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Guide to using the Communitas Expansion Pack (CEP) with the City-State Diplomacy mod

Do not enable USING_CEP' in CSD's options file as this will cause fatal issues with the game. This setting will (according to Gazebo, author of CSD) be removed from future versions of CSD.

Furthermore I recommend against enabling the options "CSD_POLICIES", "CSD_BONUSES" and "ANCIENT_WONDERS" in CSD's options file as this will most likely cause unintended behaviour from e.g. the affected policies. However it shouldn't cause fatal issues.

You may want to clarify that the policies, bonuses and wonders are all enabled by default, and that players will need to disable them for full CEP compatibility.

I still think we should work on policy compatibility at some point, but I think I'm 'big-project'd' out right now. :D

Edit: also, in response to the discussion about CSD's policies being necessary or not, they aren't. I buff patronage to make it competitive with the other medieval policy trees, however CEP's patronage tree is also better than vanilla's so that's a wash. The only policy CEP would need to modify with CSD enabled is to change the boost-to-gold-gifting policy (can't remember which that is). A simple fix would be to disable that policy's gold gift bonus, then add in a +25% to Great Diplomat spawning (or, to be compatible with the non-dll version of CSD, a boost to diplomatic unit production or something). If you fix that policy, all should be compatible. I strongly encourage players to turn off gold-gifting. Is redundant with CSD otherwise.

Some of the elements of CSD (like the belief and sweden fix) aren't even necessary anymore, because diplomatic units aren't 'special' anymore (and therefore can't be abused for great person-related beliefs like Reliquaries). I plan on removing those (or at least disabling them) in v17. v16 was all about the DLL.
No. I did ask about having both diplo units and gold gifts active, but the quote is about another topic.

We were talking how some policies would become useless with csd. But if we look precisely, there is only one policy boosting gold gifts. We might just change this single policy for all players (csd-user or not) instead of having a rather complicated switch that changes policies for csd-users only.

EDIT: ninja'ed by gazebo ;-)
We might as well do it properly in stead of changing a policy effect (that as far as I know people have got nothing against) just because some of us want to play with csd and would like compatibility. Any discussions on policies should be in this thread.

The policy in question (philantropy) has already been changed for the next version. If Using_CSD=1 influence boosts from gold gofting will be disabled and 1 happiness added to school of scribes (the text will however still say that gold gifting is more effective but thats just a visual thing).

Out of curiousity, anyone tried it with the DLL comp version? (ie the civ4 diplomacy + csd)? http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=518556

I'll probably give it a go when I get some time.

I've been using csd 15.6 with cep 3.14 and whowards combined dll. Its not that hard to make it work. Off the top of my head you need to delete the dll in csd, one more file in csd (dont remember which but its in one of the sub dirs and is more a less a copy of whowards small diplomacy you need to activate with the combined dll). Furthermore theres a file called cutommoddb or something that comes with the dll which you need to delete. Sounds like a lot but its really not that bad.

Many, many so-called errors reported are actually the result of the game reading multiple data stored in the "cache" folder.
Typically it is located here:
C:\Users\[Your User Name]\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\cache

It is safe to delete this folder before installing any new mods. In fact it is good practice to do so.

If you follow the steps outlined in this thread and get errors, then delete your cache and try again.
If the errors persist, by all means ask here for support.
Edit: Never mind on that. I just realized the top post was updated recently so it seems safe to assume the directions are still good with the newest versions. I'm dumb. :cry:

Feel free to delete this. I couldn't figure out how.
I just finished a really fun game, but I had a lot of graphics glitches throughout. I tried my best to follow the directions verbatim. I could describe them and give a lot more details. But, in general, is this a normal experience with these combined mods?
No it isn't normal. The latest version is not fully compatible with CSD. It seems that you can technically play it but will miss intended features.
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