How to gain unit promotions?


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Oct 24, 2004
I'm not sure, but it wasn't mentioned yet how you get them. After creating an unit, is there the option to give it a promotion or do they have to fight for them (à la Warcraft III hero XP)? Or do you have to give a certain amount of gold away?
According to the pre game info there is an experience system, and each unit can procede along different paths. The infos all abit vague at the moment
Don't think that gold is envolved. I think that you can only fight for them. But more info is needed. I guess, have to wait.
I think it was from fighting only.
Yeah it;s fighting, it's something like if you win in the woods, then you have the chance to get promoted for fighting in woods, which means your unit gets better at fighting in the woods, same for other terrain too... I think....
i think if u buld a beraks every unit shold get 1 free promotion *since now units can only have 3 hp* so ucan trains sertant solders in gurrila tatics, others in what ever blah blah blah.
Vietcong said:
*since now units can only have 3 hp*

really? i was under the impression that there were varible number of hp that were displayed as the number of soldiers in the game window. but maybe that was just relative health; i never really thought about how the promotion system would work with the hp system, i guess it could be somewhat mutually exclusive.
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