GOTM 38: First Spoiler

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  1. ainwood

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    Oct 5, 2001
    This is the first spoiler for GOTM 38: China!

    TO qualify for this spoiler, you must have:

    * Reached the middle ages.
    * Have a full view of the starting continent.
    * Have a view of the coastline of any offshore islands / continents that can be reached by traversing only coastal waters.
    * Have contacts with two other civilizations.
  2. klarius

    klarius ... !

    May 30, 2004
    Predator PtW

    Settle in place. Worker on cow to road and irrigate.
    Science pottery 100%.
    Intial builds 2 warriors then granary.

    3400 pottery->alphabet, we haven't met anybody and I fear we are all alone :cry:
    2900 first settler. Settlers will have priority over workers.
    This will delay the switch to a warrior/settler factory, but it's looking more and more like we have no neighbors.
    I'm going for RCP 3. That will be micromanagement madness.
    2800 Shanghai settled on gold hill. It's able to share the wheat and the immediate commerce is nice.
    2630 Canton settled on spices.
    2510 alphabet->writing
    2470 Nanking settled on southern river.
    2070 now we know for sure that we have a small continent for us alone. We also know that there is a coastal link to some more land.
    1990 writing->map making
    1525 map making->literature
    1300 literature researched->philosophy and the same turn we meet the Greeks.
    Big trade including contact with Babs, maps, BW, CB, TW, IW, Myst and all the money.
    Make embassies and see both are working on Oracle.
    We have no horses, well, I didn't expect it.
    So we will have to take on Greece with swords in the near future.
    1200 Babs finish Oracle and starts Pyramids.
    1175 Athens cascades to Great Library. I declare on Babs and ally Greeks. They need a golden age urgently so they can finish TGL for me.
    1025 CoL->republic @ 1 scientist. I will need upgrade money soon
    14 towns, 49 pop
    12 workers, 3 settlers, 18 warriors, 3 archers, 1 galley (lost two suicide)
    6 barracks, 5 granaries, 2 harbors
    All first tier techs, IW, writing, Mysticism, Philosophy, CoL, Literature, MM

    710 DoW on Greeks, ally Babs, three galleys with 6 swords will be the first wave
    670 capture Thermopylae
    550 capture Athens which had completed TGL 2 turns before
    490 A suicide galley contacts the xxx. Trade for all contacts and maps.
    470 We enter MA by the techs gained from TGL. Greeks are down to one city, so they get peace.

    Harbor in Thermopylae will complete next turn and the horse mass production will start.
    I will clean out the Greeks, then Babs and intend a Palace jump into Babylonian land. The FP in Xinjian is nicely located for that :cool:

    Then I will look how the conquest of the world compares to COTM7 :D .
    AA went fine, watch out for the MA spoiler to see all the strategic errors I made in this game ;)
  3. killerbunny

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    Feb 11, 2004
    The Cave of Caerbannog
    My start wasn't quite as good, but the start still was easy enough for me...

    Open Class. Inspired by the pregame discussion, I wanted to wage war early, though i'm usually not much of a warmonger. Thus, i decided to go for Monarchy and not try to build the GL.

    Research: Pottery, Bronze Working, then going for Monarchy.

    b670 - Babs build Pyramids
    b330 - Great Lighthouse, Tsingtao. Since I was alone on the continent, i thought it would come in handy.
    b170 - <civx> build Great Library. Do'h! Should have started the prebuild earlier, had Literature by now. Instead i build...
    b90 - Hanging Gardens, Shanghai

    This is what my continent looked like 190 AD, just before attacking Greece:

    I started the initial wave with 20 Swords in 10 Galleys, 10 for each Delphi and Thermopylae. Had 6 more for Mycaene. (I like to be on the save side and wanted the initial drive to last a while.)

    a250 - The Babylonians declare war on me. So shall it be...
    a260 - Contact all nations with suicide galley, trade for all ancient techs expect rep, plus feudalism. Have my first army by now, take Athens this turn.

  4. horragoth

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    Aug 18, 2004
    I settled in place and researched Pottery. Irigating both food bonuses and mining BGs I have achieved 4-turn settler/warrior factory.
    Build order was Warrior-Granary(with Pyramids prebuild)-Settler-Warrior-Settler-Settler-Warrior-Settler. I settled loosely, forming 5-size ring.

    After researching Potery, I switched to Wheel and 10% science which I sadly continued until 2310 BC when I realized that I am lone on this island. Then I started research as fast as possible to MapMaking and Literature. It allowed me build Lighthouse (825 BC) and Great Library (350 BC).
    I have contacted Greece in 1075BC and traded for Babylon contact immediately. Other civs were contacted between 600 BC and 300 BC. Having the Great Library, I stopped the research until education and acumulated cash for future military upgrades.
    In 330 I revolted making republic in 210 BC and in 190 BC I entered Middle Ages.

    I hope that under current spoiler format - 2 spoilers per game I can continue a little further, but I will try to be less specific in case just in case I am wrong.

    All those regular warriors produced in settler factory were promoted to swordsmen and together with some veteran ones were used to reduce Greece to one desert city. The war spanned between 130 BC and 230 AD. I tried to be rather slower and attack with overwhelming force as regular Swordsmen were not optimal units to kill hoplites. Nevertheless Horses have been connected in first turns, so that my cities started to produce horsemen.

    I had a brief war with Babylon but it fare poorly as the had Great wall.

    In 360 AD I got Chivalry, upgraded horsemen and stationed them near Babylon using ROP, because Great Wall and Pyramids stood there.

    Then I have given techs to Babylon and Greece to get them into MT. Babylonians got Engineering which I could tradee for. Immediately after the trade I DoW both Babylon and Greece and destroyed them by 470 AD. They had no contacts outside so the world will never know :)
  5. Denniz

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    Nov 28, 2003
    [PTW] 1.27f - Open Class

    Ancient Age

    I settled in place. Built Warrior, Warrior, Settler. I guessed wrong and started researching the Wheel thinking I could trade for Pottery. I should have abandon my tiny bit of research but I didn’t so get Pottery until 2430BC. After that research to Map Making as quickly as I could. (Alphabet 1910BC, Writing 1500BC, Map Making 1175BC). I made contact with the Greeks and Babylonians in 1000BC. I immediately traded for BW, CB, IW, and Myst. In addition, I got their maps without giving up mine. I had to trade away MM but it worked out okay. Only one Greek colony which I corralled in the southern desert.

    1000BC Stats
    12 Cities
    29 pop
    2 Settlers
    12 Worker
    10 Warrior (6 Vet/4 Reg)
    5 Archers (1 Elite/4 Vet)
    2 Galleys
    194 Gold
    4 Barracks
    1 Granary
    1 Harbor

    Lighthouse in 7 Turns, FP in 22 (more central to island).

    Since I now had the local maps, I sent my two galleys on suicide missions. One sank in sight of land without contact. The other made landfall in 800BC contacting Civ1. Civ1 sold my contact to Civ2 in 750BC and I traded for contact with another. I finished researching Literature in 730BC. I decided it was time to start the big trade. I got contacts with the remaining Civs plus Math, Phil, CoL, HBR, and Poly. Once again I got all their maps without trading mine. Once had Construction but it was too expensive as yet. I was now up on tech vs. the Greeks and Babs even with a couple trades to clean them out. I started researching Monarchy. I traded for Currency in 510BC and Construction in 450BC. I finish Monarchy in 270BC.

    In 470BC, I started my invasion of Greece. I got a MA with Babylon. I captured one City and auto-razed the one on my island.

    AA Stats
    25 Cities (1 Greek)
    2 Settlers
    16 Workers (2 Slaves)
    4 Warrior
    5 Archers
    18 Swordsmen (down from 21 since invasion)
    9 Galleys

  6. tao

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    Aug 15, 2002
    PREDATOR [civ3mac] 1.29

    After the poor performance in gotm37, I wanted to give the Space Race another try in this game. I assumed that early research would be dominated by the emperor AIs and that I should work on my infrastructure (libraries, markets) to take the lead in the Middle Ages. I chose rcp 4 to give my cities more growth potential despite the slower start. The Forbidden Palace was built just south of Beijing to prepare for a later Palace move.

    Having discovered to be lonely, I only built enough units to kill the appearing barbs and get some cash from their camps. I decided against Ancient Age Wonders, because I did not want to make the investment: the continent was too small for great gains from The Pyramids, The Great Library is of very little use if you do clever trading and I want to be a tech leader not follower, Colossus is a nice push but not essential, Great Lighthouse helps for early conquest, but I assumed a couple of suicide galley would serve me quite as good.
    The Oracle was built by the Babylonians 1200BC, The Pyramids by the another civ in 1050BC, Colossus by the Greeks 1025BC, Great Library by the another civ in 975BC, Great Lighthouse by the another civ 950BC.

    Research was pottery, alphabet, writing, map making, literature, code of law, republic (learned in 670BC, was traded for the missing AA techs, and put us into Middle Ages). Revolting via Big Picture gave 7 turns of anarchy :cry:, which was reduced in the 2nd try to 5 turns. :(

    My 1st suicide galley started west about 1400BC, survived in unsafe waters, met a foreign civ 1300BC and was sunk by barbs before making more contacts. Contact with Greece and Babylon was established only afterwards in 1150BC (because my galley-building harbor was on the west coast).

    Having no horses, Greece was the first target, but hoplites are hard to kill. The fighting didn't start until some years in the Middle Ages and thus has to wait for the next spoiler.
  7. MOTH

    MOTH Emperor

    Aug 13, 2004
    mostly lurking
    Once again I have no detailed notes. Sorry for those who like to compare games. I really should start doing this at some point as when I look back at the .CRP files I compare quite well during the QSC period to the top players.

    Initial City: I had my combo pump running by turn 34 having built warrior> settler> granary> settler> barracks> worker up to that point. I was originally going to go 5CC but when I realized I had a continent to myself I couldn't help it and did not switch to workers and warriors in city 1.

    Research: I initially researched Pottery on max. I had also started research towards Monarchy, but switched to max towards Maps when I suspected we were alone. I was also first to Literature which brought me to tech parity with Greece and Babylon. I managed to build Great Lighthouse and a few turns later Great Library in cities 2 and 3 as the Cascade dies when Babylon built the Pyramids and Greece built Colossus. I then shut off research until the Middle Ages. I had waited to gift Greece and Babylon to the Middle Ages until another civ had researched Monotheism. They got Engineering and Feud and quickly traded to each other. I was afraid that Education would be learned before Chivalry as I held onto Fued for a while. I was the first to research Chivarly, but everyone on the big continent learned it the turn after I did. Why can't I be more patient with research when I have the Great Library?

    Improvements: I have bunches of barracks and temples and some harbors as I realized that with the lack of luxuries for a while I would not get much happiness form marketplaces.

    Expansion: I was able to get my entire continent and 2 cities on the Greece/Babylon continent. 1 was in the middle of the land bridge providing a canal city and the other was down by the Dyes. All of these were growing so slow I could not whip any improvements and needed to wait for Monarchy to build them up.

    The turn before I got the lighthouse I had 2 out of 5 galleys end on sea squares in preparation for the jump to other lands. One managed to cross the waters and make contact with XXX on another continent and then quickly died to a barb galley.

    I managed to ship chain an Elite Sword and Settler to another continent just in time for the barb uprising. I got a city on another continent near horses and a luxury with a source of Iron nearby too (but owned by someone else). I've been cash rushing in the new city a lot and have 4 or 5 horsemen there already. I also got a flip to me on another continent :) where an AI civ had a city (possibly from a goody hut?) very far from home after I rushed a temple. The AI city had also taken the brunt of the barb uprising and had a single Elite Spear before the flip and after the flip the only spear I have yet had in the game.

    Warfare: I used ROP-rape to attack Greece. My initial attack autorazed 1 city on the land bridge and captured 2 others including the Colossus city. I had pillaged the horses pretty early and then failed in my attack on Athens. They had their Golden Age now, so I went for peace and got 2 Greek Cities for peace - leaving Greece with 2 for now. I then gifted them to the Middle Ages and once my units had healed and Greece had re-connected the horses I broke peace (short of the 20 turns) and took out Athens and their remaining city. 1 civ down, 6 to go.

    I have just started a war with Babylon after buying an expensive ROP (selling Monarchy to them). My initial turn I take 2 cites and have pillaged the Iron. The next turn I capture the city by the Iron. At this point I think I have avoided a Babylon Golden Age as I killed any Bowmen in one shot. My first riders are coming up to the front now.

    This is how I left the game last night. I think I will make a push for Babylon's horses and then sue for peace. I am also planing on gifting my city with the Great Library to Babylon as a Baby Jail. I need to be careful on my timing as this needs to happen before I learn Education and Babylon has to be willing to talk to me as well. I also need to kill off all of continental Babylon so that no one learns of my evil ways.

    This is the first time I have intentionally used such dastardly tactics. I feel very dirty now.
  8. ControlFreak

    ControlFreak Not An Addict, Really

    Oct 30, 2002
    Western Ohio
    Opening Moves, Builds and Settling
    Settled in place with the intention of getting a warrior/settler factory going.
    Irrigated Cow, Wheat, chopped forest that was poorly timed to complete a settler that would have had enough sheilds anyway.
    Irrigating everything allowed three turn growth, and with no pottery, I decided to forgo the granary for a bit.

    Capital built 3 Warriors, Settler, Worker, Settler, Worker, Settler, Granary (using a prebuild before pottery was researched), Barracks then Pyramids in 1100BC!
    First three settlers went to Radius 5 SW, NE and E. The rest of the Radius 5 cities would be filled in after Beijing finished its wonder

    We were at size twelve by the completion so I built settlers every two turns as I dropped back to size 5, then the warrior settler factory populated the rest of the island.

    Started researching alphabet at minimum assuming I could buy pottery.
    As alphabet was nearing completion, I realized we were alone on an island.
    2150BC Alphabet>Pottery at max
    1475BC Pottery>Map Making at max
    1025BC Map Making>Math at max.

    End of QSC
    My map:

    My Cities (all five of them). Beijing has the pyramids so each city has a granary and some other buildings.

    My Units

    Continuing On
    My galley fleet ramped up to about 5. I met Greece and Babylon. Found out that I was the only one without horses. My neighbors won't trade either as they have one apiece. I decide to concentrate on filling my continent first, Greece has no food and no way to irrigate so I let them slide until Feudalism so I can overcome their hoplites a little easier.

    Taking the peaceful route, I've managed to build the Pyramids and the Great Lighthouse. I lost one suicide galley. The second survived to meet a third civ. By 50AD, I have all contacts, traded for all techs, gifted Greece and Babylon to the Middle Age, got two different techs from them and have the worlds supply of gold.

    Babylon manages to found a city next to the SE Iron. (I had just blocked Greece's settler pair the turn before and the Babylon galley drops off on the IT.) I DOW to take it in the 500AD timeframe.

    I had planned to bring Greece in against them and then backstab them to get the horses near Athens after the treaty was up. Conviently, Greece declares on Babylon of their own accord so I didn't have to wait 20 turns to hit Greece after Babylon's one city was mine.

    The first turn of war, I razed Athens, freeing the horses up, and captured Delphi which has a harbor. A slave colonizes the horses and Rider production begins. (Forgive me for skirting the edges of the thread here...I don't think anything here is a spoiler) My GA is delayed by 4 turns as a super human defender in Thermopylae kills 3 Riders and Retreats 4 others. Greece finally drops off an unprotected unit in range of one of my riders and the GA begins in 760AD well timed for the entrance to the Industrial Age.

    I am loving this map, as I did last month. Thank you Ainwood for both of these terrific GOTMs. Hopefully, this month, I get to finish.
  9. Shinatoo

    Shinatoo OZ wasn't in Kansas

    Mar 23, 2004
    Kansas City
    Thanks for the great start Ainwood. I'm a pretty bad player (so bad that I've never submitted) but I feel pretty good about this one. My island is fully occupied. My workers are clearing the jungles and I'm up to speed on the techs.

    One question: Did Sid design the game so that your suicide galleys will always sink one square away from contacting another continent? :mad:
  10. Offa

    Offa Bretwalda

    Feb 3, 2002

    After the Austrian debacle it is surprising Mao employed offa in an advisory capacity but perhaps he wasn't that smart.

    4000bc found on spot. There is seriously good land around.
    I made the correct decision, I think, of using a pyramid pre build for a granary. I have been stung before by hoping to trade for pottery so researched for it myself. As Klarius pointed out in the pre game thread, the conquest class bonus (settler and worker) implied we would be on our own so I made no initial scouting warrior.

    I planned the set up of the factory with a spread sheet but still mucked it up, getting pottery one turn late.

    Worker irrigate cow, then irrigate wheat then mines 2 of the BG.
    Research straight to pottery.
    Granary is built in 3150bc which is a turn late, from if the worker had stopped to build roads and speed up science.

    All is not lost as the factory is probably better at size 5 so make one warrior first
    3100bc warrior and start a settler.
    worker is to mine another BG then should have a 4 turn settler and warrior factory.

    2950 stuff up again leaving 1 shield short of a settler. All I needed was to work a BG instead of the wheat.
    2900 settler out 2 turns late. I think I will give up Civ soon.
    At least a 4 turn combo factory is up, no barracks though.

    2750 Shanghai built on gold hill to the east where it can share the wheat.
    2710 settler 2 finished and sent north to the coast.
    2670 warrior built sent as MP to Shanghai. Decide to get worker next instead of settler.
    2630 worker built sent to road building.
    2590 Canton founded on spice on coast. Starts a barracks.
    2550 met a barb just to south. Very early.
    2510 kill one barb but there are 2 in the hut next to it.
    2470 settler sent west. Start to chop game forest.
    2430 my warrior is killed by a barb.
    Finish the wheel, start towards maps (ie alphabet).
    2390 Nanking in the west. RCP 3 so far.
    2350 another warrior killed by a barb: no luck at all!
    2310 Nanking sacked by the barb who killed my 2 warriors: 3 gold.
    settler sent south and start barracks.
    2270 barracks with forest chop. start to irrigate deer.
    2230 Tsintgo in south
    2150 finally kill the barb camp.
    2110 worker shortage is bad. switch capital to make another.
    2070 Shanghai granary at last.
    2030 alphabet, start writing. Xinjian on east coast.
    1950 barbs all over south.
    1830 Shanghai settler
    1790 capital settler
    1750 Hangchow in east at ring 6.
    1725 warrior dies attacking hut in south. I am having no luck at all.
    Tiensin 2 sq to south of capital.
    1675 Shanghai settler
    1650 writing and start on maps
    1625 kill one hut at last, there are more though.
    1575 Macoa 6 to SW
    1550 Capital and Shanghai both build settlers.
    1425 Anyang in south by gems. Green boreder seen in island to west. Survive 3 barb attacks.
    1400 Nanking granary. Will try for lighthouse. Kill a camp in the south.
    1375 Shangtun on north coast. Chinan on east coast. Mapmaking learnt start on philo.
    1350 First riot. In Tantung.
    1300 Kaifang ring 6 in south. Canton Granary.
    1250 first galley complete in east. Sent toward the green border.
    Learn Philosophy and start on COL
    1200 galley meets the greeks. They know the babs who must be close as the Greeks don't have ships.
    1175 2 more towns near the FP build site in the south, ring 6 to capital.
    1150 Tiensin granary. I've built a lot of them.
    1075 COL and start on republic.
    1050 Yangchow in far east coast.
    Hangchow in east finishes a settler.
    1025 try a suicide galley in the west.
    1000 the galley sank. My galley in the east final meets the Babs.
    build embassy with Greeks
    Masonry and WM to Greece for CB bronze and TM
    Philosophy and WM to babs for iron working
    iron working and COL to Greece for myst and WM and 130g

    I think the babs and the greeks should be at war, but unfortunately they are peaceful...

    Qsc: 19 towns (45 citizens), 2 settlers, 13workers, 22 warriors, 3 galley, 5 granaries 6 barracks.

    post qsc

    1000bc declare v babs and reneg peace with Greece for 16g and alliance v Babs. I wanted these two to have some fun together now and get their golden ages over with.
    Unfortunately despite being scientific they were rubbish at science.

    975bc Babylon finishes Pyramids. Gems connected at last.
    vet warrior of mine attacks a barb warrior and dies without inflicting damage.
    900bc fp complete.
    850bc iron connected
    710bc republic 5 turns.
    490bc Great Lighthouse built.
    410bc declare v Greece.
    army is:19 sword, 17 warrior.
    330bc Athens captured and I rush a harbor in the Greek lands so I have horses at last.
    230bc peace with Greece leaving him with a OCC in Corinth in the eastern desert.
    50bc about the tenth galley makes it over to DELETED (sorry). I had dreadful luck here considering I hand built the Lighthouse. :mad:
    30ad finally in middle ages. Gift babs and greece to MA then declare v babs.
  11. rrau

    rrau Emperor

    Feb 1, 2003
    OK, USA
    ptw 1.27 open

    4000 bc worker N to irrigate cow, settle Beijing in place and see a game that will be in the city radius in 10 turns
    start pottery at max. Building a warrior
    3000 bc it's starting to look like we may be alone on this continent. That being the case, I'm going to want as many costal cities as possible.
    2590 bc settle Shanghai
    2470 bc Settle Canton
    had 2 riots in the capital when I had to produce an archer for barb defense and got the rhythm of the settler factory off.
    1870 Settle Tsingtao
    1750 Settle Xinjian
    1650 Start writing at max
    1600bc Settle Chengdu
    1500 Settle Hangchow
    1350 Start Map Making at max
    1275bc Settle Tatung
    1200bc Settle Macao

    1000bc stats:
    13 cities, 26 pop
    3 settlers, 12 workers, 11 warriors, 4 archers, 1 galley.
    Known Techs: Masonry, Alphabet, Pottery, WC, writing, MM
    Contacts: None, but see a light green border

    975 ibt: We're named the most powerful nation in the world (maybe because we know noone else :p )
    875bc Contact Greece. ibt: Greece sells contact with us to Babylon
    I've now lost 4 suicide galleys within sight of a border :(

    450bc DoW on Greece
    370bc XXX built Great Lighthouse :cry: - switch my build to palace as a prebuild for Great library.
    170bc learned lit - switch to Great Library. Due in 4. Peace with Greece, getting 4 cities.
    70ad Finally contact YYY with 2 surviving suicide galleys
    ibt: learn monarchy via Great library and revolt, getting a 4 turn anarchy
    90ad ibt: Enter MA via Great Library
  12. Sandman2003

    Sandman2003 Prince

    Sep 25, 2003
    PTW Open

    When I play a random map on continents, I always have neighbours. The only continents maps that I have started on an isolated island are GOTM/COTMs! So with this in mind, I made the big blunder of doing a stock opening with a min alphabet gambit, expecting to be able to trade early for pottery. No such luck, of course, leading to a long delayed first granary and settler pump.

    1000BC – QSC
    11 cities
    24 pop
    2 settlers
    7 workers
    11 warriors
    7 archers
    2 galleys

    Techs: Masonry, alphabet, pottery, warrior code, writing, literature, map making.
    All self researched.

    My research was alphabet on min, then max (4) on pottery, then max on writing, map making, literature, then mathematics.

    In 775BC, after building a fair number of galleys, and losing a fair number, a suicide galley finally reached another continent. On the same long turn, I was able to trade for all contacts, full world map, all the AI gold and get the tech lead. I specifically did not trade Greek and Babylonian contacts across, so that no news of any possible future 'malicious' dealings with these tribes would reach the other civs!

    In 490BC I brought my way into the MA, still as a despot, with only Monarchy out as a government choice.
  13. ainwood

    ainwood Consultant. Administrator

    Oct 5, 2001
    Moderator Action: People: please remember not to discuss such things as how many turns suicide galleys needed to survive for, or hint at the landform of the rest of the world (I've been a bit draconian on the editing above, but just removing all hints).

  14. Randy

    Randy Prince

    Feb 10, 2004
    Columbus, Ohio
    Open Class PtW latest patch.

    Goal: I'm not sure yet. I've done a lot of domation lately so may be some thing different. I think conquest (I do like to use my troops for what they are made for, attack).

    Here is a very edited timeline.

    4000 BC: Beijing founded. Worker to cow to irrigate and road. Set science to 100% study “Pottery”.
    3750 BC: Got 1st warrior he will be an mp. Start settler. Worker to wheat to irrigate and road.
    3400 BC: Learn “Pottery” study “Ceremonial Burial” at 90%. Switch Beijing to a granary.
    3050 BC: Got a granary in Beijing. Start settler.
    2950 BC: Learn “Ceremonial Burial” study “Alphabet” at 60%.
    2850 BC: Got first settler.
    2800 BC: Shanghai founded.
    2630 BC: Spice is hooked up.
    2510 BC: Canton founded.
    2310 BC: Killed our first barb.
    2190 BC: a barb got a settler.
    1950 BC: Tsingtao founded.
    1830 BC: Xinjian founded.
    1700 BC: Chengdu founded.
    1675 BC: Shanghai becomes Fort Shanghai with it’s new barracks.
    1650 BC: We see our first barb horse.
    1600 BC: Hangchow founded that finishes our first ring at a distance of 4 from Beijing. We got “Writing” this turn or last. Study “Map Making”.
    1575 BC: Canton builds a temple and starts The Pyramids as a prebuild for The Great Lighthouse.
    1500 BC: We see a green boarder.
    1425 BC: Tientsin founded. We got the barb village and an elite warrior.
    1350 BC: Tatung founded.
    1275 BC: Got a barb village.
    1250 BC: We learn “Map Making”. We switch Canton to The Great Lighthouse. Macao founded.
    1225 BC: Got a barb village.
    1200 BC: Chengdu get a barracks and becomes Fort Chengdu.
    1175 BC: Anyang founded.
    1150 BC: We get the “Wheel” and find no horses on our island what a cruel joke.
    1100 BC: We got our first galley.
    1000 BC: Shantung founded.

    QSC Stats:

    13 towns.
    34 citizens
    1 granary
    2 barracks
    3 temples
    1 settler
    6 workers
    15 warriors
    3 archers
    1 galley

    CrpMapStat QSC Score 3291
    Farris score 351.

    925 BC: Learn “Iron Working”.
    900 BC: Met Grease. We build an embassy, there are our horses. Chinan founded.
    875 BC: Grease sold us to Babylon. We put an Embassy in Babylon. We are in 1st place.
    850 BC: Sell maps. Got a barb village.
    825 BC: Kaifeng founded.
    800 BC: A X? turn suicide made it to Civ C! We put an embassy in Civ C.

    775 BC: Mass trading with all civs in the game.

    710 BC: I can buy Currency from some AI civ. After I sell it the net cost would be 306gp, 180gp of that would be paid at 9gpt over the next 20 turns. It would be 459gp to try and steal it. After I moved all my units the price went up they now want contact with Babylon, so I will wait.

    690 BC: An other AI haves Currency we buy it for world map, 265gp, and 3gpt. We sell it to a different AI for world map and 96gp. Our net cost to enter the MA was 229gp.

    Enter MA Stats:

    16 towns.
    46 citizens
    1 granary
    3 barracks
    4 temples
    1 settler
    11 workers
    16 warriors
    8 archers
    6 galleys

    Edit: Well some one didn't like knowing my scores so I removed them.

    I need to decide if I have a chance to get the next MA tech so I can trade it. I still need Republic and/or Monarchy. Or do I gift Babylon and Grease into the MA?

    I am planning to invade Grease soon.

    I also have every ones world map.
  15. Tomoyo

    Tomoyo Fate

    Feb 21, 2004
    Boston, Mass
    Vanilla 1.29f Predator

    Going for space race

    I have no detailed notes of the Ancient Age, so here's an overview:

    My opening tech path was Pottery - Alphabet - Writing - Map Making - Literature, all at almost max.

    I meet the Greeks and Babylonians in 1100BC. I get some basic techs from them in exchange for MM. To my dismay, they were at war.

    QSC Stats:
    16 Cities
    3 settlers
    34 pop
    15 workers
    12 warriors
    3 Galleys
    3 Archers

    I then went Math - CoL (Trade for Philo)

    And get Republic in 550BC, and revolt immediately.

    Meet the rest of the world in 530BC, and thus enter the Middle Ages.

  16. MiniMe

    MiniMe For Glory

    Jul 29, 2004
    Oslo, Norway
    Great starting location so not much choice than to settle in place, really. Then spit out a warrior to scout and then start granary. Start with science at max for pottery. Granary is finished in 3150BC. First settler ready in 2950BC. I am slowly beginning to realize that we are alone.

    Pottery discovered sometime early
    Alphabet discovered in 2390BC. Start writing.
    Writing discovered in 1870BC. Start mapmaking.
    Mapmaking discovered in 1475. Start philosophy.
    Trade for Bronze working, wheel and ceremonial burial in 1275BC
    Code of laws discovered in 1125BC.
    Trade for iron working and mysticism in 1100BC.
    Trade for mathematics and horseback riding in 850BC.
    Discover the republic in 510BC. I actually delayed it 6 turns to finish the colossus. Pull 3 turns!
    Trade for Currency, Construction and Polytheism in 450BC. Enter Middle Ages.
    Literacy discovered in 330BC.

    When I see I am alone, I make sure to quickly build some strong coastal cities. In my third city I start prebuild for lighthouse and I head straight for mapmaking. The same turn I discover mapmaking I also have my first galley ready.

    I find the greeks in 1275BC. They sell me contact with babylonians. I see we dont have horses on our island. There are some just next to the greek capital.

    I build the Lighthouse in 975BC. Let the suicides begin! I send out 3 galleys, only one makes it to another continent after X turns. We hold on trades while we explore the new continent. In 850BC I have contact with all civs. I trade around code of laws for cash, and get around 600g for that. Nice, next turn I connect iron and can upgrade to swords.

    I build the Colossus in 530BC.

    I covet the horses near Athens. Well, actually I want the entire island but that's a different matter. First things first. I hesitate several time with my archers, but dont feel too feisty against those darned hoplite. So I finally wait until I get swordsmen and some catapults.

    Greek War (640BC - 570BC)
    I take my first city without losses. I start building a harbor to bring horses over to mainland. I take Athens in 590BC and with it I control horses. Well, of course the harbor is not ready yet... I might have triggered their golden age since I lost to a sword to a hoplite, but dont think it will matter. I make peace in 570BC for three cities. Greece is left with only a desert capital but they are needed for their free MA tech.

    QSC stats:
    16 cities
    41 citizens
    1 settler
    16 workers
    8 vet warriors
    7 vet archers
    5 galleys
    1 turn left for Lighthouse
    202 gold
    2 granaries
    4 barracks
    1 harbor

    Missing republic (14 turns), math, construction, currency, literacy, horseback and poly.

  17. the Wastelander

    the Wastelander Chieftain

    Dec 22, 2004
    Next game I will try to keep better notes and maybe do the quick start. Here goes;

    Settle in place, worker to cattle to irrigate and road then mine and road on wheat. OK I am new to the settler factor but from what I read for a 4 turn factory you need 5 extra food a turn and 30 shields in those 4 turns.(+ a granary) The irrigated cattle and home spot give me 5 extra food so why is everybody irrigating the wheat? Perhaps one of the more learned on this form could explain this to a rookie.

    Opening production went like warrior, warrior, worker, warrior, settler then Granary. chopped a forest for both the settler and granary to speed the production.

    I mostly play at emperor so I stuck with what I know and researched Pottery to build a granary. Then Ceremonial Burial. I trade but not real sure how to do this no research and trade for all my techs. My warriors scouting south soon find out I'm on an island unless this a land bridge in the north. (later scouting proved there was not.) Ignorance is bliss on researching my own techs as there are no civ's on my island. Focus on a race to Map Making and building galleys to explore.

    Had been drifting towards ring city placement on my own but decided to try it in this game. Mountains and not wanting to build one space away from the coast broke up the pattern but used a RCP 4 as a basis of layout plan. Three of the cities I build like this will never grow above 6 but that is common for me. I use these cities to produce troops. Only build barracks and temple in them. During Golden Ages I will add library and market place. No map to show.

    Focused on settling the northern half of the island first and left south of the jungle to barbarians and the gold I get from their camps. Put close to 200 gold in the treasury from camps alone.

    A couple of times messed up the luxury rate or enough troops in the capital and it went into civil disorder. Annoying but not a major mistake.

    A galley meets the Greeks and trade to meet the Babylonians. Get their maps, money, and techs. Trade my map and a tech or two. Things look good. Before I get the last couple of places settled in the south of my island the Greeks cross over and build a city. I destroyed it at great cost. 3 archers, a warrior and a swordsman to one Hoplite. That starts the Greek GA. Not worried as even though I have no horses I will not need them until Chivalry. Will take the Greeks out once I have MA as the Greeks and Babylonians have poor starting locations and will not get much stronger. I am really surprise to see that the game master left the poor Greeks in the parries w/out water. Settle the last of my island and make peace w/Greeks. Didn't want them to build another city on MY ISLAND. I am little territorial.

    Third suicide galley makes it across the water and meets the ?????. Trade to get to know all of them and get all their maps, gold, and most of their techs. I do take the advice of the fanatics board and not trade contact between the groups that do not know each other. This puts me in a strong position to play middle man and make a profit. Soon have over a grand in gold.

    Build up core cities and produce pikes, Long bowmen, MA. Bribe the Babylonians a tech to declare war on the Greeks. I cross over and sack Greek costal city then Athens. Pay to build a harbor in captured city and with horses start building the UU riders. They don't even arrive until Greece is down to two cities. Enter Golden age and remove Greece from the game. Did get a leader in the war with Greece and built an army. Forgot how bad armies are before Conquest. Do win several battles and get to build the Heroic Epic. A must for military minded and/or militaristic civs.

    At this point the Babylonians are paying me close to 70 gold per turn due to three different trades. Don't know where they are getting the money from. But hey I just use my GA to build lots of building in my cities and a FP. Cannot make it safely over to the other lands so my army just musters on the Babylonian border. The babs must have run low on gold as they break our trade agreements and declare war then impale themselves on my sword. This war is going well. Guess I shouldn't say much more in this spoiler.

    Question, why does chieftain show up under my name?
    K the Wastelander.
  18. ainwood

    ainwood Consultant. Administrator

    Oct 5, 2001
    It is a 'title', that depends on the number of posts you have.

    from the forum rules:

  19. Mistfit

    Mistfit Deity

    Apr 5, 2004
    Northern Michigan
    Welcome to CFF Wastelander!

    Chieftan will be there until you reach 30 posts and then you can change it IIRC. Nice write up!
  20. MOTH

    MOTH Emperor

    Aug 13, 2004
    mostly lurking
    @wastelander, the reason people are irrigating the Wheat is to be able to run a 4 turn combo warrior/settler pump. You can either start at size 5 (easy) or start at size 4(more micro management). Basically both need MM but with size 5/6 you can screw up a little and it can still be ok.
    Edit: size 4 is better because there are a little less happiness issues as you are only at size 6 for 1 turn.

    The way they work:
    The granary is a requirement, the cow and wheat irrigated, and the bonus grass (bg) are mined.
    Size 5/6:
    turn 1: size 5, +4 food, warrior in 1 turn: works cow, 4 bg
    turn 2: size 5, +6 food, building settler in 4: works cow, wheat, and 3 bg and auto work the 4th bg on growth for 10 sheilds
    turn 3: size 6, +4 food, building settler in 2: works cow, 4 bg and regular grass for 10 sheilds
    turn 4: size 6, +6 food, building settler in 1: works cow, wheat, and 4 bg and you don't care what is worked on growth for 10+ sheilds

    Size 4.6/5/6: a little trickier because the shields on growth are needed all the time.
    turn 1: size 4 with 6 food in the bank, +4 food, warrior in 2 turn: works cow, 3 bg and a bg on growth for 10 shields or a warrior in 1.
    turn 2: size 5, +4 food, building settler in 3: works cow, 4 bg for 10 sheilds
    turn 3: size 5, +6 food, building settler in 3: works cow, wheat and 3 bg and auto work the 4th bg on growth for 10 sheilds
    turn 4: size 6, +6 food, building settler in 1: works cow, wheat, and 4 bg for 10 sheilds.

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