I wins teh Afterworlds!?


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Jul 7, 2006
New LA, Planet Mira
Move this is this is in the wrong forum.

I used the Worldbuilder and created a city in Afterworld and I was beginning to populate it and all that. I tried to create a flood plain and get the city underway.

I fortified my Gravebringers a few squares away and guarded the city with combat sentinels.
A few turns of doing nothing, all of a sudden, I get "Cannot get sound file sounds/victory" or something along those lines.
Then the Conquest Victory cutscene plays.
Immediately afterwards, it tells me mission failed as a Gravebringer was disabled, yet no Gravebringers were harmed.

Whatever it was, it was strange.
Here's the save file, see if it happens to you:


  • City.CivBeyondSwordSave
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Can't say I'm surprised. Afterworld is heavily modified from the basic game, so it'd be really easy to crash it by using WB. Mind you, it's cool it'd even let you build a city.
Don't build a wall or a Dun. It crashes the game. A Palace, Versailles and Forbidden Palace can be built in it without crashing. Didn't risk any others though
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