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ICEMOD: mod design, race design, strategies

Discussion in 'Other Civ-Related Games' started by Rocco.40, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Rocco.40

    Rocco.40 Chieftain

    Mar 2, 2015
    ICE 15 has some cool new changes and is now part of the new 1.50.8 pack

    - Toxic planets can be converted to Barren with a Weather Controller that introduces
    Fungi into the toxic climate, cleaning up the pollutants. Weather Controller can
    now be built on Toxic and Barren planets, but not on Radiated ones.

    - AI is now able to research hyper advanced fields! it will do up to 2 levels of
    power, chemistry and computers; 3 levels of physics and fields. AI will not tech
    advanced levels of construction, sociology and biology. Since AI can now enjoy
    miniaturization for the high technologies, the 25% space cheat for AI Titans and
    Doom Stars has been removed.

    - Federation government now enjoys a 10% moral bonus.

    - To create equal base for torpedoes, the missile ammo base for space calculations
    has been set to 10 for both satellite and missile base. Star Base space has been
    reduced to 460 (500), Battlestation and Star Fortress accordingly. Satellite space
    allocs for weaponry have been updated to 33 17 16 34 (30 15 15 40). Missile Base
    space has been increased to 475 (355) and will have L0-L2 9,8,10 instead of 9,8,9

    - Enabled 'simplified_beam_formula' that fixes classic formula irregularities:
    - Accuracy on ranges 6+ becomes lower.
    - Large beam BA - BD delta won't cause range penalty to be ignored.
    (Range 6+ is 7+ squares for Pd, 16+ for normal and 34+ for Hv.)

    - Limited Defensive Fire to range 1 and 2, with static chances to fire 100% and 50%
    per square.

    - Energy Absorber and Proton Torpedo swapped places in the tech tree.

    - Absorber back to 25% (30) damage absorption.

    - Rangemaster Unit moves to Advanced Optronics (900 RP) and Emissions Guidance takes
    its place in Positronics (2000 RP).

    - Anti-Matter Torpedo speed reduced from 24 to 22.

    - Proton Torpedo no longer is instant hit with 24 sq range, instead has speed of 24.

    - Plasma Torpedo speed increased from 25 to 26.

    - Graviton Bomb damage is 10-40 instead of 12-48. (Classic was 5-40.)

    - Leader costs:
    - Famous leader cost 3 6 instead of 2 4.
    - Navigator* cost 3 instead of 4.
    - Spy Master cost 2 4 instead of 3 6.

    - Random events adjusted once more.
  2. Blacklanner

    Blacklanner Chieftain

    Apr 27, 2010
    Rocco I love your mod!

    I discovered it recently and I've been playing obsessively. I find ice-x extremely challenging but I can usually win if I avoid an early war. Ai ships seem to have extreme bonuses to beam attack and defense, even for races with no bonus(doubly so for races with bonuses to one or both). This makes early war suicide. I havent been able to blitz the ai successfully with any race so far.

    I haven't tried demo much but my impression so far from lots of games with the other governments is that feudal is now the strongest option. I always combine with lg art hw to help early research. As long as my closest neighbors aren't repulsive I can win with any non repulsive feudal race. I typically lose about -15% total science compared to dict in the early and mid game, less if I get a good science leader early. In exchange I get +33% effective production for ships with no polluton increase which is a huge help for expansion and getting a large enough fleet to not be an ai target. For ship production it's probably better than uni's +50 for non tolerant races early game although I haven't done the math on that. Late game with advanced government it's still about -15% effective science vs dict because dict has a 20%morale adv, but you have +100% effective ship production. with morale stacking multiplicativly on top of that. you build and research better than uni and get oodles of extra race points. I'll have to load up classic to check but I feel like feudal used to be a penalty to total science from researchers(so muplicative -50% on everything but buildings,scout labs and the researcher ability. In ice x it is defiantly only -30%base, which means a world with a good science or even spiritual leader produces more science than a non feudal world without a science leader. Non repulsive can usually get such a leader early, stick then on the large art hw and tech away.

    I think feud/tol/cyber/lg/art/war/+spy/-growth is my best combo. Cyber helps a little in combat and is a small Econ boost from less freighters. More importantly it makes it easier to feed everyone without farming on your research hw. Tol gives some pop cap boost, clears tech conflicts with pollution reducers and prevents cyber+pollution from crippling you early game. Warlord lets you support all those cheap ships feudal lets you build and gives some bonus attack and defense so you have a chance vs ai bonuses. +spy makes it possible to steal most key techs you cant research.

    my easiest win was a Cha and cre variant where I got matrix and mentox both fairly early, had treaties with everyone, and was out researching icex psilons with a feudal race. I think that race was feud/Aqua/lg/art/Cha/cre/+prod/-pop Lots of luck in my favor that game and a very easy diplo win because everyone loved me.
  3. StormyFacade

    StormyFacade Chieftain

    May 31, 2013
    I'm curious, is there supposed to be no ability to build a weather controller as a Lithovore on ICE M-15? I can't terraform toxic planets in this version, which is kinda annoying tbh. :/
  4. Rocco.40

    Rocco.40 Chieftain

    Mar 2, 2015
    Glad you'r liking the mod!
    Yeah, with a crea-charisma race you can fully abuse the moo2 diplomacy system and smooth your way to victory. It has been discussed in this thread before, can't remember on which page tho... :)

    Since Lithovores do not get Biomorphic Fungi in their techtree, they are not able to build the weather controller on toxic, radiated or barren worlds and thus cannot terraform toxics.
    It's indeed a drawback of this implementation. You can change the building needed to terraform toxic planets, by adjusting parameter "toxic_can_become_barren = weather_controller;" to a building of your choice.

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