Magellan's all before Leo's. Once lucrative vast distance demanded trades start landing, i will be able to get all 4 wonders very quickly.
    300: 16 barb horses do some local damage eliminating 3 Chinese units. England completes Bridge Building, i trade them for it and gift it to all others researching it. 9th trade caravan built and 6th current explorer to partially replace 2 that were eliminated. Built 29, deforested plain on forest island with whale and shared pheasant and silk. First Trade (domestically demanded Silk to the far North) is 8 turns away from landing, but 2nd Silk trade on the same boat which is currently undemanded will take many extra turns to reach England undemanded unless a demand arises by then. Hopefully the French will complete Democracy very soon.

    300 ad Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse, Marco's. Republic, 29 cities, 9 Trade Caravans, 0 wonder caravans, 5 settlers, 11 triremes, 6 explorers, 3 diplomats, 1 chariot. No buildings but 7 harbors in progress and there will be 9 in progress next turn. No wonders in production. Zero Trade Routes. 27 techs with Democracy in progress @ 31/630 (which is two or three strong trades). Income: 115 shields, 38 of which are from Hill island, 36 gold @ T 20 / L80. 10 mines, 4 irrigation, 8 roads. Treasury: 127 gold. Cities per island: Northland 7, Hill 6, Tundra 4, Forest 3, Plain 3, Grass 2, Swamp 2, ice 2. City sizes: 2 size 5, 3 size 4, 3 size 3, 4 size 2, 17 size 1's. Population: 1.1 Million. Land area: 786,000 sq. mi.

    Fairly comparable position thus far as compared to the 300 ad Summary in the previous game:
    320: 4 trade caravans completed (have 13 now). Bribed 2 horse for emergency defense. Ended the lives of 3 barb horses. Hut: Supported Legion. Hut: 50 gold. Hut: 50 gold. Hut: Horde of Horses.
    Lost a 3rd Explorer and now have 5. The Zulu peoples break ground on Leo's. Bribed 2 horse and killed 2 horse. Hut: city 30. Hut: Supported Elephant.
    1st Harbor in Forest 4 special with 3 trades en route to the Far North. No new units. Romans undertake Leo's. Hut: Horde of Horses and i will lose my 4th Explorer. Hut: City 31.
    380: Completion of 2 trade caravans (now have 15) and 1 settler (now have 5). Built Forest 33 with shared Pheasant and Fish to reach size 3 fairly quickly without a deforested city square as yet. Built 34 on Forest island deforested plain with Whale and Fish. Hut: Horde of Horses near a new city. Rushed a diplomat. Hut: 50 Gold.
    400: 16th Trade Caravan. Lost a 5th explorer and now have 3. Bribed a barb horse threatening city 30 and killed another with the new horse. Built 35: Mountain/River 4 special on Mountain island. Will alternate Whale and Ore until Harbor is built. Hut: City 36. Hut: Horde of Horses threatening very nearby new city, Diplomat rushed. Hut: Another Horde of Horses. 6th and 7th explorers will be eliminated next turn leaving me with one : ).

    400 ad Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse, Marco's. Republic, 36 cities, 16 Trade Caravans, 0 wonder caravans, 3 settlers, 11 triremes, 3 explorers (1 next turn), 4 diplomats, 1 chariot, 4 horse, 1 Legion. Buildings: 1 harbor and 9 in progress. No wonders in production. Zero Trade Routes. 27 techs with Democracy in progress @ 31/868 (which should be filled with two or three strong trades). Income: 164 shields, 39 of which are from Hill island, (ratio grows smaller). 53 gold @ T 20 / L80. 10 mines, 5 irrigation, 8 roads. Treasury: 14 gold. Cities per island: Northland 11, Hill 6, Tundra 4, Forest 5, Plain 3, Grass 2, Swamp 2, ice 2, Mountain 1 . City sizes: 1 size 7, 7 size 5, 3 size 4, 1 size 3, 10 size 2, 14 size 1's. Population: 2.1 Million. Land area: 1,039,000 sq. mi.

    As compared to previous game:
    Fairly even comparison, each side leading in different key areas.

    Major areas where this game is out-performing previous game:
    36 cities vs 29, 16 trade caravans vs 8, 164 Shields vs 129.

    Major areas where previous game is out-performing this one:
    Magellans vs. No Magellans as yet, nor Astronomy/Navigation, 9 settlers vs. 3, 9 explorers vs 3.

    As to not having Astronomy/Navigation as yet, this may be a while without a lot of luck from huts or foreign civs since i would likely choose Monotheism and also Feudalism/Theology first for Mike's and Bach's and make up for slow triremes by building more of them,
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  19. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    420 AD > 600 AD.

    420: 2 trade caravans (18 total), 1 diplomat. Lost 2 more explorers to Hordes and are down to 1, soon to be replenished. Bribed one barb horse 2 steps from city 32 and this new horse killed another barb horse that was 3 steps away.
    440: Mongols complete Gunpowder, i trade them for it and gift it to those researching it. First trade of game, Demanded Silk from Forest 14 to Northia 20: 240. Hut: 50 gold. Hut: City 37. Influx of gold allows me to rush-complete 6 explorers to emerge next turn.
    460: 6 new explorers (now have 7 total). Active trade caravans to 21.
    480: Lost city 37 to the barbs and the explorer it supported. Will be several turns before i am able to bribe it back. Bribed a barb horse. Hut 25 gold. Hut 25 gold.
    500: 2nd trade of game, Demanded Silk from Forest 11 to Northia 23: 321. Research on Democracy is now @ 592/899). Hut: Horde of Horses. Hut: City 38.

    500 ad Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse, Marco's.
    Republic, 37 cities, 24 Trade Caravans, 0 wonder caravans, 3 settlers, 11 triremes, 6 explorers, 6 diplomats, 1 elephant, 1 chariot, 5 horse. Buildings: 2 harbors and 12 in progress, 1 Temple. 1 Aquaduct in progress. No wonders in production. Two Trade Routes. 28 techs with Democracy in progress @ 592/899. Income: 179 shields, 65 gold @ T 20 / L80. 10 mines, 6 irrigation, 9 roads. Treasury: 89 gold. Cities per island: Northland 12, Hill 6, Tundra 4, Forest 5, Plain 3, Grass 2, Swamp 2, ice 2, Mountain 1 . City sizes: 2 size 7, 2 size 6, 8 size 5, 4 size 4, 1 size 3, 10 size 2, 10 size 1's. Population: 3.04 Million. Land area: 1,251,000 sq. mi.

    As compared to previous game:
    This comparison favors the previous game, and this may or may not change in the coming years.

    Major or moderate areas where this game is out-performing previous game:
    24 trade caravans vs 13 trade caravans + 4 wonder caravans, 179 Shields vs 161. 37 cities vs 34.

    Major or moderate areas where previous game is out-performing this one:
    vs. No Magellans, 7 harbors vs. 2 (but 3 more complete next turn), 32 techs vs 28 (likely in large part the product of 20% additional exploration, 9 settlers vs. 3, 9 explorers vs 6, 1.5 million sq. mi vs 1.25 million.

    Areas where it is even:
    Both games have 2 trade routes, both are researching Democracy, both have 3 million population, both have all the same wonders except Magellan's.

    520: Completion of 3 Harbors, 1 Temple, 1 Courthouse, 1 Trade Caravan, 1 settler, 1 Trireme. Hut: Horse Horde. Hut: City 39. Hut: Horse Horde.
    540: Hut: Supported Musketeer.
    560: Hut: Horde of Horses. Hut: 100 Gold. Hut: 50 Gold. Hut: Horde of Horses. Bribed a barb horse which in turn killed another barb horse.
    580: Lost city 39 to barbs and for the moment they now hold 2 of my former cities. 3rd Trade of game, demanded Gems from Grass island 22 to Northia 20 (with courthouse cutting massive corruption in half as well as allowing this city to celebrate from size 6>8, overall allowing this trade bonus to be about 50% larger than would otherwise have been possible): 228. These three trades supplemented by a about 110 beakers from city science are enough to fill the beakers for Democracy at the end of 600 for a year 620 Oedo. Hut: 50 Gold.
    Zulu develop Monotheism which is fantastic and i will trade them for it after Democracy is completed and build Michelangelo's as soon as reasonably possible. If by chance another civ builds Leo's, by me de-prioritizing it in favor of Mike's, and maybe Bach's, i will plan to capture it, but it's currently far too much sacrifice to build Leos for what little it can do for me at present which is nearly nothing until Navigation at which point it would upgrade the speed and passenger space of my triremes each by +1. Completion of various units and buildings which for the most part i will no longer specify. Bribed a barb horse, killed a barb horse and sacrificed my newly bribed horse to save a city. Bribed another horse and killed another to spare another city. Too little gold to bribe another barb that can capture or kill another city next turn, so i must choose a building to sell. With Democracy here next turn and corruption eliminated, will likely sell the one courthouse since it won't be needed for celebration growth... Done and horse is bribed. Hut: City 40 (have 38 net cities at present). Poised to bribe back 37 this turn and to get a horse as a bonus and 37 gold provides enough cushion to afford the price of 26. Instead of seeking to transport a lot of Northia Trade caravans south at this point, have decided instead to utilize most of the empty boats as a partial chain to help the southern trades to arrive North as fast as possible, strait up the middle from the eastern tip of Forest island. Also planning to prioritize a lot of Northia settler building in size 4+ cities to maintain size 3+ for quick re-celebration. Planning to initiate a good many celebrations next turn and seeking to get various triremes and military units which are supported by size 3+ cities inside cities, or re-supported to cities that are a ways off from reaching size 3. Planning to utilize 2 nearby trade caravans and rush 6 more caravans on Forest island to build Mike's as soon as possible. With Forest islands powerful shield production i can certainly have Mikes by 720 and possibly 700. No trades are ready to land within the next 5 or 10 turns, so there will be no windfall to help. Also no other islands can help with caravans towards the wonder since it would take too long to transport them.

    600 ad Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse, Marco's. Republic, 39 cities, 24 Trade Caravans, 2 newly converted wonder caravans, 6 settlers, 12 triremes, 4 explorers, 7 diplomats, 1 elephant, 1 chariot, 9 horse. Buildings: 10 harbors, 1 Aquaduct, 2 Temples. No wonders in production. Three Trade Routes. 28 techs plus Democracy completing next turn and Monotheism to be traded for which will be 30. Income: 183 shields, 72 gold @ T 20 / L80, 3 science. 10 mines, 8 irrigation, 9 roads. Crucial bridge connecting 4 hill cities and all of Hill island to be completed in 3 turns. Treasury: 11 gold. Cities per island: Northland 14, Hill 6, Forest 5, Tundra 4, Plain 3, Grass 2, Swamp 2, ice 2, Mountain 1 . City sizes: 2 size 8, 2 size 7, 1 size 6, 7 size 5, 6 size 4, 3 size 3, 7 size 2, 11 size 1's. Population: 3.78 Million. Land area: 1,450,000 sq. mi.

    As compared to previous game:
    Moderate areas where this game is out-performing previous game:
    Democracy 620 vs 700, 10 Harbors vs 7, 39 cities vs 36, 12 triremes vs 9, 3 trade routes vs 2,

    Major (as bolded) or moderate areas where previous game is out-performing this one:
    Magellans vs. No Magellans as yet and Leo's in two turns vs. No Leo's as yet. 32 techs vs 28 (30 next turn), 1.891,000 land area vs 1,450,000.

    Areas where the two games are pretty even: 3.78 million population vs. 3.4 million, 26 caravans vs 25, 183 Shield income vs. 189.

    To be continued...
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  20. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    620 AD > 740 AD

    620: :banana: Democracy :banana: > Monotheism (chose this to be safe in the unlikely possibility that the Zulu won't trade it). Traded the Zulu for Monotheism and gifted Democracy to 4 of 6 foreign civs so far. Various cities have units away, but we are able to celebrate 6 cities this turn with 60% Lux. Forest 11 will celebrate to size 12 and has 2 trades ready to land very soon thereafter. Most units away should be corrected about the time Mike's is built at which point many cities civ-wide will celebrate. Both Swamp city squares are now irrigated and these two settlers working together will build 2 banana cities on jungle island bypassing irrigation at this point, especially because the bananas will induce fast enough growth. Bribed a barb horse 3 steps from an undefended city. Hut: City 41. Hut: City 42. Hill island will likely build 8 caras of its own towards Leo's or possibly future Bachs upon Feudalism/Theology.
    640 > Feudalism (961) (Towards the goal of Theology). Built 43, Northland Grass/river with Banana and Wheat/river.
    660: Built 44, grass canal city on Grass island with Fish. Hut: None Nomad, first in Northland huts. Hut: Supported Crusader.
    680: Built 45
    , swamp river @ the southern tip of Northia with Banana and whale (allows Banana to be shared (alternatingly) with other future cities. Strategic city for landing Caravans with full movement in tact. Built 46, grassland in Northia with Pheasant and whale. Built 47: Ox on tundra island with lots of basic ocean squares and Harbor as the first project. Built 48, unirrigated jungle on Jungle island with Banana, Whale and Fish.
    700: Lost city 42 to the barbarians and once the horse appeared out of the black 2 steps away i was unable to prevent it : ). 8 Caravans fill 400 shields in Forest Super Trade and Super Shield city 11. Bribed a menacing barb horse and another. Will open huts before landing my trade since techs will increase the trade bonus. Hut: 25 gold. Hut: City 49. Hut: 50 gold. 4th trade of game, Demanded Hide from 19 trade forest island city to 14 trade Northia city: 280. 5 civs are researching Astronomy which is great since it will clear the way to Navi. Recruited 2 potential trade caravans which haven't left Hill island as yet and decided to rush 6 additional caravans on Hill Island this turn and next for Leo's before someone else has any more of a chance to snatch it up.

    700 ad Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse, Marco's (Michelangelos emerges next turn). Democracy, 47 cities, 27 Trade Caravans and 2 newly converted wonder caravans, 7 settlers, 13 triremes, 5 explorers, 9 diplomats, 1 elephant, 1 chariot, 9 horse. Buildings: 13 harbors, 2 Aquaduct, 2 Temple. 4 Trade Routes. 30 techs. Income: 211 shields, 184 gold @ T 40 / L60, 0 science. 10 mines, 9 irrigation, 11 roads, 1 bridge. Treasury: 224 gold. Cities per island: Northland 20, Hill 6, Forest 5, Tundra 5, Plain 3, Grass 2, Swamp 2, ice 2, Jungle 1, Mountain 1 . City sizes: 1 size 10, 1 size 8, 2 size 7, 4 size 6, 10 size 5, 4 size 4, 4 size 3, 6 size 2, 15 size 1's. Population: 4.78 Million. Land area: 1,638,000 sq. mi.

    As compared to previous game:
    Moderate areas where this game is out-performing previous game:
    Democracy 620 vs 700, 13 Harbors and 17 total buildings vs. 10 harbors and 10 total buildings, 47 cities vs. 43, 211 shield income vs 192, 29 caravans vs 25.

    Major (as bolded) or moderate areas where previous game is out-performing this one:
    Magellans vs. No Magellans as yet. Leo's vs. No Leo's as yet, but this wonder is anticipated to emerge in 3 turns (760). 16 settlers vs. 7, 34 techs vs 30, 2,159,000 land area vs 1,638,000. 14 Caravels vs 12 triremes. 6 trade routes vs. 4.

    Areas where the two games are pretty even (this game listed first): 4.78 million population vs. 4.64 million, Michelangelo's in 720 vs. 740.

    720: :banana: Michelangelo's :banana:. Able to celebrate most almost every city very nicely with 40% Lux unless any units are away and gold income has shot up to 293. Built 50, Jungle/river 4 special on Jungle island not irrigated as yet.
    740: Built 51: Northland grassland with banana and shared whale. Hut: City 52. 5th trade of game, Demanded Silk from Tundra 03 with 24 base trade to Northia 24 with 16 base trade: 573. Will complete remaining 105 beakers with city science.

    Since the first game logged a tentatively final summary @ 740 ad, i will provide one here although this game will continue especially since i still need Bach's and Magellan's. Once the two games have all of the same wonders (which undoubtedly they will), it would be interesting to compare summaries in that year. As such, there is a good chance i will go back and play a few turns of the first game to match the year Bach's and Magellan's both are completed in this game.

    740 ad Summary: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse, Marco's, Michelangelos, (Leo's emerges next turn :banana:). Democracy, 50 cities, 28 Trade Caravans and 0 wonder caravans, 5 settlers, 13 triremes, 6 explorers, 10 diplomats, 1 chariot, 8 horse. Buildings: 15 harbors, 2 Aquaduct, 2 Temple. 5 Trade Routes. 30 techs (and 31 next turn) Income: 230 shields, 183 gold / 113 science (this turn only to complete Feudalism) @ T 30 / S20 / L50. 10 mines, 10 irrigation, 13 roads, 1 bridge. Treasury: 757 gold currently but will reinvest this before ending turn. Cities per island: Northland 22, Hill 6, Forest 5, Tundra 5, Plain 3, Grass 2, Swamp 2, ice 2, Jungle 2, Mountain 1 . City sizes: 1 size 11 (size 12 next turn), 4 size 8, 5 size 7, 6 size 6, 7 size 5, 1 size 4, 2 size 3, 6 size 2, 18 size 1's. Population: 6.39 Million. Land area: 1,723,000 sq. mi.

    As compared to previous game:
    Major (as bolded) or moderate areas where this game is out-performing previous game:
    15 Harbors and 19 total buildings vs. 12 harbors and 13 total buildings, 230 shield income vs 192, Democracy 620 vs 700, 6.39 million population vs. 5.2 million, 50 cities vs. 46, 1 size 11 (and 12 next turn) Super trade city vs. size 8 as the largest current city.

    Major (as bolded) or moderate areas where previous game is out-performing this one:
    Magellans vs. No Magellans as yet. Bach's in 760 vs. Bach's likely in 800. 16 settlers vs. 5, 36 techs vs 30 (31 next turn), 2.3 million land area vs 1.73 million , 14 Caravels vs 13 triremes, 22 roads vs. 13, 8 trade routes vs. 5.

    Areas where the two games are pretty even (this game listed first): 28 trade caravans vs 26.

    As one aspect of evaluating the comparison between these two games, one important factor in the first one that made a huge difference is that past me had 7 Northland Tech huts vs. only 1 Northland Tech hut for current me which goes a long way in explaining the big discrepancy in tech. The 7 techs were mostly phenomenally useful and consisted of: Astronomy (towards Navigation), Construction, Engineering(towards Invention), Feudalism (towards Theology) Navigation (in 200 AD!), Chivalry, Invention,, vs. the one Northland tech in the current game of Invention, which by itself without Navigation has offered nearly no advantage thus far. As well and as a result, the faster boats were able to deliver trades much more swiftly as well as hastening the accomplishment of other tasks such as dropping settlers to new city sites : ).

    There were perhaps other advantages within the current game over the previous game, but tribes/nomads in Northland huts is very close, 9 in the first game vs. 10 in this current game. The many horse hordes in huts seems to be fairly comparable as well. But in any case, Navi in a hut in 200 ad is significantly impactful and i was quite lucky getting so many early, excellent, and highly valuable tech huts in that first game : ). Consider that even now in 740 ad in this current game, 540 years later (27 turns later), the second me still doesn't have Navi. Nevertheless, the civs in each of the two games seem to be fairly evenly matched. Something to watch for is that while this current civ is heavily investing in Leo's, Bach's and Magellan's, the civ in the previous game is able to pour resources into other areas (primarily Trade Caravans, Settlers and buildings) and to perhaps catch up or even surpass the current civ in cities and/or buildings. To say this another way,, if the city count and trade caravan count are fairly even now, what happens when current me builds 16 caravans for Bach's and Magellan's and the past me has no need for a single wonder caravan?

    To be continued...
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