Granaries, Who Needs Them?


May 20, 2003
I finally broke the 1200 AD barrier for a space win on the warlord level small map. State property works fast on the lower levels but I wanted to find speed for the corporate game. Resource distribution implies 40ish cities for a map size that almost won't cater to this. Whipping is too slow. Regrowth is a killer. Cities will have to spam settlers at pop 4-6 nonstop. What to do?

Granaries. Get rid of them. They won't do in anything when cities are in settler/worker spam mode. Cities can be leveled up a pop or two by slow building a military. That precludes chopping units as that would be too fast for a city to grow by a single pop. It's a full on mad cap REX.

Courthouses. They can be chopped. Finance will be a huge issue. Lumber saved on units can go into granaries after the REX phase. Will this strategy work?

See attached 1 AD screenshot. No less than four granaries can be seen being built along with 3 workers. The capitol finished the Hanging Gardens 5 turns earlier in 125 BC at 41 cities. Building build order in the capitol was a leisurely courthouse->aqueduct->Hanging Gardens->granary->forge->library. Bureaucracy was a substitute for buildings.

Tech pace from the screenshot onwards went 2 turns for feudalism and 2 more turns for guilds. That was the point where the game entered the tech per turn phase. The only techs that took 2 turns afterwards were: printing press, steel, assembly line, industrialism and plastics. Bulbs were used to help maintain the pace. Corporations used: Mining Inc. and Standard Ethanol. 5 golden ages with no academy.

41 cities by 125 BC. Standard speed. Now that's a REX.


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