How is my start? (Noble)

Yes, you want to work the gold as much as possible since it contributes close to half of your commerce. But on the flip side it slows down your capital's growth (so cannot afford losing population through slavery), and it's not a great tile to produce settlers / workers with (only contributes 3 production - 2 food = +1, compared to +2 for a regular mine). That leaves forest chops as the main way to hasten your early expansion.
The gold start doesn’t necessarily have less food than others, this is just a very poor start from a food perspective.
Having the gold redeems it imho.

Disclaimer: I play mostly on Monarch, and am therefore by no means an expert at this game. Furthermore, I haven’t played the map (yet). Please take my considerations with a grain of salt.

HA rushes with Numidian Cavalry. Hm, I’m not a big fan of it. Their lower base strength just rubs me the wrong way, they’ll do much worse against archers.

Turn 95 is probably too late for an effective HA rush anyway, on Monarch at least. You’re probably better off by being peaceful with Joao, at least for the time being.
Joao tends to overexpand, his tech pace will (probably) be slower than yours, so by the Renaissance era you might be able to somewhat comfortably kill him.
Back with another start :) I'm playing Monarch, Pangea, high sea level, temperate climate (random), and random leader Trying high sea level for less land and a faster game (and more practice attacking early). Victoria imperialistic/financial and start is fishing/mining. Also attaching WB save if anyone is interested :)

My immediate thought is settle on plains hill 1N. Maybe move warrior NE to check for flood plains or river. Agr-BW seems clear tech start. Worker to farm corn, mine 1N of corn, chop 1S of city, and then rice. The 1 chop goes to settler before I start the rice.


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Seems like a good plan. Unfortunately warrior is on the wrong side to check for seafood S or SE of rice, but there is land 2E1S of rice to get those resources in that case. And if there is seafood SW of rice the island can grab it.

Btw with that island this could be a very good map for a great lighthouse.
Plains hill with imperialist will work well. Early settler? You could go worker settler here. Pending what other resources you might find. Early BW is also good for chops into settlers. Certainly want agriculture first.

With high sea levels you will need to grab land before you get boxxed in. On Monarch Ai get 2nd cities 2700bc or so? I think 2000-2400bc would be Prince or below.
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At 2040BC:

I'm setting up for chariot + horse archer rush on Joao. I made miscalculation and assumed next border pop in London would get the horse...duh. So I need to settle 4th city 1S of horse. Luckily I had put some overflow into a settler earlier so 4th settler is coming soon. Would I need a 4th city anyways or is 3 enough for production? I had tile 3S of Nottingham as a potential early production city as it has plains cow in first ring. Settled on marble 2nd city York to improve early production and avoid Masonry. Nottingham I grabbed for the gold, but Joao's culture took away the floodplain and lake. I will get those tiles back in a bit but prob need a monument to get it sooner. I got Buddhism in Nottingham from Willem which was nice and I converted after finishing 4th settler. All 3 workers are building roads to connect my trade network. My research really sucks. But plan is to work 2 coastal tiles in London, improve gold, and more commerce from fish city (need a monument ugh). That should give a decent HBR date but hate the 4 turn diversion for mysticism.

I'm also thinking ahead a bit on what wonders are worth building. London seems good for national epic. Maybe great library as well?


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Axe rush? Otherwise you don't need all those barracks.Unless you plan an island city where is this 4th city going? Unless you plan to grab the horse.

If that is his capital Nottingham will lose the gold when his border pops. Which makes him your first target. I would probably be whipping chopping axes now. You might want a further worker first.

Connect York and Nottingham to the copper. Maybe York should of been on worker as it can use cows.

sailing for isand city at some point. If your worried about chariots hunting is okay but will they really connect horse this early?
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I went with chariot + HA rush. 8 chariots and like 5 HAs did the job as I took 3 of 4 cities (left him gem city north of capital which I will take in 10 turns). Willem is on my border to east and he's teching like a bastard. But only 3 cities and he doesn't build many units mostly archers. I'm trying to catch up my economy with granaries/libraries (got both pottery and writing from Joao before declaring lol). But maybe it's better to strike Willem now while he's weak and I still have a good sized army. Build a few more HAs and maybe go?
I would just keep attacking. On monarch level you can roll over map with HA.
I would just keep attacking. On monarch level you can roll over map with HA.

I went with this idea! I was able to capitalize on the early win and momentum. Conquest win in 1585 which is my fastest win on Monarch. I attacked in order Joao(dead)-Willem(cap)-Ramses(cease fire)-Toku(cap-Ramses(cap)-Shin(cap). I could definitely be more efficient my war with Ramses was short but unproductive. I considered keep going east to kill. Shin after capping Willem but I was scared Toku would eventually declare and Shin was my only friend/trading parter. I needed to take 5 of Toku's cities before the bastard capped. I just gave back his cities because my expenses were insane and I wanted to research Cuirs asap. Used my 2nd golden age to research to cuirs and save money (getting better at using golden ages which I never used before Monarch). Upgraded to cuirs and killed Shin finally. But AP screwed me after my initial DoW and I had to wait extra 10 turns.
Save or pictures really help.
Ahh sorry did not save it. But here is my newest game for thought :) I have never played Peter and wanted practice using great people and in general having better research speed and not getting bogged down mid game with over expansion. I started the game planning a path for cultural win so I want to prob settle around 12 cities and research to liberalism. My tech plan was agr-bw-wheel-pottery pretty standard so far. I wanted a religion so went for Judaism and organized religion. As I was thinking of possibly building great library, mausoleum, and parthenon (choosing 1-2 of these). And I would still need to build hermitage and at least 1 cathedral in my 3 cities to get a decent win date.



At 375BC just before my first DoW:

How is tech speed, city placement, etc? I DoW with 9 HAs and 2 chariots.




4000BC and 375BC saves.


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You should move up to the next level after this game. It's too easy for you so your mistakes go unpunished.

City locations look fine, but strategy-wise it's a bit of a mess. Oracled MC I suppose, but you are doing absolutely nothing with it. You have monarchy, but your cities are not set up to grow! The game is on T100, which is extremely late for horse archers. On the last page in my shadow, I was able to start producing HAs on T61. Alas, this difficulty level will not punish you for these mistakes. :)

In general I wouldn't have any forest left when I attack with HAs. You are probably lacking workers and you are even slow-building one in StPete. Always whip your workers after you have a granary! It's a lot more efficient and EXP boosts the effect further. I am not here to discourage you at all, I'm just pointing out things you could improve.
To add to excellent points made by @sampsa:

You said you wanted to take advantage of PHI trait, but you are not doing that at all. St. Pete has 2 corn resources which currently cannot be shared with other cities. That makes it ideal to have built a library already and run a couple of scientists. But alas, you still haven't gotten Writing yet, while self teching the likes of Monarchy and Monotheism. I am sure you had your reasons but I would have put Writing way higher on the priority list.

It looks like you are slow building your Horse Archers. Don't be afraid to use the whip. Slavery is there for a reason. ^_^

Don't even bother building the Temple of Artemis. It is one of the most useless wonder to waste your precious hammers on. Unless you play an IND leader, I suggest you to just ignore world wonders completely. You are not doing that for fail gold, are you?
Thanks for the pointers. This game my strategy was not standard as I wanted to get a religion and go for liberalism and fast culture victory. So I need to eventually build culture multipliers like hermitage and cathedrals. I got metal casting with oracle. My attack was more half hearted this time as I wanted to build my economy and get OR-Monarchy for growth. Feels like I've been whipping too much. Slow building workers because I'm growing too fast and hitting happiness cap. Temple of artemis was definitely fail gold as I had a huge overflow from a previous build and I have marble so it was like 75 hammers/gold.

I will post next game on Emperor (or even Immortal as those levels feel similar to me) so my mistakes will become more clear. I need to get crushed maybe to learn faster :)

Ah... culture victory. Gotcha. But remember, culture victory, as well as fast path to Liberalism, starts with Writing. ^_^ Once you get to Code of Laws and obtain Caste System, a PHI leader like Peter will churn out Great People like there is no tomorrow.

I do think you are comfortable enough at Monarch. Emperor should give you a little bit more challenge with less room for errors.
Slow building workers because I'm growing too fast and hitting happiness cap.
At HR (via monarchy), your :)-cap is unlimited. You have the ability to build warriors for 15:hammers:. With EXP you can put 1T into a worker, whip, overflow warrior.
For culture your tech priorities are more or less Writing, Code of Laws (better Oracle target than MC or monarchy, to found Confucianism), then the music line and civil service. You can use a great scientist to research philo and hopefully found Taoism, but after that only great artists. Monarchy ideally you get in a trade, same for Monotheism. It's not worth rushing to found Judaism, especially on Pangaea religions will come to you and you only need 2-3.

Using your least useful great person (like a priest from the oracle) to start a golden age and adopt a religion + switch a bunch of civics at once (e.g. HRule, Bureaucracy, Caste, Pacifism) is very efficient to avoid anarchy turns. Maximize great artist generation during the golden age. Then just before it ends you can switch to Slavery and OR to build stuff after the golden age.
On the last page in my shadow, I was able to start producing HAs on T61. Alas, this difficulty level will not punish you for these mistakes. :)
Wow! How did you get HBR and archery (something like 466 bulbs) by T61?!

I played this game, tech path was Ag -> BW -> AH -> TW, that took me to turn 43.

Did you Oracle HBR? Seems unlikely since Oracle also has a fair tech cost

Spoiler (map-specific stuff) :

(I suppose you could skip Masonry and the marble bonus).

Was your second city the gold spot 7 or 8 squares east?
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