How crowded can a map be?

Moscow, year 1325. The German army, recently vitors of the Iroquois and biggest military power in the world, was at the gates of the Russian capital. Their siege weapons were of an unheard type. Their units were a strange kind of horsemen firing thunder. Their swords were higly advanced. After months of bombardement and waiting, their armies rushed to our walls. Our shields and spears were storng, but the Germans had new weapons: the result wasn't in our favor:

Back to German perspective. In the attack my [only] cav got elite. half [party] half :( . [party] because it is now Elite, :( because I won't put a elite cav in my army! I decided to give my crus armies a rest. They were badly damaged, I would be in time for the next city. The next objective was Zimbabwe. On the first attack turn, I took lots of impis, including 3 by my cav army (with one vet cav newly arrived from Germany). As I saw there wouldn't be a lot of remaining defenders, I took my armies out of rest and took out the two remaining impies, and...

[party] I decided that Zimbabwe would be rest time for my armies. That's it. No point to continue with red-lined armies. Too dangerous.

In 1340, the first rest turn, my elite cav gave my a present. Stupid me! Didn't make a screenie! Too bad! I now have 3 armies and 6 units not in an army! [party] At least, i start to get a few cavs out of Germany.

As you may have guessed it, the next city is Tenochtiltan (seen on several screenies). As it is a rest turn, I just sent all my artillery and all my healthy units (1!). This tactic worked, and my armies got a few more hp:

[party] Now, I mastered all of the Central Omnis Terra, I have a choice:

1- Attack NE (Maya and Sumeria)
2- Attack NW (Greece and Korea)
3- Attack Kyoto
4- Attack Mongols

Fast stats:
Dom: 56% territory, mongols 16%
69% pop, mongols 11%
Conquest: 8 survivers (Mongols, Carthage, Greece, Japan, Maya, Sumeria, Korea, Netherlands)
Score: 805, mongols 356
Turns: 259 out of 540

I miss 10%. NE may have a little bit of it, but I ain't sure they got it all, and I've got to move my army into position before (4-5 turns). Mongols have more than enough lands, but that means another landing, and they got there UU.
Wow. Long one.
Fudge! I made a mistake! After restarting accidentaly my computer without saves, I started a new game, so I have no auto-saves! So I'll have to restart from 1295! Darn it!
1295: Thebes (normal)
1310: Mecca (1 turn late)
1320: Carthage (1 turn late)
1330: Salamanca (2 turn late), leader, Moscow (1 turn late)
1340: Zimbabwe (1 turn late)
1345: Goin' to sleep, first assaults on Tenochtitlan
1350: Tenochtitlan (1 turn late), leader [party]

Here starts the new game, one turn late, but one more army. I sent my army to Chichén Itza. My 1st Cav Army (loaded with 1 vet and 1 elite cav) killed 3 spears in 1360. And, in 1365:

Next turn:

And next turn:

Now, I got 660 tiles, representing 59% of the territory. Probably, by building libraries and founding one city between Tenochtitlan and Chichén Itza, I can get ~62-63. I can also attack Kyoto, Sparta and Seoul. So I will win. Give me 1 hour!
I sent my army to Sparta. The road was long, so my only units were my cav armies, my reenforcements (spell?) and a CA crus. I took down a few hoplites in 1385. In 1390, I took a few more:

See that my cav army is red-lined. That will slow down my attack. I then sent my remaining units to attack Seoul and, on the same turn:

Fast stats:
Dom: 62% of territory, 17% for Mongols
81% of pop, 12% for Mongols
Conquest: 4 rivals (Mongols, Netherlands, Carthage, Japan)
Score: 876, Mongols 367
Turn: 268/540

Next: Japan. Then: operation libary! or Mongols invasion!
At the dawning of a new era and at the beginning of a new century (not exactly, it would be 1401), my forces achieved to take the last standing non-german city in Omnis Terra, Kyoto:

I now have 63%. I set science to 0% to get more money to rush libraries/temples everywhere I need. First one in Hattusas. Then Kyoto. A caravel with a settler was on it's way. I rushed two lib (Cuzco and Seoul). Just in case I need more cities, I sent my army to Tenochtitlan, so if I have to attack the Mongols...

I decided to attack the Mongols anyway. It'll just make it faster. I just have to take 1-2 cities, right? I sent a cav army (2 vet) on the sea. I'd unload it near Kazan (nearest city from Tenochtitlan, seen once on Moscow screenshot).

In 1420, two of my cities' culture expanded (Oporto to size 3, Hattusas to size 2). On the same turn, I founded Bonn.

Last post coming!

66% / 82% It is enough. No need to move my crusaders: I just click "end turn". If it isn't enough (no idea why, but anyway), Kyoto is gonna expand, so...

[party] :dance: :beer: I won! [surprise effect]
I had been a fun game, and if I had a save, I'd give you all the possibilty to follow the steps of Mastertyguy in "How crowded can a map be?", but I have none :(
Have a good time in your future games!
Great job!

If I start a game like this, I'd rather it be a map that I don't know what it looks like, so I don't need the save, but Seedbeast could help you recreate the game...or Play Last Map or whatever it's called.
Excellent work!
What, no Conquest victory? ;)

Very entertaining read. If you do this again on a higher difficulty (without the AI's starting free units, of course), I'd suggest going with a pangaea and seeing how that changes things. Good luck! :)
Should have done a conquest win. AW varients beg for conquest victories, anything else just dont cut it.
Next i expect a 16x16 pangea AW map was 32 civs on. Half wont get to settle cities, but if you dont let them have any units to start with, you should bea bel to play at a high level and still kick AI ass. Take 1 city and suddenly you have double the resources and output of anyone else!
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