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Great General modmod - spawn your own

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall Modmods' started by Baldyr, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. antostor

    antostor Chieftain

    Aug 20, 2010
    Great modmod. I'd have a slightly different list though.

    # leaders
    atSpawn = {
            eArabia: "Abu Bakr",
            eMongolia: "Genghis Khan",
            eTurkey: "Osman I",
    Removed Washington. America doesn't go on rampage until later. I'd rather add Winfield Scott for possible early 19th century wars to consolidate the continent. Arabia on the other hand needs to kick butt straight away and be quite successful at it. :)

    inWartime = {
            ePersia: ("Cyrus the Great", -550),
            eGreece: ("Alexander the Great", -330),
            eCarthage: ("Hannibal Barca", -240),
            eRome: ("Scipio", -220),
            eRome: ("Caesar", -60),
            eMongolia: ("Tamerlane", 1350),
            eNetherlands: ("Michiel de Ruyter", 1607),
            eRussia: ("Alexandr Suvorov", 1740),
            eFrance: ("Napoleon Bonaparte", 1790),
            eGermany: ("Helmut von Moltke", 1850),
            eGermany: ("Heinz Guderian", 1930),
            eRussia: ("Georgy Zhukov", 1938),
            eAmerica: ("Douglas McArthur", 1940),
    Great conquering civilizations like Rome and Mongolia get two leaders so they can have twice the fun. Additional German added for more, earlier mischief.

    There were several generals from the Scipio (thus I simply took Scipio) family, the most famous being Scipio Africanus and Scipio Aemilianus. They conquered Spain and North Africa and defeated the Seleucid empire at Magnesia, estabilishing Roman dominance over the mediterranean area. For the same reason I renamed Gaius Iulius Caesar to simply Caesar, so he can represent multiple persona.

    I added Tamerlane for Mongolia, as he was another great conqueror and as it would add to the feeling of Mongolia being a belligerent civilization. Suvorov is one great Russian general, and one who would lead their fearsome cossack armies.

    Helmuth von Moltke the Elder was the architect of German unification, defeated the Austrians and the French. His nephew, also named Helmuth von Moltke, commanded the execution of Schlieffen plan at the beginning of WW1, even though he was less than successful. I added him to make the time of 1850-1950 even more of an era of German military campaigns.

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