[BTS] Graphics reset?


Sep 7, 2020
This only started happening a couple days ago, when I open the game now it gives me the “your machine is below recommended specifications, graphic settings were altered to accomodate”. I’m on a year-old laptop, it can run this game no problem, and I’ve never encountered performance issues. Is there a way to get it to stop reverting my settings?
There's a setting HideMinSpecWarning in Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\CivilizationIV.ini. Reportedly, this doesn't just hide the warning, but disables the check entirely or at least prevents it from changing the graphics settings.
I don't know. A Google search for
site:civfanatics.com "steam" "civilizationiv.ini"​
suggests to me that the Steam version places that file under My Games just the same as other editions of the game; e.g. this post. No one seems to mention a different path. For me, under Win 8.1, the full path is
C:\Users\{username}\Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\CivilizationIV.ini
(Or is the problem that HideMinSpecWarning is missing from CivilizationIV.ini? That would be strange, but I guess one could add it in that case.)
I found it like, 5 seconds ago, thank you so much!
fyi...the message doesn't really mean anything. It's probably just related to compatibility for an old game now. I get it sometimes after a new install, but just ignore it. However, check the game's graphic settings to make sure they were not automatically lowered.
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