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How to get ahead in the space race

Alphons Rodulfo

Feb 24, 2002
The Netherlands
Help! Playing the Romans on Monarch level, all went well until I found myself involved in the space race. Before I knew it, the Indians, who are on another continent far away had finished several space ship parts, while I had chosen a different research path. How can I sabotage the Indians developing their space craft? Nukes? Spies? Trade Embargos? I am in need of a good strategy here (this is my first space race)!
Well, if they'll sign a right of passage with you, you can backstab them. Taking their capital destroys their ship.
If you have study smart weapons and stealth you could have a stealth Fighter or Bomber make a percision strike on the city in wHitch has the apollo program. It would take finding it through espianoge, it might not work, but it's worth it! Hopefully, your not Democracy or Republic or the people will get mad at you for starting a war unless they somehow start it! Good Hunting! (I have bad spelling, they need spell check on these)
Allright, thanks for the tips, although they left me confused. Should I try to take the capital or should I destroy the Indian Apollo progam, which may be in another city? The manual says (I did not see this earlier) that taking the capital destroys the enemies' space ship. I hope that still holds true, otherwise I first have to find out where Gandi's Apollo program is..

Taking Delhi is a nice enough challenge. If only my democracy wouldn't have descended to anarachy..but that is another subject.
BTW, taking out the Apollo Program won't work if they've already started building the last piece. Similar to the way you can start building an Ironclad and even if you run out of coal in the middle, you can finish it.
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