How crowded can a map be?

Actually, I changed my mind. On the last screenie, you see a grey border. That, is Delhi, the last standing Indian city (probably). So, go! Unleash hell! After a soft battle:

The end of the Indian empire. Next, the final battle final Persia, in Arbela. The two spear guarding it ( :lol: ) were crushed easily and, in 920:

Geesh! Those ennemies are weak! Next, on the Delhi screen shot, you can see a city. Ths is Paris. And it is the next (and final) objective on the Persian island (I like to give names). And, in the making:


[party] Another island for me!
What does the minimap look like?
My new objective was England. I never tlked about England because all I knew about it was one city. It is only on one screenshot, the one with Portugal and Rome, in post #15. One single time. I have no idea what England is. It may even be just a colony, who knows? I sent my army in Bombay. One of my galleys transfered troops there, the other explored the coast. I learned, with the first load (2 crusaders) that I was attacking York, the second English city. It must be there homeland. I had unloaded only 3 crusaders, 2 trebs, 1 MDI and 1 musket (new!) when I killed the garrison of York, in 990:

A foothold for the millenary! [party] 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! [party] Welcome in 1000 AD!!! :dance: :beer:

Dachspmg said:
What does the minimap look like?
I alays forget about it, I know, but I sent one before I read your post.


Think I'm gonna go for domination!
Imagine how well it is going: I'm building infrastructure!
IroquoisPlisken said:
Great job, this is really cool! :goodjob:

How many civs have you killed and how many are there left?
Again, I answered you while I didn't know!
After the successful attack on York, the next objective was, you know it, London. I wasn't long: in 1030, it is over:

Only one city left: Nothingham. Hard one, there is a volcano, so no trebs here:

It won't be tough: two defenders, max (there were two in London).
I was right. Two spear: 2 turns (I had one MDI with enough mov to go before my crusaders).

Now, I have a dilemna:
1- Attack the Mongols
2- Attack the "bunch"
The Mongols will have lots of units, but every city will be weak (like England was). The "bunch" will be seperated between different backward civ, but with lots of units in every city. The choice seems easy? Hahum, no. The mongols have MDIs, not the "bunch" (best unit ever seen: 3-man chariot!).
Kill the bunch. That's probably all you need for domination, and they can't counter attack your core much if any, so even if an attack fails it's not a big deal.
I am ~39%, needing 66%. The mongols have 15%. that is short. The bunch may have a little more. But I have no idea what is around Rotterdam: another continent or nothing (90% sure it nothing). I think I'll go for the bunch, then the Mongols. I can get to 45% easily by building libraries in Persian island and Portugal.
I sent two full galleys with 3 crusaders and one treb to Hattusas (aqua spot). This will be my foothold. No attacl for now. Then, the next load is: 2 trebs, 1 MDI, 1 crusader. Then, the remainder of my Persian army: 1 empty army, 1 cat. I loaded the amy with two vet crusaders. I killed a few spears with it. I discovered the hittites were at war with what looke like Babylon (dark blue, not encountered). Good: I won't get a lot of CA. Bad: they got a lot of units. As I started to get less units in England, and more and more from homeland, I sent my galleys seek for units in Trondheim. Lots of crusaders, MDI and muskets there.

The assault on Hattusas looked long. They had lots of spears. And I mean it. The few trebs I got were not to damage in any way there forces. At least, metallurgy was coming (them MT!). Hattusas was not only full of spears, but also full of 3-man chariots, which, for me, means 30 shield spears. I started to kill the spears in 1130. My army downed two every turns, my crusaders and MDIs did what they could. The first "offensive" turn, I killed two spears and two 3-men chariot. In 1140, I even used muskets two take down the last red-lined 3-men chariot, after having killed four spears. I actually killed 3 more 3-men chariots. As I got no more mov points, the end of 1140 was:

Yes! A red-lined 3-men! this is why I used my muskets: there were others before! There were no spears, only 3-men chariots. And:

Ah! that spear was too late to save the once glorious Hittite Empire! A proof that the world is crowded:

Now I've got a foothold, the conquest will be easy. Next: Greece!
The other civs seemed to wait for me. When I took Hattusas, I saw "stacks" (the biggest had 4 units) from every civ. The first attack on Athens was in 1170, with the army: two spears down. In 1180, I destroyed the palace in Athens :confused: Must be a bug. With the arrival of canaons, I could build canons. 8 bombard strenght against spears... What a dream! In 1190, I destroyed The The Great Wall ( :confused: ) and I got a leader from killing a hoplite [party]. And:

The year 1200 was for cleaning out the mess of all those annoying AA stacks. In 1210, I sent my artillery to take Beijing. Not my army: it must rest before. A 2 hp crusader isn't that good. In 1220, I bombarded Beijing and took down 3 spears.

:goodjob: The end of the worthless China. Two tiles for 5000 years...
I decided my next opponent would be the Incans (seen on the last screenie in purple) Why? Because it looked like one of the greatest civ on this part of the continent, and it may not survive. The first turn of attack, I used the army to take out 2 spears. They were all healthy. On the second turn, I killed three spears, and I could see a damaged one. That means I can now damage every spear before attacking. It also means I could count them. On the same turn, the first canon arrived in Hattusas!

The attack on Cuzco was slow as they had lots of defenders. They didn't send me any CA since my arrival, but the other civs had a lot of those swords and archers storming into my lands. Damn! I had more lands on this continent than any other civ! In 1265, one of my MDIs gave me this:

[party] Rommel is there to help me find my way to the light! Three armies on this continent is to much of a gift, IMHO. The advantage of having a city one tile away from combat is clear: your injuried units can get back to Beijing and heal. This way, with my armies, the damaged one healed while the other red-lined itself killing spears. I found out there were two (2) spears in Cuzco. I red-lined both of them, and:

With the very same elite crusader, I took Cuzco and a leader (Barbarossa 2nd). Man, this is called "effectiveness"! Four armies four the continent... And I took 4 cities!
You may have seen it, but I took a barrack in Cuzco. That too is good. I had a higly damaged army in Beijing. This should be good for other red-lined units.
The next objective is Babylon. Many reasons for this: their wine, the fact that they now are the #1 civ in Central Omnis Terra (the cool name I gave to the "bunch"), the fact that I can immediatly attack Washington right after, etc. My army is on the tile between Babylon and Washington, next to the fresh water. On the very first turn:

In 1285, I got MT and started cavs in a few cities. As my two new armies are empty, I load them with those killing beasts, and goodbye! the continent is mine! Mouhahahahaha!

And you say America is powerful...
Next list:
1- Egypt
2- Arabia
3- Carthage
4- The future will say

1- 1295:

mastertyguy said:
How crowded can a map be? Some have tried to play against 30 opponents on huge maps, so have tried the same number of opponents with the AW variant, but none has tried AW agaianst 30 opponents on a tiny map, until now!
I beg to differ. I'm playing Always war with 31 opponents on a less than tiny (IIRC 26 tiles x 26 tiles) random map since July 2004 (perhaps even earlier).
If you want to play it; here is the Biq.
It is kinda hard to be the first when a game has been around for 5 years. Just a little patience; there is plenty of opportunity to be the first in Civ IV.

This was where tiny with 32 was mentioned earlier ...

Nevertheless; it is a good story. You might the first to post a story about such a game. :)
:lol: Yeah difficult isn't really applying to this game is it?
Civ time! Back to "How crowded can a map be?" !
Next objective was Mecca, right? Well, in 1300, I crushed as much spears as possible (~7). In 1305, I killed 6 other spears, and:

[party] I sent my army to Carthage. In 1310 AD, I killed a few spears, then, in 1315 AD, I killed the final one:

Then I sent my army to take Salamanca. Then, it will be Moscow. The same turn, the first cavalry unit was produced in Berlin!
Fast stats:
Dom: 51% territory, Mongols have 15%
65% pop, Mongols have 11%
Conquest: 12 survivers (Carthage (colony), Mongolia, Sumeria, Zulu, Netherland, Aztecs, Korea, Maya, Iroquois, Greece, Japan and Russia)
Turn: 253 out of 540
Score: 761, Mogols have 353

The attack on Salamanca was... short:

[party] Next: Moscow
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